PCTG Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Because of this rain, Li Yuanmin fell ill. 

Since he was officially a prince under Empress Sima’s name, Qiu Chan was afraid that his death would bring disaster to herself, thus, she asked Dongyue to report back to Rong Hua Palace. 

Just as Qiu Chan expected, Empress Sima was no longer fond of this adopted son. However, since it’s already been officially recorded and to avoid bad rumours, a person from the Imperial Physician Courtyard was sent over. 

Li Yuanmin was sick and in a daze. He saw a familiar face and he opened his eyes wide in disbelief. He sat straight up, grabbing the other party’s hand tightly:

“Elder Brother Zhihe, why is it you? How are you still alive?”

Li Yuanmin choked out his voice with a sob: “How are you still alive?”

Qiu Chan was anxious. She rigidly pressed down Li Yuanmin who was clinging to the young Imperial Physician, while apologizing: 

“Doctor He, Third Royal Majesty, is confused and is saying random things.”

“It doesn’t matter…. you should release him.”

He Yunyi rubbed his red wrist that was grabbed, feeling strange in his heart. Zhihe was his nickname, only a few people know of it. Although the He family was from a renowned Imperial Physician family, this was his first time going outside the Imperial Physician Courtyard to treat someone. How can this withered and skinny Third Royal Prince know of it…he even spoke of those dying matters that would offend people too.

He Yunyi frowned, feeling a little unhappy in his heart. But, the boy in front of him looked very sad. His sad expression showed through his brows. It wasn’t something a 13 year old child should have. He pondered to himself briefly and no longer thought about it. 

He only started to give him acupuncture. 

When undoing his underclothes, He Yunyi couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath. He’s too thin! How does this body have the characteristic of living as a prince! Seeing the pale jade-like skin still having some old and new bruises left, he could tell at a glance that it was all man made. 

He Yunyi couldn’t help but think of those rumors circulating inside the Imperial Physician Courtyard. He was shocked inwardly. He didn’t think that the bad and ominous prince that everyone avoided unexpectedly would be wasted in this way. Because of the kindness of a doctor, He Yunyi couldn’t help sighing. He didn’t show it on his face, but although he was still 17 years old, as the Eldest Son of an Imperial Physician’s family, he had long immersed himself in the art of being evasive and smooth like his parent’s generation. His eyes without waver, as if he had not seen those abnormalities, gave the needle. 

After a while, the person in front of him woke up slowly and looked at him dazedly. He Yunyi then discovered that this scrawny Third Prince had a pair of extremely beautiful phoenix eyes. His pitch-black pupil was as clear as a ripple of water. But, inside it held a trace of emptiness. He Yunyi was momentarily in a daze, while the other party seemed to have some restraint. In the end, Li Yuanmin dropped those ink-like eyes and thanked him. 

He Yunyi paused his gaze, nodded slightly and got up. 

Qiu Chan politely seized his medicine box and a tender smile appeared on her face,

“Imperial Physician He took the physician official title at such a young age, Qiu Chan truly admires you.”

Qiu Chan was born elegant and graceful. At the time when she was working at the Empress Palace, she was already a well-known person. Hearsay, her appearance was somewhat similar to the most favored female entertainer from before. It was also because of this reason that she aroused the jealousy of the Head Maid, Qing He of Rong Hua Palace and was kicked out to serve in this dark and dim Western Palace. (Ciacia/N: darkness of society without justice?). Relying on this extraordinary appearance, her ambition naturally became somewhat high. 

She already understood it very well. The opportunity for promotion in the Palace was very slim, so why not make a plan for her future marriage. 

The Palace’s great riches and honors had long raised her greed. Next year she will be 19 years old already and she didn’t want to be released from the palace to be paired up with a rural husband. However, she also had a bit of self-knowledge. She knew that besides being compensated by those noble descendants, toads who want to eat swan meat, for taking her pure body, there would be no other benefit; she would take a step back to accomplish an even bigger feat. For example, these Imperial Physicians from the Imperial Physician Palace. They had the Imperial Family to support their salary and although their statues were not comparable to noble descendants, they didn’t fall short behind and were better than the worst. This could already be considered a good match. 

What’s more, the appearance of the Imperial Physician He in front of her…..

Thinking of this, Qiu Chan’s eyes moved. She shyly bowed her body, 

“This time, I need to thank Imperial Physician He for the trouble.”

“It’s okay.”

He Yunyi spoke indifferently. He glanced at the drape again. The figure inside the drape lowered his head, his forehead resting on his knees. The vague figure appeared to have a sense of loneliness for no reason. 

He Yunyi halted his gaze for a moment, then took the medicine box from Qiu Chan’s hand. He said goodbye politely, and left without turning his head back. 

