I Rely on the Collapse of the Character Setting to Survive in the Hands of the Male Lead Chapter 31

Chapter 31

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Marquis An Nan naturally looked confused. Upon inquiring, he quickly sent someone to summon Lin Qinglan.

At this point, Lin Qinglan was already inside County Princess Yawen’s inner room, making it clear to County Princess Yawen that she intended to divorce, citing disharmony and unhappiness in the marriage.

Seeing her daughter’s swollen eyes and gloomy expression, County Princess Yawen knew that things were not as simple as they seemed.

However, Lin Qinglan was unwilling to speak, and County Princess Yawen naturally couldn’t force her.

“Good child, your mother knows your temperament. If you want a divorce, go ahead. It’s not a big deal. I’ve never had many wishes in life besides hoping that you all lead happy lives,” said County Princess Yawen, patting Lin Qinglan’s hand.

“Mother, I’ve come back to accompany you.”


The mother and daughter were in the midst of conversation when someone outside delivered a message.

Lin Qinglan said, “It’s probably father who has already learned about it. I’ll go and explain the situation to him.”

“Don’t worry. Whether he agrees or not, I have already agreed. If he forces you, let him come and talk to me.”

Lin Qinglan smiled and nodded, excusing herself. Since getting married, she hadn’t experienced someone looking out for her. Returning here, she felt the long-lost sense of being protected.

“Nanny Ding, you go. I’m afraid Lan’er might be mistreated,” County Princess Yawen said in a serious tone.

“County Princess Niangniang[11], you’ve gained another child you want to protect,” Nanny Ding bowed and said.

“Yes, so I must not fall.” County Princess Yawen had a determined look. She didn’t want to die, and she couldn’t die.

Lin Qinglan arrived at the front hall, seeing that fierce face, and couldn’t help but feel psychologically nauseous.

That face was usually full of reprimands, sarcasm, blaming her for not giving birth to a child, and how she deceived herself into drinking that harmful poison. Now, thinking back, Lin Qinglan’s face no longer carried the calm and sophisticated demeanor.

“Father, greetings.” Lin Qinglan should have also paid her respects to the old madam Ying, but after greeting her family, she sat down without looking, “Is the old madam here to send me a divorce letter?”

Lin Qinglan’s series of actions surprised everyone present.

No one spoke for a while. Is this still the dignified and polite Lin Qinglan?

“You saw it, Marquis, you saw it!” The old madam Ying’s voice was almost soaring as she pointed at Lin Qinglan with a trembling hand, clutching a jade ring, and angrily stomping her foot. “This is the daughter you raised! She actually dares to be so insolent to her mother-in-law!”

“LAN’ER! Disrespectful! Kneel down and apologize to your mother-in-law!” Marquis An Nan was also shocked. Lan’er was the most knowledgeable and reasonable among his children. Was she going crazy?

“Father, you don’t even ask what happened? You just want me to kneel down and apologize to my mother-in-law?” Lin Qinglan said in a deep voice. She had always known that her father valued reputation more than his children, especially those without value. Now she could experience it more profoundly.


As Madam Ru had been present all along, she timely stepped forward and said, “Lan’er, no matter what happened, Madam Ying is still your mother-in-law. Being disrespectful to her is unfilial.”

Lin Qinglan took a deep breath. “Performing the courtesy or apologizing is impossible. If the old madam Ying didn’t bring the divorce letter, please leave.” After saying this, Lin Qinglan straightened her chest, sitting there with a cold and proud demeanor. It seemed that unless servants pressed her to kneel, it would be impossible.

But treating Lin Qinglan like this just because she didn’t perform the courtesy was clearly unacceptable.

Marquis An Nan could only suppress his anger and ask, “What happened? How did you end up causing such a disturbance? Old madam Ying just said that you hit your younger sister-in-law and want a divorce. What’s the reason behind all this?”

Lin Qinglan said, “I hit Ying Xiaodie because she spoke disrespectfully first. She insulted Yang Yang and our Marquis An Nan’s residence. Naturally, I had to teach her a lesson.”

