PCTG Chapter 38

Chapter 38

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Xue Zaixing slowly walked out of the gate of the Guang’an mansion, with a playful smile on his lips.

His guards were already waiting with the horses near the stone lion, and when they saw their master come out, they hurriedly pulled the reins and moved the horse forward.

“My lord. ”  

He looked around, got closer, and whispered, “His Highness has sent another secret order, will you give him a reply back?”

“No,” Xue Zaixing shook his head, “Wait a few days before sending one back.” 

Seeing that the overthrowing of Wang Guifei was imminent, the Eldest Royal Highness was a little impatient. Suspicious of ghosts living in the dark (people plotting secretly), he was even afraid of this beauty who was far away in Lingnan.

He had engaged in this work for more than ten years and his intelligence network was deeply rooted in the southwest region. That beauty did not have such great ambitions, let alone the ability to shake the heavens. But he was also not an easy person to be easily grasped, in the end, it can be considered that he had underestimated him.

Remembering the silent confrontation just now, Xue Zaixing touched his nose, and a faint fragrance suddenly flashed through, in between the wings of his nose. He desired to carefully smell it, but that faint fragrance disappeared in an instant. He heard that his birth mother also had this kind of fragrance on her body to arouse His Majesty every night…… indeed knowing someone by their reputation can’t be compared to meeting them in person.

He couldn’t help but look back at the four powerful gilded mansion plate’s characters, and a pair of sharp eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a light that was not easily detected.


Li Yuanmin looked at the door of the mansion that was slowly closing, and his heart couldn’t help but sink a bit.

He didn’t believe that Xue Zaixing was simply interested in him. Recalling the past few days of him frequently coming to visit and always making some outrageous and ambiguous moves, he had no choice but to be a little vigilant. However, if you think about it, there are more or less reasons why the eldest prince had some doubts about him. After all, he was a humble prince, who was sent far away to this miasma territory, but was able to send away Wang Chaoluan’s pigtail from a thousand miles distant. Li Yuanqian, this man was cautious, thus was vigilant with his position.

When he sent out those crime books over, he knew that it would cause more or less this event to happen. But the gains and losses must be calculated together, and compared with the complete consolidation of his position in Lingnan, the eldest prince’s suspicion of him could be regarded as a trivial matter.

After all, he didn’t have such ambitions, and he had no interest in the imperial throne. If it’s possible, he wouldn’t return to the capital for the rest of his life. Staying idle, safe and sound as the territorial king here in this far remote Lingnan, this life would be worth it already.

Calculating the time, in another year, his so-called Royal Father will die. As long as Wang Chaoluan is overthrown, presumably this supreme position would go into Li Yuanqian’s bag then. He didn’t know how long his suspicion would last, but it may be assumed that there is still a way to solve it.

  He was not a person who would fear things unnecessarily and make trouble for himself. Although he must be vigilant, he must not blindly immerse himself in this kind of fearful mood. Otherwise, won’t the gains be unable to make up for the losses now?

 If this is the case, then he can just go with the flow and counter every move as they come.

His mind calming, he couldn’t wait to hurry his steps to the study.

His heart had already begun to scratch, itching with anticipation. After sending that big shot away, now his footsteps began to move at a lightning speed.

He returned to the hall breathlessly. There was already a familiar material letter on the table. He ran over excitedly like a bird and picked it up happily.

  After steadying his mind, he removed the sealing wax on the top, took out the writing paper, and spread it out carefully.

He thought it would be the same common words again this time, but after a few glances, his face suddenly turned red. He seemed to throw away the letter in anger and his heart turned dry and jumpy. Unexpectedly, he’s becoming increasingly unruly now, to unexpectedly make this lecher-like request. 

What the h*ll is he going to….do with that thing!

What a disrespectful request! Frivolous! Impetuous! Turns out to be a stinky cheap trick given to each other!

 Li Yuanmin thought with anger, I will not give it to him, let him be anxious.

He sat down, drinking the cold tea on the table with a gulp. The corner of his eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of a face reflected in the carved bronze mirror on the side. It was unexpectedly very red. The more he looked at it, the angrier he became. He thought to himself, it’s all Ni Lie’s fault!

