PCTG Chapter 24

Chapter 24

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Li Yuanmin made his hand loosen the front of his robe. He once again was impatiently held by the waist with Ni Lie’s thigh pressing him against the wall. He could only hug the other party’s neck tightly. He was extremely panicked. He lowered his voice, and trembling while rebuking: 

“A Lie….Don’t…What are you doing….”

He struggled in vain. Ni Lie’s hand held up his neck, pressing in anxiously. He was off guard for a moment, and knocked over something on the side. 

With a sweeping noise, the Tang Changpu, blue and white porcelain vase, was knocked over. It fell on the carpet with a dull sound. The gurgling water flew out from the vase’s mouth. 

The little servant boy on night duty, who dozed off outside, raised his neck and said in a daze, “Your Highness?”

He was obviously this mansion’s most respectable master, but Li Yuanmin panicked.  His entire face flushed. He seemed to have done something unsightly and didn’t dare to make a sound. He only bit the shoulder of the person in front of him.

The little servant boy scratched his face in bewilderment. He opened his eyes wide and listened for half a day, but still didn’t hear any sound coming from the other side. He thought he heard it wrong. He tidied up his robe, tilted his head, and continued to sleep on the doorpost.

Li Yuanmin was resentful and had to endure. He bit his lip and whispered: “If you mess around like this again, I….I will call someone to take you out and beat you!” 

He knew in an instant that he had said something stupid. He feared that not just in King Guangan’s mansion, but even this whole Bei An, he would not be able to find a person who could drive him out. 

He could only beg softly: “A Lie, let me go… be obedient, all right?”

But the person in front of him only pressed against his forehead, his eyes were full of blood. He wasn’t a bit willing to be obedient. He held him and carried him up. He stepped on the opened bedroom door, and led the person forward behind the soft curtain.

In a hurry, the curtain was torn apart with a ripping sound. It scattered down like a waterfall. The two of them were wrapped in layer upon layer inside the curtain, and both fell over. The candlelight passed through the curtain, like a magnificent and dissipated dreamland, letting out dim rays of light. Ni Lie stuck his head out of the curtain. He propped up his elbows and supported both sides of his head, trapping that person in the world enclosed by him.

“Your Highness….My Royal Highness…..”

He whispered in a low voice. He lowered his head, like a wild beast looking for food. Li Yuanmin dodged. His heart was on fire, both ashamed and angry. He thought, how could he have turned to have this kind of appearance? How could he change into this kind of appearance and not listen to anything he said at all? 

He was so angry that he pushed him again and again: “Are you finished yet….A Lie…..Are you finished yet….”

The child he raised suddenly turned into a beast that couldn’t understand human language. He opened his bloody mouth like a sacrificial bowl, as if to scare him, but not to scare him.

“A Lie….A Lie….”

Li Yuanmin shouted at him. Those reckless kisses made him scared. The curtain was torn by the struggle and became a mess inside the dark, just like crumpled flowers. He was about to cry. The slightly wet black hair after the bath scattered behind him, wriggling like water, the cold fragrant dripped everywhere. 

This déjà vu scene in his dream suddenly exploded in Ni Lie’s mind!

His heart jumped violently. What does he need to do? What should he do? What should  he use to save the endless dryness in the central point of his heart? He anxiously couldn’t find the direction, and could only show off his viciousness blindly.

Suddenly, he remembered the pattering sound.

He waited outside the Jingfang, and that person hid inside. They were separated by a light as a feather curtain, while he was like a woman going to the toilet. The pattering sound, then a red face came out, he didn’t even dare to look at him. 

What was that, Ni Lie’s head thought noisily. What was that?

There was a quivering feeling inside his head. Like a crazy beast, he suddenly got up and changed the place he was holding. *

Li Yuanmin suddenly screamed, and bounced up suddenly. It was like he received a great offense. He was shaking heavily and pushed his head away.

“What are you doing?!”

He pulled the hem of the inner robe with one hand, tucked his legs, and supported his body on his own. He hurriedly and flusteredly retreated to the bed in a panic, tears were flowing down.  

Seeing those tears, Ni Lie sobered up with a bang. He opened his mouth and looked at him at a loss. He… actually made him cry?

How could he possibly? How could he?

“Your Highness…..”

Ni Lie stammered. He walked forward a few steps, but the person in front of him also retreated a few steps back until he shrank to the corner of the bed and couldn’t retreat anymore as if he was afraid.

