PCTG Chapter 18 Teaser

Chapter 18

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At sunset, the dusk fell.

Li Yuanmin hadn’t heard the chirping voice of Ni Ying in the mansion for a long time, and he felt a little strange in his heart.

After dinner, there was still no sign of Ni Ying. Li Yuanmin was a little uneasy, and immediately sent the little servant boy to inquire. After a short time, the little servant boy relayed the words, saying that Ni Ying and the group of children had not yet returned.

Li Yuanmin couldn’t help frowning. The sun had already set. There were many bandits in the Lingnan boundary. The Xuntai government had already issued a curfew in the city. The temple fair should have ended long ago, and Youshi (5-7pm) had already passed. These children still haven’t come back yet. 

A suspicious feeling rose in his heart. He hurriedly called Zhang Long and ordered him to send two people to the west street Temple Fair to investigate the situation. But when he returned, he reported that the temple fair had already ended, and they were nowhere to be seen. Not even the four soldiers sent by Zhou Dawu to follow them were seen.


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