Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 56

Chapter 56

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Lin Yuyan never imagined that he and Gu Yaoyang, who had been together for so many years and had gone through so much, would have a cold war for three days over something so trivial.

With his understanding of Gu Yaoyang, he would never get jealous over such a straightforward matter. Of course, it’s not that his jealousy in the past wasn’t legitimate, but this time it just seemed strange.

It was as if he suddenly wanted to pick a fight, to intentionally create an issue.

Lin Yuyan tried to make amends with him, but not only did Gu Yaoyang accept it, but he also took his pillow and moved to the guest room.

Lin Yuyan was equally angry, and today, he didn’t even return home. Instead, he stayed in the teacher’s dormitory with Xu Ze. He complained with a sense of injustice, “I feel like he’s intentionally trying to fight with me, and Wang Qi is just an excuse.”

Xu Ze said, “Maybe he was really just feeling jealous? Men usually have small hearts and can’t stand to see their loved ones being kind to someone else.”

Lin Yuyan shook his head and fiddled with the ring on his finger in frustration. Gu Yaoyang wasn’t that childish.

Xu Ze leaned back on his bed and gave Lin Yuyan a quick glance. While he had been in a fair number of relationships, most of them were casual flings. Lin Yuyan’s long-lasting love was something he hadn’t experienced, so he didn’t know how to comfort him. He changed the topic to distract Lin Yuyan’s attention. “Your wedding rings look quite simple.”

Lin Yuyan said, “Yes, at the time, we had just graduated. He had recently started his own company after retiring from the army, and we didn’t have much extra money. So, I chose a simple design.”

“And what about the wedding ceremony?”

Lin Yuyan said, “There was no wedding ceremony. He didn’t have many friends, and most of my friends were in China. On our wedding day, we just had a small cake, and we considered it done.” Although it seemed simple, Lin Yuyan now found it incredibly sweet.

After a small smile, Xu Ze said, “Okay, let’s get some sleep.”

Lin Yuyan agreed and turned off the light. He laid on the single bed opposite Xu Ze’s, but he couldn’t sleep.

Gu Yaoyang hadn’t contacted him today. This was the first day they hadn’t communicated in any way since they got married.

Lin Yuyan had considered calling him, but he felt that this was Gu Yaoyang’s issue this time, and he shouldn’t be the one to apologize first. However, the silence made him feel upset. The next day, he was sitting at a long table in the lobby on the ground floor, sighing and looking out the window.

Wang Qi had come to take classes today. It seemed that he knew Hu Dongdong, and when he saw him coming over to play, he greeted him and chatted with him. Unexpectedly, Hu Dongdong quickly ran to the side while holding Wang Qi’s neck, speaking to him in a hushed tone. Usually, Lin Yuyan would have been curious and gone to eavesdrop, but today, he couldn’t muster the interest. He glanced at the date on his phone and sighed.

Had he forgotten such an important day?

Just as he was feeling down, two people suddenly walked into the room. One was tall and sturdy, and the other had dark skin and pink hair.

“Meng, Meng Hu? Charlie?”

“Hey, Little Yan!”

“Why are you here?” Lin Yuyan was shocked. It had been a long time since he had seen those club members since they returned to China. Meng Hu had become quite a famous martial arts star now, and Charlie, along with his girlfriend, had adopted more melodic Chinese names.

“Where’s G?” Meng Hu asked.

Lin Yuyan said, “He… he’s not here.”

“Huh? Didn’t he say today is uh… uh…?” Meng Hu’s words were cut off as Charlie covered his mouth. “Sorry, Lin, we got the wrong place. You’re busy, we’ll see you next time.” With that, they dragged Meng Hu out the door. On their way out, they surprisingly bumped into Austen, who was holding a large bouquet of flowers. Lin Yuyan didn’t know how they all knew each other. They huddled together, pulled out their phones, seemed to be studying a map, and then hailed a taxi together before disappearing.

Lin Yuyan stood by the door, puzzled for a moment. Then he turned around and saw Hu Dongdong had also risen from his seat. He was pulling Wang Qi along like they were good buddies and said, “Brother Yuyan, I’m taking him out for a bit. We’ll be back soon.”

Since there were no classes at the moment, and Wang Qi didn’t have to clean all day, Lin Yuyan nodded and said, “Alright.”

