Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 28

Chapter 28

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The word ‘inferiority complex’ often appeared in Lin Yuyan’s mind. He doesn’t always feel inferior to others, but it does happen from time to time. The things he usually felt inferior about were painting. Second was being timid and prone to crying, and the last thing was being too thin and not fit enough. 

He felt that anyone could feel inferior, but Gu Yaoyang couldn’t.

It was obvious he was amazing, and at many points, he was much better than him. 

“How… to help others regain their confidence…” Lin Yuyan laid on the bed and typed out a question. 

Mr. Zeng said that the reason why Gu Yaoyang would look down on himself should be related to his family. He had witnessed too many dark things when he was young, and when he finally had the chance to live under the sun, he couldn’t open his eyes due to the brightness. 

He didn’t know how to talk to strangers or how to get along with others. Although he had improved a lot over the years, he still felt that he didn’t belong to this peaceful world. 

So he hid in Sister Ling’s black market bar. Because it was the closest thing to his previous life. He just wanted to rot there, not caring about what would happen to him at all. 

“Really rebellious.” Lin Yuyan flipped through his phone, but couldn’t find any valuable information. He sighed and then laid on his side. Although he couldn’t usually see it, the words Gu Yaoyang accidentally said revealed his heart.

Lin Yuyan asked Mr. Zeng, is there any way to help him or save him? The other answered no. 

After all, Gu Yaoyang was not weak and did not need anyone’s help. Even if he was not free and easy, his heart was strong enough, all his decisions were his own choice, and every step he took depended on whether he wanted to or not.

In the next few days, Lin Yuyan went to Mr. Zeng’s house two hours earlier to study.

He was afraid that he’d make Gu Yaoyang wait if he came to pick him up again. The wind was blowing ice and snow around and the temperature was much colder than before. 

He didn’t forget the purpose of this trip, but now that he can see Gu Yaoyang every day, all those messy thoughts in his heart were gone. He stuck to him every day, talking to him. Even when Gu Yaoyang took a shower, he would stop at the door and say : “Mr. Zeng praised me today and he said that I’m actually pretty good!”


“He also said that I’m progressing very fast and it was all because I didn’t have a professional teacher to teach me before!”


“Gu Yaoyang? Did you hear me?” Lin Yuyan didn’t get a response. 

The bathroom door slammed open, and Gu Yaoyang came out with a bath towel around his waist. He blankly asked, “Are you a voyeur?” 

Lin Yuyan secretly scanned his chest muscles before looking down at himself. He was overjoyed and sad for a moment, his emotions also fluctuating.

Gu Yaoyang asked, “What’s the matter?” 

Lin Yuyan asked humbly, “How do your, your muscles grow?” 

Gu Yaoyang: “Do you want to know?” Lin Yuyan nodded again and again and listened attentively, he was about to find a small notebook to record the other’s teachings. 

Gu Yaoyang thought for a while, his expression was quite serious as if he was sorting out his thoughts.

Lin Yuyan waited anxiously, but he was too embarrassed to urge him. 

Five minutes later, Gu Yaoyang patted him on the shoulder and shamefully said, “It came from my genes, so just give up.” 


Lin Yuyan jumped in anger, pulled out his phone, and angrily deleted the question “How to help others regain confidence”.

Sure enough, anyone can feel inferior, but Gu Yaoyang will not feel inferior.

The next day, Lin Yuyan went to class at Mr. Zeng’s house as usual, but before he could reach the door of his house, his vision suddenly became dark and he was brought into a narrow alley.

According to the voices around him, there were about three or four people with great strength. Through the paper bag over his head that was tightly covering his mouth, Lin Yuyan struggled hard and found a chance to step on the back of the man’s leg. The man exclaimed before he quickly let him go. Just as Lin Yuyan freed his mouth and was about to shout for help, he heard the other party hurriedly ask him not to make a sound.

He hurriedly tore off the bag for him and knelt on the ground with a “plop”.

The situation reversed so quickly that it made Lin Yuyan take a few steps back in shock, unable to comprehend what was happening around him. 

“It’s over.” The man who spoke had a blue bruise at the corner of his mouth. He had a wide forehead and mouth. This was his first time coming here, and after experiencing the hellish training here, he was practically hugging his teammates and crying about the champion of the District League A. His name was Meng Hu.

