PCTG Chapter 26

Chapter 26

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The scorching sun hung up high, and the steaming heatwave passed through the window frames and entered inside. It was hot as fire. The gladiolus that had just been replaced in the Hukua had also wilted a lot. Its upright stance was dragging the purple-red flower, resembling a weak ill beauty. 

The blue and white porcelain bowl on the pearwood table was half empty, and the remaining amber-colored sour plum soup was slightly cold. The silver soup spoon lingered in it and the bowl was condensed with water drops that slid down from time to time. The droplets would gather at the bottom, wetting the dark soft silk underneath.

The veil was gently surging like a wave by the hot wind. It faintly imprinted the movement on the bed, like an unreal splash-ink painting.

Li Yuanmin blushed and propped himself up, pulling out his head from the thin mattress.

He put his legs together shyly, and resentfully complained: “It’s broad daylight, you don’t mind the heat?”

The corners of Ni Lie’s lips were wet. He stuck onto Li Yuanmin’s lips from bottom to top like an obedient dog in love, completely inseparable.

“Your Highness….let me look again….”

Li Yuanming’s heart pounded and thumped. He thought resentfully, just look? He actually had the nerve to say he’ll just take a look?! He didn’t know what his obsession was, but he seemed addicted.

The sun was scorching, and the subordinates all thought he was just resting on the couch for a lunchtime nap. God knows what hidden shady business he did with his subordinate behind the people’s back. Those sticky and hot memories made him ashamed. Just thinking about it was already shameful enough. He blamed himself for blindly indulging him. Unexpectedly…..unexpectedly, he increasingly acted willfull and made a scene even more.

“Stop playing….” LI Yuanmin blushed and said embarrassingly, “It will be hard to pee later….” 

Hearing what he said, Ni Lie got up quite bluntly. Taking large steps toward the screen, after a long time, he faintly heard a heavy breathing sound passing through. It took him about a half of an incense time to hear the faint noises of water, then he came back shirtless. His hands were dripping wet, and he casually took a few towels to wipe.

It seemed his thirst was hard to endure. He directly picked up the kettle in the hall and gouged down the water. His tall and straight posture blocked a lot of light in the bedroom, making the bed turn darker. The bed was a lot darker and Li Yuanmin’s face flushed. He took the silk kerchief and wiped that place quickly.

He glanced through the curtain. This child seemed to have grown a lot taller, and a lot stronger. The wheat-colored muscle lines on his body did not look exaggerated, bulgy and stretched like those martial men. Instead, it was tight and smooth. 

For this Mu En Festival, he was busy practicing and deploying defenses morning and evening. It was indeed exhausting. However, he didn’t seem to feel tired at all. Unexpectedly, he was full of energy. It wasn’t clear where this energy came from.

While he was muttering, Ni Lie picked up the clothes on the ground and put it on, and walked toward the side of the bed.

Li Yuanmin hurriedly turned his eyes away. He pinched the silk kerchief in his hand, took his pants and put it on, then he laid down. Nevertheless, his mind chaotically thought of other things.

After that day, he secretly went through some books, and finally confusingly learned of “that” matter. However, Ni Lie didn’t know anything. The clingy little beast only used his lips and tongue to play with him, either this or arching him recklessly. He breathed a sigh of relief for no reason, and thought that being muddleheaded like this was also good. 

In his previous life, the Sima clan asked the imperial doctor to examine him. His body could give birth to a child, so he wanted to avoid it. Not mentioning whether he can conceive a child calmly, with the way the world works, if he gives birth to a child in this kind of body, it ought to be the same as doing an evil deed. 

How long will this muddle headedness be able to last? 

He was looking down and thinking about it anxiously, when Ni Lie had already walked over. Half kneeling before the couch, “Your Highness, I’m going to the training ground now.”

“It’s such a hot day…” Li Yuanmin wanted to persuade him, but changed his mind. The curfew had been lifted in the past few days. The situation was complicated and changing, moreover, there had been many unusual changes in the barbarians in Jiaozhi. In the end, they needed to be cautious, so he changed his tone at once, “Well, go then.” 

