Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 53

Chapter 53

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Eight years is a significant span of time, enough to bring about earth-shaking changes to a city, a street, or a person.

Wenchang Street, once a nameless place, had now become part of the new West City district. Makeshift shantytowns were demolished and replaced with beautiful small houses, and a revolving door of residents meant that the criminal rumors that had once plagued the area slowly faded away with time.

It’s not that people forgot about what happened back then; it’s more that the people who cared about those incidents have grown up. Zuo Hang, who had spent 3,000 RMB to purchase his forum account, had moved on when the “Wenchang Chronicles” stopped being updated due to the administrator’s prolonged absence. The last post in the forum was about the boss running off with that rich girl, and no one knew the story’s ending.

“I’ll be returning next month. Where are you staying now?” Zuo Hang had been developing his career overseas all these years. Since their separation back in those days, they hadn’t seen each other in person, and had it not been for the occasional video call, they might have forgotten each other’s appearance.

Lin Yuyan was currently at the newly built plaza in the Wenchang district, setting up a couple of tables for student recruitment. He was on the phone and replied, “I’m in the central area. Let me know when you return, and I’ll come to pick you up.”

“Okay.” Zuo Hang was about to hang up when he heard Lin Yuyan’s hoarse and dry voice. He asked, “Why’s your voice hoarse again? You’re an art teacher, you don’t need to shout at your students every day, do you?”

When the outdoor wind blew, Lin Yuyan’s face turned slightly red. He found an excuse to hang up, and then there was a loud crash, as if something had been dropped.

May was getting hot, and Lin Yuyan, who usually dressed lightly, was now wearing a hooded long shirt with the zipper pulled all the way up to his chin. But the mark on his chin from before was still visible.

Today, Lin Yuyan came to the enrollment event with Teacher Xu, who was recruited to the art studio at the beginning of its establishment. He was in his early twenties, having recently graduated from the art academy. Teacher Xu, with youthful enthusiasm, had initially thought that after graduating, he could become a world-renowned artist. To his surprise, he faced unemployment after graduation and spent a year and a half at home, unable to produce any art. Even when he managed to create some artwork, there were no buyers. After three days of living off instant noodles, he decided to come out and look for a job. Most art students might face a situation similar to Teacher Xu’s. Lin Yuyan had also aspired to become a famous artist like Mr. Zeng, but he realized that Mr. Zeng didn’t achieve recognition until he was in his thirties. Lin Yuyan was only twenty-six and lacked the artistic talent Mr. Zeng possessed, so he knew he had a long way to go.

Although he hadn’t become a famous artist, Lin Yuyan was content with being able to continue doing what he loved. 

Gu Yaoyang, on the other hand, never interfered with his career and let him pursue it as he pleased. If he could relax in other aspects of life, it would be even better. Lin Yuyan walked to a table, supporting his waist, and thanked Teacher Xu. Then, he awkwardly said, “I won’t sit for now; I’ll take a break standing.” 

He had been standing for three days straight, and every night, he would sleep while lying on top of Gu Yaoyang, unable to lie flat.

At 4 PM, the square was bustling with people. Many elderly folks were taking their grandchildren for a walk. They would stop by the tables, take a couple of brochures, inquire about the details, and ask for contact information. As Lin Yuyan was tidying up the disarrayed brochures, a skinny hand reached out. He looked up, and the hand hastily withdrew.

It was a boy of around fourteen or fifteen years old, disheveled and dirty.

Lin Yuyan glanced at the boy for a few seconds and then picked up a brochure to hand to him. Just as the boy was about to take it, a large, burly man came running over from the distance. He bellowed menacingly, “You brat, put it down! I told you there’s no money for you to learn art. Now get lost!” The words were still hanging in the air when he reached the boy and grabbed his schoolbag strap.

The boy struggled fiercely, keeping his gaze fixed on Lin Yuyan’s outstretched hand. He seemed quite stubborn, refusing to leave, even as the big man tried to pull him away and dragged him to the ground.

Many people heard the commotion and gathered around, but because it was a family matter, no one intervened. Most importantly, the burly man looked menacing, and saying the wrong thing might cause more trouble.

The burly man’s yelling grew louder, and he even kicked the boy’s shoulder. The boy immediately burst into loud sobs, crying bitterly, which moved the bystanders.

Teacher Xu couldn’t stand watching it any longer and was about to find something to protect herself and rush into the fray when he noticed that Lin Yuyan had picked up a wooden support stick from an easel and walked up to the burly man. “I’m warning you to let go of the child now. Otherwise, I will call the police immediately.”

