PCTG Chapter 28

Chapter 28

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It was rainy at the turn of spring and summer, but the sun was still shining high during the day. Then, it started to have the pattering sound of rain again in the middle of the night.

There was a thunderstorm, which lit up half of the night sky. With the rumbling of thunder, the rain gradually became worse. The splashing water seemed to spare no pains or effort on the world, as if an immortal had knocked over the Qiongbei jade bowl in heaven.

There was another sweep of thunder and lightning, and King Guangan’s mansion in the dark night revealed its distinct appearance. In an instant, it disappeared again in the darkness.

The rainwater splashed on the ground, one burst after another, and it merged into a turbulent river current, washing away the dirt on the ground. The plantains in the courtyard fell to the ground, and there were a few dead ones, which were also washed away by the rapid rainwater. Shaking on the ground, it was unable to support itself in the end, and snapped, submitting to its fate and swaying like a duckweed along with the flow of water.

The little boy servant who was on night watch hid under the roof. He dazedly gathered his clothes tightly. He tilted his head and leaned against the wall. Being disturbed by this thunderstorm made him unable to sleep well.  

Amongst the chaotic sound, he seemed to hear a low panting, cat-like, but was soon covered by the sound of heavy rain. 

It was probably the kitten that lost its way on a rainy day. Thinking like this, he scratched his face, turned over, and soon fell back into a deep sleep.

The doors and windows of the master courtyard were not closed tightly, and they were suddenly broken through by the rainy night wind. The curtain in the bedroom danced in the breeze, wrapped in damp moisture, and winding like a goddess’s magnificent dance.

Li Yuanmin had no strength to take care of it, he just fished out the part of his black hair that was already soaked in the water and stuck to his upper body. White became whiter, and black became blacker. A bead of sweat from his forehead slid down like water dew. He opened his dripping wet eyes, giving him a misty glance, then closed it again as if to offer sacrifice. 

Ni Lie’s eyes were red. He was fascinated by this kind of appearance of Li Yuanmin’s. How could this person arouse him, making his soul fly away and scatter with just a single glance? How could he arouse him until his fierce nature and love rushed out like crazy?

He was like an ancient, fierce beast. Although the jade of the Bodhisattva gave direction for him to change, and he was willing to converge his fangs and crawl humbly under the god’s foot, but he brazenly coveted the Bodhisattva, spitting out his ugly tongue unscrupulously to lick that pure and holy Bodhisattva sitting on the lotus.

His Bodhisattva, he was now crossing his Bodhisattva.

His soul, his departed soul will follow after him for eternity, infinitely, only in death will he rest.

In the middle of the night, the rain stopped, and heaven and earth made out a magical tranquility. Gradually, the crying noises of frogs and other insects continued. The moon unknowingly showed its head again, shining everlastingly.

It was fragrant inside the curtain, the smell was somewhat stronger than it was during the day. Ni Lie sniffed and sniffed, thinking happily that this strong fragrance was compelled out by him, along with the sweet smelling sweat like dewdrops. Little by little, it overflowed from the snow-white flesh, blooming only for him.

A sense of satisfaction that he had never had before filled him everywhere, whether it was in his body or in his dried up abyss of a soul.

He couldn’t help but embrace him tightly, “Do you want to take a bath?” 

Li Yuanmin shook his head slightly, leaning closer to the other party, He felt a little cold.

Ni Lie took advantage of this and pressed his head on the side of his neck. He lowered his head, deeply sniffed the scent of his hair, then used his lips to rub against it. Li Yuanmin raised his head, and was naturally greeted and stuck to by his lips.

“Is it uncomfortable?” Ni Lie asked.

“It’s not bad,” Li Yuanmin’s fingertips touched his slightly stubble chin, and buried his face in his warm neck: “It’s a bit painful.”

Ni Lie’s throat seemed hindered, and he said hoarsely: “It was because I was too much in a rush.” 