The other one was a pink-haired and black-skinned man who was on his knees. He had a rather easy-to-remember and unpretentious Chinese name, Sun Zi.

He asked Meng Hu, “Is this not in line with your country’s etiquette?” 

Meng Hu muttered, “It’s over.” But after he thought for a bit, he replied, “But your name is suitable for kneeling.” 

Lin Yuyan calmed down and had an idea of what was going on. He stammered as he asked, “You- Are you looking for me? What do you want?” 

Meng Hu apologized, “I’m very sorry Mr. Lin. We’re sorry we have to meet you this way, but we were afraid of being too blunt and scaring you away.” 

Lin Yuyan was confused but didn’t forget to complain. He couldn’t escape this way, but if he were a little less daring, he might have been scared to death.

“…what do you want from me?”

Sun Zi was still kneeling. Lin Yuyan quickly got him up first as Meng Hu said, “You are our coach’s boyfriend, right?”

Lin Yuyan immediately waved his hand, “No, no, no, I-  We are just ordinary friends.”

‘They don’t want to make it public yet huh?’ Meng Hu understood in an instant. He followed the other and said, “Ordinary friends are good too. That’s right, we came here today to ask you for a favor.”

Lin Yuyan pointed to the tip of his nose, “Me? How can I help you?”

Sun Zi immediately cried: “Can you give our coach a day off? Just one day. He’s been here for almost two weeks, and he hasn’t had a day off. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t rest, but don’t we need to take a break? Although we’re older than him, we’re also still in our youth. My girlfriend is still waiting for me to watch a movie, and she’s still waiting for me to take a day off.” 

Meng Hu interjected, “His girlfriend’s name is Sun Xifu.”

Lin Yuyan couldn’t hold back. With a sudden “Puchi-” he laughed. These people didn’t have any ill will towards him, so he let go of the grudge in his heart. He regretfully said, “I may not be able to help you.” 

Meng Hu asked, “Why?” 

“I can’t say anything about Gu Yaoyang’s business, and the relationship between us is not as good as you think.”

After he said this, Lin Yuyan felt somewhat uncomfortable. He pursed his lips and fell silent.

“You don’t need to say it yourself.” Meng Hu said, “We have all figured out some plans, you just need to cooperate with us.”

Lin Yuyan blinked and looked at him suspiciously.

Meng Hu bowed solemnly, bending nearly 120 degrees, with a sincere attitude, “Please, can I ask you to pretend to be sick?”

“Pre, pretend to be sick?” Lin Yuyan was stunned for a few seconds. He understood what he meant, and quickly said: “No, no, this will definitely not work. He will never rest just because I am sick.”

Meng Hu said, “He definitely will, you just need to believe me.”

Lin Yuyan still wanted to refuse, but Sun Zi was about to kneel again, so he hurriedly said, “I, I really can’t help you, and I have to go to Mr. Zeng’s class today.”

Meng Hu might have a brutish look, but his mind was very meticulous. He had actually arranged some stuff for the plan to work early this morning, “The boss has agreed to this matter, and said that he will make it up to you another day.”

Lin Yuyan couldn’t shirk down now. He had to bite the bullet and agree. Meng Hu gave him a warm water bag before he walked back to the dormitory to change into his pajamas. He felt that this plan would definitely fail, and Gu Yaoyang would never do it because of him. If he’s sick, he’ll probably just rush back home after work. 

He sighed before placing the warm water bag on his forehead to warm it up and quietly looked out of the window. 

Strange…why is he feeling a little upset?

It would’ve been normal for Gu Yaoyang to not come back. But if he does come back, it would’ve been… a little abnormal of him to do so right? 

As he thought about it, someone seemed to open the door downstairs. A series of rapid footsteps resounded in the quiet villa. The other probably didn’t even change his shoe as he ran to his room. 

Lin Yuyan was stunned for a few seconds, and his heart beat quickly. He hurriedly hid the warm water bag under the covers and closed his eyes nervously.

The next second, the door opened wide, and Gu Yaoyang ran in with a chill, standing beside his bed.

The footsteps had stopped, but Lin Yuyan’s heart was still pounding. He noticed Gu Yaoyang’s rapid breathing approaching slowly, then finally he put his hands on the bed against his hot forehead.

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