There was unwillingness in Ni Lie’s eyes. He glanced at him, then extended his head and kissed his lips. He departed a little bit, then immediately put his lips on his again, as if it wasn’t enough.

Li Yuanmin’s heart went soft. Supported his upper body up softly, he wrapped his arms around his neck, and gave him a dripping wet kiss.


As night fell, the curfew was temporarily suspended for three days due to the Mu En Festival, so the originally lonely neighborhoods were bustling with noise and excitement, brilliant and varied. Zhuque Street was brightly lit, as bright as daytime.

In the most prosperous areas of ​​the street, there stood a towering, tall pavilion. It was the largest prostitute district in Lingnan city, Yang Chun Garden.

When Li Yuanmin and his party arrived, there was someone waiting to lead him upstairs. Li Yuanmin has an intersex body, so he can count the number of times he had set foot here on his ten fingers during these eight years. As soon as he entered the door, he found that this place was a bit more luxurious than the last time he came, he couldn’t help but be a little speechless.

Yuan Chongsheng was already sat inside and drinking until drunk. He had lost his usual arrogant expression. He held a pretty female dancer in his arms and was teasing her. When other people saw him like this, they also relaxed a lot. He Jian on the side already long had a female entertainer servant with loose clothes in his bosom, giggling, while eating the melon seed from the tip of her tongue. Some officials from the Lingnan region sat trembling below the table, all of them had people attending to them. They had abandoned all restrained appearance inside the hall.

After the waiter passed the message, everyone in the side room turned grim and sat up straight. 

The door opened, and a slender figure walked in. If it was not King Guangan who was late, then who could it be? Today, he wore a plain color full-length gown with a vertical white jade crown, and an ice-bone fan in his hand. He was clearly dressed like an ordinary scholar, nevertheless, it made everyone’s eyes brighten.

He Jian, who was behind Yuan Chongsheng, took a peek at him secretly and suddenly felt that the charming person beside him was immediately dull. His adam’s apple moved, and he poured the contents of the cup in his hand into his mouth.

When Ni Lie followed in, many people secretly moved their peeping eyes away. Following that, the officials took their glass of wine to pay an official call with him.

Li Yuanmin’s complexion didn’t change. He exchanged pleasantries amiably with them, one by one. 

In Lingnan territory, Xuntai Mansion was the one in power, and the vassal state king was just a facade only for show with nothing more. But there were many officials here, who had eaten a loss for looking down on King Guangan, so they dared not to be reckless. Thus, they respectfully came forward to talk and interact with him.

Because Li Yuanmin was present, others didn’t dare to be intimate with the female entertainer servants as they did just now. Li Yuanmin sat at Yuan Chongsheng’s table. After a few rounds of toasting, he was a little bit drunk, seemingly very sincere in trusting the others.  

The officials were the only ones who kept talking, and the scene was harmonious. When the wine had gone through three rounds and the food had gone through five flavors, the sound of a watchman’s clapper at zishi (11pm-1am) came through.

Li Yuanmin originally didn’t like this kind of event, so since he already gave enough face and stayed long enough too, he found an excuse saying he couldn’t hold his alcohol and said goodbye to everyone. In addition, he told Ni Lie to remain there and help Yuan Xuntai to escort the guests home. 

Ni Lie agreed and proceeded to escort him down the attic. 

The moonlight sprinkled over the terrace and the Sizhu music sounded out in a merry manner. Many different sounds merged together to become an extravagant and beautiful sound. 

Li Yuanmin walked in the front, Ni Lie followed behind.

When passing by a bedsit room, a high-pitched voice that was similar to pain and joyful cries suddenly came though. It was also mixed with another person’s coarse and rough panting. Li Yuanmin was not the type that was inexperienced of matters, but because Ni Lie was by his side, his face turned indescribably red, and he hurriedly walked a few steps faster.

However, Ni Lie’s footsteps stopped, and he looked towards the closed door. Li Yuanmin didn’t hear his footsteps behind him for a long time. When he looked back, he saw that the child was standing in the same spot, lost in thought. His already cleared face, once again turned red, and he resentfully came over to pull him away.  

After sending Li Yuanmin onto the carriage, Ni Lie turned back. He once again passed by the bedsit room again.