“You…” old madam Ying was about to shout, but then she heard Lin Qinglan say, “If you don’t believe me, you can find Ying Xiaodie to confront me. There were more people present at that time, and old madam Ying should know best what kind of person Ying Xiaodie is usually. My actions were reasonable and justified.”

Old madam Ying was instantly blocked. Thinking of how her daughter usually treated Lin Qinglan, she felt a bit unsure. Maybe she really touched Lin Qinglan’s bottom line, leading to being slapped. But her daughter was so delicate, how could she be slapped by this lowly person?

“Even if Xiaodie said something, she is still young and ignorant. As her sister-in-law, you should educate her with words instead of resorting to physical violence! Xiaodie is still so young! No one in our family has ever been willing to resort to violence.” Old madam Ying began to act like she was going to cry.

Marquis An Nan indeed had a broad mind. However, since Lin Qinglan mentioned that the other party insulted Marquis An Nan’s residence, there was no reason for an apology. Regardless of how old madam Ying pleaded, Marquis An Nan stood firm, refusing to engage in the conversation.

Mdam Ru, on the side, cooperated with old madam Ying in their act, trying to pacify the situation.

Seeing no further developments, old madam Ying had no other choice. She shifted the topic to the matter of Lin Qinglan seeking a divorce.

Lin Qinglan was quite surprised. “Since Ying Wenlong sent you to make a scene, didn’t he explain to you why I want a divorce?”

“Isn’t my son good enough to you? He has a good reputation outside as a husband. No matter how you think, it can’t be my son’s fault! Tell me, why are you dissatisfied? Our whole family hasn’t been displeased with you, and we’ve even considered the face of Marquis An Nan’s residence. You’ve been in our Ying family for three years without any issues. Did we say anything?”

Ying Wenlong returned home in the morning with a gloomy expression, his mind occupied with how to deal with the situation. He didn’t bother to talk to his mother and proceeded to prepare for the morning court session.

Old madam Ying, on the other hand, got the information from the servants and was naturally only aware of what the servants had witnessed. Outraged, she was determined to confront the issue and went to Marquis An Nan’s residence with a group of people.

Lin Qinglan looked at the old woman, who was shamelessly bringing up the matter. She felt no guilt at all; she almost wanted to laugh. However, she also felt powerless, realizing that she had indeed lived with these devils for three years.

“I find it truly strange. How do you have the audacity to make a fuss now? Old madam Ying, why have I been inactive for three years? Don’t you understand it in your heart?” Lin Qinglan’s tone had changed, revealing a deep resentment.

Old madam Ying flashed a moment of guilt in her eyes, but it quickly turned into a resurgence of determination. She believed that the other party could not possibly know about this. Only her couple and Ying Wenlong knew about it, and none of them would reveal the truth. The prescription at that time was also a secret, with no witnesses.

There was only one possible explanation. While Ying Wenlong often spent time in Lin Qinglan’s room, it might be that he hadn’t actually been intimate with her, merely maintaining appearances. Such matters were naturally hard to discern, but old madam Ying could only come up with this possibility. Perhaps the girl, weary of enduring loneliness, had grown impatient. Just the other day, she insisted on accompanying Ying Wenlong to the academy, probably unable to bear it any longer. If she couldn’t secure a position, she might have indignantly proposed a divorce.

Old madam Ying felt proud of her reasoning, immediately expressing her satisfaction. “Isn’t this your own problem? You couldn’t keep your husband, and now you blame our Long’er? It’s your failure as a wife. If you blame Long’er for this, you’d better learn from the concubines in his courtyard on how to serve a man. Don’t think of using divorce to pressure us. Let me tell you, we are not afraid. We’re just concerned about the face of both families. We’re afraid that once you leave the Ying family, you’ll spend your whole life as an old spinster!”

Old madam Ying’s vulgar remarks immediately darkened the expressions of everyone present. Lin Qinglan, who had always maintained an air of elegance, felt suddenly humiliated. Being insulted in such a crude manner, especially in the presence of elders, made her feel as if she were undergoing a public execution. The strength she had built up crumbled in an instant, and she was overwhelmed with tears. If there were a white silk hanging, she would willingly hang herself to prove her innocence. The toughness she had displayed earlier disappeared in a second, and tears poured down.

