I Rely on the Collapse of the Character Setting to Survive in the Hands of the Male Lead Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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Lin Qingyang’s memories were fragmented, and many key details were forgotten. Each time he tried to recall something, his mind turned into a mush, preventing him from remembering anything clearly. So, at this moment, he couldn’t determine the truthfulness of what Qi Yan and Shuncai said. He had a subconscious liking for Xu Wenze, but initially, he thought it was merely an admiration for an outstanding person.

However, as he gradually recalled their interactions, some of Xu Wenze’s unnatural reactions seemed to align with what they were suggesting.

Oh no, he had been interacting normally with Xu Wenze these past few days. Now he might want to avoid him. It was embarrassing to encounter such a situation as a straight guy.


“Tell me honestly, are you doing this on purpose? Are you using Chu Lishu to provoke Xu Wenze?”

Lin Qingyang shuddered. What a joke! He wouldn’t dare to use the future tyrant for such schemes; that would be a sure way to cut his own life short.

“No! I don’t have any intentions towards… Xu Wenze anymore. As for Chu Lishu, I just wanted to help and take care of him,” Lin Qingyang insisted, struggling to find the right words. This situation was getting too complicated for him.

However, Qi Yan still wore a disbelieving expression, convinced that Lin Qingyang was either using Chu Lishu or genuinely falling for him.

Lin Qingyang decided to leave him to his suspicions. He had enough on his plate already, trying to digest this shocking revelation.

If the original body really did what they said, it was also because of Xu Wenze that Lin Qingyang targeted Chu Lishu. This explains Lin Qingyang’s confusion about the original body. Otherwise, the original body, with such an identity, suddenly targeting the male lead so recklessly, would be too forced.

The original body probably loved Xu Wenze but couldn’t have him. Unable to force the situation, he directed his resentment towards the male lead, who was close to Xu Wenze. The manner in which he humiliated the male lead could be seen as an expression of powerless rage.

It’s really a tough situation for the original body, leaving behind such a big mess.

Fortunately, it’s lucky that not many people know about the original body’s past crush on Xu Wenze. If this were to reach the male lead’s ears, his image of secretly admiring the male lead might collapse, and that would be a disastrous situation. It’s better to keep it hidden.

On the other side of the courtyard.

Just as Xu Wenze was about to take a nap, he saw Chu Lishu returning with a stern expression, as if shrouded in an indescribable pressure.

“Brother Lishu?”

Chu Lishu suddenly turned his head, and an uncontrollable killing intent poured out from his pitch-black eyes.

Xu Wenze was startled and took a step back.

However, soon, that terrifying expression disappeared from Chu Lishu’s face as if it had never appeared. It was replaced by an emotionless demeanor.

“Brother Lishu, are you okay?”

Xu Wenze felt like he had just been scrutinized by some wild beast and only heard Chu Lishu slowly say, “It’s nothing.”

Except that he just realized he had been played by someone!

Xu Wenze looked puzzled, but seeing that Chu Lishu didn’t want to elaborate, he didn’t ask further. “Is Brother Lin adapting well over there?”

“Maybe he doesn’t want to leave here. I really caused trouble for him,” Chu Lishu replied with a smile that wasn’t a smile. 

However, Xu Wenze felt that Chu Lishu’s expression and tone seemed incongruent, not like what a normal person would exhibit.

Suspicious, Xu Wenze exchanged a few casual words, but seeing Chu Lishu absent-minded, he didn’t say much and went back to rest.

Chu Lishu, on the other hand, sat at the table, preparing to practice calligraphy. He knew that he would often struggle to control his emotions, and practicing calligraphy would help him focus his thoughts. Otherwise, the frenetic killing intent in his mind would tear apart his rationality.

He didn’t need to care about how sincere Lin Qingyang was towards him or how sincere Xu Wenze was.  

Is it unrequited love or simultaneous affection for two individuals?

Before Lin Qingyang became fond of him, how much did he really like Xu Wenze to do so much for him?

He just needs to be certain about one thing.

Lin Qingyang is not a spy, harmless to him, and won’t affect his grand plans.

As for Lin Qingyang’s foolish tricks, they are not worth wasting his time contemplating. 


In the future, he’ll use whatever means necessary. Originally, that was his plan, and it’s fine.

He truly isn’t angry!

If Lin Qingyang dares to disgust him, he has plenty of ways to deal with this guy.

Just as he was about to grind the ink, he noticed the inkstone that was brought to please Xu Wenze. This rare treasure, seldom seen even in the imperial palace, instantly irritated Chu Lishu. He picked it up and threw it away without hesitation.

There was a muffled sound, and it happened to land on the bed, avoiding the fate of becoming trash.

“Brother Lishu?” A puzzled voice came from Xu Wenze’s side.


Chu Lishu snapped out of it, feeling even more irritated upon hearing the voice. “Sorry, I accidentally dropped something. I’ve disturbed you.”

Afterwards, Chu Lishu pressed his temples. He couldn’t understand himself. Why was he getting angry over an object? Just as he was about to pick it up, he suddenly felt a pain in his hand.

Lowering his head to look, he realized that his hand was injured from hitting the wall earlier.

Chu Lishu silently applied medicine. To his surprise, the medicine box was also left by Lin Qingyang.

It seemed like annoyance was omnipresent.



On this side, Qi Yan acted swiftly and moved in at noon. Since Lin Qingyang left Xu Wenze, being good buddies with shared interests, it was convenient for them to live together and engage in mischief.

However, Qi Yan found himself mistaken. Since moving in together, Lin Qingyang not only had a regular routine but also studied diligently and worked on losing weight. Even the teachers at the Imperial Academy praised him, as if he had completely transformed. He even wanted to drag Qi Yan into this change.

“Brother, what’s happened to you?” Qi Yan was almost horrified.

“I am the eldest son of the family. What’s wrong with me?”


Lin Qingyang didn’t explicitly state it, but given Qi Yan’s aristocratic background, he could naturally imagine what Lin Qingyang meant.

“Oh, I see. Is it because the Lin family is targeting you? Your father and grandmother are both biased, your maternal family has encountered problems, and none of your siblings are on your side. That Lin Qingxu brat doesn’t even show you any respect now. He used to pretend to be respectful before, but now he’s following that Young Master Pei around like a shadow, completely disregarding you as his elder brother.”

“You know it well.” Lin Qingyang casually deceived. In fact, he just wanted to ensure that when he regained his freedom in the future, he would have a better life. A healthy body, basic knowledge, and less complicated interpersonal relationships—these were the things he hoped to gradually change.


“Shouldn’t we, brothers, teach Lin Qingxu a lesson for disrespecting you?” Qi Yan sneered.

“I really don’t care about building good relationships with them. As long as they don’t bother me, it’s fine.”

Qi Yan suddenly laughed, “Yeah, yeah, you don’t bother building relationships with them. You just want to build a good relationship with Chu Lishu. It’s been so many days, and I’ve figured it out. You really don’t care about Xu Wenze anymore. Your heart is completely set on Chu Lishu.”

With Qi Yan’s words, Lin Qingyang felt a bit uncomfortable.

On the other hand, things were fine with Xu Wenze. Although Lin Qingyang was initially awkward around him, Xu Wenze behaved appropriately, and Lin Qingyang didn’t need to be overly sensitive. As long as he pretended nothing had happened, they got along naturally over time.

However, things were not quite right with Chu Lishu.

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