I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Rainstorm Wild Temple 10 Part 1

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Many viewers who were watching the live stream were initially surprised when Anthony and the recently popular actress claimed that someone had been secretly watching them while they were taking a shower. They thought such a thing shouldn’t happen.

However, when Anthony described the incident in such detail, down to the sensation and temperature, some viewers began to hesitate.

The level of detail, including the sensations and temperature, did make it seem less likely to be a lie. Moreover, celebrities usually wouldn’t voluntarily share easily debunked falsehoods, especially when both the main screen and split-screens were active, making it easy for viewers to fact-check.

[Even though I’m a fan of Brother, I can’t help but feel that Anthony’s words… Could someone have really been spying on them? How shameless.]

[I just checked Anthony’s social media account, and some of his fans posted screenshots. There’s a broken mirror hanging in the bathroom, and you can vaguely see a hand reaching over from behind while Anthony had his eyes closed, and it looks kind of dark? I’m not sure if it’s a visual illusion or the image quality isn’t enough, but it feels like the person who owns that hand is quite dark.]

[But all the split-screens were on just now, and even though I was in Brother’s split-screen, I could still see others walking around near their rooms and sharing food. I didn’t see anyone missing.]

[That guy named Yan Shixun wasn’t there. Could it be him spying on my Ni Ni? I’ve always felt his gaze toward my Ni Ni was creepy. There’s definitely something wrong with him!]


Seeing Anthony’s fans going wild in the barrage chat, Yan Mais, as soon as they saw it, silently uploaded the animated GIF they had just captured from the split-screen of Yan Shixun to the comments section, and mentioned that fan: “If your eyesight isn’t good, go get your eyes checked instead of blaming others. Brother Yan clearly just doesn’t like Anthony, alright?”

Immediately, someone agreed, “Brother Yan, adored by a top-tier idol adored by fifty million fans if it weren’t for the fact that Brother Yan doesn’t have any social media accounts and insists on letting you experience the phenomenon of gaining tens of millions of fans overnight. A person like him, who can become famous just for his looks, has no interest in the entertainment industry. Instead, he’s so strong that one punch from him could kill me. I’m sorry, but I can’t see why Brother Yan would need to peek at Anthony… Brother Yan hangs a mirror in his bathroom, can’t he just look at himself?”

“Indeed, when I first tuned into the live stream, I immediately saw Brother Yan’s face, and it was truly stunning. I’ve been a fan for so many years, it’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of divine beauty in the entertainment industry. Plastic surgery can’t achieve this level of perfection. While Anthony is not bad-looking, honestly, he’s several tiers below Brother Yan. Looking at Brother Yan is more enjoyable.”

As for the fan who had been mentioned, she initially stormed into the comments section in anger, intending to unleash a torrent of comments. However, out of curiosity, she first clicked on the GIF the other person had posted.

The result——

Crack! Her phone was thrown against the wall and shattered.

The fan was horrified by the eyes that filled the GIF, and her scalp tingled. She stared wide-eyed, her face turning pale, but she couldn’t even scream. She could only make a “gurgle” sound as her upper and lower rows of teeth chattered.


Meanwhile, the guests were unaware of the current bloodbath happening in the comments section below the live broadcast. Their attention was solely focused on the matter of two people claiming they had been spied on while showering.

When it came to confronting Anthony, An Nanyuan didn’t exhibit the same good temper and reliance he had shown in front of Yan Shixun. Instead, he didn’t mince words and turned on his split-screen.

“My split-screen subscribers number in the tens of millions, and the real-time viewership is nearly a million. They can all serve as witnesses,” An Nanyuan sneered and looked directly at Anthony, asking, “I have millions of witnesses. What do you have?”


Song Ci, who was next to him, couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Soon, the other guests, who had harbored some dissatisfaction with Anthony, joined in with their own laughter.

Anthony was nearly unable to hold his composure. The scattered laughter around him only added to his embarrassment. He stiffened his expression, trying to force a smile, but it only made his predicament more obvious.

With An Nanyuan taking the lead, the other guests confidently displayed their split-screen views to prove their innocence. 

However, during this process, Yan Shixun did not participate, as if he already knew their efforts were in vain and didn’t want to waste time with them.

Instead, he walked towards the actress named Rourou, who had been huddled in a corner chair the entire time.

Since the incident, Rourou had appeared especially fearful and nervous, curling up in an old-fashioned wooden chair, shivering beneath her bath towel.

Due to the shock of being spied on during her shower, Rourou hadn’t had the chance to complete her meticulous beauty routine. Her hair was still partially wet, making her look even colder. Her face had gone pale, and her lips had turned a bluish hue, a stark contrast to her initially proud and confident demeanor.