Even if those around her avoided looking directly at Lin Qinglan out of consideration for appearances, the invisible gazes still made her feel exposed, as if she were stripped bare. How could she refute or prove that Ying Wenlong had touched her every time he visited her room? How could she say that not getting pregnant was not her fault? She couldn’t voice it, and she couldn’t prove it. She wasn’t as shameless as old madam Ying.

“Oh, who brought this beast into the main hall? Isn’t it tarnishing the reputation of our Marquis’s residence?”

Suddenly, a voice came from outside, “Someone quickly catch the beast for me.”

Immediately, Nanny Ding, accompanied by maids and servants, entered as if she had just noticed the people in the room. She promptly made respectful gestures, following proper etiquette.

“Why the commotion?” Marquis An Nan frowned upon seeing Nanny Ding.

“Weren’t we here to catch the beast? I heard the commotion outside, but where is the beast now that we’ve entered?” Nanny Ding responded.

Upon hearing this, it was clear who she was referring to.

“Ah, what nonsense are you spouting, old woman!” old madam Ying immediately became furious.

“In response to old madam Ying’s words, the servant was just talking about catching a beast. What? old madam Ying saw it?” How could one respond to that? Responding would be admitting to something, wouldn’t it?

Old madam Ying sneered, “The Marquis’s residence is so well-mannered that even an old servant comes up to speak with the master.”

Nanny Ding chuckled, “Isn’t this what the Lord asked me, and I just answered? I said it outside the door earlier.”

Having come from the palace, Nanny Ding naturally followed the rules.

“Oh my, why is our young lady crying? If the County Princess sees this, she’ll surely feel distressed.” Nanny Ding approached to comfort Lin Qinglan, surprised, “The County Princess asked me to watch over young lady, so she wouldn’t be bullied by some unreasonable and unscrupulous people. It seems I arrived just in time.”

Old madam Ying jumped up instantly, pointing at Nanny Ding and cursing loudly, “Who are you, an old servant, to curse at? Am I bullying someone unreasonably? Did I say anything false just now? She’s useless and yet she dares to act superior in our house! Now, we want to divorce. If you have the guts, don’t beg us!”

Old madam Ying naturally couldn’t play the main role; she was just trying to intimidate. However, she didn’t expect to actually scare someone.

“Let’s talk calmly,” Madam Ru stepped forward to intervene.

Marquis An Nan also frowned. He and Madam Ru actually believed the reasons old madam Ying mentioned for the divorce.

“Good! Our County Princess has said it; the divorce is certain!” Nanny Ding responded instantly.

Marquis An Nan slammed the table and angrily exclaimed, “Nonsense! Why is even Ya Wen causing trouble? Lan’er, is this matter worth making such a fuss about? If you feel wronged, you can go back to your maternal home, but don’t even mention divorce. Quickly apologize to your mother-in-law!”

“No need!” Old madam Ying insisted.

“Of course, it’s needed. There’s no hurry for childbirth. Lan’er, you used to be sensible. Why are you so naive now? Could it be that your mother told you something, giving you the confidence to act recklessly like this? Your mother is sick now, sometimes she might not be clear-headed.”

“What did you say?” Nanny Ding immediately became fierce!

Madam Ru understood that she had stepped on a landmine and promptly shut her mouth. However, the intended message had already reached Marquis An Nan’s ears.

“This is the Marquis’s residence, and I make the decisions. Lan’er, you must listen to your father.”

Finally, Lin Qinglan, who had recovered a bit, looked up with teary eyes and asked, “Father, even if this old woman deceived me into drinking contraceptive medicine for three years and falsely accused me of infertility, tarnishing my reputation? Even if Ying Wenlong lied to me and made me drink abortion medicine when I was pregnant for the first time, even if it’s like this, you still want me to go back and reconcile with this group of devilish people who harm others?”

If it weren’t for the smooth divorce, she really wanted to reveal all the truths, slap them in this old woman’s face, and see if she still had the nerve to say such things.

But what she had said now was already enough.

“What… What nonsense are you talking about?!” Old madam Ying’s face turned pale, filled with the embarrassment of having her conspiracy exposed.

