PCTG Chapter 66

Chapter 66

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The lamp candle was faint, and the curtain hung silently.

Ni Lie’s chest rose and fell violently. He gnashed his teeth leaving out a few whisps of noise. Except for his own clothes, the only thing clinging to his waist was himself.

“How obedient and sensible. I’m afraid you can’t wait to get f*cked by me in that h*le huh.”

He casually stripped off Li Yuanmin’s soft silk underwear, and seeing that his eyes were tightly closed, his heart became angrier and angrier. He lowered his head, his forehead against his. The eyes of the person in front of him trembled lightly, but he still looked like he was at the mercy of others. His heart was already blazing as he suppressed the monstrous anger and ordered, “Look at me.”

The person in front of him closed his eyes lifelessly.

“Look at me!” A terrifying roar sounded.

He had always been shrewd but he always lost his control whenever he was with Li Yuanmin like this. His eyes turned into ice knives in that split second and if they were realized then the person below him would already be shattered into powder.

But only he couldn’t treat him like that.

After a long time, he laughed angrily then went to block his lips again in an abnormal state by being extremely gentle and tender as if treating him like a treasure. The person under him became a little uneasy, his eyelashes fluttering.

This kind of reaction finally made him find a gap, he was no longer as presumptuous as before but was more and more unhurried, he was calm and methodical, but his eyes did not let go of him for a moment. Li Yuanmin’s closed eyes trembled more and more uneasily, finally he pushed him away.


The other party finally opened his eyes, and the tail of his eyes became redder and redder, with some slight trembling. Ni Lie finally got a little pleasure. The corners of his lips floated into a sneer: “Don’t what? Didn’t you and him used to do this often?” 

Looking at the other party’s increasingly red eyes, he finally found a way to make him no longer lifeless. There was a gritted smile on the corner of his lips. He effortlessly suppressed his resistance inch by inch and calmly looked at his fragile struggle for a long time: “I assume that you taught him all of this, so why don’t you teach me as well?”

He gradually approached him, looking at the person in front of him who was already on the verge of collapse. He finally gained the upper hand, and his heart was happy: “Well, if you won’t teach me, then I will figure it out by myself.” 

After spouting out the vicious words, he suddenly unloaded his last bit of strength and controlled him like a beast.

Li Yuanmin whimpered and cried, he struggled violently, but he couldn’t break free from the other party at all. He cried breathlessly and shook his head hopelessly. The black hair scattered like running water, binding his whole body and making him unable to yell out loud. He shut his eyes tight as if he was crumbling to the situation.

Everything was indispensable to him.

However, Ni Lie came up with joy to him, a twisted colour on his face. He curled his fingers to stroke his flushed cheeks: “Look, not only him, but I can also make you feel like this.”

He viciously added: “I am not him, but you can still feel like this.” 

Words are bladeless but sharper than blades.

Ni Lie looked at the expression of the person in front of him who seemed to have his soul sucked out by him. He was happy in his heart, but this pleasure felt stuffy, he didn’t know that there could be such a feeling in the world.

This demon is a demon that specifically came to harm him!

The curtain hung silently, dead silence in the air.

After a while, Li Yuanmin suddenly spoke with a lifeless expression: “Yes, you are not him.”

He said sadly and lowly: “You are not him at all…”

Ni Lie had a calm face, staring at him intently. Li Yuanmin no longer shed tears, the tip of his nose was slightly peachy, but he raised his eyes to look at him.

“Do you love me?” Li Yuanmin suddenly asked him.

Such straightforward and stupid sour words inexplicably angered Ni Lie. He didn’t understand what he meant, so he only looked at him coldly and said sarcastically: “Do you really think that there could be anything other than desire for your body?”

The person below him opened his lips slightly, and the only flush on his face also faded. Ni Lie looked at his instantly empty eyes, and suddenly regretted it in his heart, but before he could say anything, he heard him sigh.

He slowly stretched out his arms and wrapped his arms around him, and a pair of empty eyes gradually became clear. The candlelight reflected in them, like the stars in the night sky. His eyelids were pink because of all the crying just now, and he pressed against his forehead, looking at him with dark eyes.

After a long time, he raised his chin and kissed him on the lips.

Ni Lie closed his eyes in an inexplicable panic. His heart jumped heavily, then this kiss slowly went down. Ni Lie’s throat became dry, he couldn’t help but move his Adam’s apple.

The other party’s delicate palm slipped into his palm, ten fingers tightly interlocked with his. Ni Lie felt a little unbearable, he wanted to turn over and bully him, but the man easily pushed him and leaned down.

The fragrance hit, it was a poison that bewitched the mind.

The air gradually warmed up, and through the curtain, the slender man resembled an extremely fresh lily in the wind trembling unrestrained in bed, being wild on Ni Lie’s body and on his confused bewitched consciousness.

Ni Lie was a trapped beast. He had great strength, but his strong arms were groundbreaking and powerless, while the gorgeous demon was like a very beautiful mandala, trapping him without the slightest effort.

