PCTG Chapter 93

Chapter 93

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Li Yuanmin had not seen him so cold and gloomy for a long time, but at some point, he had long been accustomed to his non-dangerous appearance—annoyingly entangled with him, like a huge dog that could not be shaken off, rather than the look in front of him that made him fearful. It reminded him of the demon in his previous life, he was like this, covered in blood as he walked in making people become terrified.

This feeling is too ridiculous, the person in front of him was originally that demon reborn. Li Yuanmin’s heart did not know when, but he had already divided them into two people.

Now, it seems to have been recombined into one.

His heart was beating so hard, he had been forced by the man to have no room to retreat, and he resisted the urge to escape, instead he leaned against his thick chest, and forced a smile: “… I’m not healthy yet…”

But the person in front of him seemed to not be able to hear, and behaved like each minding their own business before proceeding to take off Li Yuanmin’s belt. Li Yuanmin’s weak resistance under his strength was tantamount to a mantis against a carriage, and soon he was stripped to only a moon-white underwear left. The man lowered his head, came to his neck and sniffed heavily, then grabbed his wrist, and quickly fell to the bed. 

Li Yuanmin could not keep up with his pace, he stumbled, and almost fell, but was thrown to the collapse, coupled with a heavy body pressing him down. Li Yuanmin could not avoid it, so he could only grab Ni Lie’s arm helplessly, he swallowed his saliva, raised his head and flatteringly pasted his warm lips: “I will help you, I will help you with my hands.”

However, with a tearing sound, the last bit of clothing covered his body was also torn apart by the other party, Li Yuanmin was afraid in his heart, he kicked his legs and wanted to retreat, but his two snow-white ankles were held, and pulled back, being spread apart little by little.

His strength was so great that Li Yuanmin couldn’t shake his movements even if he fought hard, he was almost like a fish waiting to be slaughtered in front of Ni Lie without reservation.

The man bullied him, astonishingly hot. Li Yuanmin trembled, he couldn’t even move, he just looked at Ni Lie’s ice-covered eyes pitifully and pleadingly: “Between me and him… there is nothing going on. ”

Weakly and weakly, he repeated: “We really don’t have anything going on…”

Before the words fell, he suddenly screamed shortly, before he could not say anything more.

The wind outside the window suddenly blew, the closed window edge hummed, no one knew what was happening inside.


The movement of the collapse finally subsided.

After all these days, Ni Lie finally smelled the demagogic cold fragrance on him again. He always knew that he could not escape his fatal attraction, so he never hid his infatuation with him – even then. He lost his soul as before, but the other party was in pain, with tears in the corners of his eyes, cold sweat soaked his forehead.

– He was suffering. 

But obviously earlier, he had tried his best to hold back the mania, so that he would not do anything to hurt him – he should have followed his own will, but in the end he endured it. He didn’t know starting when but he didn’t want to hurt him even a little, such a coquettish pampered, both afraid of hardship and pain, if it annoyed him, he would become squeamish, and would not even say anything, and only looked at people with those eyes with watery intention, looking until his heart become palpilated, so how could he allow himself to be presumptuous.

 – yet he still showed such a painful look covered with tears.

A fierce fury hit Ni Lie’s heart, making him mad, he crushed his silver teeth, nevertheless he rigidly endured it. He pressed against Li Yuanmin’s forehead, and warned coldly: “In the future, you are not allowed to interact with that person again.”

But the person in front of him gasped and rejected him: “No, he is my friend.”

“Friends?” Ni Lie sneered, a storm brewing in his eyes, and mocked: “What kind of friend? ”

This sneer made Li Yuanmin’s eyes tremble, he raised his pink eyelids and met his eyes, with a sadness in his eyes that wanted to cry: “I… Although I have such a body, I also have friends. ”

Besides this face, besides this deformed body, his soul is exactly the same as that of a man, he is like every ambitious man who longs all his life to seek self acknowledgement, he asked himself if he was a worthless person, after all, how can he not find someone who see through this skin of his into the real person he is.

“ Friend?” Ni Lie burst out. He grabbed his chin, his eyes burst out with cold light: “Which man is willing to only look at you!” 

How could his beastly intuition not feel the thoughts of that nuisance imperial physician towards him, but the person in front of him treated the man completely differently. He showed in front of that imperial physician the ease and arbitrariness that he had never had in front of him. The last layer of thread between the two was probably already gone, this made him jealous, made him angry, made him crazy enough to have a murderous heart—not chopping the man into pieces on the spot was already his greatest mercy!

His eyes were blood-red, and he roared like a beast: “What man in the world doesn’t want to have a taste of you!”

At that moment, Ni Lie obviously felt that the person in front of him lost his expression and suddenly dimmed – because of his words. When he was in the teahouse, he was dressed in plain cloth, but he smiled like a beautiful orchid on a cliff, making people willing to risk the sky to pick him, but he was pressed to pieces in bed. Now, he was lifeless after being angrily roared like this by himself, like a withered stub, lifeless.

There was no lit lamp in the room, so there was a dark silence everywhere.

After a long time, Li Yuanmin supported his upper body and got out of bed, and stood still, when a warm sticky liquid dripped. He stood stunned, shrunk for a while, it reminded him of those filthy prying eyes that could not be shaken off on his body, like the smell that could not be washed away on the body.