Marquis An Nan and Madam Ru shook their heads repeatedly, unable to believe it.

Lin Qinglan felt exhausted. She stood up and said, “Old Madam, go back and ask your son how I found out. If you don’t have the letter of divorce, don’t come looking for me. If you want to cause trouble, we can report it to the officials immediately, stirring up a storm in the whole city. Right and wrong will be judged publicly.”

Even Nanny Ding added, “County Princess said that if Young Lady feels wronged, she can have someone carry her into the imperial palace to meet the emperor. She will surely seek justice for young lady. Right now, she’s just giving you face. Why aren’t you leaving!”

Old madam Ying was not as sharp-witted as Ying Wenlong. By now, she was panicking, unable to see that Lin Qinglan and Nanny Ding were just bluffing. After all, they had no evidence, and even if she sued, it wouldn’t hold up.

This left Marquis An Nan and Madam Ru bewildered.

Subsequently, Mrs. Ying’s reaction made them believe because the old woman almost instantly issued a fierce threat and fled in panic, clearly guilty.


“Finally, Lord Marquis has invited many physicians to the residence to examine young lady’s body,” the servant expressed regret.

Lin Qingyang frowned, “Is there something wrong?”

“Her body is damaged, it may be difficult to conceive in the future.”

After reporting, the servant left.

Lin Qingyang suddenly felt nauseous and almost vomited out his dinner.

Chu Lishu and Shuncai both thought that Lin Qingyang was upset. Lin Qingyang also believed so. He sympathized with Lin Qinglan, thinking that her marriage was more like a journey of hardships rather than a union. It seemed terrifying, and he hoped that with the company of her mother and Nanny Ding, she could overcome this ordeal.

“Don’t worry, although Eldest Cousin appears delicate, she is internally firm and won’t be easily defeated. Once she escapes from this bitter situation, the future will surely be better,” Chu Lishu reassured. He had some impression of Lin Qinglan. When they were considering selecting a crown princess for him, someone had mentioned her. However, he soon heard that she had married the top scholar due to a family engagement. Many felt sorry for her, considering her naive, but Chu Lishu thought of her as a courageous woman who did not covet status, fame, wealth, and was willing to sacrifice for her family. He admired her sense of responsibility.

“Just felt like I let Ying Wenlong off too easily! You said before that you could retaliate against him…” Lin Qingyang had just vomited, so now he looked pitiful with teary eyes. “What should we do?”

Lin Qingyang: The male lead’s method must be better than his; as long as the male lead speaks up, he will surely retaliate fiercely for the sake of his eldest sister.

Chu Lishu: Hmph, acting spoiled again. He’s spoiled.

“Of course, be patient.” Chu Lishu said helplessly. The future consequences for Ying Wenlong could be easily foreseen. When the time comes, giving him a gift will be a simple matter.

“Yeah, there is no other demands. i just want him to bear all the hardship he put eldest sister through.”

Chu Lishu nodded.

Lin Qingyang believed that with the male lead’s promise, there would be no problem—having the male lead was akin to having a golden finger.

Seeing him smiling like a sunflower, Chu Lishu had to avert his gaze from the piercing sunlight. “Aren’t you supposed to be studying? Focus, take it step by step.”

Lin Qingyang immediately cooperated, but in reality, he couldn’t persist for long. Lin Qingyang soon felt tired; his body was genuinely not up to the task.

Chu Lishu noticed this and allowed him to rest. Lin Qingyang didn’t insist and felt that the time was about right.

Not long after, Qi Yan returned, and the two chatted casually for a while. Qi Yan was quite tactful; seeing that Lin Qingyang was intentionally concealing something, he didn’t pry further. When Lin Qingyang began to feel uncomfortable, he decided to go to sleep.

However, as he drifted off, he felt a faint fragrance invading his mind.

There was an uncontrollable impulse within his body, dissolving his consciousness.

“What are you doing? I knew you couldn’t bear to part with it. That’s why I didn’t throw it away. Here, take it, hide it secretly, just don’t let your little darling find out.”

Suddenly, a voice rang out, and Lin Qingyang was startled awake. He realized he was squatting next to Qi Yan’s basket, holding the jade provocative clothing in his hand.

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