PCTG Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Li Yuanmin’s back bowed slightly. His eyes were lowered, but he still maintained a kowtow gesture. Amidst the light smoke, Wang Chaoluan squinted her eyes to examine the person in front of her. 

The last time she saw him was five years ago. She didn’t know what that old monk of Emperor Kaiyuan Buddhist Temple and His Majesty talked about, but this b*stard was called back into the palace within a few days. She remembered that inside the big Imperial Palace, there was a timid child with a sloppy look on his face, being led away by an eunuch. 

It seems that these past few years must have been rather difficult, how could this bi*ch’s height be compared to a typical 13 years old? The robe on his body doesn’t even fit well, they just draped loosely on his body. His sleeve was worn down so white, it had some floating threads.

Only that face… Wang Chaoluan narrowed her eyes slightly. There was no trace of blood on his face, and even his lips were faint of color. However, in the end, one could tell that he was a good seed. It’s only that he hadn’t grown up yet. In addition, his complexion was very pale, making one feel that he’s too frail and deteriorating. 

There was not even the slightest bit of a resemblance of an Imperial child. 

Wang Chaoluan sneered at first. She didn’t even bother with polite greetings: “Ben Gong remembers that Ben Gong had told you if there is nothing to do, then don’t come to Zhong Cui Palace at will.”

Li Yuanmin bowed his head to the ground: “Niang Niang has taken care of Yuanmin for many years. Although Niang Niang pities Yuanmin and has exempted Yuanmin from running around and avoiding the morning and evening visits, Yuanmin’s heart has really been uneasy over the years. One of the things I came here is to pray for Niang Niang’s peace to fulfill Yuanmin’s long cherished wish for many years, and the other… these few days, Yuanmin had a dream. What I saw in the dream really terrified Yuanmin.”

“Oh?” Wang Chaoluan sneered, “What dream?”

“A dream of Niang Niang having a big problem, so Yuanmin came here to help.”

These words were far beyond everyone’s expectations. Before Wang Chaoluan could scold him angrily, Li Yuanlang on the side already attacked: 

“What a good piece of sh*t of the Western Palace to dare curse Royal Mother like this! I’m afraid that even having nine heads won’t be enough to be chopped off!”

Li Yuanmin didn’t panic. He only calmly said: “Yuanmin knows that this was disrespectful, but Yuanmin had this dream three times already. They have been all the same, without any differences. It must be the Gods and Buddhas who wanted to tell me something. Fortunately, Yuanmin had learned some methods to expel plagues from Emperor Kaiyuan Buddhist Temple when I was young. Thus, I didn’t dare to delay and came to Zhong Cui Palace to help.”

Wang Chaoluan angrily laughed: “Alright, you have to tell us everything you’ve dreamed of in detail. Why did it require you to come here to help Ben Gong? Ben Gong should better use this moment to think about how to beat away people who speak of crazy and unfounded nonsense.”

Li Yuanmin’s head drooped down even more. His eyelashes were as black as crow’s feathers on his eyes and created a shadow. The corner of his mouth pursed up, and relaxed afterwards,

“Yuanmin dreamed of millions of Zhexi’s hungry ghosts pouring into the Imperial City…”

However, that short sentence as light as a feather made Wang Chaoluan slap the counter table with her palm abruptly. Her face drained of any color, looking very terrifying!

The intimidated servants inside the Palace kneeled down. Li Yuanlang didn’t know what to do, he could only follow them and kneel down. His mouth called out to his Royal Mother to calm down, but nevertheless he carefully watched her. He had never seen Wang Chaoluan lose her manners like this before. Thinking that she trusted the words of this Western Palace b*stard, he hurriedly persuaded: 

“Royal Mother, talking about ghosts is absurd. This person’s heart is treacherous. He is deliberately making up these words to deceive and intimidate Royal Mother. Royal Mother mustn’t believe his words.”

“You shut up!” Wang Chaoluan swung her sleeve angrily.

Li Yuanlang got a slap for no reason. His eyes were difficult to read. He only pressed down his head, not saying anything. Inside the palace, it became even quieter without a sound. 

Wang Chaoluan’s chest moved up and down indefinitely, rigidly watching everyone inside the palace. 

It’s not that she believed in the words of ghosts and gods. If that was all there was, it was nothing. It was just the other party’s “Zhexi Hungry ghosts” that truly shocked her.

Zhexi…how can anyone know of it? 

Even if she was a precious and favored Imperial Concubine, her family was not flourishing. She had to manage everything by herself. The Imperial Court’s eyes and ears and her trusted aides, which one didn’t require shining silver? Relying on that trifling palace salary, it would not be able to fill the big gap. Therefore, she decided to swallow the emergency relief fund for rations for victims of disasters. Originally, she thought that her father and Zhexi prefectural magistrate did everything in secret, but unexpectedly it was still mentioned one day, how could she not be frightened!? 

Wang Chaoluan took a deep breath and stood up with a cold look in her eyes. She pointed to Li Yuanmin and gnashed her teeth: 

“Except him, everyone else get out!”


Li Yuanlang gave Li Yuanmin a vicious look, then walked out with the crowd.

Inside the palace, it once again became quiet.  

Wang Chaoyan stared at the man with her hands down for a long while, then slowly walked over. She had fully immersed herself in the harem for more than ten years, and knew how to manipulate a person’s heart. Therefore, she wasn’t a bit anxious. She opened her mouth to talk, with invisible pressure. If he was guilty, he would inevitably reveal a few clues. 

However, the other party was like a rock. He stood there dumbly, seemingly unaware. 

