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Zhen Xin, a beta, is a real estate agent. His daily duties include accompanying clients to check out properties, acquiring new listings, and looking for prospective homebuyers.

Today, he feels particularly cheerful, perhaps due to his anticipation of closing a sale.

【The elevator has reached the first floor. Please walk carefully.】

Upon the automated voice’s prompt, the elevator door slowly opens, revealing the scorching weather outside. Despite the stifling heat, the first person stepping out of the elevator brings a sudden refreshing feeling.

“If there’s no problem on your side, we can sign the contract by next Monday.” With a gentle smile on his delicate and beautiful face, the speaker thoughtfully holds the door. “This house is in great location, close to school and other amenities… Also, the selling price can be a hundred thousand lower than the market price. It’s an absolute steal, if I do say so myself.”

Everyone likes to hear nice words from good-looking people. As expected, the clients beam with happiness upon hearing the sales pitch.

“Hahahaha, it’s all thanks to Xiao Zhen who has been running up and down with me and my wife these past few weeks.”

Indeed, it has taken Zhen Xin two months of scurrying from one property to the next before the couple finally found their ideal home.

“No need to thank me, Sister Zhang. It’s my duty to assist you in finding a suitable home. Nonetheless, I am genuinely delighted that you have discovered one that meets all your requirements,” Zhen Xin beamed back.

Genuinely delighted, without a doubt. The total cost of this suite stands at 1.2 million yuans, and the brokerage fee could reach up to 24,000 yuans. After accounting for insurance and listing service fees, his commission plus performance bonus could add up to 10,000 yuans. Despite spending money on travel and meals to foster relationships with clients, he will still earn 8,000 yuans.

The abacus in Zhen Xin’s mind furiously rattles, but not a jot of his inner thought is shown on his pleasantly smiling face.

It has only been less than two years since he was fully employed. This job, which has relatively low qualifications, is well-suited for a physically attractive but superficial beta like himself.


Zhen Xin’s physical appearance is way too attractive for a beta. Many people who just met him doubt his identity and some even believe that he is an omega pretending to be B. Nonetheless, Zhen Xin is indeed a beta and has been so since birth, although the identities of his biological parents remain unknown. After spending several years in a welfare institution, he ran away and started living on his own in the society. Time has flown by in a flash, and he is now almost thirty years old.

Despite the grueling nature of being a real estate agent, the potential for benefits exists as long as a deal is successfully sealed. Along with the added perk of provided meals, Zhen Xin’s job satisfaction sits at around 60%.

After finalizing the contract signing details with his clients, Zhen Xin sees them off to their car. Just then, his phone starts ringing in his pocket.

“Hey, it’s me… Okay, okay, no problem. I have time tomorrow afternoon. I can come over to look at the house.”

Business is beckoning at him again.


As the new client has intentions of settling down abroad in the near future, he is interested in selling off some of his undesired villas for some pocket money.

In this world, the easiest method for increasing one’s money is by already having a considerable amount of money. While the average person must labor diligently for their entire life to attain a meager home, the wealthy approach real estate transactions with the same ease as they would a trip to the supermarket.

However, what real estate agents like Zhen Xin love to earn the most is the brokerage fees from these rich people.

The more expensive a real estate property is, the higher the commission an agent can naturally get. Take today’s listing as an example. The American-style villa complex is quite spacious, boasting an area of 827 square meters, with a well-trimmed garden, palm trees showing off the striking ambiance of the place, and an underground garage that can park eight cars. The villa is designed with three split-level floors. The first floor is impressive with a spacious shoe cabinet, a well-lit living room, and a dining hall with a fully equipped kitchen. The nanny’s room at the far end is nearly 30 square meters wide which is several times larger than Zhen Xin’s bedroom. The second floor has one master bedroom and a couple of suites with hardwood furnitures and ridiculously large cloakrooms. The third floor has the study, the gym, and a solarium that has been converted into a recreation room. Not counting the innumerous bathrooms, there are about seven to eight toilets in total.

Based on the average housing prices in the area, the property can fetch over 30 million yuans, allowing the agency to earn a commission of 600,000 to 700,000 yuans. Even a little leak through the cracks is enough for Zhen Xin to chew on.

“You must be Mr. Li, the villa owner. I’m Zhen Xin, the agent in charge. You can call me Xiao Zhen.” As soon as Zhen Xin reaches the gate of the complex, he hurries up to greet the alpha. “We chatted in the app before. You’ve arrived so early today. You must have been waiting for a long time.”

A hint of amazement flashes in Mr. Li’s eyes.


They briefly shake hands out of courtesy.

