I Rely on the Collapse of the Character Setting to Survive in the Hands of the Male Lead Chapter 20

Chapter 20

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Because the original plot was written from the perspective of the male lead, there was no mention of Ying Wenlong appearing. At most, it briefly mentioned the outcome of Lin Qinglan, who came from Marquis An Nan’s residence. The original body didn’t know much about this brother-in-law, only a general idea, so it was hard to judge.

Ying Wenlong stood tall and handsome, with a friendly smile on his face as he entered. Everyone exchanged greetings. The reluctantly brought Ying Xiaodie seemed displeased, especially when locking eyes with Lin Qingyang. Probably still harboring resentment from the incident of teaming up with Xu Wenze in the afternoon.

Suddenly, Lin Qingyang thought that since Ying Xiaodie had such a good relationship with Xu Rui’er, there was indeed a chance for Ying Wenlong to meet Xu Rui’er. If Ying Wenlong was truly that man, Ying Xiaodie would probably know something.

Lin Qingyang carried a heavy heart until Lin Qinglan called him, and he approached to greet his brother-in-law.

“When did brother-in-law and eldest sister arrive? Was the journey smooth?” he asked.

“We arrived not long ago. I set out a bit earlier, and your sister took a slower carriage,” Ying Wenlong replied with a smile.

Not long ago?

“Your Brother-in-law has to take care of the arrangements here first. After all, we’ll be staying here for two nights,” Lin Qinglan said.


Lin Qingyang’s pale eyes glanced around and were about to return to their original position when something unusual caught his attention. After calmly sitting down and carefully observing, he finally noticed the anomaly.

On the ornate robe and waistband worn by Ying Wenlong, a small, inconspicuous dried leaf was wedged. The unique shape of the leaf seemed strangely familiar to Lin Qingyang.

Suppressing the curiosity in his heart, Lin Qingyang said, “Brother-in-law, there’s something on your clothes.”

Ying Wenlong paused, looked down, and Lin Qinglan also noticed. She smiled and used a handkerchief to brush away the foreign object. “Such carelessness,” she remarked.  

“Riding horses outdoors, it’s always like this,” Ying Wenlong chuckled, dismissing the matter without much concern. His demeanor appeared quite natural as he sat down with Lin Qinglan, displaying a caring attitude towards his wife. He seemed like a considerate husband.

Lin Qingyang couldn’t discern anything, so he had to give up.

On the other hand, Chu Lishu raised an eyebrow slightly. The specific type of dried leaf that was removed was unique, only found in the hills behind. Glancing downward, he noticed wet mud on the edge of Ying Wenlong’s shoe sole. How could an official riding from the main road have mud from the mountain on his shoes?

This fellow must have visited the hills not long ago.  

However, Ying Wenlong was an insignificant figure to Chu Lishu, so even if he knew he was lying, Chu Lishu wouldn’t bother much.

On the other hand, a sister-in-law naturally had to show concern for her younger sister-in-law. However, in the exchange of a few words, Lin Qingyang could sense that this younger sister-in-law didn’t hold Lin Qinglan in high regard. While Ying Wenlong seemed to respect his wife, he indulged his younger sister, showing no signs of displeasure, as if it were a common occurrence.

“You’ve all had something to eat, haven’t you? Is my sister-in-law planning to give me leftovers?” Ying Xiaodie felt dissatisfied.

“Of course not. I’ve prepared a food box for each of you, all handmade by me. Take them with you when you leave later,” Lin Qinglan said with a good-natured tone.


Ying Xiaodie glanced at the delicately arranged food boxes not far away, confirming Lin Qinglan’s statement. While others expressed gratitude, Ying Xiaodie still appeared unwilling, saying, “I don’t like to eat.”

“Alright, take them back and enjoy them when you’re hungry,” Ying Wenlong suggested.

Ying Xiaodie reluctantly accepted, muttering, “Fine, I’ll take them back for Rui’er.”

“That works too,” Ying Wenlong smiled.

Lin Qingyang wondered if he was being overly suspicious due to his doubts. Ying Wenlong’s words seemed peculiar, but the others didn’t react much.

“Because it’s late tonight, let’s gather here for lunch tomorrow,” Ying Wenlong suggested, and everyone dispersed.

Lin Qingyang walked out carrying the food box, occasionally looking back at the guesthouse. The silhouettes under the lamplight portrayed a harmonious couple. He truly hoped that he was mistaken. He quite liked this eldest sister and didn’t want to see her in a sad state.

With a heart full of worries, Lin Qingyang walked along the garden path. Suddenly, a voice filled with impatience came from ahead.


“Second Cousin, your accommodation was long past. How much longer are you planning to follow me?” Lin Qingyang was taken aback, looking up to see Chu Lishu carrying his food box, staring at him with an icy expression.

It turned out that he had unintentionally followed Chu Lishu’s figure while lost in thought.

Lin Qingyang awkwardly scratched his head. “I got lost in my thoughts and walked the wrong way.”

“Oh, if Second Cousin is reluctant, I can switch it back,” Chu Lishu said ambiguously, his eyes revealing a coldness.

Lin Qingyang’s heart skipped a beat; he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off with Chu Lishu. Previously, Chu Lishu used to maintain a semblance of respect in front of Lin Qingyang, wearing the mask of ‘Chu Lishu.’ Now, why was he so fierce?

Focused on Chu Lishu, who stood in a spot where light and shadow intertwined, his body bathed in light while his face remained in darkness, rendering his expression indiscernible. However, he exuded a dangerous aura, like a venomous snake lurking in the grass, ready to strike and take a life.

Lin Qingyang involuntarily leaned backward, shrugging his neck. “Haha, no need. I’m quite satisfied with my current accommodation.”

“Is that so?”


Lin Qingyang: … Why does it feel like Chu Lishu is angry?

Unable to comprehend the situation, Lin Qingyang couldn’t think of a good way to appease the male lead. He could only awkwardly resort to the simplest method. “By the way, I remember you just ate several Green Dye Cakes in a row. You should like them a lot. Here, take mine.”

He opened the food box, revealing a layer of Green Dye Cakes neatly arranged on the top.

At the mention of pastries, Chu Lishu’s expression stiffened a bit. “No need. I don’t like sweets.”

“Oh… okay then.” Lin Qingyang felt a bit dejected. “Well, I’ll be going now.”


Chu Lishu watched coldly as Lin Qingyang walked away without any attempt to stop him. However, just as Lin Qingyang turned around, he ran into Xu Wenze, who was walking towards him.

The two of them came to a sudden halt as their eyes met.

Xu Wenze’s face was filled with weariness, even more pronounced than in the afternoon. When he locked eyes with Lin Qingyang, his expression became even more peculiar.

Lin Qingyang recalled his suspicions about Xu Wenze just a moment ago. The situation became incredibly awkward for him.

The two of them, standing face to face, engaging in this “deep gaze” with expressions that seemed to say “wanting to speak but hesitating,” happened to be observed by Chu Lishu.


The familiar nameless anger surged up within him again, but this time Chu Lishu seemed accustomed to it. He suppressed the uncontrolled emotions, coldly watching the two people in front of him as if he were an outsider.

Regardless of whether they chose to remain friends or become enemies, as long as they considered their utility, it would be enough.

Suddenly, as if breaking through some psychological barrier, Xu Wenze took the initiative to grab Lin Qingyang’s arm. He seemed almost a bit out of control as he said, “I need to talk to you. Come with me to your room.”

There was a loud snap in Chu Lishu’s mind, as if something had just broken.

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