Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 31

Chapter 31

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After switching seats, Lin Yuyan didn’t move around and obediently sat next to Gu Yaoyang. He felt that the distance between them was a little bit too far, so he leaned a bit closer to him. 

Hmm… It’s still a bit too far, he needs to move a bit closer. 

Gu Yaoyang was flipping through the roster when he noticed that he was rubbing against him. He raised his hand to touch his head before guiding it to his shoulder and letting him lean on him. 

“Go to sleep.”

“I- I’m not sleepy.”

“Then what are you doing?”

Lin Yuyan thought about it as he clenched his fingers. He hesitated for a while before saying, “I just want to be closer to you.”

It seemed that after Gu Yaoyang’s second confession, he became bolder. 

Gu Yaoyang paused when he was in the middle of turning a page. He lowered his eyes and asked, “Are you a sticky person?” 

Lin Yuyan found a suitable position and no longer refuted. He leaned on his shoulder and joined Gu Yaoyang to read the roster.

“Who helped choose Sun Zi’s name?” 

Gu Yaoyang said, “A friend?”

Lin Yuyan said, “They took it too far.” 

Gu Yaoyang said, “Indeed.”

Lin Yuyan asked, “What do you call him when you’re training him?” 


“Then tell me, should I tell him that his name is not very good? Although it’s just a homonym, people who can understand it will definitely laugh at him.”

Gu Yaoyang asked, “Are you asking for my opinion?”

Lin Yuyan said, “That’s right. I’m afraid that if I rashly told him this, it would affect our friendship. If it were you, what would you do?” 

Gu Yaoyang was expressionless, “I wouldn’t care about this kind of thing.” 

Lin Yuyan looked up at him, snorted softly, and leaned back on his shoulder, “That’s right, after all, you are someone who likes to assign people nicknames.”

Gu Yaoyang raised the corners of his mouth, “I only give them to you. I used to have another nickname for you, Miss Lin.”

“You…” Lin Yuyan might have been a little angry in the past, but now, he didn’t feel infuriated anymore, “Do you really think I’m similar to a girl?”

Gu Yaoyang said, “In some aspects.”

“For example? Crying?”

“A bit.” 

“But I cry for a reason. If I don’t cry when I feel wronged, isn’t it more uncomfortable to endure it? Just like last time, my father told me…”

“Lin Yuyan.” Gu Yaoyang abruptly interrupted him, his eyes randomly falling on a certain name on the roster.

“Your father won’t let you go to art school.”

Lin Yuyan felt a little depressed for a moment and nodded.

“Then what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know.” Lin Yuyan said, “He has already helped me choose a school… But my mother should help me, so don’t worry too much.”

Gu Yaoyang said, “And if your mom won’t help?”

“No, my mom would definitely…” 

“I mean- What if your mom also objected you to going to an art school?” 

“Then… Then there’s no way for me to go.” Lin Yuyan sighed. 

Gu Yaoyang unconsciously tapped his fingers on the roster, “Don’t you like painting?” 

Lin Yuyan answered, “Yeah, but if they don’t agree, I don’t know what I’ll do. My father is very strict, and I’ve always been afraid of him.” 

“Yeah…” Lin Yuyan seemed to realize the problem. He abruptly sat up and anxiously asked, “What if they all don’t agree?” 

Gu Yaoyang looked at him for a few seconds, making his expression change again. He then returned to normal. With raised eyebrows, he continued to flip through the roster. 

The road was slippery, and the bus had been driving relatively smoothly. It was already dark when they arrived at the small fishing village. The club booked this place in advance, and according to the group, the players got off the bus one by one and looked for their own rooms.

In the end, only a few people were left. Mr. Zeng, Gu Yaoyang, Lin Yuyan, Shao Zheng, and a manager who led the team. They stayed in a single-family size wooden house scattered in the village. The distance between each wooden house was tens of meters. The room was not big and was divided into upper and lower floors. 

