How to Catch an A Chapter 4 Part 2


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“Why are you crying?”

Liang Ren stiffly holds him, loosely hanging his arms on Zhen Xin’s back, not touching him at all.

He has forgotten how long it has been since he held him in his arms. It has been so long that he has forgotten how thin Zhen Xin is.

This beta is really a strange one. Liang Ren often feels that he is softer than any omega. The tall body in his arms is only such a small ball, as if the clouds have been rolled together and then thrown into his arms with the warmth of sunshine.

“This is my trick.” Zhen Xin sniffs. He looks so pitiful, but he still says deliberately, “I know you will feel sorry for me. As long as you see me in tears, your heart will soften… “

“You do know how to scheme.”

Liang Ren’s heart sinks, cursing himself for being easily manipulated. Others learn a lot from being fooled, but Liang Ren, who has swallowed ten thousand grievances in silence, doesn’t seem to grow any braincell where Zhen Xin is concerned.

Zhen Xin opens his mouth, but the words just stick in his throat. Only endless tears race down his face. The trick he mentioned before seems like an excuse.

He looks at Liang Ren with hesitation. This alpha is the only one in the world who was willing to cherish and love him. However, he was completely unaware of it and only worried about being exposed, without realizing that he had been an open book to Liang Ren for a long, long time.

“I…” Zhen Xin finally speaks. “I thought that if you found out I’m a beta… everything would be over.”

He has no parents, no manners and no education. He is not even an omega, so how can anyone truly love him?

This is really…

It’s just too ridiculous.

How can he be worthy?


Zhen Xin, who can ferociously stand up for others without bowing his head even when pitted against ten, is now weeping in Liang Ren’s arms to the point of exhaustion.

The man who keeps saying that he doesn’t care about him doesn’t let go, and even takes him back into the warm house.

“I want to apologize for the stupid things I said at the beginning,” says Zhen Xin, ashamed but also hoping to be forgiven. “I was so confused at the time. I hoped to be with you for a long time, but I was afraid that you’d find out that I’m just a useless beta…”

No one told him that a beta is also worthy of being with an alpha. This world has always revolved around alphas and omegas. He never believed that a beta like him can also obtain true happiness.

In his years in the orphanage, he was often selected for adoption, but nothing ever worked out in the end. Each time he was so excited that he could not sleep at night, only to sadly watch other children being taken away by new parents.

He didn’t understand why he still didn’t have a family even though he had made special efforts to be a good boy.

One day, a taller and stronger child snatched his milk and pushed him hard, causing him to fall onto the sandy ground and scrape his knees and elbows.

But what he was most anxious about were his stained clothes. A good boy wouldn’t dirty his clothes.

He limped towards the pool to wash away the mud and sand on his clothes, and accidentally heard the teachers talking about him.

“The Family Court ruled out Xin Xin’s adoption again. Even though he’s a beautiful and well-behaved child, but now that he’s getting older, it seems that he’ll have a hard time getting adopted… It’s a pity that he was born a beta.”

It’s a pity that he was born a beta.

Zhen Xin regarded being a beta as a sin. Since then, he gave up his conventional life in the orphanage, choosing to make his way in the society. He engaged in deceitful and underhanded behavior, cheating and swindling. In order to catch Liang Ren, he even went to the black market to buy counterfeit omega pheromones.

He had been so bad, but now he hopes his victim can forgive him.

Were it not for this scheming villain, Liang Ren might have gone abroad much earlier, married a suitable partner, and started a family.

After all, Liang Ren is a good person. He can be happy with anyone.

Unlike himself, he can never be a good boy.


“Wipe your face.”

Sitting on the couch, Zhen Xin takes the hot towel that Liang Ren passes, and buries his face in it.


So embarassing.

He’s also puzzled by the sudden surge of tears welling up inside him. As he sobs uncontrollably, tears and snot streaming down his face, he can’t help feeling foolish and unattractive.

Liang Ren watches Zhen Xin burrying his head in the towel like an ostrich. The corners of his mouth tug upwards, but Zhen Xin is too busy wallowing in despair, so he doesn’t notice.

He is really an unprincipled alpha. If he doesn’t watch out, he’ll soon lose the cool and distant persona he’s painstakingly cultivated.

Liang Ren mentally clears his throat, then curbs the smile on his lips.

“If you feel better, you may leave now…” He deliberately speaks harshly. “I don’t keep strangers in my home.”

Sure enough, Puppy Xin Xin’s heart breaks again, the floodgates of tears he managed to control threatening to burst out. He raises his red eyes and pitifully looks at Liang Ren. His voice trembles in panic.

“Am I… Am I already a stranger?”

What a funny question. The two of them clearly agreed to break up after their dispute. They had not even exchange a single message all these years until they unexpectedly met again through Li Duoyu. In fact, during that time, Zhen Xin made the situation so ugly that not only was he considered a stranger but Liang Ren even saw him as an enemy.

Zhen Xin is fully cognizant of these facts, yet he can’t shake the overwhelming sense of sadness he feels.

He still remembers helping Liang Ren design the layout of this home, lying side by side on the big soft pillow, imagining their future together.

Liang Ren said that he wanted to build a big terrace to plant flowers and grow vegetables;

Liang Ren said they would leave a room next to the master bedroom for their future baby;

Liang Ren said that he would teach him how to swim in their own swimming pool;

Even the couch he was sitting on was chosen by the two of them together.

Liang Ren wanted to choose dark colors for easy maintenance, but Zhen Xin wanted light colors for a better look.

