Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Gu Yaoyang cooked the dinner the same way he did, but it was still better than his. It was a bowl of white noodles with a little bit of clear soup.

There wasn’t any topping on the noodles because the only tomatoes he had were wasted away by Lin Yuyan, so he could only make do with this. 

The taste was surprisingly good. Lin Yuyan didn’t know what Gu Yaoyang put inside the soup to make it taste good. When Lin Yuyan was still observing the soup, Gu Yaoyang had already finished eating. Seeing this, Lin Yuyan hurriedly drank the last mouthful of soup before following him. 

 “Let me take a look at the injury on your back.”

Gu Yaoyang sat on the sofa. He didn’t respond to Lin Yuyan as he packed the medicine box. Lin Yuyan could see that he would only open his mouth when he wanted to speak and ignore people when he didn’t want to. 

This habit was simply too willful. Lin Yuyan pouted and walked over to the other party and said, “Let’s look at your wound. Your back will definitely hurt after taking those two hits.” Gu Yaoyang continued to ignore him. Lin Yuyan hesitated for a bit before seating himself on the sofa and lifting the other’s T-shirt.

Sure enough, there was a red mark on his back. It was a little bruised, but it shouldn’t be too serious. However, Lin Yuyan was still shocked. Gu Yaoyang had more than one injury on his back. His sturdy back was mottled with scars, some deep, others shallow. One of them seemed to be cut flat. The scar stretched from left to right across his shoulder blades. 

“Pain, is it painful?” Lin Yuyan subconsciously asked.


“Your injuries on your back.” 

“It doesn’t hurt.”

Liar, How can it not hurt? The skin on his finger bled, making him feel like he was about to cry in pain, not to mention this deep and long scar. Although it looked like an old wound and should be fine by now, Lin Yuyan couldn’t imagine how painful it must’ve been. 

Without waiting for Gu Yaoyang’s consent, Lin Yuyan brought the medicine box over, found a bottle of blood activating and stasis removing spray, and asked, “Can I spray it for you?” 

Gu Yaoyang stared at him for a few seconds, that should be a silent acceptance. 

Lin Yuyan nodded back at him before rolling up the other’s T-shirt and spraying a few times on the spot where he was injured today. 

This should be enough, right? Are there any more steps I need to do?

The cold sensation on his back stopped. Gu Yaoyang waited for Lin Yuyan to return the spray, but after waiting for a few seconds, there were no movements behind him. 

He turned his head around and found the other party holding onto his mobile phone, earnestly searching for information online. 

After a while, he raised his head and embarrassedly said, “It seems that we’re supposed to use a hot compress first… we did it in the wrong order.” After he finished his sentence, he was about to go to the bathroom to find a towel when Gu Yaoyang pulled his clothing down and stood up while saying, “Forget it, this is enough.” 

Lin Yuyan asked him, “Is this okay?”

Gu Yaoyang’s eyes met the others suspicious gaze as he indifferently said, “It’ll be fine even if nobody helped.” 

At night, Lin Yuyan slept in Gu Yaoyang’s bedroom. There was only a single bed and a wardrobe inside the room. Since Gu Yaoyang only had one bed, Lin Yuyan offered to sleep on the floor using a mattress. The thin cotton mattress on the floor felt very hard. Lin Yuyan couldn’t fall asleep even after tossing and turning around looking for a comfortable position. He was afraid of disturbing Gu Yaoyang’s sleep, so he could only close his eyes and resort to silently counting sheep. 

Lin Yuyan seldom slept outside, traveling didn’t count though. After all, the conditions of the hotels were excellent and the beds were also soft. The only few times the conditions were bad was when he went on the study trips organized by his school. The purpose of the trip was for him to experience a different life, and the bed was also hard there. At that time, he couldn’t sleep either, so he counted up to 10,000 sheep. In the end, he lost count of them and messed up the count.  

When he thought about it now, the hard wooden bed they provided then was quite comfy; they had at least three layers of cushion on the wooden frame. After thinking about it, he ended up falling asleep. He was stupefied to find that the floor didn’t seem to be so hard anymore. It was quite alright. After murmuring two inaudible words, Lin Yuyan turned over before falling into a deep slumber. 

The next morning, Lin Yuyan woke up. He didn’t need to get up so early during summer vacation and he actually wanted to sleep in for a while before remembering that he was at Gu Yaoyang’s home and hurriedly got out of the mattress and got out of the bedroom. 

He sensed something was wrong before coming back inside the bedroom again. 

The cushions on the floor were already rolled up, but the blankets on the bed were scattered about. He slept there all night and didn’t even tidy them. 

Gu Yaoyang wasn’t there. Lin Yuyan didn’t know when he woke up and left. The sun shone through the window. Lin Yuyan looked out of the window and saw that there didn’t seem to be any blood splattered on the quiet street. 

Lin Yuyan only rinsed his mouth and prepared to leave. After thinking for a bit, he still had to leave a message for Gu Yaoyang. He found some paper and pen but before he could finish writing a single word he heard a knock on the door. 

A little boy stood outside. He was holding two skewers of roasted pork belly in his hands as he shouted joyfully, “Big Brother!” 

Wasn’t this the little boy he met in the van yesterday, Hu Dongdong

Lin Yuyan was a little surprised. He squatted down, leveling himself to the other’s height before smiling and greeting the child, “Good morning, Dongdong.” 

Hu Dongdong said, “It’s not morning anymore, it’s already half-past ten! Big Brother slept in today!” 