There was only one sofa and a table in the living room, and also a TV hanging on the wall with a small bookshelf squeezed in the corner. There was an introductory book to the small fishing village on the bookshelf. Occasionally, there would be aurora passing by, but today’s weather was cloudy, so they couldn’t see it today. 

Lin Yuyan climbed to the second floor along the small ladder in the room. There was only a thick mattress and a small triangular window in it.

Although he had already guessed that he would sleep in a room, he didn’t expect he would really sleep in a bed. He couldn’t tell what he was feeling. He secretly felt happy, and a little bit expectant and shy. 

Lin Yuyan thought that he was really finished this time. 

He seemed to be having bad ideas about Gu Yaoyang. 

“I’m going to find Shao Zheng, you clean up yourself.” Gu Yaoyang seemed to be busy, so he went out.

Lin Yuyan hung on the ladder and nodded to the other. He opened his suitcase, took out the toiletries, and put away the pajamas for the two of them

Gu Yaoyang didn’t like to wear pajamas when he slept. Most of the time, he’ll wear a pair of home trousers and sleep either topless or with a loose T-shirt. Lin Yuyan saw that he had worn them twice, so he brought them together for him, and let him decide if he wanted to wear them or not.

But if he doesn’t wear them… 

Lin Yuyan thought about it, his face turned red, he quickly took out all the snacks and put them on the table, turned on the TV, and looked for a movie to distract his thoughts.

After an hour, Gu Yaoyang hadn’t come back to the house. 

When it was nearing the end of the movie, Lin Yuyan watched it for a bit before taking out his phone and checking the time. 

His body froze on the sofa as his mind raced through many thoughts. 

Is Shao Zheng living with the manager… Or is he with Mr. Zeng? Is he by himself? 

Are they alone together now? 

What’s the big deal with being alone with a friend?

He’s often alone with Zhuo Hang. After pondering for a while, his head began nodding into sleepiness. 

After another hour, Gu Yaoyang still hadn’t come back. Lin Yuyan couldn’t sit still. He wasn’t worried about anything happening between them, he just… wanted to be with him, and it’s been two hours… why didn’t he come back to sleep?

He felt a little sullen inside his heart. He wanted to ask, but he was afraid of being too nosy. 

He glanced at the snacks on the table, and a flash of inspiration went through his mind. He put on his coat and left while carrying a few of the snacks with him. 

“Meng Hu’s technique is fine, but he is not heavy enough. Domestic organizations generally do not have strict professional standards. In addition, he used to go to the black market to practice boxing, and there are too many wild movements.”

Shao Zheng was stayinng with himself and the manager. The manager was with him but left because he seemed to have something to discuss with Mr. Zeng, so he was changed to a single room. The layout of the room was the same, but it was slightly smaller. Gu Yaoyang sat on the sofa and studied Meng Hu’s data.

“Charlie and Liu Tong are better. Charlie already has some pedigree advantages. In addition, he has participated in many local professional competitions before, so you should not worry about violations. Liu Tong is of mixed caucasian blood, but he is weaker, he can only win by skill.”

Shao Zheng’s yellow hair had grown out some black roots, but he hadn’t had time to cut it. It’s obvious how busy he had been in the past two weeks. Just as he was about to continue talking, Gu Yaoyang motioned him to pause and went to the door. When he opened the door, he found Lin Yuyan leaning on the door, sneaking a peek of the room through the crack. 


Gu Yaoyang crossed his arms and looked at him condescendingly, “Why are you here?”

Lin Yuyan nervously held a plastic bag in his hand, his eyes were darting around as he tilted his head and spotted Shao Zheng in the room. He greeted him with a smile and said, “Nothing. Everything’s fine… I was just gonna give Shao Zheng some snacks, I was afraid he’d be hungry.” 

Gu Yaoyang asked: “When did you become so familiar with Shao Zheng?”

“Oh…” It’s true that they didn’t know each other well, they barely spoke. 

Little liar. 

Gu Yaoyang saw through his thoughts at a glance, rubbed his head, and said, “Come in. Don’t give him snacks next time, he doesn’t like to eat.”

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