Ni Lie panicked in his heart. He had made him terrified. His appearance was like a frantic beast, and he frightened him. He had never been scared like this before, even when came across difficult and dangerous times during these past few years. He wasn’t a bit panic-stricken like this.  

He had frightened him. Ni Lie finally saw his dark, despicable and filthy side.

Ni Lie thought with trepidation. His throat uncontrollably let out a low sound similar to mourning, like he was stifled. But without any warning, the person in front of him suddenly threw himself into his arms.

The cold fragrance blew across his face.

“What the hell is going on with you…” Li Yuanmin clutched his shirt tightly and choked while trembling, “Did you know that you scared me just now….”

On the outside, he had always been earnest and sophisticated, the courteous and upright King Guangan. Inside his bedchamber, he had shrunk into the embrace of the young man he raised, crying like a child in grievance.

Ni Lie’s chest moved up and down. His heart was so painful that he didn’t know what to do, so he used his palm and pressed his head into his neck.

“Your Highness….”

He was totally at a loss. He wanted to protect him well. He wanted to hold him in his palm and wanted to keep sucking his lips, those kinds of things. But deep in his heart, he often thought of despicably violating him. He wanted to ruthlessly mark him as his own. This kind of contradicting thought kept tormenting him everyday, making him crazy.  

Today at the outskirts, his straight body stood like a jade riding on a strong and healthy white horse. With a jade crown on his head and a moon white robe, he was shining like an immortal in the crowd. Except for him, he couldn’t see anyone else.   

Looking at the statue that resembled him inside the longevity temple, he finally understood.

He was his Bodhisattva, he needed him to cross over. He was his only Bodhisattva in this life.

Therefore, he found it hard to endure and came to look for him in the middle of the night with a beast appearance, encircling and hunting him.

But how could he frighten him?

Inside Ni Lie’s embrace, Li Yuanmin slowly calmed down. He wiped away his tears in a sorry figure. He lifted his head and was about to coldly lecture him a few words, but when he raised his head, he became startled. This was his first time seeing Ni Lie having this kind of not knowing what to do expression. He was like a lonely beast who lost his way and didn’t know the direction. He was anxious and restless. 

He lost his anger for no reason.

He immediately let out a sigh, put his arms around his neck, and pressed his cheeks.

“….What happened to you just now?”

Those eyes that were as clear as spring water, under the candlelight, looked at him. Ni Lie’s adam’s apple moved. He buried his head in his neck, and smelled the fragrance of his body deeply. His heavy breathing gradually calmed down, and he hugged the person tightly in his arms.

He sniffed and sniffed, as if being stubborn, “You are mine.”

He tightened his arms, and said: “You are mine.”

Li Yuanmin was tightly held in his embrace, unable to move a single step. But, for some reason, he felt that Ni Lie was very anxious. This kind of anxiety infected him and made him feel as if it had happened to himself instead, and the grievance feeling surged.

He didn’t know what to say, so he could only pat his back gently, the same as comforting him in his childhood: “A Lie…”

Lifting up his head from his neck, he touched that conspicuous, cold face. He lifted his head upward, then very naturally pressed on his lips. 

This kiss had no lust, only comfort. Only lightly, he pecked and kissed his lips, little by little.

He grabbed Ni Lie’s wrist and pressed his palm against his thin chest. There was clearly a heart beating the same as him. He gently said in his ear:

“This life, the person who could make me have this kind of appearance will only be you.”

Ni Lie’s throat suddenly choked with emotion. He did not speak, just tightened his arms tightly.

This night, Ni Lie didn’t go back. The two people snuggled up, their heads leaning on each other and their bodies stuck together, the same way they did it in their childhood.

Li Yuanmin bit his lip, his ears were red.

“You….really want to take a look?”

Ni Lie did not speak, but looked at him steadily. His dark eyes flickered like a child begging for candy.

Li Yuanmin dragged the thin mattress, feeling the sweat in his hands. He raised his eyes to look at Ni Lie, then restlessly lowered his head.

The candlelight was burning with a crackling noise. The light and shadow in the bedroom had some shaky haziness. The curtain was hanging down, split into pieces, and cast aside on the ground.

It wasn’t known how long had passed, but perhaps it was not that long. Maybe this inevitable time made it seem extremely long. 

Li Yuanmin suddenly pursed his lips, as if having made a decision.

“Only one glance…”

The man in front of him sat up abruptly. His gaze was impetuous and blazing hot looking at him, like a wild child. Seeing this impetuous look, he immediately regretted it. He wanted to refuse him. But he breathed in, then slowly closed his eyes. His eyelashes trembled.