Li Yuanmin knew that he had restrained himself enough already, however to what extent can an enthusiastic and developed young man be restrained? He wanted to comfort him a few words, but the tall young man had already sat up, lifted the thin mattress on his body, leaned over and fiddled with it. 

After a long while, a muffled voice came: “It is somewhat red and swollen.”

He immediately jumped out of bed and had a spell of trembles. Coming over with a warm towel, he cautiously propped up his leg. Li Yuanmin moved back and forth complying with him, and occasionally frowned uncomfortably. After a few trips back and forth, Ni Lie finally climbed back up, wrapped his arms around his waist, and buried his head in his neck. With this big body size, this cold-blooded, cold-faced person, unexpectedly nestled inside his embrace like a kid who had done something bad.

“Your Highness….”

Li Yuanmin could hear his frustration, and for some reason, a little pity unexpectedly emerged in his heart. He only patted the back of his head.

“It won’t get in the way… I heard that it would be a bit hard the first time.”

He pushed his head out lightly and coaxed him like a child: “A Lie, I’m not even a bit unwilling.”

He changed Ni Lie’s destiny without his permission and bound his life to himself. They relied upon one another for survival, accompanied each other in blessings and misfortunes. In this life, no one can have him be so delighted and do everything so willingly. His A Lie, what he is willing to give, as long as he can give it, he will give it to him. 

Looking at those gentle and soft eyes, Ni Lie’s heart had waves of it throbbing. His heart was in pain. He couldn’t help but approach him. His forehead pressed against his forehead, sinking into the soft and fragrant tolerance that he gave. He used the tip of his nose to rub against his nose, just like two little beasts consoling each other.

“Your Highness…” It wasn’t known how long it took Ni Lie to finally calm down. He sniffed him like a dog, “…..You smell good.” 

“Really?” Living in such an environment for a long time, Li Yuanmin couldn’t smell anything special, but he could tell that Ni Lie liked it very much. He always stuck close to him and sniffed him endlessly. He tugged at the corner of his mouth: “Probably it’s from my mother’s womb, my mother… is said to be the same.”

That Western Region girl, brought into the capital by the ambitious Marquis, was dedicated to the man, the Emperor under the heavens, as his unique plaything. This kind of constitution was merely something that made things more interesting for a plaything, and nothing more.  

He was very glad that his special body was cherished and that he was protected like a treasure. He was being cautiously held on at his chest by Ni Lie, the tenderness was without restraint. He couldn’t help but softly say:

“A Lie, just now… did you like it?”

Ni Lie’s breathing turned sluggish, he clamored in his heart. Why wouldn’t he like it? He extremely liked it, he had never experienced this kind of bliss before. This is what Li Yuanmin gave him.

He propped up his upper body. Supporting his body with one hand, he touched Li Yuanmin’s face with the other, but didn’t say anything. He just leaned down and sealed the soft and sweet lips of the other party.


The knocking sound came three times. Ni Ying was holding the sword hilt Muyu as if to knock the three heads in front of her. The teenagers who were staring blankly somewhere else looked back together with an aiyo sound, and looked at Ni Ying with embarrassment.

Ni Ying sneered: “Looking around randomly! If the General caught sight of it, you guys won’t be able to avoid losing a layer of your skin!” 

The youngsters all showed horror on their faces: “A Ying, don’t!”

“Great aunt, please do charitable work and forgive us.” 

“Lady hero, my brave and chivalrous lady!”

Ni Ying stretched out her hand to strike out, and her eyebrows raised up with another meaning. The youngsters showed signs of embarrassment and struggled for a while, then finally glanced at each other: “Okay, we will bring you with us next time we go out.”

Ni Ying became happy, “Deal.”

“Don’t talk about it no matter what.” The leading young man warned.

“Get lost!” Ni Ying waved her hand impatiently.

The youngsters felt relieved while walking away, arms around each other’s shoulders. Ni Ying easily danced the sword flower, then retracted the sword into its sheath.

