He’s so Flirty Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Clubbing

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After Qin Qing asked this, the entire T-shaped corridor was silent.

Wen Yufeng looked at the girl’s aggrieved expression and felt as if someone was using a stick to stir things up. He couldn’t suppress the indescribable desire and greed in his heart.

Just as he finally wanted to take a step forward, the security door behind Qin Qing was suddenly opened.

Grandma Qin leaned over.

“Tian Tian, why didn’t you come in when you came back——ah? Is this your classmate?”

Grandma Qin’s appearance made the two people in the corridor stiffen at the same time.

Moments later, Qin Qing turned around in a panic. “Grandma, I’ll go in right now.”

Grandma Qin saw the thermos in Wen Yu Feng’s hand and said with a smile, “Oh, is this child here to return the thermos? How was it? Is Grandma’s chicken soup porridge good?”


It had been many years since someone had called him a “child “. Wen Yufeng was stunned for a moment before he came back to his senses. He looked down at the thermos container in his hand before looking up again. “Thank you. The porridge was very good. I didn’t waste a single drop.”

Grandma Qin laughed at Wen Yufeng’s words, but Qin Qing could not help looking back at him.


Wen Yufeng’s current appearance was extremely obedient. If he were to do this in school, he would have scared off his teachers and classmates’ glasses, right?

Just as Qin Qing was thinking about this, she heard Grandma Qin smilingly say.

“That’s good. Today, I made a table of delicious food for Tian Tian. It’s better for you child to come in early and have some food, okay?”

Qin Qing looked at Grandma Qin in confusion at this time.

……Wasn’t Grandma complaining that he had provoked a little girl? Why did she take the initiative to invite him in?

Grandma Qin winked at her, but didn’t explain anything. She just looked up at Wen Yufeng, who hadn’t reacted yet.

“Have you had dinner?”

Wen Yufeng instinctively said the truth,” No.”

Grandma Qin waved her hand. “That’s good. Come in quickly.”

As she said that, Grandma Qin turned around and went back to the room, leaving the rest of her words behind.

“Child, don’t forget to bring in the thermos and put it on the table.”

The “child” who had been surrounded by more than a dozen people and hadn’t been nervous at all was stunned for a long time before he followed behind Qin Qing who had already entered the house without saying a word.

Then, Wen Yufeng was dumbfounded. He was told by Grandma Qin to wash his hands and serve the soup, then he sat at the table and picked up his chopsticks. Only then did he regain his rationality.

It was just that the chopsticks were already in his hand, so it was inappropriate to refuse again. Wen Yufeng could only thank Grandma Qin in a low voice.

Qin Qing was also amazed by what she saw.

It wasn’t because of anything else, but because this was the first time that she had seen this big boy in front of her acting like an obedient string doll. Going east, east, west…If the teachers and classmates in the school saw this, they probably wouldn’t have lost only their glasses, but their eyes would have popped out.

It was just that she had never seen Wen Yu Feng’s dazed appearance before, it made her feel it was a little adorable.

Qin Qing shook her head and picked up the bowl and chopsticks.

Just as he picked the first rice, Qin Qing paused.Then, she looked at the boy beside her hesitantly.

When she saw this, her eyes froze.

“Eh? Grandma Qin’s gaze was also attracted to him.” Are you left-handed?”

Wen Yufeng was already hesitating. When he heard this, he put down his bowl and chopsticks and looked straight at Grandma Qin.

“Including writing, there’s basically no difference between my left and right hands.”

However, Grandma Qin was amused by the boy’s serious expression——

“Why is it like an interview? Don’t be nervous. Just treat it as if it’s at your own house.”

She then turned to Qin Qing. “Tian Tian, look, your parents always tell people that you’ve studied well, but you can’t do that, right?”

Qin Qing also looked at Wen Yu Feng in surprise and nodded.

“Yeah, it’s really amazing.”