Qiu Chan’s reluctant gaze lingered on the tall figure for a long while. Before returning to her senses, she heard a voice in the room call out “Qiu Chan”. Qiu Chan couldn’t help but feel annoyed in her heart. She clicked her tongue slightly, opened the bead curtains and walked in. 

“What’s wrong, Your Highness?”

The tone was not impolite, but certainly not respectful. 

Li Yuanmin lifted the veil and sat up. He slowly opened his eyes to look at the person in front of him. 

“Don’t think about trying to take advantage of Imperial Physician He.” He bluntly said. 

Qiu Chan, who was stabbed in the heart, was both ashamed and angry. 

“Your Highness is sick and confused! This servant doesn’t know what nonsense you are talking about–“

Li Yuanmin’s eyes turned cold and Qiu Chan shut her mouth instantly. She was embarrassed and a bit suspicious. 

The atmosphere in the bedroom was more or less subtle. 

After a long while, Li Yuanmin’s voice that did not show anger or joy came out: “Although this prince doesn’t have much power, expelling a palace maid is not too hard.”

His tone was gentle, but it was as if a stone entered Jing Lake. It made Qiu Chan’s heart beat wildly. Not to mention, this tone sounded nothing like a 13 year old’s tone. His Third Royal Highness, why did he change to be a different person for no reason like this. 

In the past, this quiet Third Prince, even if people went overboard, as long as they were not excessive, he was always indifferent. Therefore, during these years she never paid attention to this master. After being like this for a long time, she had already forgotten that this person, before her eyes, had the status of a Prince. She already got demoted from the Rong Hua Palace to this Western Palace. There was no way out for her long ago. If she wasn’t tolerated here….this Imperial Palace was a place that had no shortage of people to use. 

Qiu Chan’s back became cold. She immediately plopped to the ground, and begged for mercy,

“This slave cared for Your Highness wholeheartedly, how could I dare to want to take advantage of others!” (Ciacia/N: Bro, did you ever look in the mirror when you show that attitude of yours? Cared for you wholeheartedly, honestly, I’d believe you already had I been blind lol. These people are hilarious.

She raised her head and took a glance at Li Yuanmin, then hurriedly lowered herself again.

“I hope that Your Highness won’t doubt this slave’s genuine heart….”

Li Yuanmin stared at her for a while, then said: “Leave.”

“… Yes.”

Qiu Chan still had lingering fears. She raised her eyes again to look at Li Yuanmin. However, seeing that he had already closed his eyes, seemingly tired, she swallowed her saliva and withdrew cautiously. 

Li Yuanmin sighed. 

In his previous life, Qiu Chan had schemed and forced He Yunyi to marry her. Although there was no marital affection with how He Yunyi treated her, in the end, it was not indifference. However, Qiu Chan poisoned He Yunyi under the encouragement of Sima Yu’s hatred and annexation…… He already owed He Yunyi too much, that’s why stopping He Yunyi’s death ultimately is all on himself. In this life, he must protect him. (Ciacia/N: PS: Qiu Chan (秋蝉) means autumn cicada, LMAOOO. I don’t have any hope of naming my child the perfect name that super suit her personality like this, like h*ll nah~ Thank Mama Qiu for the name, Ciacia loves it!!!

He had been a puppet emperor for his whole life, and had seen through people’s hearts a long time ago. Presently, he was not that once indecisive, clueless and timid 13 year old youth anymore.

He didn’t say everything just now. He had his own way of driving Qiu Chan out, but the price is too high for him at the moment. Fortunately, he still had some time to plan. As for this villainous Qiu Chan, she was ambitious but it won’t go far. For now, he will use his worthless title to intimidate her. 

Now that he had decided to live, this life will be difficult, so he has to plan every step carefully. 

He rubbed his eyebrows, a wave of fatigue hitting his head. 


After recuperating for five days, Li Yuanmin recovered, and the nightmare during the night decreased a lot. It’s just that the face in the bronze mirror still didn’t have the slightest color. With his long hair scattered, he looked just like a wandering soul. 

It was also in accordance with the ominous status that everyone in this Imperial Palace spoke about. 

Li Yuanmin raised the corners of his mouth slightly, seemingly laughing at himself. 

Qiu Chan cautiously carried water from outside, and went in. She carefully looked up and down at Li Yuanmin’s expression. 

“Your Highness, it’s time to wash now.”

She put down the water and graciously stepped forward to fix his hair, seemingly concerned: 

“Your body has already recovered, today, the Imperial School….will you go?”

Qiu Chan thought that Li Yuanmin was bullied, thus didn’t want to go to Imperial School, but did not know the real reason for his delay. 

Li Yuanmin’s first encounter with Sima Yu was at the Imperial School. 