He thought angrily, if he stood in front of him now, he must make him admit his mistake, bow his head, look at him helplessly, and absolutely not allow him to touch him!

He touched his hot fluttering face, his eyes could not help but look at the table again. Then he saw the four vigorous, powerful words on the yellowed letter, “Seeing an object makes one miss its owner”. Those words seemed to be alive, jumping up from the paper, gently floating to his ears, whispering in a low voice, making him itch to the bottom of his heart.

Li Yuanmin immediately turned the letter back viciously. He thought hatefully, isn’t he very dull and uncommunicative? Only after he pointed it out himself was he willing to write the two words “Miss you”. Only two months have passed and he had already opened up this much?

He sat in the same place, the tea on the table was drunk until it was almost empty already, but he still couldn’t figure it out.

A young servant came from outside and whispered, “Your Highness, the county garrison messenger is already waiting outside, does Your Highness have a letter to entrust them back?” 

“ No! ”

The young servant was momentarily frightened when His Highness responded back with this high tone of voice. The young servant then saluted to retreat.

Before the door could be closed, the young servant was stopped with a burst of a low muffled voice from inside: “Wait a minute.”

The young servant answered and waited at that place.

Li Yuanmin went to the hidden contraption of the book case, took out the red sandalwood box, put the letter inside the hidden contraption, and he slowed down. He took his handkerchief out of his sleeve.

  He thought angrily, why should he be angry with this boy, since he wanted it, he can just give it to him. In any case, he can’t see what vulgar things Ni Lie will do with this nuisance.

He put the handkerchief in the box, looking at the dark line of the white orchid, he bit his lip, and a flustered thought similar to a revenge idea came up.

The young servant waited outside for a long time when he finally saw a movement at the door. The other party handed the young servant a red sandalwood box with a fine iron lock on it.

“Send this to Leader Ni without delay.”

He didn’t know if it was his own delusion, but the young servant felt that His Highness in front of him was a little unnatural. His voice was also a little stiff, but he didn’t think much about it. He took the box, retreated, and sent the box out directly.


The sunset filled the whole sky, which was a common scenery in the frontier. In a flat valley, where there were countless tents of all sizes, as soon as the night came, the flame light of bonfires sparkled. 

 With a thud, Ni Lie flipped over and dismounted.

  The horse neighed and snorted and he touched the smooth and shiny mane, then handed the reins to the guard on the side. He took the leather pouch from his hand, walked inside the tent with his body bare to the waist. He unscrewed the cork of the water bladder and poured water into his mouth. It was not enough, so he poured the water directly on his head for a long time before wiping it off his face, which made him feel a little chilly.

Someone from the outside passed on, “Leader Daren, there are the things sent from the city.”

Ni Lie’s complexion moved. He immediately opened the tent’s curtain, took a few big strides toward the garrison’s messenger, who respectfully brought out a purple-black box and handed it to him.

 “ It was King Guang’an who entrusted me to give you this, Daren.”

Ni Lie’s breathing was a little heavy, he took it and spun back into the tent.

  He looked at the fine iron lock, took out his knife, and used the knife tip to unlock it. Li Yuanmin’s little careful thought was directly pried open.

  Seeing the thing inside the box, Ni Lie’s pupil suddenly contracted and his Adam’s apple floated up and down. He reached out and picked up that item before slowly unfolding it.

It was Li Yuanmin’s underwear. 

Ni Lie’s fingers couldn’t help but rub that thin garment as if his fingers were brushing that sweaty and fragrant snow white skin.

He placed Li Yuanmin’s underwear on the tip of his nose and inhaled deeply. A familiar cold fragrance filled the wings of his nose, tickling and throbbing his heart violently. His memory seemed to return to those countless nights.

Biting his pearly white teeth, making him dripping wet with fragrant sweat, that sticky black hair, the face that wanted to cry but couldn’t cry.

“Your Highness…” Ni Lie closed his eyes and tightly tugged on that delicate fragrance in his hand.

  The author has something to say: Molester Little Ni went online very late at night.

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