She looked in the direction the youngsters had just been looking at. Under the blue sky, Li Yuanmin with his sleeves gathered together was lost in thought by the golden osmanthus plant in the courtyard.

“What is His Highness Gege doing…” She murmured in her heart. Of course, she naturally knew that the three youngsters were secretly looking at her Royal Highness Gege just now, but she was not as harsh and unreasonable as her elder brother. It is human nature to love beauty, not to mention, she also liked to watch him. It’s just that, over this short period of time, she felt that His Highness was a little different.

Her barren head couldn’t think of any literary poems, but she felt that His Highness Gege was even more good-looking than before.

His lips were redder than before, and they were shining like gems moistened with water. Finally, there was some faint redness on his snow-white cheeks. He seemed like a branch of San Yue Spring Flower that was not demonic, but alluring. His eyes was still gentle and soft like bath water, while the corner of his eyes seemed more charming for some reason, making people unable to move their eyes when being looked at. 

Naturally, she didn’t know about how her cold-faced, heartless brother had nourished him day and night, making him promptly turn into a beauty unconsciously. 

She murmured in a daze: “How come His Highness Gege is this good-looking…”

After nightfall, the mansion physician personally delivered a bowl of black medicine inside.

The jade bowl was steaming with a dense white diluted shadow on top of it.  

Li Yuanmin picked up the bowl without saying a word and drank it.

The mansion physician hesitated, slowing down his pace when cleaning up the tray.

Li Yuanmin took the fragrant tea and rinsed his mouth. Seeing him loiter around, he was somewhat baffled: “Uncle Qian, why did you personally deliver it today?”

Uncle Qian around 60 years old, conducted himself with doing his duty very sincerely, and treated Li Yuanmin very importantly. Six years ago, Li Yuanmin rescued him during the first time the barbarians rebelled. All of his family members were killed under those barbarians’ butcher’s knives. As someone who was all alone, Li Yuanmin saw that he was exquisite in medicine and asked him to stay in the mansion and become the mansion’s physician.

Uncle Qian stammered, and finally said: “Your Highness, this refraining decoction is very cold. If it is used more, I am afraid that there will be no offspring for you in the future, you…”

Li Yuanmin finally understood the other party’s hesitation and interrupted him: “I have already thought about it, you don’t need to advise me any further.”

He wiped the corners of his lips with a handkerchief, and said sincerely: “Uncle Qian, I hope you will absolutely keep this matter a secret. You must never disclose a word to a third person… and you don’t have to say this again in the future.”

“This old slave knows.” Knowing that this trip was still as fruitless as before, he sighed, “Your Highness, this old slave will withdraw now.”

When Uncle Qian left, Ni Lie came in quietly.

He frowned and looked at him: “Your Highness is sick?”

“No,” Li Yuanmin smiled casually, with water rippling in his eyes, “It just happened that there was no other servant, so Uncle Qian personally delivered it.”

Ni Lie was relieved. He knew that Li Yuanmin had to take health tonics every day, so he didn’t doubt him and just looked at him.

He also didn’t know why, but recently, he felt that he became more fresh and vigorous, turning more tender and soft, like a juicy berry.

Obviously he had wanted him to rest for a day, but looking at this appearance, he couldn’t help but lean forward, put his hands on the handles of both sides of the chair, and kiss him from top to bottom.

“Your Highness…” He bit his lips impatiently, with obvious intentions, “Your Highness…”

The person in front of him wrapped his arms around his neck as he wished. He leaned over and picked him up, and walked towards the bedroom.

The author has something to say: Difficult to have children doesn’t exist when faced with the dragon essence, ferocious tiger little Ni! 

Little Ni, the miracle of pregnancy medicine, the nemesis of infertility!

Ciacia/N: I don’t usually like possessiveness but i love it so much when both of them are like being possessive of each other, espcially when LYM called NL ‘His A Lie T-T’

Ni Lie is so damn ho*ny T-T but baby, i also want your strong essence too hehehehehe~

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