People, to no one’s surprise, tend to exhibit greater tolerance when interacting with physically appealing individuals.

As luck would have it, Zhen Xin fits that description. However, in addition to being capable of leveraging his good looks, he also knows how to conduct himself in a respectable manner.

He cuts straight to the chase and efficiently completes his tasks for the day.

“Since we’ve settled everything, I’ll take my leave of Mr. Li first.”

Zhen Xin meticulously examines the papers and multimedia he’s gathered, brainstorming strategies for online promotion.

Mr. Li warmly sends him to the door, but he still wants to chat.

“The building next to mine belongs to my brother who hasn’t returned to China for several years. If he has the notion to sell, I’ll tell him to contact you.”

“Haha, thank you so much, Brother Li.” Zhen Xin smiles, his beautiful eyes becoming even more vivid. “Then I will sort out the specifics first and come back to confirm them with you. If there is no problem, the property will be put up for sale.”

“No problem,” Mr. Li returns, then sees a black Shelby SuperCar sweeping across the street.

“Oh, speaking of the devil. This is his car.” Mr. Li waves his hands and loudly calls out, “Da Liang!”

The sports car skids to a stop in front of them, making Zhen Xin instinctively takes a step back.

The window glass rolls down, revealing half of the driver’s sharp and superior facial features.

“Long time no see.”

Alpha’s voice is deep and magnetic, but Zhen Xin’s eyes turn red in a split second.

“Why did you come back without saying a word? Do you still regard me as a brother?”

“This time, I…”

“Huh? What?” Seeing his friend faltering, Mr. Li follows alpha’s gaze past him only to see the ashen face of his real estate agent.

“What’s the matter? Do you two know each other?”

Pressing down his panic, Zhen Xin answers through pale lips, “No.”

He’d rather they didn’t know each other at all.


“What a good Liang Ren. You just suddenly pop home without even notifying your brother.”

It has been several years since the last time Mr. Li saw his good brother. He is so happy that he couldn’t care less about anything else. He eagerly drags him in the house to reminisce about the past.

“Did Feng Fan not tell you?” Liang Ren doesn’t take offense at being scolded. “I went back with him.”

The three of them have known each others since childhood, but after graduating from high school, Liang Ren stayed in China while Li Duoyu and Feng Fan went abroad. However, only two years after completing his undergrad studies, Liang Ren went abroad for further study. Li Duoyu then returned home after graduating from his master’s degree to take over his father’s company. Feng Fan stayed behind to pursue a PhD degree and only came back this year.

“That little bstard blocked me all of a sudden. I didn’t even know how I offended him… God knows how a nerd can have such a temper.” Li Duoyu hands over a can of soda. “Since you’re driving, I won’t give you a drink… By the way, you really don’t know that beauty today?”


“What humph?”

Li Duoyu puzzles over the inanimation on his old friend’s face. He doesn’t know what this kid has gone through. He used to be a cheerful guy, but now he looks like his wife has run away with someone.

Stroking the cold soda can, Liang Ren lowers his eyes and sneers.

“If he says we don’t know each other, then we don’t know each other.”

Li Duoyu rolls his eyes to the sky.

“Look at how you’re brooding. You were not like this before.”

“People change.”

“Okay, okay. As long as you still treat me like a brother, it doesn’t matter how much you change.” Li Duoyu is too lazy to care about Liang Ren’s mental journey. His thoughts happily swerve to a certain beauty. “What do you think of that little agent? Pretty, right? I’d say he’s no worse than an idol. I wonder what kind of pheromone-flavored omega he is…”

Liang Ren raises an eyebrow at the word “omega”. Staring at the water droplets racing down the soda can, his mind wanders off to memory lane.


“Thank you for helping me today.”

The skinny beauty was like a fragile flower which could break at the slightest touch. Those clear wet eyes were shining with worship. “You know, omegas are really no match to those betas in terms of physical strength…. Your clothes are all dirty. Can you leave a contact information? I’ll wash it for you, otherwise I’d feel guilty.”

Dazzled by those gentle eyes, Liang Ren promptly dove headlong into that cage called love.



Li Duoyu pauses in disbelief. He has been prattling on about his plan to chase the beauty, but this brother isn’t listening to him at all. 

“Liang Ren, why are you scoffing again?”

Liang Ren glances at him, pulls off the ring of the can, and drinks a mouthful of the bubbly drink. Sadly, this happy water can’t make him happy at all.

[T/N] happy water — internet slang for Coca-cola

“You better stop thinking about it,” Liang Ren strongly advises.

The real hunter here is the so-called prey, and no one knows better than he does how deceitful it is.

There is no need to fall into the same old trap like he did in the past.

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