Since the first Emperor founded Bei An State, he had set up two places, the Imperial School and the State School. The Imperial School was located at the Northern Palace and was where Princes were taught. Bordering the Imperial School was the State School, which was exclusively where high ranking officials’ children were taught. When Princes reached the age of 16, there was the “Autumn Selection”. That is to say, a group of high background younger generations from the State School would be selected to become the Princes’ study companion. In the open, it was the great grace from the Imperial Family, while behind closed doors, it was to pave the road for the future Emperor. These young people, for the most part, would strive to be Princes’ left and ring hands, the important aide of the future Emperor. Therefore, for both sides, the Autumn Selection could be said to be extremely important. 

Emperor Mingde had few heirs, he only had four sons and two daughters. The Eldest Prince, Li Yuanqian was born from Imperial Concubine Zhao Shu. The Zhao Family had been the Left Prime Minister for three dynasties and their subordinates covered all levels of the Imperial Court, making a faction. Therefore, even if Imperial Concubine Zhao Shu was not favored, the status of the Eldest Prince Li Yuanqian was not to be shaken easily. The only one able to contend with him was the Fourth Prince, Li Yuanxu, who was born from the only favored Wang Guifei*. Remaining were the Second Prince, Li Yuanlang and the Third Prince Li Yuanmin, both born from female entertainers, so they naturally missed the opportunity to take the throne. (Ciacia/N: Guifei: Imperial Consort. Honestly, IDK why they be like having hundreds of different title for the same position, like bruh.) 

Especially the Third Prince, Li Yuanmin. He was hated by Emperor Mingde because of his ominous s*x and had long-lost all hope for the throne. The noble children also avoided him for fear of being selected to be his study companion. Unexpectedly, contrary to one might expect, Marquis Zhenbei’s heir, Sima Yu who was favored by several Princes, chose him (LYM). 

During that time when he was struggling in the Imperial Court, seeing the promising noble son extend his helping hand, his heart was astonished and moved.

Only then. 

Li Yuanmin’s eyes drooped slightly, covering the coldness within. The Eldest Prince Li Yuanqian (It was written as Li Chengxu, but I assume the author made a big typo?!?!) had already reached 16, and in just a month he would conduct the “Autumn Selection”. 

Seeing him frown, Qiu Chan sneered inwardly, but said with concern on her face: 

“This slave thought that Your Highness should go. If His Majesty sees Your Highness so diligent, he will be joyous.” 

Hearing the word joyous, Li Yuanmin chuckled and glanced at her. Qiu Chan’s complexion tightened. She put on a more humble smile: “This slave has overstepped, I’ll go and ask for a leave from the Imperial School.”

“No need.” Li Yuanmin interrupted, “I’ll go.”

Qiu Chan cursed in her heart, then instructed the other dull palace maid waiting outside: 

“Dong Yue, get His Highness’s outfit ready to leave.”


The Imperial School was located at the Northern Palace, surrounded by trees. Various suave birds cry could be heard at the corner of the green tower’s eaves, making this secluded place even more tranquil. Nevertheless, the Northern Palace, today, became noisy. 

Before reaching the big gate, Li Yuanmin could already hear the laughter of the Fourth Prince, Li Yuanxu:

“Today, Imperial teacher is not here, so I’ll let you guys see my new baby.”

How could it be today?

Li Yuanmin’s heart tightened as he squeezed the corners of his clothes. His chest throbbed violently. He naturally knew what the “Baby” coming out of the Fourth Prince’s mouth was. Thinking of the tragic scenes he had seen in his previous life, Li Yuanmin couldn’t step forward. 

Amidst his conflicting thoughts, someone pushed him from behind. Li Yuanmin staggered a bit. He turned his head to see the not bright face of the Second Prince, Li Yuanlang. 

“Yo, Third Younger Brother, long time no see. You made this Imperial Elder Brother miss you a lot.”

Li Yuanlang, just like Li Yuanmin, was born of a female entertainer in Wang Guifei’s Palace. But, he had respected the Fourth Prince ever since he was small, tolerant in all aspects. He was slyly currying favor for his own interest. 

Therefore, Wang Guifei treated him decently, somewhat like a mother and child would. 

But how can Li Yuanlang be willing to be a character standing behind someone else’s back for the rest of his life? He was best at using other people for his own benefits. In his previous life, Li Yuanlang incited Li Yuanxu to raise soldiers to overthrow the Emperor, and was defeated afterwards. Li Yuanxu caused disorder in the army, and was beheaded afterwards by Ni Lie. 

Thinking of various things from his previous life, Li Yuanmin swallowed the disgusting feeling in his throat. Acting as usual, he nodded slightly: “Second Elder Brother.”

The other party smiled and patted his head.

“Go inside.”

Li Yuanmin closed his eyes, gritted his teeth and went in. 

As soon as the small door opened, the noise became louder, and cheers along with the roar of beasts came one after another.

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