A trace of unease flashed across the boy’s dark eyes.

Grandma Qin knew that Wen Yufeng’s family was in a special situation, so she couldn’t ask any related questions. She just asked casually about the school.

After that, the dining table was quiet. Only Grandma Qin and Qin Qing would talk from time to time.

After the meal was finished, Wen Yufeng took the initiative to help Grandma Qin and Qin Qing clean up the dishes.

After arriving in the kitchen, Wen Yufeng naturally took the chopsticks and dishes to the sink. Just as Qin Qing was about to take over, she was pulled back by Grandma Qin.

Qin Qing was taken aback. She turned around and looked at Grandma Qin in confusion.

However, Grandma Qin didn’t say anything. She merely pointed her chin in the direction where the boy stood.

Even though she did not understand what Grandma Qin meant, Qin Qing could only quietly watch from the side.

After watching for a while, she could vaguely see what Grandma Qin was trying to observe.

The boy who was standing next to the sink in his dark grey long clothes and trousers lowered his eyes slightly. His soft and clean black hair was draped over his fair and sharp face. The slender and bony knuckles lightly wiped the porcelain dishes with the dishwashing cloth in their hands. The movements were skillful and natural. 

At this moment, Wen Yufeng was completely different from the school bully who was rumored to be ignorant and incompetent, the lazy senior she had seen before. With a clean and beautiful aura, he was as quiet as a beautiful painting.

—— It wasn’t his first time doing something like this.

Then, Qin Qing thought of the house that she had visited that day. It was clean and tidy, but it was a little lonely.

The bed covering in the side bedroom was so flat that there was not a single wrinkle. It was so clean that it was as if no one lived there.

No wonder he was so uncomfortable before and after dinner…He probably hadn’t had dinner with anyone in many years.

Every New Year’s Festival, when the gongs, drums and firecrackers outside were loud and lively, when everyone in the tens of thousands of families were happy and smiling, was he alone in that cold house?

If the weather changed, no one would remind him to wear cold clothes. If he was sick, no one would ask him how uncomfortable he was. If he was injured, no one would care if he was in severe pain…

That’s why he didn’t care about that long and sinister knife wound at all. Because other than him, no one will feel sorry for him, and no one will even know or care about him, right?


Qin Qing finally could not bear to continue thinking about it. She lowered her eyes and pressed down her heart.

It was as if she had been soaked in vinegar. It was so bitter that she felt a little pain.

She turned around and went to the living room.

When she reached the living room, Qin Qing heard Grandma Qin’s voice from the kitchen.

“Your bowl is much cleaner than ours. Tian Tian would wash the bowls like a cat washes its face, just purr with its claws and it’s over.”

The boy chuckled faintly.

“Tian Tian’s hands are too small. She can’t hold the bowl. She should stay away from the kitchen to avoid breaking the dishes.”

Qin Qing, who was listening, was expressionless.”……”

Grandma Qin wasn’t angry at all when she heard her granddaughter being talked about that way. Instead, she happily answered.

“I think so too. But seeing that you are very skilled, don’t tell me you cook and wash the dishes and clean the house?”

Qin Qing’s heart tightened and her eyes followed along.

On the other side, there was a slight vibration of his voice that did not fade.

“Yeah, I’m used to living alone. If there’s anything inconvenient in Grandma’s house, I’ll give you my number. You can find me anytime.”

“Then I really might have to trouble you. Tian Tian and I live together. I’m old and I don’t have much strength anymore. Tian Tian doesn’t have much strength either. Sometimes, it’s not easy to deal with things. I do want to call housekeeping at times, but they aren’t a big deal. But if you do it yourself, sometimes you can’t handle it.”

“Then call me directly. It’s not too much trouble to help Grandma.”

Qin Qing sat in the living room, her face tense.


In her memory, why didn’t she remember when Wen Yufeng had spoken so nicely?

It was almost unrecognizable.


