PCTG Chapter 36

Chapter 36

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 The moon was half hidden in the clouds. Dimness was everywhere and the dense forest naturally had a coolness that the city did not have. The wind was faint, the mirror lake still sparkling and shining and particularly quiet.

But it was different in the wooden house.

 Ni Lie had never seen him looking like this before, he was just a goblin that was wrapped around himself, completely devoid of his usual forbearance and shyness, and somewhat like a spoiled child. He indulged in making dirty tricks by his own will. He seemed to have a purpose in doing everything he could to seduce him, a man who had always been calm and self-sustaining, but unable to control himself, an obedient dog, moving back and forth with his orders.

Li Yuanmin bit his lip, his eyelashes stained with moisture, and sweat falling like dew from his smooth white chin and landing on his Ni Lie face, wetting the wings of his nose, leaving a tickling sensation and a faint fragrance to spread.

This fragrance that was born from his flesh was gradually forced out by him.

“A Lie,” Li Yuanmin whimpered, “My A Lie.”

Ni Lie had been aroused by his appearance that the beast inside his heart came out. His eyes were red, he couldn’t bear to control himself, and almost indiscriminately was out of his own control.

He assaulted him in a hot and dry, sticky and intimate, rough and crude way. 

In the end, Li Yuanmin actually cried.

Tears mingled with sweat, wetting the dark hair between the snow-colored ears. Ni Lie was at a lost of what to do, he could only coax him with a hoarse voice, but the other party only hugged his wet neck, choked and shook his head, not letting him stop.

It was as if there was no tomorrow.

The sound of the wind gradually disappeared, everything fell into a dead silence.

 Tonight, the two people were unprecedentedly out of control.

The fragrance that pervaded the room covered the light fragrance of the wood, and the fragrance was like staying in the beautiful flower territory.

Ni Lie was as drenched as if under the rain. His sweat covered him everywhere from head to toe. He closed his eyes and attentively sniffed Li Yuanmin’s body with his nose. This aroma was usually faint on ordinary days. He could only occasionally get close to him to actually smell a faint fragrance of this smell. This was the only time that he could recklessly smell him everywhere, inch by inch, that snow-white flesh, and dew-like sweat. He was like a white orchid that bloomed during the night, blooming under him, giving birth to this kind of rich fragrance because of his nourishment.

 He was still a little uncomfortable before, but Li Yuanmin was now used to his behavior that was similar to that of a dog.

He sucked in his nose, his eyes still red and swollen. Obviously he had deliberately seduced him, but he wanted to complain about the youth with grievance: “I will teach you to die.” 

The youth who had no bottom line at all leaned over, took him into his arms, and admitted his sin.

“It was my bad.”

Li Yuanmin hugged his neck and gritted his teeth: “In the future, when Zhou Dawu tells you to marry a wife… You should scold him. ”

He thought about those annoying words just now and said reluctantly, “Scold him ruthlessly and fiercely.” 


Li Yuanmin’s heart was at ease, and his voice was a little sticky: “Hug me a little tighter.” 

Ni Lie then hugged this darling of his who got angry without any reason tightly in his embrace.

The two of them just stuck together sweatily.

Under the moonlight, the snow-white skin was entangled with a wheat color, it was somewhat beautiful with a faint taste of tranquility.

Li Yuanmin laid in his arms and suddenly remembered that the first time the two of them were lying on a bed was the year they had just come to Lingnan.

 Although he was young and weak, although he had the title of a prince, he could not stand properly at all in Lingnan, where the people’s characteristics were as tough as nails. And the people sent by the Imperial Household Department couldn’t put him in their eyes as he was just a powerless and nameless master. That year was so hard because of internal and external troubles. He also could not adapt to the climate of Lingnan, and he fell ill after a few days.

As if the weakness accumulated in his childhood had erupted at the same time, he was almost at his last straw. The thirteen-year-old child lying on the bed was so thin that he appeared the wrong age. June in Lingnan was hot and dry, but he was still shivering with cold under the two quilts, suffering endless pain as if there was no end.

He never thought that his life had always been so difficult like this and that even in the life that God had bestowed him to be reborn again, it would still be the same.

One day, he felt that his body could not endure this no more, and miraculously, he no longer lamented his miserable two lives and began to fantasize excitedly about his death.

The death of his previous life was too painful. The sharp knife cutting on his face was painful and the feeling of having a thin silk strap tighten around his neck was suffocating and made him desperate. He thought calmly, morbidly and excitedly, what was the fastest and most convenient way to die? The best way was to destroy the whole body. It would be clean this way and would leave no remains in the world.

Before he could think of it, a teenager with no rules and no discipline climbed into his bed, stripped him of all his clothes, except for his own, and then embraced him naked and in a crude manner.

“Don’t cry. ”

He had awkwardly said that. Because he had been treated like an animal and had not spoken to anyone for so long, the boy’s voice sounded a little blunt and unnatural.

Li Yuanmin thought in a trance, was he crying? How could he cry? He had planned his death again, he should have had a relaxed relief like in his previous life, how could he do such a useless thing such as crying?

But the teenager’s body was very warm. His body that had been cold for many days was ironed. He actually began to tremble, and at that moment, the face that was strongly propped up in front of outsiders was suddenly shattered into powder. His body was stark naked and his heart was also stark naked, wantonly crying into a mess in this reticent child’s embrace.

 Later, he leaned on such little warmth and gritted his teeth to hold on.

 Now that he had unified Lingnan, no one dared to step on the head of Guang’an mansion as casually as they had done in those previous days.

 After so many years, they were finally able to endure it.

And the teenager who was about the same height as him at that time has grown into such a tall and handsome young man in front of him.

 He grew into his greatest reliance, to become his chest and back, and grew into his heart.

“A Lie….” The restless agitation he had aroused at the banquet was gradually calmed by the temperature of the youth, as he had been at the age of thirteen.

He only wrapped his arms around the other’s strong waist and buried his face in his sweaty chest.


Early the next morning.

With the hunting wind on the outskirts, the solemn county defenders stood solemnly at the city gate. At the edge of the city gate, surrounded by a large number of onlookers, they watched in unison as the new commander of this army ascended to the high platform and shouted at his soldiers.

 The soldiers held their spears high and roared.

“Gale! Gale! Gale! ”

 A huge wave of clamor spread with the sound of wind, and the commoners also followed suit to cheer with it.

He was only eighteen-year-old but he has already begun to gradually show his prominence.

Li Yuanmin did not dare get too close under the escort of the accompanying party, and secretly looked through the curtain of the carriage window, he had never been so vulnerable like this before. The child he raised had spread his wings and flew high, and also took his heart away.

 In the distance came the shouts of the generals, and he couldn’t help but open the curtain and walk out, standing in front of the carriage, looking at them from a distance. He clutched the tiger-headed jade pendant Ni Lie had given to him from his mother while looking at him with a broken heart.

 He seemed to see his gaze coming to this side, although the distance was too far that he could not see him clearly, he knew that was definitely his gaze.

A Lie, take care.

He said silently in his heart.

 The solemn horn sounded, the army was ready to march, Ni Lie was dressed in armor, and when everything was ready, he turned over on his horse, took one last deep look at a figure in the distance, and then turned his head. He made a sound, then they rushed towards the outskirts.

 The vast skyline had been crossed by lone eagles, and in the smoke waves, the army pressed towards the border.

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