Trembling in horror, he staggered to the back of the curtain, and hurriedly poured water into the copper basin, but the water was cold, he did not hesitate to moist the cloth and used his hand to wipe it. 

There was a strong wind behind him, with a bang, the basin of cold water overturned, flooding the ground with water. The man in front of him was already angry, he pulled his hand, his eyes were red while staring at him deadly: “Do you hate my touch this much?”

The wrist in his hand was soaked in cold water, like a piece of snow-white cold jade, Li Yuanmin’s face was no longer bloody, but full of dazedness, he just muttered: “What is the difference between you and them…”

He opened his mouth, “What’s the difference between you and them…”

Words are bladeless, but sharper than blades.

Ni Lie’s eyes were black, his chest was heaving violently, his eyes were already terribly bloody red. He smiled angrily, let him go, and walked outside, before he reached the door, he suddenly stood still.

The moonlight shone on him making him look like a fiend.

After a long, long time, he finally turned around, his face was rigidly calm, there was nothing in his indifferent eyes.

But hearing a sharp sound of sheathing, he pulled out his saber and held it in front of him as he said word by word coldly: “Li Yuanmin, if I am soft on you again!”

With the force in his hand, that iron blade unexpectedly let out a sound, emitting a piercing ringing sound.

“I will be like this blade!”

With two clicks, the waste blade was thrown on the ground.

There was a creak at the door, the footsteps gradually moved away. The wind suddenly poured in, cold to the bottom of people’s hearts.

Li Yuanmin stood in place for a long time, before slowly draping himself in clothes, he thought, he should not have offended him like this, how could he anger him, he should let him wantonly do things on his body, maybe he can also make some means to make him obediently submit to himself in bed, how can he not use his body like this… How could he say those things to that man?

He smiled self-deprecatingly, his body shook, his lower abdomen suddenly tightened. There was a throbbing pain as he took a few steps back in pain while supported himself on several shelves.

Such pain was something he had not experienced, he was helpless in his heart, like a lone anxious beast walking back and forth: “A Ying…”

He realized something as soon as he exited, he gritted his teeth in a panic, went to the bedroom, found the cloak and draped it on his shoulder, pushed open the door and went out.

Uncle Qian was awakened by a slight knock on the door. His heart instantly turned frightful as he hurriedly went to open the door, just to see Li Yuanmin enter with a pale face.

“ Uncle Qian… My stomach hurts.” The person in front of him grabbed his hand, his face as helpless as a child: “It hurts.” 

Uncle Qian was shocked, he hurriedly helped him in by putting him on the soft collapse, and stretched out two fingers to take his pulse. After a moment’s effort, his face was suddenly shocked, “Your Highness…”

He looked at the bloodless pale face man, and hurriedly turned out his usual acupuncture bag from several racks and applied acupuncture for him.

A blaze of incense time passed, Li Yuanmin’s frown gradually relaxed, Uncle Qian was relieved, he stood up, glanced at the person on the soft bed, his lips moved, but in the end he didn’t say anything, just walked to the few medicine boxes he was carrying and grabbed some medicine.

Fortunately, this trip, he had enough herbs, especially for various emergencies during pregnancy. He did not dare to delay for a moment, and set up the stove to boil the medicine.

Li Yuanmin on the soft collapse seemed to be asleep, but it looked as if he was not asleep, he just looked like he was very afraid of the cold that his body curled up. Uncle Qian was worried in his heart, but he couldn’t ask anything, and could only sigh as he brought him a bedding to gently cover him.

In such a room with the smell of medicine, Li Yuanmin’s heart seemed to float in a void, he didn’t think about anything, only half-closed his eyes while looking ahead blindly.

It wasn’t known how long it took, when Uncle Qian came over with the medicine.

“ Your Highness…” Uncle Qian called him softly and kindly, “Please drink the medicine.” 

Li Yuanmin let out a long breath, his dilated pupils gradually condensed, gathering on Uncle Qian’s face, he forced a smile: “Uncle Qian, i’ve troubled you once again.”

Uncle Qian’s cloudy eyes were wet, he couldn’t help but scold: “Silly child.”

Uncle Qian crossed the line like this for the first time, but he really couldn’t help it, he sniffed his nose and stepped forward to help Li Yuanmin up.

Li Yuanmin supported his upper body, drank the medicine with the right temperature through Uncle Qian’s hand. The black liquid entered his mouth, the root of his tongue was numb bitterly, he slowed down, raised a pair of huge eyes to look at Uncle Qian, with a pleading: “This matter… Don’t tell A Ying. ”

Uncle Qian sighed and wiped his eyes, he had expected him to say this, so he only nodded, and said in a trembling voice: “Your Highness, your body… can’t stand the toss. ”

Although he did not expect it, Uncle Qian still painstakingly persuaded: “Tomorrow…”

“ Tomorrow, I have to go.” Li Yuanmin interrupted him with the bitterness spread in his throat, he slowed down and said softly: “Uncle Qian, I can only make you worry.”

Uncle Qian’s cloudy eyes were full of worry, he had already moved the fetus, how could he still go to the ritual and kneel all day, but after all these years, how could he not understand him, he could never change his mind when he was dead set on something. He sighed at the moment: “I will help to the best of my ability.”

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