PCTG Chapter 68

Chapter 68

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After passing through the narrow secret passage, a delicate elegant room appeared in front of him. The elegant room was very spacious, not at all oppressive. The earth dragon (Chinese furnace) was burning all day, so even in this cold weather, this secret room still maintained a suitable temperature.

On a large bed in the elegant room lay a slender beautiful person, motionless. The thin butterfly bones on his back were slightly propped up, and a little snow-white-colored face poked pitifully out of the scattered black hair. A soft mattress with a soft snow satin colour wrapped around his thin waist. The precious fabric that was famous for being white and soft, looked much inferior to the satiny snow skin of his body, his slender legs slightly bent. His ankles were connected to two fine iron chains with silver light, and a pair of snow-white feet were slightly crimson, hanging quietly there.

An extreme beauty that was possessed by him.


Ni Lie brushed aside the chaotic emotions in his heart and looked at him quietly for a long time. The other party seemed to be sleeping and motionless.

Ni Lie was entranced again.

With a slight click in his ear, Nie Lie sobered up. He reached out and pulled the rope on the side of the bed a few times, soon the servant woman came in with two steaming bowls of sticky rice dumplings.

After placing the plates on the table in front of the bed, she quietly retreated.

Ni Lie coughed heavily, but the person on the bed did not react at all, he seemed to be still sleeping deeply.

He couldn’t help but be embarrassed, his tongue against the top of his cavity wall. He walked to the table with a deep step, and noisily sat down with his hands on his knees. His finger unconsciously poked the knee, and for a long time, he sat there. Seeing that the two bowls of sticky rice dumplings on the table were about to get cold, he rubbed his face and stood up before slowly walking towards the bed.

He stood on the edge of the bed for a long time before he proceeded to sit down, and smelled the familiar faint cold fragrance between his nose.

This cold fragrance on his body was not very obvious in the daytime, it only became slightly thicker when he was in bed. If he was emotional, the fragrance would be dripping wet, drilling with every passing chance to linger in his nose making him unable to think calmly. 

He was poisoned by his heat.

He couldn’t help but reach his hand over and put it on his shoulder. He shook it gently, but the voice was cold: “Hey, eat something.” 

He immediately noticed that something was wrong with him, the satiny snow skin under his hands was hot, and there was also a slight trembling. Ni Lie’s heart tightened as he hurriedly scooped the person into his arms by his neck. He saw that the face of the person in front of him was all red and his eyes were fluttering, his eyes moving, looking very uncomfortable.

Ni Lie was shocked at the moment. He suddenly pulled the rope in front of the bed, and soon two servants hurriedly came in.

“What’s going on?!” He simply lashed his anger out: “He was fine yesterday, why had he get a fever today? How did you take care of him?”

The two servants knelt down in unison, their faces full of sincere fear: “Master, forgive us!”

One of them said: “Although His Highness has not had a good appetite these days, his body is still fine, there seems to be nothing abnormal tonight when we took a look at him earlier…”

Speaking of this, her tone became a little sluggish.

Ni Lie immediately caught on and exclaimed, “Speak! ”

The servant woman hurriedly replied: “Fireworks were set off in the mansion today because of Lantern Festival. His Highness heard some movement and asked what day it was… When I answered, he stopped talking, and had been acting weakly since dinner so he went to bed early.”

Ni Lie’s face turned ashen when he heard this, his eyes rolled a few times coldly. He was silent for a long time before he ordered: “Find the doctor and have him come take a look…..get the tight lip one.” 

The two servants accepted the order and withdrew.

Ni Lie closed his eyes, and let out a long breath of turbid air. It was a long time before he felt a fine key in his bosom, and removed the ankle iron chains on his ankle. While doing it, he unintentionally touched the slightly cool soles of his feet, and his eyebrows sank. He hesitated for a moment before reaching out and holding the soles of his feet in the palm of his hand to make it slightly warmer, then stuffed it into the warm soft futon before wrapping the whole person and picking him up horizontally going out of the secret room.

After half a burning incense, the doctor came quickly with the medical box on his back under the guidance of the servant.

When he entered the inner room, he saw commander Daren standing in front of the bed with his hands behind his back with a demonic expression. The bed curtain on the bed had been put down, and the nobleman he had to see was obviously inside, so he hurriedly kneeled down to pay respect.

Ni Lie waved his hand with a cold face: “Go.”

He glanced at the servant woman again, and the servant woman understood. She hurriedly stepped forward to open the curtain slightly, so as not to let others see his face clearly, and gently moved the wrist of the collapsed person out to facilitate the doctor’s diagnosis.

This doctor had always been cautious, when he saw such a situation, he did not dare to look at the patient indiscriminately, but lowered his eyes slightly in concentration while putting his fingers on the jade-white wrist to carefully feel the pulse.

After a while, the doctor got up, bowed towards Ni Lie and said, “Reporting to Daren, this noble man has no serious illness.”

Ni Lie’s face first relaxed, and then asked with a cold face: “If he’s fine, how can he suddenly have a fever?” 

The doctor lowered his head even more: “This nobleman is not very strong, perhaps…perhaps he was sad and worried for many days so his heart was depressed that’s why he lost his vitality for a while. I will temporarily prescribe two doses of calming medicines for you.”

Medicine is secondary, solving the knot in his heart is what matters – but how dare the doctor say this.

Hearing this, Ni Lie’s expression became even colder. His chest rose and fell slightly, it took a long time before he waved his hand: “You can go now.”

The servant woman hurriedly took the doctor and withdrew quietly.

NI Lie stood in place for a moment, then finally walked over and opened the curtain, the person on the bed was still asleep with his eyebrows slightly frowning.

Ni Lie’s Adam’s apple moved, and he slowly sat on the edge of the bed. For a long time, he heard him speak, seemingly afraid of the cold and retracting his face into the futon. Ni Lie frowned. Although this bedroom has a stove, in the end, it is not warmer than the secret room. He has lived in the secret room for a long time, naturally, he can not adapt to the temperature outside. Ni Lie immediately regretted it in his heart, he hurriedly picked up the person on the bed and hurriedly walked to the secret room.

After placing the person on the bed, he still trembled slightly, his bloodless lips trembled.

“ Cold…”

Ni Lie’s dark face was calm, after a while, he put his hand on his belt, and effortlessly took everything off except for his own clothes before getting into the futon bare-chested and holding the person in his arms.

Perhaps with the heat source, the person in his arms involuntarily approached him, rubbing his body all the way into his arms.


Ni Lie reacted almost immediately, what a demon! He cursed secretly in his heart, but still gritted his teeth and took a few deep breaths, and endured holding him like this.

After a long time, a hand suddenly touched his face. Ni Lie trembled all over, he couldn’t help but whimper in pain. He was about to lower his head to dodge when he was met with a pair of round eyes.

Ni Lie’s adam’s apple moved, he had expected the other party’s next reaction to being nothing more than disappointment and pain. It lit a fire in his heart.

However, contrarily, those huge eyes softened slightly, they actually looked at him full of grievances.

Ni Lie swallowed his saliva.

He sighed before slowly rubbing his head in between his neck. Very quickly Ni Lie felt a rush of wetness on his neck.

The person in his arms seemed to have suffered a great grievance, he hugged his neck and wept silently, like a duckweed finding a home and a lone beast finding its own kind.

He longed for his comfort.

However, Ni Lie confessed that he was not him.

Ni Lie closed his eyes,  he was easily shattered by this kind of inexplicable emotion.

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