PCTG Chapter 18

Chapter 18

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At sunset, the dusk fell.

Li Yuanmin hadn’t heard the chirping voice of Ni Ying in the mansion for a long time, and he felt a little strange in his heart.

After dinner, there was still no sign of Ni Ying. Li Yuanmin was a little uneasy, and immediately sent the little servant boy to inquire. After a short time, the little servant boy relayed the words, saying that Ni Ying and the group of children had not yet returned.

Li Yuanmin couldn’t help frowning. The sun had already set. There were many bandits in the Lingnan boundary. The Xuntai government had already issued a curfew in the city. The temple fair should have ended long ago, and Youshi (5-7pm) had already passed. These children still haven’t come back yet. 

A suspicious feeling rose in his heart. He hurriedly called Zhang Long and ordered him to send two people to the west street Temple Fair to investigate the situation. But when he returned, he reported that the temple fair had already ended, and they were nowhere to be seen. Not even the four soldiers sent by Zhou Dawu to follow them were seen.

These days, these young people would also just want to have fun, but thinking of Ni Lie’s harsh punishment, they didn’t dare to stay out too late. Li Yuanmin had a bad premonition. He hurried to the front hall, summoned a dozen guards, and sent them separately to inquire information.

He sat on the grandmaster’s chair in the front hall and propped up his forehead. His heart was restless, and his thoughts were all in circle. His brows increasingly frowned.

When the covered in dust Ni Lie returned with all the residence’s soldiers, he saw several prince’s mansion guards hurriedly stepping out of the palace with a grave expression.

He frowned, grabbed the reins, and casually called someone to come over for questioning.

The guards bowed their heads and answered the questions one after another.

Ni Lie’s eyes tightened, and he immediately turned his horse’s head.

“Left and right battalions follow orders. Divide your soldiers into ten groups, and look for them in each and every street!”

The soldiers followed the order and acted separately. The troop of hundreds of people was divided into ten teams in an instant, and they separated in an orderly manner.

Just as he pulled the reins, Ni Lie thought of something. He instructed something to that guard: “Go and report to King Guangan, so that he can wait for the news at ease in the mansion. The rest of the guards are not allowed to leave the mansion and must guard King Guangan.”

The guard followed the order and went away. 

Ni Lie looked deeply at the direction of the mansion gate. He turned his head, shouted while pulling the reins, and dashed to the opposite direction.

Inside King Guangan mansion, the lantern lights were lit everywhere, and Li Yuanmin was strolling anxiously.

The night darkened, and all the people who were sent out did not return with any useful information. Those children have not been found yet. Li Yuanmin waited in the front hall for a long time, and the anxiety in his heart grew.

The sound of the watchman’s clappers was heard around 7-9pm, and finally a guard brought back news.

It is said that Ni Ying and others ran into the Xuntai Daren*, and they were detained at the prefectural prison at this moment.

(Daren: a person with high status)

——Xuntai Daren, isn’t that Yuan Chongsheng who had just taken office.

Li Yuanmin’s eyes darkened, feeling that things were getting more difficult. Then, he heard the imperial guard say that Ni Lie had led five hundred soldiers and was now confronting the county guards in front of the county prison. 


Although he knows that Ni Lie was not an impulsive person, if the other party deliberately sets a trap and provokes him, the situation will inevitably worsen.

“Hurry and prepare the carriage!”

He hurriedly stepped out of the front hall, while instructing: “Send two people to follow Ben Wang*, and quickly go to the prefectural prison. The rest will be on standby in the mansion.”

(Ben Wang: I, addressed by the kings- not Emperor)

Thinking of something, he halted his footstep. He walked quickly to the front of the table. He swiftly scribbled something, then handed it to the guard on the side, “Send it to Xuntai Mansion.”

He also ordered: “Go to the backyard warehouse and bring ten jars of Xifeng wine with you.”

The imperial guard got the order and hurriedly sent people to do it.

In front of the prefectural prison, the flames blazed into the sky, as the burning torches illuminated light all over the place. The county prison was an important place, thus few people came here. This place had not been bustling with noises like this for many years. But the two dense masses of crowds were now facing each other nervously.

He Jian, the leader of the county guards, held the reins, squinting his eyes slightly at the sturdy man in front of him: “Commander Daren is so mighty that he actually dares to come to seize the county prison with force now? Are you not afraid of Xuntai Daren presenting this in front of the imperial court?!”  

Among the swaying flames, Ni Lie’s face was expressionless, and appeared to be stern: “If the people in the King Guangan mansion are guilty, they will have three hearings of their own, conforming to the law books, then be convicted. How could they be dealt with as one wishes in this way, even hurriedly put in prison? Is it possible that this prefectural prison has long become Yuan Xuntai’s private prison now?!”

