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The eastern horizon hadn’t yet revealed its pale light, but the palace attendants in Daoqian Hall were already busy. The palace lamps that had burned throughout the night had been extinguished, and the palace attendants moved about with careful and quiet steps. Despite their number, more than ten people, there was hardly any sound. The vast hall still maintained the serene tranquility of the lingering night.

In another hour, His Majesty and General Wuwei would be rising. All preparations for the morning routine needed to be made in advance. Lady Xu had meticulously inspected everything, confirming its accuracy, before finally letting out a sigh of relief.

This was the scene of midsummer, with the dawn yet to break. Although it lacked the scorching heat of daylight hours, the lingering warmth of the day still remained outside the grand hall. Even the slightest movement caused one to break into a sweat. However, within the inner chamber, it’s an entirely different world. Behind layers of pearl curtains, there are shallow basins filled with numerous ice blocks. Water wheels set the fan leaves in motion, gently sending cool breeze into the inner chamber. It’s as if there are two distinct seasons between the inside and outside, like two different climates.

The canopy of the bed gently rustled, surrounded by a cold fragrance, and the bright yellow bedding exuded tranquility.

Ni Lie had been awake for quite a while. Today, he had to set out for the northern frontier to handle military affairs. This journey would take at least two months. Therefore, he woke up early, although he should have gotten up swiftly. Yet, he seemed reluctant to leave, still keeping his head lowered and quietly gazing at the person nestled on his strong arm. That person was his cherished one from two lifetimes.

At this moment, his beloved was sleeping soundly. With his dark hair partially covering his face, he appeared incredibly serene. His thin lips were a deep red, with a radiant and moist sheen, as if polished jade. Afraid of disturbing him, Ni Lie couldn’t help but draw closer, almost caressing him.

Recalling the hastiness last night, a surge of warmth coursed through Ni Lie’s heart. Unable to resist any longer, he leaned in, though refraining from touching. He simply lowered his head to inhale the gentle breath, finding solace in everything that belonged to his beloved.

But before long, the person before him awoke. A pair of serene eyes fixed on him.

“A Lie.”

A soft murmur escaped those lips, followed by a lifting hand that gently brushed against Ni Lie’s slightly cool face.

Ni Lie’s heart melted. He held the hand against his palm, locking eyes with his beloved. Those pupils, deeply etched in his heart for many years, were always so tranquil. Just by gazing into them, he felt that his world was at peace, his soul drifting in warm water—comfortable, tranquil, and serene.

This was his soul’s hometown that he could hardly replace in his lifetime.

Suddenly, Ni Lie said, “When I was fourteen, I already knew I had feelings for you.”

He was fourteen, and the other was seventeen, yet he had already started to desire him.

Ni Lie leaned against his forehead, gently touching it as if in a gentle graze. “From then on, you’ve resided in my dreams.”

In reality, those dreams held no specific content—just a vague figure, amidst the gentle breeze, by the water’s edge, beneath the eaves… He gazed at him, his eyes damp and fixed. He watched the Ni Lie in those dreams, his throat drying up. But what could a fourteen-year-old boy truly comprehend? He could only follow his instincts and hold onto him in those dreamscapes.

In the dream, he caught the scent of his cold fragrance, even the snowy white flesh became tangible. An unprecedented excitement overwhelmed him, causing him to forsake even the last remnants of modesty. Like an obedient dog, he nuzzled against him. Every aspect within that dream ignited an almost unbearable excitement in him. Yet, deep within his heart, he felt ashamed and self-loathing, yet he was utterly unable to put a stop to it.

Such debauched dreams had started when he was merely fourteen years old.

This was the sanctuary of his soul that he could hardly replace throughout his lifetime.

Upon hearing this, Li Yuanmin smiled gently without any change in his demeanor. His eyes were filled with tenderness, causing Ni Lie’s heart to ache once again.

Since he recalled those eight years, the pain in his heart had never ceased. It would surface from the depths of his soul at any time, exposing its sharpest thorns that stabbed into his heart. It was like a chronic ailment that would sporadically flare up.

Why hadn’t he realized it sooner? Why were those pains of misunderstandings and mistakes something he had inflicted upon himself? He questioned himself over and over again.

So, he couldn’t help but hate himself, but the person before him would never allow him to harbor hatred. He said, “A Lie, my heart is so overjoyed that it’s about to burst.”

Those words hit Ni Lie’s ears like a blow, causing him to clench his teeth in pain.

On the day after returning from Changtai Peak, Ni Lie had gone mad. He swiftly stripped him bare, laying him on the bed. He incessantly sniffed him, licked him without end, and even nibbled on his skin, leaving marks of blue and purple. The intensity of these emotions was explosive, and he couldn’t stop himself from acting in such a primal and animalistic manner.