As he was about to close the door and return to his previous slouched position, he saw a red sports car parked on the roadside. Sister Ling got out of the car with a phone in hand, saying, “He’s not in the studio? Where is he then? I’ve brought Mr. Zeng along. I’m already here.”

Lin Yuyan clearly saw a crutch sticking out from the passenger seat. He was about to run out to greet them but witnessed the crutch quickly retract, Sister Ling slammed the car door and drove up the main road, making them disappear in the blink of an eye.


Lin Yuyan stood there, staring in disbelief, not knowing what had just happened. He took out his phone, intending to call Gu Yaoyang. Even though they were currently in a cold war, seeing so many familiar faces today made him want to let him know.

However, Gu Yaoyang beat him to it and called him first.

Lin Yuyan’s heart raced, and he was uncertain about the tone he should use with him. Gu Yaoyang made his choice and spoke in a very cold tone, providing an address and telling Lin Yuyan to meet him there, mentioning that they needed to talk.

The meeting point was a winery. Lin Yuyan speculated whether this could be a romantic surprise arranged by Gu Yaoyang for their special day. But he also worried, as they had been in a cold war for the past few days, and Gu Yaoyang’s voice on the phone earlier had been deep and intimidating. It seemed less like a surprise and more like a discussion about divorce…

Lin Yuyan was anxious, trying to keep himself calm.

It wasn’t until he got out of the car, saw the first person waiting at the winery entrance, that he couldn’t stay calm anymore.

The person was holding a bouquet of flowers, and it was his long-unseen mother, Xu Jinglan. She said softly, “Happy new wedding.”

Lin Yuyan’s tears fell instantly. Inwardly, he thought, “This is far from a new wedding. It’s been several years.”

He didn’t have time to say much to his mother, as he noticed the meticulously arranged wedding scene on the lawn. Everyone who had mistakenly entered the room earlier was now sitting in the chairs, turning their heads to look at him, including the legless Zhou Shu. Surprisingly, even Zuo Hang and the school sister he had successfully pursued were there, wearing expressions of disbelief, applauding with the others.

Gu Yaoyang, who had been sleeping in the second bedroom for three days, had dressed himself exceptionally handsomely, while Lin Yuyan was just wearing an oil-stained white T-shirt, nervous and even had no time to remove his apron, as he was worried about being surprised with a divorce talk.

Xu Ze was also present and had brought all the art studio teachers along. No wonder Lin Yuyan had to cover four classes today; he was nearly exhausted.

Lin Yuyan felt wronged and walked up to Gu Yaoyang, pouting and shedding tears.

“Did I go too far?” Gu Yaoyang wore a mischievous smile and hugged him, gently saying, “I’m sorry, baby. I just wanted to surprise you.”

Lin Yuyan, with a sense of injustice, replied, “Is this how you surprise me? When you were giving me the cold shoulder, I was so sad.”

Gu Yaoyang kissed the top of Lin Yuyan’s head and said, “I’m sorry, I realize I was wrong.”

“You don’t understand at all.” Lin Yuyan choked back his tears and said, “How can you still be so mischievous? Are you planning to tease me like this even when we’re eighty years old?” He was crying quite intensely, not caring about his image in front of all the friends and family.

Gu Yaoyang was at a loss when trying to comfort him, holding Lin Yuyan as they swayed on the beautiful wedding stage.

“It’s because you’ve become smarter now.”

“If I don’t use this method, you would definitely have guessed that I wanted to surprise you. I’m sorry, I made a mistake. This is the last time. I’ll never tease you like this again in the future.”

But no matter how he apologized, Lin Yuyan couldn’t stop crying. Gu Yaoyang was rarely unable to find a solution, and he leaned his forehead against Lin Yuyan, pretending to be pitiful.

“Please forgive me. I know you wanted to contact your mother in advance and gathered all of our mutual friends. I’ve been busy for three days and personally set up this wedding venue. You see, my hands are all scraped…”

Sure enough, there was a bandage on his left hand, and while Lin Yuyan was scolding him, he gently blew on it. “Why can’t you be more careful?”

Gu Yaoyang said, “Because we had only three days, and I had to contact so many people. Even though we’ve been married for a while, I’ve always wanted to celebrate our wedding anniversary this way.”

Lin Yuyan interrupted him, blushing and crying, “You’re still talking about it! My own wedding, am I not even worthy of wearing a suit?”

——End of the story

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