He’s so Flirty

He’s so Flirty (他那么撩)
Author: Qu Xiao Qu (作者:曲小蛐)
Translator: Brighteyes
Editor: Lazy Girl T
Schedule: TBD

Author Summary:

Everyone said that Wen Yufeng was the school bully of No. 1 High School.
Cutting classes, fighting, poor grades, smoking and clubbing to make girlfriends, he did all kinds of bad things.
Until a young talented girl from middle school skipped some grades.

“Brother Yu, the grandsons of No. 3 High School are looking for trouble again! What should we do?” 
The boy flung aside his cigarette, his eyes narrowed, and his handsome face was lazy and ruthless: “Kill them.”

At night, the fiendish entourage arrived at the door of the No. 1 class.
A slender beautiful girl was standing at the boys’ desk.
Her voice was soft.

“He hasn’t finished his vocabulary, so he can’t go.”

This novel is also called《The Experiences on Successfully Domesticating a School Bully》 《Half of the peace of No. 1 High School is my credit》

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