His forehead was covered in sweat, his eyes bloodshot and fiery red. He called out in panic, repeatedly addressing him as “Your Highness,” and then again as “Jiaojiao.” He pressed his forehead against him, his fingertips digging into the palm of his hand, trying to counteract the overwhelming pain in his heart. Yet, Li Yuanmin merely caressed him gently, smiling. Ni Lie had never seen him so carefree before, but there were unmistakable tears at the corners of his eyes.

“A Lie,” he whispered, his lips moist as they pressed against Ni Lie’s forehead. Then, he cradled Ni Lie’s head in his arms as if he were holding a precious treasure. Tears welled up in his eyes as he chuckled through them, “A Lie, my heart is so overjoyed it might break.”

Ni Lie’s vision darkened for a moment as he suppressed the suffocating pain he felt. He pressed his ear against Li Yuanmin’s chest, allowing himself to be enveloped by the intense rhythm of his heartbeat. With closed eyes, he acknowledged that no matter what, he was irresistibly drawn to the person before him and couldn’t break free.

Whether it was the young boy rescued from the palace at the age of ten, or the later Red Tiger King.

Both souls were destined to be captivated by Li Yuanmin. This was an unchangeable fate.

Ni Lie buried his head deeply into the crook of Li Yuanmin’s neck, a mix of tenderness and attachment. He covered Li Yuanmin entirely, drawing him close and inhaling his scent deeply. Only in this way could he gradually ease the pain in his heart.

As the morning light outside grew brighter, Ni Lie knew he couldn’t linger like this any longer. He reached into his embrace and retrieved an object, half-metal and half-jade. He secured it around Li Yuanmin’s ankle.

Li Yuanmin felt the object’s warmth against his skin and looked down, asking, “What is this?”

Ni Lie lowered his head and kissed the pale skin of Li Yuanmin’s ankle, saying, “It’s a precious thing from the Western Regions, good for promoting circulation. It’ll keep your feet from feeling as cold as ice during the hot days.”

Li Yuanmin’s eyes twinkled with amusement, and he smiled, “I can just soak my feet before bed. You’re already busy enough with matters in the Northern Frontier. Why bother with this?”

“If I’m not worried about Your Majesty. Whose well-being am I concerned about?” Ni Lie playfully nibbled on Li Yuanmin’s delicate nose and said, “Since I’ll be away for two months, I’m afraid I won’t be here for Your Majesty’s birthday. So, consider this an early birthday gift.”

Their birthdays fell on the same day, so what belonged to him naturally belonged to Li Yuanmin as well.

A glint appeared in Li Yuanmin’s eyes, and he asked in a gentle tone, “What do you want?”

Ni Lie’s lips curled into a smirk, “I’ll leave it to Your Majesty’s imagination.”

Though his words seemed light on the surface, Ni Lie’s heart was brimming with anticipation. However, instead of pressing for more information, Li Yuanmin simply nodded. Ni Lie couldn’t help but feel a bit perplexed by Li Yuanmin’s lack of curiosity.

Aren’t you going to ask more questions?”

Li Yuanmin chuckled and still said nothing. He rose to his feet, and Ni Lie playfully followed him, trying to provoke a reaction. Li Yuanmin accommodated him by affectionately patting his cheek.

“I’ve always remembered. When you return, I promise to prepare a substantial gift for you.”

Relieved, Ni Lie thought of something else and leaned in, whispering into Li Yuanmin’s ear. A furrow formed on Li Yuanmin’s brow, and though his earlobes visibly reddened, he paid no mind to Ni Lie’s words. Undeterred, Ni Lie continued whispering a few more things. Li Yuanmin raised his elegant eyebrows, giving Ni Lie a fleeting glance. In response, Ni Lie felt his heart ripple, as if this single glance had the power to melt him.

Two months felt like an eternity, and how could he not carry some longing?

Finally getting his wish fulfilled, Ni Lie folded the soft, delicate garment warmed by Li Yuanmin’s body into a square. He held it under his nose and took a deep breath, a contented smile on his face. Looking at the figure with his back turned to him, Ni Lie tightened his grip on the garment and approached.

“Thank you for Your Majesty’s reward.”

With the turmoil in the Northern Frontier finally settling, and the situation under control, the court had established a military governor’s office in the Northern Frontier, overseeing sixteen prefectures to manage the ongoing conflicts. Ni Lie’s current journey was aimed at addressing these matters. With the experience from his past life, the implementation went smoothly, albeit keeping him incredibly busy. Nevertheless, the distractions helped alleviate some of the pain of longing.

After enduring several sandstorms, the weather gradually cooled in the Northern Frontier. The affairs there were now organized under a framework. Over the years, Ni Lie had promoted several capable officials who could manage things in his absence. In two more days, once everything was settled, he could return to the capital.

Unfortunately, he still wouldn’t make it in time for someone’s birthday.

With these thoughts in mind, a hint of melancholy arose within Ni Lie. He was about to take out the small garment and touch it when a low voice from one of his companions traveling with him echoed outside, “Marquis, there’s a letter from the capital. It’s from Princess Qinghe.”