A few minutes later, Wen Yufeng and Grandma Qin walked out of the kitchen.

The way Grandma Qin looked at Wen Yufeng was so kind that she couldn’t be any kinder——

“Xiao Yu, remember to come to Grandma’s house every weekend. Grandma will prepare dishes for you.”

Qin Qing, who was sitting on the sofa next to her, was dumbfounded. She was so sleepy that she could not hold back her yawn.

——”Xiao Yu?”

She widened her beautiful almond-shaped eyes and stared blankly at the two of them.


Wen Yufeng, who had walked out of the kitchen, hesitated for a moment. When he glanced at Qin Qing, who was dumbfounded, he couldn’t help but raise the corner of his lips. Then, he replied, “Alright, thank you, Grandma.”

“What thanks? Don’t be polite to Grandma in the future.”

Grandma Qin enthusiastically sent Wen Yufeng to the door. She turned around after he left the house.

When Grandma Qin returned to the living room, Qin Qing finally couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Grandma, why are you so kind to him…So nice?”

“This child lives alone. How pitiful. What is wrong with me inviting him for a meal?”

Grandma Qin glared at Qin Qing. “When you were a child, you couldn’t even look away when you saw a stray dog. Why is there no sympathy now?”


Qin Qing choked for a moment before she realized what was going on. “But Grandma, didn’t you say that he must have provoked the little girls in school?”

“I hadn’t seen him before, so I didn’t know, but haven’t I seen him today? Grandma has lived for many years and is pretty accurate about things. This child is definitely not that kind of person.”


Qin Qing widened her eyes innocently.

Grandma Qin sighed as if she saw Qin Qing’s disapproval, but she still smiled.

“Do you remember what I told you? When my parents didn’t agree to my marriage with your grandfather and how did he succeeded?”

The topic changed abruptly. Qin Qing was stunned for a moment, but she still followed the instinct of memory and replied, “Didn’t Grandfather stand in front of Grandma’s house for a day and a half without eating or drinking? Didn’t he finally move your parents?”


Grandma Qin nodded and walked into the kitchen with a smile on her face. “You kids are getting fickle now. There aren’t many who can focus on waiting for someone for a long time.”


Qin Qing was still confused and wanted to ask what else, but she saw that Grandma Qin only had her back to her. She obviously did not want to talk to her anymore.


The next day, in the middle of the afternoon, Lin Manxue once again knocked on Grandma Qin’s security door.

Qin Qing, who had been dragged out in a hurry, was puzzled. “You’re already here. Where are we going?”

Lin Manxue pulled Qin Qing down the stairs and directly entered the waiting taxi.

As soon as she sat up, she winked at Qin Qing. “I’ll take you to a fun place.”

Qin Qing instinctively shrank in the direction of the car door because of this look and statement.

“You’re not taking me to the mixed martial arts arena, are you?”

“Mixed Martial Arts arena? What the h*ll?”

Lin Manxue was stunned. After two seconds, she casually waved her hand——

“Don’t worry, it’s not such a bloody and terrifying place. We’re going to a very romantic place.”


After half an hour, the taxi stopped by the side of Feng hua entertainment city.

Qin Qing refused to get out of the car——

“Manxue! You tricked me into coming to a place like this again?!”

“Tsk, what do you mean by this kind of place? We are not going to KTV this time, okay? There are many levels in the place!”

Lin Manxue patted her chest, “Don’ t worry, I can guarantee it with my character. This place is definitely much more fun than last time!”


It was true that Qin Qing did not want to get out of the car, but she couldn’t just bother the innocent driver.

When she got out of the car, she could only follow behind Lin Manxue suspiciously and enter the entertainment city.

After that, Qin Qing was pulled around by Lin Manxue and finally stopped in front of a wooden door behind an arc-shaped wall.

To be exact, it was Qin Qing who was stopped by two security guards standing at the door.

The leader pointed at Qin Qing. “You can’t bring children in.”