Zhen Xin squeezes the milk white soft leather armrest, then reaches out to pull Liang Ren’s sleeve.

Like a pitiful puppy who has made a mistake, he whimpers and flicks his short tail, hoping that his master can pet his head.

Liang Ren takes a deep breath, and finally asks him in return, “Even a dog I raised for so many years would stick to me, but what about you?”

He poured out his heart and soul, only for his warm feelings to be met with a cold rebuke.

Zhen Xin thrusts himself into Liang Ren’s arms, ignoring the fact that he had just made his chest damp.

He meekly opens his mouth.


Liang Ren asks him in confusion, “What?”

Zhen Xin buries his head, swallows the shame and acts like an obedient puppy.

“Wow… woof woof!”

Liang Ren is also quite surprised by his brazenness. He lets out the cold frosty air he had been holding, and then pinches Zhen Xin’s messy face.

“You’re really something.”

Where did this clingy, bad puppy come from?

He’s completely shameless.



Zhen Xin is not going to work today.

It’s almost noon, but he’s still lying on the bed.

It can’t be helped. He’s lying on the bed with his husband today!

There is absolutely nothing that can tear him up from the bed.

Yesterday, he acted like a shameless puppy, Liang Ren has no choice but to let him stay.

Although there are guest rooms in the house, Liang Ren has always lived alone, so there’s not even a single bed sheet in the guest rooms.

Liang Ren asked Zhen Xin to wash up and make the bed by himself. But as soon as he took a shower, the stinky puppy was already lying on the master bed, motionlessly huddled in a corner, feigning sleep. Thinking that he was already asleep, Liang Ren only sighed and didn’t wake him up.

Puppy Xin Xin’s ecstasy is overflowing.

Nevermind the two quilts in the king size bed, this is his husband’s bed!

He lies next to Liang Ren, wrapped in a blanket, secretly watching the handsome alpha sleeping next to him with his eyes closed.

He is so close to his husband that if he rolls over a little more, he can touch him.

Zhen Xin wraps himself up like a caterpillar, closes his eyes tightly, and quietly rolls over, extending a foot to gently touch the calf of the person next to him through the blanket.

Zhen Xin smiles so blissfully that his eyes disappear from his face.

He’s right next to his husband!

So happy.

As he snuggles closer to his husband, he begins to feel drowsy and falls asleep in a daze.

The alpha, who has not opened his eyes the whole time, finally moves and pulls the blanket for the snuggled puppy.

He looks at Zhen Xin’s rosy face, and rubs the fur on the other party’s head, muttering a threat, “I’m telling you, we’re not finished…”

Since he came back to provoke him again, he has to be mentally prepared.

He won’t let the pesky puppy get away with it again.

How fierce!


“This will be your workplace from now on.”

“Understood. Thank you, Manager.”

Today, a new employee joined the sales department of the company. It’s not unusual to see new employees come and go, but this one is just too eye-catching that people have to take several looks.

“Hey, that’s the new guy in sales dept?”

“Yes, a newly recruited salesman.” Several old employees gather together for a chat. Of course, it’s inevitable to talk about the newcomer. “He used to be a real estate agent.”

“Has our company’s standards become so low now that even a real estate agent can be hired as employees?”

“Who knows,” one of them sighs with emotion. “I heard that he’s internally referred. Seeing how the HR department took him in straight away, maybe it’s someone from the higher up.”

“Don’t bother trying to figure it out. If you know the right people, you can get a sales job without having to go through the usual hiring process. Instead of working hard in a demanding job like sales, it’s better to use your connections to find a well-paid and comfortable job.”

“That’s right… if you have connections, why work as a salesman, haha.”

Holding a glass of water, Zhen Xin halted in his tracks, silently turns around and takes a few steps back.

Although it’s not good to talk about people behind their back, but what they said about him having a connection is true.

Yes, Zhen Xin has resigned from his job as a real estate agent and switched industries to work as a salesperson in Liang Ren’s company.

Anyway, what’s the difference between selling houses and selling other things? Of course, it’s best to work alongside his husband.

When Liang Ren made this suggestion, he thought that Zhen Xin would directly reject it, but the cheeky puppy didn’t care about anything else. Hearing that he would be working close to his husband, he resigned with joy and excitement, packed a small bag and immediately came over with a wagging tail.


There isn’t much serious work on his first day of work, but Zhen Xin still carefully reviews the product information that his senior colleague has instructed him to study.

After all, this will be the scope of his duty later on. Pursuing a husband is one thing, but work is work. His head is still very clear on that.

Besides, being able to switch from selling ordinary real estate properties to selling for a listed private company can be regarded as a level up. Naturally, he should perform well.

He wants to let his husband know that not only is he committed but also motivated, a good puppy worth taking home.

As colleagues sign off one after another, only Zhen Xin remains busy at his desk.

After getting off work today, Liang Ren makes a special trip to the sales department on the second floor. In fact, it is now long past the closing time, and there are usually not many people around, especially for those who work in sales and are often out.

But today, as soon as he swipes his card to enter, he sees that the lights in the office area are still on. After walking a few steps, he finds the new employee still working overtime.

Liang Ren stops and knocks on the glass partition.

Zhen Xin raises his head and his eyes light up. “Brother… Mr. Liang.”

“Pack up and go home.”


Zhen Xin quickly packs up and follows Liang Ren to his private car before speaking up quietly, “Mr. Liang, where are we going?”

Liang Ren turns the car in the direction of the suburbs.

“Too see my parents.”

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