Yan Shixun approached Rourou and deliberately softened his aura to avoid overwhelming her. He took a seat in a chair opposite her, making himself appear more approachable, and then asked, “You mentioned earlier that you felt someone was watching you. Can you provide more details? Did you see what the person who was watching you looked like?”

Whether it was because Yan Shixun had succeeded in toning down his imposing presence or because Rourou had been excessively frightened, when he sat down, she instinctively shrank back.

Yan Shixun patiently waited. After a while, Rourou hesitated before speaking, “I didn’t see the person’s face. Or rather…”

 “I felt like that person didn’t have a face.”

“Just a pair of eyes.”

As she answered Yan Shixun’s questions and began recalling the recent incident in the bathroom, fear overcame her expression.

The bathing facilities in the Mountain God Temple were quite different from the common urban bathrooms. It was a simple and rustic small cabin with a showerhead, and it barely qualified as a bathing area. 

Rourou hadn’t been too fond of such places, but due to limited options, she had no choice but to make do.

As she began her shower with the split-screen turned off, Rourou hummed a tune while applying soap to her body. However, she suddenly heard a loud “thud!” from outside the waterproof curtain.

As if something had fallen to the ground.

It also sounded like someone was banging on the door.

Rourou trembled with fright when the sudden sound erupted. She managed to calm her racing heart for a couple of seconds before mustering the courage to push aside the waterproof curtain and cautiously peer outside.

“Hello? Is there someone out there?”

However, inside the bathroom, everything was eerily quiet. After she temporarily turned off the showerhead, it was so silent that she could even hear the rain outside. A bright light bulb hung from the ceiling, barely illuminating a small area of the room. Near the edge of the door and window, it remained shrouded in darkness.

Rourou skeptically stared outside for a while, but everything outside seemed normal. Her belongings placed there were undisturbed, showing no signs of being tampered with.

Did I hear wrong?

Perplexed, Rourou lowered the waterproof curtain. Although she hadn’t let her guard down entirely, it was possible that she had misheard. She hadn’t rinsed off the foam yet, and the evaporating water quickly carried away the warmth from her body, causing her to shiver. She quickly turned on the showerhead.

The sound of rushing water once again filled the room.

However, beneath the sound of the flowing water, there was a subtle “clack, clack” noise that gradually drew closer to the area where the curtain blocked the light and the sound of water.

Rourou, who had been enjoying her shower moments earlier, suddenly felt an instinctual alarm go off, as if an animal sensing danger. She had a hazy feeling that someone was watching her.

So she suddenly turned around—

“Really, you have to believe me!” Rourou nervously grabbed Yan Shixun’s arm and widened her eyes, shouting sharply, “That person, that person only had eyeballs for real!”

The other guests on the other side were all startled by Rourou’s sudden exclamation and stopped their conversation, turning their attention in her direction.

“When I looked back, I only saw two eyeballs floating in the darkness, and nothing else. He, he was also smiling at me! I could feel it!”

Rourou was on the verge of tears as she spoke, “At first, I thought someone didn’t want me to see their face, so they wore a black bag over their head. I was actually quite angry about it. But then, it suddenly occurred to me that if it were a bag, it should have reflected light. But it didn’t. It felt like there was only a pair of eyes floating there!”

Finding someone to confide in seemed to have relieved Rourou’s emotional burden, and she poured out everything that had been pent up inside her.

Yan Shixun wasn’t skilled at offering comfort, nor did he want to spend too much time doing so. Instead, he took advantage of their close proximity and, using a voice only audible to the two of them, murmured a calming spell. It quickly helped Rourou regain her composure and even made her drowsy. She slowly released her grip on Yan Shixun’s arm and leaned back in the chair.

It was a rather blunt but effective approach.

Yan Shixun, with an expressionless face, retrieved his arm, and it was then that he noticed several finger imprints left by Rourou on his arm due to her heightened emotions.

Why was her strength so strong?

Yan Shixun raised an eyebrow, his suspicion growing as he observed the now drowsy Rourou. 

He had cast a protective spell on himself after his recent investigation in the main hall, and the charm had not yet worn off. Even though emotions could sometimes enhance a person’s strength, it was hard to believe that an actress as slender as Rourou, who couldn’t even lift a hand, could break through the protection spell and leave finger imprints on his arm.

As he contemplated Rourou’s earlier description of the entity with only eyeballs, he fell into deep thought.

Meanwhile, from the very beginning, the assistant director had remained quietly on the sidelines, almost making everyone forget his presence. 

Beneath the brim of his duckbill cap, his gaze was cold and devoid of emotion as he scanned the window nearby.

In that moment, a black figure swiftly darted past the window outside, moving so quickly that it didn’t catch anyone’s attention. It merely cast a fleeting shadow on the window glass and disappeared in an instant.

Resembling the movement of tree branches swaying in a storm.

