PCTG Chapter 91

Chapter 91

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He Yunyi was wearing a green shirt, at first glance he looked like a pure scribe, compared with the eighteen-year-old boy in his memory, he was a little more calm and restrained.

Li Yuanmin remembered the imperial medical uniform he had seen in the palace at noon, which was only available for those above the second rank. These eight years were not long, not short, but this childhood friend had been promoted from a small medical officer to such a position, he was only twenty-six years old, and can be regarded as young and promising with a limitless future. 

His heart was more and more gratified.

He manipulated his destiny to avoid repeating the fate of the previous life, his only childhood friend, with his talent, reached the pinnacle he could reach – presumably he was the only one who would not blame himself for changing the fate of others without permission.

Li Yuanmin’s heart felt a pain like a needle prick for no reason, but a huge joy quickly floated up, in the past two months, today was what made him so happy.

Li Yuanmin thought of something, untied a piece of jade from his waist, and handed it to He Yunyi: “Although this piece of jade is not a good material, it has been brought from the Buddhist temple in Lingnan, it couldn’t be better in driving away evil spirits. I don’t know how long I can stay in the capital, I’m afraid I can’t wait until your wife give birth, this is a meeting gift for the child I have never met. ”

He Yunyi looked at the turquoise and watery piece of auspicious cloud hundred blessing jade pendant, although he was not a rich and noble family, he could also see that this piece was not “not a good material” as he said.

Perhaps he felt that if he was polite it would hurt the person, so He Yunyi did not shirk, he took it into his sleeve.

“ I will thank his uncle on behalf of him, thank you Uncle Shi.”

Hearing the word Uncle Shi, Li Yuanmin’s heart became warmer, his gentle eyebrows were like spring rain, with a brightness that could not be seen directly.

He Yun silently looked away, took a sip of tea, and said after a while: “How have you been doing all these years?”

Li Yuanmin snorted slightly: “It’s good, in the end, I was freer than when I was in the capital.”

Looking at Li Yuanmin’s stretched posture, He Yunyi suddenly knew why he was different from his appearance he saw before, the King of Guang’an in front of him, in this palace, after all, was no different from the thirteen-year-old child who could not protect himself. There was a heavy pain in his heart at the moment, he couldn’t help it anymore, he almost blurted out:

“ Back then… Why did you exhaust yourself to go to Lingnan? ”

When he blurted it out, He Yunyi felt remorseful, he thought, why did he ask this question, and why did he pretend to ask this question with a known answer!

Li Yuanmin was stunned, thinking that he was going to uncover this scar after all, he swallowed his saliva, “I’ve been in this palace like this, after all… After all, it was not the solution.”

Seeing He Yunyi’s face gloomy, he put down the cup with some anxiety: “Zhihe, what happened back then, it was all because I failed you, you have a grudge in your heart, it should be, I… I…”

An unspeakable bitterness welled up in his throat.

 If after eight years, He Yunyi couldn’t understand it anymore, then he could be considered to have lived in vain!

He was now received and heavily used by Empress Sima to get into his current position, having been immersed in the palace for a long time, how does he not know his current situation. Although this prince in front of him bore the title of a vessel state king, how much weight can he have in this imperial city?

For so many years, he had been avoiding to think about it, but today, he completely understood what precious thing he had lost.

There were violent waves in his heart, but in the end he didn’t say anything, only shook his head, and cherishedly took the piece of jade out of his sleeve and held it tightly in his hand.

When Li Yuanmin saw it, the uneasiness on his face gradually disappeared, the corners of his lips slowly raised, and his face was even fresher than the February spring flowers sticking out from the wall outside.


 Since He Yunyi appeared, Ni Ying obviously felt the transformation of her Highness Gege.

Although he still looked without vitality when he entered the palace every day, she could see that he had hope in his heart, especially when the man surnamed He came to invite to have tea. She could obviously feel the ease and arbitrariness of His Highness Gege, he was like a phantom orchid that had withered for a long time, suddenly breeding new shoots and gradually standing up.

This made her a little uneasy.

There was naturally another emotionally unstable one.

Yinzhou camp, black juice soaked in the night.

Ni Lie’s face was gloomy, the secret agent in front of him couldn’t help but have cold sweat on his back.

Ni Lie’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he said coldly: “Who is that man?”

The secret agent said: “It is the Yuan Pan(medical officer position) of the Imperial Physician Courtyard, he’s deeply valued by Empress Sima. ”

Ni Lie slowly closed his eyes and lowered the corners of his lips, which made him look as if he was an old monk, but only the roots of his teeth that twitched on the side of his cheeks could show the glimpse of violent turmoil in his heart.

The secret agent did not dare to make a sound, and only knelt on the ground with his fists in his hands.

The candlelight flickered, occasionally sending out flickering noises. 

After a long while, Ni Lie opened his eyes and said calmly, “You can go.”

The secret agent loosened his body, with a flash of effort, he quietly disappeared.

Ni Lie stared at the lamp in front of him for a long time, and then closed his eyes again.

Not long after, the guards outside came to report that Cao Gang asked for a meeting.

As soon as the curtain was lifted, Cao Gang, who was slightly hasty, came in.

With a certain excitement on his face, he hurriedly stepped forward as he could not suppress it: “Daren, there is news from the border that the Lord of the Wala Kingdom has also arrived in the capital five days earlier!”

Ni Lie’s eyes opened suddenly, and then a sneer slowly appeared, finally this day arrived.

In the previous life, the lord of the Wala Kingdom also first entered the capital in the name of worship, but in less than three days, he also died violently in the palace for some reason. The news spread to the Wala and the whole country mourned, the people’s grievances shook the sky. Later, Wala’s general Liang Hado took advantage of this to raise troops, together with the Tatar million-strong army, and swept south, menacing. Within two months, he broke through Liangzhou, northern Shaanxi, and Ningxi, and fought until he reached Yanmen Pass, only one Yinzhou was left from the capital, the capital’s surrounding area was in danger.

Under the internal and external troubles of the Bei’an Dynasty, Ni Lie was ordered to lead troops to resist the enemy, and took this as a starting point to strengthen the army step by step, and in three years, he reorganized an iron division that subverted the world.

The more chaotic the world, the more powerful the opportunity to gather strength, and this one in front of them was obviously not to be missed.

The two looked at each other, both seeing the hot light in each other’s eyes.

“ In addition,” Cao Gang handed a letter in his arms to Ni Lie, “Crown Prince ordered me to wait for several military generals of Jingzhou to enter the capital thirteen days ago to greet the lord of the Wala, Daren was also among the summoned people.”

“ Good,” Ni Lie’s face did not fluctuate: “I will enter the capital one day in advance.”

Cao Gang didn’t know why he would want to rush into the capital like this, but he never had any words about the decision of his master of two lifetimes. He immediately went down to arrange the entry into the capital.

There was silence in the camp, and Ni Lie stared at the rickety lamp and candle for a long time, he felt the wooden hairpin in his arms, and for a moment, he put it at the tip of his nose and sniffed.

His Adam’s apple moved, but he sneered.

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