Qin Qing, who was about to grab Lin Manxue and leave, froze.

“……A child?”

She felt that her pride had been thoroughly hurt.

Lin Manxue, who was standing next to her, smiled and bent her waist unceremoniously, tears almost coming out from her eyes.

Finally, under Qin Qing’s glare, Lin Manxue rubbed her stomach and explained to the two security guards, “We’re classmates. She’s already in second year of high school.”

The security guard looked at Qin Qing suspiciously and asked, “Her? Senior two? Isn’t she from the second year of middle school?”

That raised voice almost made Lin Manxue’s laughter twitch again.

Qin Qing was so angry that her face turned slightly red.

Lin Manxue did not have the heart to add fuel to the fire and could only stand up seriously and say to the security guard——

“It’s true. Furthermore, she is also in the same class as Brother Yu. If you don’t let us in, Brother Yu will personally come to settle the score with you later.”


Qin Qing widened her eyes and looked at Lin Manxue.

But before Qin Qing could say anything, the security guard’s expression changed slightly when he heard the name mentioned by  Lin Manxue..

The two of them looked at each other and opened the door to let them in.

As soon as she entered, Qin Qing didn’t even care about what kind of environment it was. She grabbed Lin Manxue first.

“Manxue, how did you know ——”

Lin Manxue raised her index finger to her mouth, “Shh ……”

She looked left and right before she lowered her voice and smiled. “I’m bluffing. Today, I’m going to bring you to the bar. Didn’t you not believe me before when I said that Wen Yufeng was extremely handsome? I heard from the people from No. 3 high School that Wen Yufeng is here every Sunday afternoon.”

Qin Qing choked and snapped back to her senses as she pulled Lin Manxue back. “Manxue, are you crazy? If he found out, he…What if he hits you?”

Lin Manxue laughed, “Impossible. I heard that although he’s fierce, he won’t touch a girl.”


Qin Qing wanted to find another reason, but she was pulled by Lin Manxue to a corner of the dimly lit bar.

Qin Qing was physically very weak and could only carefully lower her head, afraid that Wen Yufeng, who was in an unknown corner, would discover her.

Before Lin Manxue pulled her to the circular sofa, Qin Qing couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed.

So the rumors in the school were all true.

Smoking, drinking, fighting, skipping classes, clubbing…

To think that she would argue for him in front of Fang Xiaojing…

However, before Qin Qing could finish her thoughts, Lin Manxue pulled her to the side of the circular sofa.

The men and women who had gathered in a circle all looked up, and the eyes of the boy sitting in the middle lit up——

“Qin Qing is here?”


Hearing this voice, Qin Qing felt the hair rise on her body.

After a few seconds, she stiffened her neck and raised her head.

After seeing the boy sitting in the middle of the crowd, Qin Qing really wished she could shake Lin Manxue’s neck.


Wasn’t that former Class President Fu Hanlin who confessed to her last semester?

However, before Qin Qing could act up, Lin Manxue pulled her to the side of the circular sofa.

Then, Lin Manxue leaned over and whispered, “Be patient. I brought you here today to show you Wen Yufeng.”

Qin Qing gritted her teeth when she thought of the person who took a step back in the corridor yesterday.

“I don’t want to see him at all ……”

However, Lin Manxue did not seem to have heard what she said at all. She just looked in a certain direction.

Less than a minute later, Qin Qing, who was fidgeting, was suddenly pulled by Lin Manxue.

“Ahhh, come here! Hurry up and look up ……”

Qin Qing instinctively looked up at Lin Manxue’s words. When she suddenly realized what was going on in her heart, it was already too late for her to lower her head——

Her gaze went straight into a pair of lazy and pitch-black eyes.

The moment the owner of the pair of eyes carelessly shifted his gaze away, his body suddenly stopped.


Two seconds later, Wen Yufeng’s gaze shifted dangerously.

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