The burly man sneered, pushed up his sleeves, and said, “This is my kid. I can hit him if I want. Even if King of Heaven comes, he can’t stop me!” He seemed determined to continue his assault, and the onlookers took a step back in fear.

Teacher Xu was frightened, and he shouted to Lin Yuyan to not get involved.

But Lin Yuyan showed no fear at all. He pointed the wooden stick at the burly man, even going as far as to tap the tip of the man’s nose, “I don’t care whose son he is. It’s not acceptable to fight in public.”

Lin Yuyan’s confidence far outweighed his physical stature. Though he had lost a few pounds compared to the burly man, his unwavering gaze showed that he wasn’t someone to be messed with. “I don’t care whose child he is. If you want to fight in public, it’s not acceptable.”

He exuded a powerful presence, and though he appeared much leaner compared to the burly man, his eyes were resolute and he didn’t seem like someone to be trifled with. He said, “If you’re not afraid of the police, that’s fine. The owner of the bar street up ahead, Zou Yuling, is my first cousin. If you don’t mind losing an arm or a leg, just let me know in advance, and I’ll assist you.” 

The burly man, perhaps not one to fear the police, seemed a bit apprehensive when he heard Yuling’s name. In the Wenchang district, no one dared to openly call Yuling by her name. He carefully assessed Lin Yuyan and took a few steps back. 

He seemed like he wanted to run away, but in front of so many people, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He pulled the boy up and said, “You just want to take him as a student to make money off us poor folks, right?” 

“I’m telling you, I don’t want money. If you truly pity him, then teach him for free. Otherwise, don’t pretend to be so righteous here.” This statement was quite unreasonable, but surprisingly, the onlookers seemed to agree. 

There was a lot of discussion, with people saying that if you want to help the child, you should help him for life, or else don’t get involved. Some even commented that it was such a renowned art studio and could certainly afford one free spot, so they wouldn’t mind the tuition fees.

Eight or nine years ago, Lin Yuyan might have indeed given the boy free lessons, or he might not have needed to do so. He probably wouldn’t have intervened in such a violent incident, let alone stepping in and protecting the boy. He’d have been the first to run away and call the police, but from a safe distance.

Now, after hearing what the burly man said, Lin Yuyan unexpectedly laughed scornfully and then turned his tone around. He shouted, “You’re dreaming! You can’t even support your own son, and you want me to give you free lessons? What do I owe you? Do you have the guts to ask anyone else for free lessons? Who can give you lessons for free when you can’t afford to raise your child? You’re the kind of person who deserves to have a couple of limbs broken so you can know what pain really is!”

The stick fell to the ground with a “slap” as Lin Yuyan retrieved his phone. The stick wasn’t sturdy to begin with, and it broke into two pieces as it hit the ground.

The burly man was scared by Lin Yuyan’s words and thought he was really going to call Zou Yuling. He threatened the boy for a moment and then hurriedly ran away from the crowd.

At this moment, a black car was parked by the side of the road near the square, and Gu Yaoyang sat inside, observing the entire process with his legs crossed.

Shao Zheng was still driving for him, and he watched the situation as well. He looked at Gu Yaoyang and said with a complex expression, “Lin Yuyan… has he changed too much?”


“He used to be quite timid and fearful. Now, he seems more like a young master than he did when he was in the Lin family.”

Gu Yaoyang responded, “Is that a bad thing?”

Shao Zheng continued, “Not necessarily. I feel like he has become more cheerful and lively since he’s been with you. He’s not as timid as he used to be when we first met. But back then, wasn’t the Lin family extremely wealthy? It’s not like he was leading a hard life.”

“It’s not about the money. Money can make his life more comfortable. But love can make him more brave and enthusiastic about life.”

Shao Zheng looked through the rearview mirror and saw Gu Yaoyang taking out his phone. He commented, “You’ve spoiled him too much over the years, which is why he’s become so audacious. After all, having someone to back you up makes you bold.” 

Gu Yaoyang gave him a faint glance and said, “If I don’t spoil my wife, do I need you to do it?” 

“I….” Shao Zheng was momentarily at a loss for words, immediately surrendering and looking out the window. He saw Lin Yuyan trembling on the ground and asked urgently, “What’s wrong with him?” 

Gu Yaoyang remained composed and replied, “He got scared.” 

After a moment, Gu Yaoyang’s phone rang. 

As expected, Lin Yuyan was completely shaken, his trembling lips covering his rapidly beating heart. He said, “Husband, what’s Sister Ling’s phone number? I forgot to save it…”

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