Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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The next day, Lin Yuyan didn’t go.

He knew what kind of person Gu Yaoyang was. Even if he went, the result would’ve been the same. He didn’t want to make a joke out of himself. After he thought about it, he called Teacher Li and conveyed to her what had happened. 

Although Teacher Li felt regretful, she didn’t say much. Maybe she had expected this result but as a teacher, she wanted to do her best for her students.  

“Perhaps, he isn’t suited for campus life.” she sighed. She then thanked Lin Yuyan and hung up the phone.

There were indeed people who are just not suited for school. They don’t like studying and do not study voluntarily. Oftentimes they were being forced to do so. Everyone had different ways to deal with this problem. 

Although Teacher Li felt regretful, Lin Yuyan didn’t feel the same way. On the contrary, he was happy inside. He hoped that Gu Yaoyang would never come back to school again. It would be best if they never met ever again. 

Now that he had solved this matter, his vacation had now officially begun! He happily rolled in his bed wearing his pajamas. After he finished rolling about, he walked into his bathroom. 

Lin Yuyan was born in a pretty decent family. His father was a businessman, owning a star-rated hotel chain that was spread all over the country, and was one of the best hotels in Linzhou. His mother was a well-known designer, who also owned her own clothing brand. Although she was not as busy as his father, she barely had any time for him. The family would occasionally have video calls together, which was already very good considering their tight schedules. 

Today, his mother had some free time and sent a video call to Lin Yuyan during lunchtime. Lin Yuyan called to her with a smile, “Hi, mom.” His voice was clear and sweet, having the unique characteristic voice of a teenager. 

His mother’s name is Xu Jinglan. This year she was thirty-eight years old. She possessed beautiful looks and a gentle personality. She kissed her son through the camera and asked him his plans for this summer vacation. 

Lin Yuyan had already sorted out his plan for this vacation. He told her that he would spend most of his summer vacation at home reading books and he would also occasionally go out with his classmates. Xu Jinglan felt sorry for him, she softly said. ” I’m sorry Yanyan. It’s because your parents are busy right now that we don’t have the time to accompany you.”

Lin Yuyan hurriedly shook his head and said with a smile,” I’m already this old mom, I don’t need you to accompany me.”

Xu Jinglan felt guilty. She thought for a bit and said to him, ” Why don’t you come over here for a few days? We could go to the amusement park. There’s a concert here as well, we could go check it out as well.”

Lin Yuyan’s eyes flickered. Just as he was about to reply, he heard a series of phone rings in the background of his mom’s call. His mother went up and answered the call. When she returned to the screen, she said in a dry voice, ” Yanyan, i-“

“I don’t want to come over!” Lin Yuyan cut his mother off. He acted willfully as he said, ” I’ve already arranged my schedule and invited my friends over to go out together, I don’t have time to go over.”  

The corners of Xu Jinglan’s eye quivered, there was a tinge of redness in the corners of her eyes. “Then… Well, make sure you take care of yourself. Have Auntie cook what you want to eat and have the driver drive you to where you want to go.”

Lin Yuyan nodded obediently and hung up the phone. The smile plastered on his face disappeared as the call ended. 

He really wanted to go over. It’s been a long time since he last saw his mother. But if he came over, his mother would have to squeeze out some time to accompany him. She was already busy enough, she should use that spare time to have a good rest.

There was nothing to do in the afternoon. Lin Yuyan walked down the stairs, then went up the stairs. To facilitate him to go to school, his parents bought a house in the villa area near the school. There was a small yard in front and in the back of the house, it was surrounded by walls, flowers, and plants of many kinds. 

Lin Yuyan laid on the carpet. He read a book for a while before going to the studio to paint. Maybe it’s because he was influenced by his mother since he was a little child, but he also liked to paint, but had no talent for it.  

At this point, Lin Yuyan looked down on himself. After all, not everyone was born with talent, but they can achieve it with hard work.

When he was little, his dream was to become a painter. But because he had no talent for it, he gradually gave up on his dreams. 

Zhuo Hang said that he wasn’t passionate enough. If he was really passionate about art, he would’ve stuck to it no matter what. For example, he liked to play games. One time his father chased him down two streets for that, but it didn’t hinder his determination to stay up late past his bedtime to play games.  

But Lin Yuyan was afraid of pain. If one day his father slapped him and asked him to give up something, then he would let it go without saying a single word. 

As he sat inside the studio, time seemed to pass by faster. Lin Yuyan was so immersed in his painting, he even forgot to eat.

Although he wasn’t talented, he enjoyed the process. The feeling of brushing against the canvas with his brush felt pleasant to him. By the time he finished the painting, the sun had already set, and the sky had completely darkened.    

Lin Yuyan looked at his painting. It looks good, he thought as he nodded in satisfaction. Now he was going to go downstairs and grab something to eat. 

He stood up and stretched his stiff body when he suddenly heard the window rattle.

It stopped for a second before it rattled again 

He blinked. He thought that it might be some bored kids pulling a prank on him, so he opened the balcony door to take a look when he saw a black shadow passing by him, jumping over onto the balcony.


“G- Gu- Gu Yaoyang!” Lin Yuyan froze in shock. He pointed at the window to the balcony, before finally settling his fingers to point at Gu Yaoyang in shock. 

“Y- you…”

He kept saying “you” for a long time. No other words except for ‘you’ came out of his mouth.

Gu Yaoyang was wearing a black sweater with a pair of black shoes that’s convenient for climbing. He raised his eyebrows as he finished Lin Yuyan’s sentence. “How did you get up?”

Lin Yuyan nodded repeatedly. 

“Climbed the wall”

Lin Yuyan couldn’t believe it. ” Then you- you-“

Gu Yaoyang finished his sentence for him again, “Why are you here?”

Lin Yuyan responded with an ” Mhmn.”

Gu Yaoyang responded with his own question, “Shouldn’t i be the one asking you this?”

Lin Yuyan was confused, “Wh- what do you mean?”

Gu Yaoyang slowly approached him step by step. He asked. “Why didn’t you go to deliver the letter?”

“I- I didn’t say I was going to deliver it. You- you trespassed into my house,” said Lin Yuyan as he stepped back nervously. Forgetting the fact that the house Gu Yaoyang trespassed through was his. 

“Oh?” Gu Yaoyang smiled, “You took my letter and didn’t give it to me, so I came to pick it up in person, how could this be considered an intrusion?”

Why not?! thought Lin Yuyan as he leaned against the corner. Feeling a slight sense of security, he regained his composure and calmly asked, “Are you really here to pick up your letter?”

Gu Yaoyang asked him, “Why wouldn’t I be?”. He glanced at the canvas that was held up by the easel and commented, “I see you’re painting a guinea pig?” 

Lin Yuyan suddenly went silent. He was quiet for a few seconds before he stared into Gu Yaoyang’s eyes with a furious gaze. He angrily said,  “It’s a Miniature Pinscher.”

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