Lin Yuyan was a little bit embarrassed as he touched his hair. 

“I got up at eight o’clock today and went to Uncle Zhu’s house to ask him for some roasted pork belly! But he slept in late like Big Brother, so I poked his dimples and woke him up!” Said Hu Dongdong as he passed a skewer to him. 

Lin Yuyan took it and asked, “Why did you go there so early?”

Generally speaking, barbecues are normally eaten at noon or night, right? 

  “Big Brother Gu Yaoyang said that you’re leaving today. I bought them now because I’m afraid that you won’t be able to eat them before you leave.” 

Lin Yuyan was stunned. He didn’t really take yesterday’s promise seriously. He merely thought it was a kid who was only joking around and only mentioned it casually. He couldn’t help but rub his hair apologetically. The roasted pork belly was already cold. He didn’t know how long this child had been waiting for him outside. 

Hu Dongdong said, “Try it, Big Brother! I have a pretty good relationship with Uncle Chu so every time he makes this for me, he’ll always brush two layers of honey on it. It’s so sweet!”

He always went to relatively clean restaurants when he ate outside with his friends. His auntie also told him that street food outside is unsanitary. If he wanted to eat something, he should ask her to make it for him. 

But at this moment, Hu Dongdong’s eyes flashed with some kind of urgency. It’s probably the kind of gaze that was eager to share the things he likes, hoping for other people to like it as well. 

Without thinking any further, Lin Yuyan took a bite. 

It tasted really great. Although it was a little cold, it wasn’t greasy at all. 

Hu Dongdong asked him, “How is it? How is it? Does it taste delicious?” 

Lin Yuyan nodded and said with a smile plastered on his face, “It’s delicious.”

“Haha! It tastes great right! I also think it’s delicious!” said Hu Dongdong before he ate his own piece of pork belly. “Big Brother, when are you leaving?”

Lin Yuyan answered him, “I’ll be leaving in a while.” He then asked Hu Dongdong, “Dongdong, do you know where Gu Yaoyang went?”

Hu Dongdong said, “To catch Xiao Huang (little yellow).” 

“Huh?” Lin Yuyan blinked: “Who is Xiao Huang?”

“Xiao Huang is a kitten raised by my grandmother. It was stuck on a tree last night, it couldn’t come down.” 

So, Gu Yaoyang left to help a cat? 

Lin Yuyan was a little stunned. He couldn’t think of how he was going to climb a tree. He was curious about it and also wanted to say goodbye to him while he’s at it. Although Gu Yaoyang had a bad personality, he couldn’t be as bad as he thought of him to be. No matter what, he did stay at the other’s house for a night, plus, it was more polite to say goodbye in person. 

“Then where is he?”

Hu Dongdong answered him, “He’s just behind this building, you should be able to find him easily.” 

Lin Yuyan wanted to ask Hu Dongdong to lead the way for him, but he couldn’t find Gu Yaoyang’s keys. He was afraid that Gu Yaoyang forgot to take it with him, so he had to entrust Hu Dongdong to watch the door for him. 

As soon as Lin Yuyan left, a man ran upstairs and snatched Hu Dongdong’s roasted pork belly. He left only one piece for the little boy…

Hu Dongdong was so angry that he was about to cry. He yelled at him, “Big Brother Four Eyes!”

The visitor was holding a computer, with black-rimmed glasses and a square face, with a lot of acne scattered all around his face. 

Fang Siyan mischievously laughed. He sat on the doorstep, then turned his laptop on before asking Hu Dongdong. “That person just now, was he brought back by Gu Yaoyang yesterday?” 

Hu Dongdong refused to tell him, “I won’t tell you.”

Fang Siyan said, “Five roasted pork belly skewers .”

Hu Dongdong hesitated for a while before saying, “Ten skewers!” 

“You little hairy kid, still haggling?” Fang Siyan tapped on the keyboard, opening a forum where there were only a few dozen active users. There were not many people, but it was still quite lively. 

“Ten skewers it is then, but you’ll have to answer my questions honestly.” 

In the end, Hu Dongdong was still bribed. 

“Yesterday you went to the wholesale market, what happened?”

Hu Dongdong said, “I was in the car, and I saw someone chasing Brother Yaoyang.”

Fang Siyan asked, “How many people? “


Fang Siyan asked, “What about that guy?” He was referring to Lin Yuyan.

“Brother Yaoyang saved that Big Brother.”

Fang Siyan understood and posted a new post on the forum.

[Wenchang Express]

The boss went out yesterday and encountered an enemy blocking his road. One person got singled out by eight strong men. He should have retreated, but he got seriously injured in order to save someone’s life. Still, in a coma, it is unclear if he can pass this calamity.

Immediately someone replied: Who got saved?

The moderator said: Judging by his clothes, they should be a rich young miss in the city. Short hair, white skin, big eyes, pale pink lips, inlaid with a cute lip bead (the part that sticks out on your lip in the middle), petite body swaying. 

Another thread replied: Young miss? Shouldn’t it be a “her”

The moderator replied: don’t mind the details.

A follow-up thread said: I went to Wenchang with my brother last week, and it felt very peaceful, just like an ordinary old street.

Moderator laughing: Ignorance and sin are hidden in darkness. The world would be bright in broad daylight! I suspect you’re not looking in the right place at all! Or you come back to explore at night, but I’m not sure if you’ll be able to return alive.

A thread asked: My friend also wants to become a forum member, can’t an account be cheaper?

 Moderator: 3000 for one, no bargaining.

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