The assistant director took a cursory glance but didn’t seem to be concerned. He redirected his gaze back to Yan Shixun.

Despite his often difficult temperament, he displayed a surprising level of consideration for the woman who had been nearly scared out of her wits. His senses were unexpectedly sharp, as he had been suspicious of him from their first meeting, and he had now honed in on the most crucial piece of information in the actress’s scattered words……

In the assistant director’s dark, razor-sharp eyes, a faint smile emerged.

This suddenly gave him a touch of human warmth, not just the aloof and emotionless demeanor of a lofty deity.

The other guests who heard the genuine emotions in her words were also taken aback.

Bai Shuang was especially nervous, glancing around as if fearing there were floating eyeballs next to her. 

Unlike Song Ci, Anthony, and the others who were participating in this show for the first time, Bai Shuang had experienced the Ghost Mountain Villa and had even been possessed by the vengeful spirit. Seeing is believing, and she naturally believed in the existence of ghosts and spirits.

Meanwhile, the expression of the variety show star still seemed astonished and somewhat scornful, thinking that the actress, Rourou, was just making things up.

However, Bai Shuang, at the moment when Rourou began to speak, felt a chill surrounding her.

No way… her heart was in turmoil.

Could she really be this unlucky? Having encountered ghosts at Gui Mountain and now possibly facing them in this desolate wilderness?

Bai Shuang couldn’t help but shiver and looked at Yan Shixun with an extremely eager expression., “B-Brother Yan, can I sleep in Brother Yan’s room tonight?”


When these words were spoken, everyone fell silent.

Even the barrage on the live screen stopped for several seconds before starting up again.

[Bai Shuang! Bai Shuang, wake up! Even if Brother Yan is very handsome, you can’t openly confess your love on a program like this. Where’s your face as a female celebrity?]

[So straightforward, huh? I can already imagine tomorrow’s hot searches…]

Yan Shixun turned his head expressionlessly and looked at Bai Shuang. “I refuse.”

And the assistant director, who had been silent all along, turned his head to look at Bai Shuang not far behind Yan Shixun. His voice was low and cold. “He murders in his dreams.”

Bai Shuang: “…..”

Thank you all for your concern, even with reasons ready.

“It’s alright, Brother Yan! I’m not afraid.”

Before Bai Shuang could say anything more, An Nanyuan enthusiastically waved his hand toward Yan Shixun, gesturing, “So, can I sleep in your room tonight, Brother Yan? I’ll sleep on the floor! Don’t worry, I won’t disturb your rest.”

In this current situation of danger, both An Nanyuan and Bai Shuang, who had experienced the incident at Gui Mountain, reacted particularly intensely. 

They both felt an ominous premonition due to what Rourou had said.

Yan Shixun: “……Get lost.”

An Nanyuan: “QAQ”

Meanwhile, Song Ci, who had just been taken as a roommate by An Nanyuan, silently turned his head and used his eyes to express disapproval towards An Nanyuan. It seemed like An Nanyuan had just been enthusiastic with him, and now he had changed his tune. The entertainment industry was indeed frightening.

An Nanyuan smiled apologetically: Survival is the most important.

But the most pitiable one was Bai Shuang.

Because, at least, An Nanyuan had a roommate, but she…

“I don’t want to stay alone!” Bai Shuang decisively brought out her luggage and rushed into Rourou’s room. “Seeing my dear sister Rourou so frightened today, how could I be so selfish and sleep alone? Let me take care of her. Tonight, I’ll share a room with her.”

Since she couldn’t stay by the safest person, Brother Yan, she decided to find herself a roommate!

At least, it might bolster her courage a bit. QAQ

Yan Shixun:“……”

In his daily life, he often wished to leave the show and go home. 

He couldn’t wait to get away from this group of people. They might as well change their names to “Bai Youbing” and “An Youbing,” which would be more fitting for them.

Yan Shixun turned around without expression and walked away, not wanting to look at Bai Shuang and An Nanyuan’s overly eager faces.

“Where are you going?” a low inquiry came from behind.

The assistant director, who had been standing still, took a couple of steps after seeing Yan Shixun’s movement, only to suddenly remember something and stop.

Yan Shixun’s tone remained flat, “To take a shower.”

An Nanyuan was puzzled, “You’re leaving even before finding out what was spying on them in the shower, Brother Yan?”

As she spoke, An Nanyuan picked up the tour guide tablet lying nearby and said, “Although Ms. Rourou didn’t see the person’s appearance, didn’t Anthony say he was live streaming at that time? Maybe the split-screen camera recorded it…”

Suddenly, his voice choked, and his face turned pale.

“B-Brother Yan? Look at this.”

Yan Shixun took the tour guide’s tablet and saw many discussions about Anthony’s recent split-screen livestream content from the production team backstage.

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