He Jian’s face tightened, and he shouted: “I am the leader of the county guard, and I follow the command of the local county official. Ni Daren, do not pour dirty water on this person’s body!”

“Currently, there are national laws that are not followed, so this humble person wants to ask Leader Daren!” Ni Lie sneered and said word by word: “Are you an official of the imperial court, or a slave of Xuntai Daren!?”

“A yellow-mouthed child (very young child) dared to insult me!” He Jian became angry immediately and quickly drew a knife.

There was a sharp sound of blades brushing behind him.

The soldiers of the King Guangan mansion lined up, their complexions were solemn, and there was stern disposition.

But at this moment of tension, a carriage with King Guangan mansion lantern rushed over to this side.

Shortly after, that carriage stopped at the gate of the county prison.

Ni Lie raised his hand and waved, and all the soldiers behind him gave way.

A slender, cold white hand stretched out. The sedan chair’s curtain was lifted and a noble man wearing a moon white outfit with a jade crown on his head got out of the carriage with the help of the guards.

There was a commotion in the crowd, and all eyes were on him. The soldiers of the King Guangan mansion have been tuned and taught by Ni Lie for a long time, and they did not dare to look at their master easily. On the contrary, the officers and soldiers of the county guards were amazed. What’s more, they meaningfully glanced at him.

Right now, Ni Lie’s face darkened. He turned over and dismounted, and stood behind Li Yuanmin. His cold eyes that could devour people swept around the surroundings, and the majority of the gaze that fell on him was shifted away.

“What are you doing?”

Li Yuanmin was unconcerned. He just looked at those scorching eyes as if they were nothing, and he moved forward, raising his eyebrows a little:

“It’s actually Leader He, I haven’t seen you in a while, is everything okay?”

“Owing to King Guangan’s concern, everything is well.”

He Jian turned over and got off his horse. He clasped his hands together to pay respect. Raising his head, his gaze calmly rolled around Li Yuanmin’s face. 

He had not seen Li Yuanmin for more than a year, and this King Guangan seriously became more and more…. Seeing that concentrated look on his breathtaking peach blossom face,  he felt like a cat was scratching in his heart, but he did not dare to show disrespect on his face. After all, he had suffered a loss before.

Li Yuanmin nodded. He looked around and said with a smile: “This battle looks oddly frightening. A Lie, quickly make the people retreat back. Those that don’t know will think we are here to help break a prisoner out of the prison.”

Ni Lie looked at him and Li Yuanmin nodded slightly. His adam’s apple moved. He raised his hand to signal, and the soldiers behind him obeyed. All of them took their swords, and retreated to one side.

He Jian naturally followed suit and took a step back. He also ordered the county soldiers behind him to retreat. The crowd gathered around in front of the county prison immediately widen a lot. He Jian looked at the extraordinarily beautiful face on the side, and his throat moved. Making use of this opportunity, he stepped forward, leaned over and bowed. His tone was extremely honest: 

“Your Highness must not blame this general. It’s not that this general is unable to tell good from bad, it’s just, how can this county prison, such an important place, be entered without permission? It’s also the same for noble descendants….this official really has committed the offense.” 

“It wasn’t a big deal.” Li Yuanmin glanced at the tightly closed and sturdy county prison door. Shaking his hem, he casually said, “Originally, these children are stubborn and naughty inside Ben Wang’s mansion. Having Xuntai Daren discipline them on my behalf is already a good thing. So, how can we make things difficult for Leader He over this trivial matter.”

“King Guangan empathizing with this difficulty like this makes this general extremely grateful.” 

Being this close together, he could clearly see the white and soft skin on his face that was as smooth as jade. A thread of delicate fragrance entered his nose, making him even more aroused, and his throat became dry. He Jian’s breathing couldn’t help but become somewhat heavy. His eyes moved up to those thin lips, then his back suddenly felt cold.

Behind that person, there was an oppressive, horrifying gaze. He Jian’s heart jumped, and he immediately moved his gaze away.

With a light cough: “Since that’s the case, then this general would like to ask to withdraw now.”

“Leader He can stay,” Li Yuanmin’s lips twitched slightly, “Ben Wang sent a greeting to Xuntai Mansion just now. If Leader He has nothing to do, why not go together.”

“10 jars of first-rate Xifeng clear liquid,” Li Yuanmin pointed to the carriage, and the smile on his lips deepened, “Leader He really wants to let me down!”


He Jian hesitated for a moment, then glanced at him briefly. His eyes narrowed, and he immediately bowed his head:

“Then this general can only comply.”

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