Wang Chaoluan frowned, and thought to herself: “Elder Brother had the Gongjin (place where emperor resides and where court is handled) authority under his palm. The entire palace was right under his nose. This b*stard clearly didn’t have the ability to get inside information, she must be overthinking. This b*stard’s life must not have been well these past few years, so he came over to say some frightening words for his own benefit.”

Thinking of this, she felt peaceful and then sneered: “The capital city belongs to the Emperor, how can those filthy things get close to the Imperial City? Today, if you’re not going to explain clearly to Ben Gong, then don’t think of going back to the Western Palace. Ben Gong’s beast house hasn’t seen any living animals inside for many days now.”

Li Yuanmin sighed faintly: “Yuanmin didn’t lie, it was just that Yuanmin grew up in Emperor Kaiyuan’s Buddhist Temple and often accompanied Buddha below his foot. That’s why, compared to ordinary people, I’m  slightly better at divination. Originally I didn’t want to disturb Niang Niang’s peace, but this time it truly was dangerous. Thus, the distressed Yuanmin had to make an effort and try.”

Then he added: “Just now, Yuanmin had already arranged a spell outside of Zhong Cui Palace. Once it is sunset today, then there will be purple magic clouds bringing along the immortal land’s red-crowned cranes to disperse the hungry ghosts. Niang Niang doesn’t have to worry about anything. If Niang Niang doesn’t believe me, you can calmly wait for the miracle. If it’s incorrect, tomorrow, Yuanmin will personally come back to apologize. When the time comes, even if I’ll be killed or cut as punishment, Niang Niang will have the final say.”

“Purple magic cloud, red-crowned cranes…”

How could Wang Chaoluan believed half a word of his. She sneered in her heart, this b*stard is not doing well to think of this kind of absurd method to provoke Zhong Cui Palace. Simply ridiculous!

She secretly regretted that she had overreacted, but was not in a hurry to deal with him on the spot. On the contrary, she wanted to see how he would end up tomorrow. She had already thought of more than ten methods to punish this bothersome b*stard!

“Alright, Ben Gong will let you remain here until tomorrow. Ben Gong will see if this purple cloud thing and red-crowned cranes will come and be able to save your despicable life!”.

She took a deep breath, 

“Get lost!”

Li Yuanmin quietly let out a long sigh of relief, paid his respects, then dropped his hands and retreated outside. 


Outside Zhong Cui Palace, in a crooked corridor, LI Yuanmin slowly strolled through it.

The matter of stealing the Zhexi’s disaster relief funds for government rations still had three more years before word would be leaked out. At that time, Emperor Mingde would already be at death’s door, and this matter would have also been reduced to a means of faction controversy. No one was ultimately responsible for it. And he was pushed to become the Emperor by the Sima Family. The riots in Zhexi and the rebellion of the refugees were the beginning of the fall of Bei An. 

But now, except for him, no one knew that a crisis of national subjugation was about to erupt within sight. Perhaps, at this moment, all of Bei An State’s officials were still immersing themselves in the illusion of peace and prosperity. 

The past events were still vivid in his mind. Everything seemed as heavy as a mountain. Not knowing if he could rely on his little power to change his fate, he couldn’t help sighing. 

He was in a daze when a figure arrived in front of him at a fast pace, they didn’t even wait for him to react when his face suddenly received a blow. There was a muffled sound and Li Yuanmin staggered and thumped heavily in the corridor. 

His eyes turned dark, his internal organs were stirred up, and his throat emitted a fishy sweet smell that was swallowed back by him. Shortly after, a sharp voice sounded in his ears: 

“Don’t think that you bi*ch, relying on a few words, can climb up to Zhong Cui Palace! You are not worthy!”

Li Yuanmin could imagine Li Yuanlang’s resentment even without looking at his appearance. He gasped for his breath for a moment, then stood up after his mind became sober and calm. 

Li Yuanlang was patient and good at hiding. He had laid low for many years in Zhong Cui Palace since he was young, and never exposed his out-of-control appearance to outsiders. Li Yuanmin was the only exception. 

Li Yuanmin, who had experienced two lifetimes, knew exactly why. 

A person who endured to the extreme, needed something to vent on. And he, Li Yuanmin, was the best choice.

Having no background and subjected to suffering, he was also the only one where no one would voice any concerns. Even if he was ruthlessly humiliated, he could only swallow it back in his stomach. Little by little, he would swallow it down just like he was used to. The most important thing is that he (LYM) was even lowlier than him.

Li Yuanlang seem to have heard a laugh, his complexion sank. He pinched the other party’s chin, forcing him to face his face. But inside that big pair of eyes, there was no longer any trace of fear. There was not even a trace of emotion left, he just gazed at him indifferently.

“Everything that you are afraid of….will happen soon.” Li Yuanmin gasped, whispering softly.

“…. What?”

But Li Yuanmin had already stopped talking. The corner of his mouth stained with a bit of blood raised slightly, exposing an extremely faint smile. Unexpectedly, it created a gorgeous appearance. 

Li Yuanlang had never seen him smile before. For some reason, this smile was so dazzling that it made his heart jump violently, at the same time a slight chill went down his back.

He couldn’t help loosening up his hand’s strength, and stare at him blankly on the spot. 

Who is he? He doesn’t know this person! Who really is he? 

Li Yuanlang’s heartbeat was like a drum, he was bewildered. When his senses came back, that person had already disappeared to the end of the corridor, as light as a feather, as if he had never been here before. 

Li Yuanlang’s complexion turned dark.

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