Ni Lie was swept into a net that could not be broken by him, and he had no self-control at all.

In this war dominated by the other side, he was at the bottom, he couldn’t help himself at all. In desperation, he finally gave up resistance and was completely defeated under the seemingly soft but strong pressure of the other party.

The air finally cooled down, and all consciousness returned to the mind.

The candlelight shone softly through the curtain, and the fragrance of the bed lingered as if one was wandering between the sea of flowers in late spring. The jade-like person beside him looked forward absentmindedly covered with a type of holy soft light all around his body.

At that moment, he suddenly desperately longed for the other party to gently take his head into his arms like before, so that he could empty everything and enjoy his gentleness freely.

Therefore, he held his arm and unconsciously showed a little ugly expression of pleading.

But the person on his body also softened, there was water in his eyes, but there was no longer a gentle colour. His eyes were empty, cold and empty.

He rubbed his lips against his ear, panting slightly, and said:

“You don’t have love for me, but I can make you feel just like this the same way. ”

Ni Lie’s heart that was burning hot gradually cooled down.

He was taking revenge, using the same means to retaliate; a soft person like him, but the knife he used was so sharp, so sharp that he couldn’t come back to his senses for a long time. Ni Lie who should be in control of everything should have said a sarcastic word or two inconsequentially to save face, however, at that moment, he couldn’t think of any words to retort.

The man in front of him had an expression he had never seen before in the corner of his eyes, and he gasped:

“My Ah Lie would not blame me for changing his destiny, he would not be willing to make me sad. ”

He muttered and repeated: “How could he be willing to make me sad…..” 

He closed his eyes feeling as if his heart was cut out.

“Your Ah Lie? Who knows him better than me? You?” Ni Lie sneered cruelly. He grabbed his slender neck, turned him over and pressed him on the pillow, his face becoming more and more hideous: “The destiny of someone who will ascend to the top, giving him a life of enslavement, and he will not blame you? Pah! What right do you have to say this? What qualifications do you have to say this?! ”

He approached his ear and said word by word coldly: “You owe me.”

This sentence was like a magic spell. Li Yuanmin trembled, and he met a pair of blood-red eyes. His tears immediately fell. From the moment he understood things, he knew that tears were the most useless thing, but they still flowed uncontrollably. He blocked his lips fiercely and bit him maliciously.

“I won’t let you say it! ”

He was hysterical, “I don’t owe you, I don’t owe you at all!”

“You owe me! You will never be cleared of this debt! Don’t even think about paying it off in this life!” 

To this day, if Ni Lie did not understand, his life was lived in vain! Why he was afraid of this sentence, why was he forced into submission by him, in the end, it was all because of “him”. Even this guilt was for the eighteen-year-old Ni Lie, but he had the same face as him. Through this guilt, he could do whatever he wanted with Li Yuanmin.

It turned out that he had never obtained him, not even a single bit.

Both of them were out of control tonight, so they hurt each other like beasts.

Li Yuanmin sweated coldly, he trembled and shook, but he hugged his neck: “Ah Lie… I’m in so much pain… I’m in so much pain…”

He cried hopelessly.

Ni Lie’s heart was about to explode, he gritted his teeth and hurriedly did things. This masochistic mutual torture, no one got a trace of pleasure from it.

Ni Lie got out of bed with a gloomy face: “Someone come!”

A servant woman came in neatly and waited to obey the order.

“Bring an iron chain in.”

The servant woman’s expression did not change and she directly withdrew. After a while, she came with an iron rope with the thickness of a baby’s arm.

Ni Lie’s face suddenly turned cold.

The servant woman immediately understood and she knelt down: “I deserve to die! I will go look for it again right away. ”

After a while, the servant woman brought a fine iron chain the thickness of her little finger, which was extremely delicate and smooth at the edges which would not hurt a person’s skin.

Ni Lie’s complexion eased a little, he stepped forward a bit to trap the two jade-white ankles with chains.

He leaned down, “Your old father in the capital is critically ill, I have long released the news of your entry into the capital to serve him due to his illness, no one will know that you are trapped here.” 

“It is not an exaggeration to disappear for half a year with the excuse of making a trip from Lingnan to the capital,” He touched his face: “As for what to do with you in that half a year, it depends on my mood.”

The person in the bed was like a dead person, empty eyes, lying down quietly.

Ni Lie stood up abruptly, looked at him, finally endured it again and brushed his sleeves away.

The author has something to say: Li Yuanmin is by no means the kind of person who is so weak that he is powerless to resist change, but the disappearance of Ah Lie overwhelmed him like a mountain.

If he can quickly perk up and respond positively, as an author, I would not believe it in the first place.

I can only say that I want to write about the dog blood that I believe, and as for whether I can get the readers to believe it, it is not under my control; after all, the original intention of writing novels is to please myself, and if I can please others at the same time, that is the unexpected joy.

PS: This is the result from working overtime hours, hehe.

Ciacia/N: I’m finally back again lmao, what i wanna say is i got scammed by the author T_T.

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