The sound from behind the door still hadn’t stopped yet, one moment higher than another. Ni Lie’s eyes were deep, and the next moment, he held his breath and turned over the roof beam, and quietly approached the sunroof. 

Without Li Yuanmin’s presence, the atmosphere in the hall haD risen a lot. Men were all the same. Once they fell into a tender place, without any worry on the side, they all abandoned all restraint. The tender darling flesh made them unstoppable, and the atmosphere grew stronger.

When Ni Lie arrived inside the hall, everything was already in a mess.

He looked unconcerned, and sat down with a lot of things in his head. 

The female entertainer servant who served him obviously felt that he was different. He was a little distracted, with a strange look floating on his face. 

The officials present here all knew that he was the most important subordinate of King Guangan. They also heard that his strength far surpassed others and of a hundred battles, he had never lost. Even He Jian had suffered a loss in his hands. Naturally, he valued him a bit more. So, the officials, one after another, came over for a drink and exchanged pleasantries. 

Ni Lie accepted them with a deep and profound air.

The female entertainer servant timidly knelt down and sat beside Ni Lie, pouring wine for him. When she first walked in, she saw that the other party was handsome, but as cold as ice, with an appearance of not wanting to be with her. Her heart was anxious and worried, but after a long time, she understood that he was good. Not to mention anything else, just this cautious and guarding posture was a lot better than those fat-headed and anxious officials nearby, thus her favorable impression of him rose. She tenderly poured him more wine. 

“Sir, can I sing a song for you?”

“No need.” Ni Lie minding his own business, raised his head and drank the wine

The effeminate smell on the body of the female entertainer servant kept entering his nose, making him have quite a headache. Thinking of the cold fragrance in his memory, he impatiently poured a cup of wine into his mouth.

The female entertainer servant did not dare say anything more. She only quietly accompanied him by his side. Seeing that the wine pot was empty, she asked quickly:

“Do you want this slave to pour the wine again?” 

“No need.” Ni Lie was agitated. He just wanted to hurry back to the mansion to see that person, but the banquet was far from over. His heart birthed an impatient feeling, and once again, he went outside to feel the night breeze.

When the warm wind as hot as it was in daytime blew on his face, Ni Lie closed his eyes, and his heart that throbbed violently never rested. 

So…… So it’s like this.

He recalled what he had just seen in the bedsit room, and couldn’t help but substitute himself with another very beautiful face. Just thinking about it, his heart beat severely, and his breathing became unstable.

His big palms held the railing firmly so that his bone joints became visible. Unexpectedly, he squeezed a piece of the two-inch-wide stone with his bare hands. Looking at the ash in his hand, he only felt that his whole body was dry and hot, and hard to endure. He immediately rubbed his face with his hands, then he sent someone to get some water. 

As he was passing by the Jingfang, he suddenly heard the words King Guangan, and his footsteps stopped.

There were two people talking inside:

“These few years, I have been listening to you talk about how this King Guangan looks like, and now after taking a look, it’s really true. Heihei (laugh), it’s really worthy of being called remarkably beautiful!”

“Remarkably beautiful aside, do you know that his body….”

The voice lowered down, whispered something, then the other party screamed: “Seriously?”

“Why would I lie to you? My mother’s uncle is a servant of the imperial court, what doesn’t he know?” 

One person said: “It’s no wonder that King Guangan rarely set foot in this place. It’s because he’s gay!” 

“Gay?” The other smiled somewhat vulgarly: “Heihei, I’d rather have him be gay, so it can give me some hope. You haven’t seen his face and female figure. Tsk, tsk, I wonder if I can spend the night with a stunning beauty like him in this life…”  

Then he said: “Did you smell that delicate fragrance on his body earlier? It is said to be the same as that of his biological mother. It is his body odor!”

“Such an extraordinarily beautiful person!” The person on the other side’s breath turned somewhat hoarse and heavy: “No wonder I can’t make out his fragrance, it actually……”

Before the words fell, the door was kicked open with a bang. The two officials turned their heads together, and their faces turned pale immediately.

Ni Lie’s complexion was ruthless and fierce, blocking the doorway.

The author has something to say: The man and woman in the bedsit room: Huh! We never expected to actually become someone’s teachers!

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