This was the most unbearable place, but he wanted to see it, so it’s fine then. 

He gave up thinking.

After Ni Lie got what he wanted, he turned his head and found that Li Yuanmin’s face was flushed red like blood.

He sat up, hurriedly grabbed the obscene pants on the side, then turning his back to him. He urgently put them on him.

Li Yuanmin was angry in his heart. He thought in an impatient, heated manner, he must have been crazy to agree to this kind of rude request from him. 

How could he have agreed to it? 

He tugged and fastened the belt bitterly. 

Ni Lie leaned his chin on his shoulder from behind, then wrapped his hands around his waist and clasped it tightly in his arms.

Li Yuanmin lowered his head, and resentfully said what was on his mind out loud: “I must be crazy.”

Ni Lie’s in love and inseparable voice rang in his ears, “Only I have seen it, right?”

Li Yuanmin’s ears were dripping with blood. He picked up Ni Lie’s wheat-color arm and bit it resentfully. 

Then he gave it up and threw it aside: “Who would be like you…Like you, who would want to look at this ugly thing!”

“Not ugly, it’s very beautiful.” Ni Lie hugged him tightly, “Really beautiful.”

Li Yuanmin lost his breath unexpectedly. His chest moved up and down unsteadily. He felt that the abnormal thing that brought him bad luck his whole life was not a big deal anymore. Following that, a wave of joy came into his heart shamelessly. After a long while, he raised his head again and looked at him.

“Really?” He felt strangely hot when he finished speaking, and murmured: “But, I haven’t seen anything like this before…”

“Really,” Ni Lie’s hoarse voice rang, “Really beautiful.”

Li Yuanmin pursed his lips. He glanced at him, and couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth.

He threw himself into his embrace, he didn’t want to lift his face. He just hurriedly said: “Sleep! We already said no more fooling around, I have to get up early tomorrow.”

Ni Lie’s ice-cold expression suddenly melted, exposing a tender look. He hugged Li Yuanmin in his embrace, and the screaming beast in his heart slowly calmed down.

The two of them, heads pressed against each other, looked at the other party under the dim candlelight until they entered a dark sweet dream.  


The fight was at close quarters.

Endless bright red color filled the air. The swirling scorched earth made people choke with the fishy stench. Countless dead bodies, all collapsed and lay flat everywhere. Ni Lie only felt brutality in his heart. He squinted his eyes and stared at the imperial city in front of him, screaming in his heart:

Tear it apart!

Destroy it!

The city gate was broken open by the heavy wood, and the shouts of soldiers swarming behind him shook the sky. They followed him and rushed into the oppressive and imposing imperial city!

Kill them all!

He grinned grimly, holding a sticky butcher knife covered in blood and pointing to the sky. The dark clouds came, and the sun dimmed in an instant, leaving darkness in front of his eyes!

Only the sound of his own heavy breathing was heard in the quiet darkness.

Ha……ha…..(sound of breathing)

He dragged the butcher knife and moved forward. Suddenly a swaying figure in bright yellow appeared in front of his eyes. 

He had long hair covering his face, his toes hanging down, dripping with blood.

Below him, a pool had gathered. It was touched by the drops of blood, and it rippled gently.

Suddenly, Ni Lie didn’t dare to go forward. He stopped there, not daring to go forward a step.

Who is that?

His breathing was rushed, and he lingered on the spot. Just like an agitated and restless beast, he dragged the butcher knife and looked at the person hanging on the roof beam again with both surprise and doubt.  

Who is it?

He felt his heart throbbing rapidly. A suffocated feeling swallowed him, covering him up. He yelled out noiselessly, but he couldn’t get away!

Who the h*ll is it——

With a cry, Ni Lie sat up with sweat on his face, gasping for air. His complexion was deathly pale! 

The author has something to say: Change to vomiting blood, but in fact it is a transmigration for mutual salvation. When will I be able to write a normal story ah! I give up.  


Ciacia/N: Also has something to say, I had to lose a river of nosebleeds, dmed my boss countless times, released my feeling on NUF over this chapter, not to mention the frustration! Like bro! If u wanna do it, do it already! 

PS: I died when Ni Lie described Li Yuanmin’s you know the place as very beautiful akdjhkjdhjdkshfadjajdfhd god help meeeeee!!!!!! T-T T-T T-T T-T

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