Ni Lie cleared his throat and placed the small garment back in his embrace, saying, “Bring it in.”

It was rare to receive a letter from Ni Ying, Ni Lie let out a soft chuckle as he shook the letter, broke the seal, and opened it. Ni Ying’s elegant handwriting greeted his eyes, and as Ni Lie scanned the lines, his usually cold demeanor softened.

“…Tomorrow is His Majesty’s birthday. Although His Majesty ordered the Inner Court not to hold grand celebrations, the people of the capital have spontaneously set off fireworks all night. It was truly lively. Jing’er stayed at the Xuanwu Platform watching and was reluctant to leave. It’s likely that the festivities will be even grander tomorrow night…”

Ni Lie’s lips curled involuntarily into a smile as he read further.

“…These days, His Majesty has been preoccupied with the situation in the Northern Frontier, surely worrying about Elder Brother. I hope that Elder Brother is doing well and can return to the capital soon…”

Reading the letter twice, Ni Lie neatly stored it away. His once icy countenance now bore a gentle expression. He couldn’t help but retrieve the small garment from his embrace. While he was thinking of the Northern Frontier, wasn’t the other person thinking of the capital? Today was that person’s birthday, but he didn’t know what kind of gift he had prepared.

He pondered for a moment before thinking that he would be returning in two days. A smirk formed on his lips, and he playfully flicked his tongue against his palate. By that time, he would make a show of acting dissatisfied with the gift, then tease him about repaying him with something else.

As for what that “something else” would be…

Ni Lie smelled the small garment and a mischievous smile tugged at his lips.

The busy days flew by, soon it was night. The temperature difference between day and night in the Northern Frontier was substantial. The day was sweltering, but by night, a chilling wind would start blowing, sending shivers down one’s spine.

An entourage closed the door, and the howling wind subsided slightly. On the writing desk, several case files were neatly arranged. Ni Lie planned to complete his work over the next two days. He instructed an entourage with a few words, and the entourage added a few more lamps, brightening the hall. Ni Lie rubbed his face and focused on the task of writing and annotating.

He lost track of time when a low voice came from outside, “Marquis, would you like some tea?”

Ni Lie didn’t even lift his head, simply agreeing.

The door creaked open, bringing in a draft of cold air that caused the play of light and shadow in the room to flicker.

Engrossed in his writing, Ni Lie was about to turn the page when a faint scent drifted to his nose. He trembled and lifted his head in disbelief.

Watery eyes, plump vermilion lips, a rosy and fair complexion, and a gentle smile.

The maid who brought in the tea seemed to have a face etched into his memory.

Ni Lie abruptly swallowed, rushed to his feet, and grabbed the wrist of the person who had entered, pulling them close to inhale their scent. It was the familiar scent that ensnared his senses. Ni Lie’s throat bobbed, his breathing becoming slightly erratic. He held onto the person’s waist, narrowing his eyes.

“Where did this little enchantress come from? Are you here to bewitch me?”

The person was Li Yuanmin, dressed as a palace maid. He wore the same attire that Ni Lie remembered him in. Holding back his laughter, he looked at Ni Lie with a teasing smile. “Marquis, are you satisfied with this birthday gift?”

Before Ni Lie could respond, the grip around his waist tightened like an eagle’s claw. His rough breath sprayed onto Li Yuanmin’s face. Ni Lie yanked open Li Yuanmin’s collar, pressed his face to Li Yuanmin’s pale neck, and inhaled sharply, filling his senses with the familiar, intoxicating scent. His mind heated up instantly.

Through clenched teeth, he growled, “Whether I’m satisfied or not, I’ll have to test it on the bed!”

With that, he scooped Li Yuanmin up horizontally and held him against his chest. Despite his heated mind, a semblance of reason remained. He turned his head toward the door and ordered: 

“Listen! Without my orders, no one is allowed to come in.”


Outside the door, Ni Ying, now dressed in men’s attire, wanted to laugh but maintained a stern expression as she chased away the attendants waiting outside.

Impatiently, Ni Lie had already placed Li Yuanmin on the soft bed behind a screen for resting. He urgently removed his wrist guards and tossed them to the ground. His face, marked by intense desire, appeared furious and ferocious. Yet, Li Yuanmin’s gaze remained gentle as he looked at Ni Lie. He even used his hand to tenderly stroke Ni Lie’s face, as if he had no concerns about the person before him seemingly devouring him alive.

Because he knew that the man before him would never harm him in the slightest.

Many years ago, he had disguised himself as a palace maid, saving him. And now, he presented himself as a grand birthday gift, willingly giving himself to Ni Lie’s bed like a plaything.

Despite the haze and the debauchery, he was more than content.

“A Lie,” Li Yuanmin softly called his name, lifting his hand to personally undo the buttons of his own clothing. Since this was a gift for him, he was prepared to cast aside all shame, to give himself to him without reservation, leaving nothing behind.

This night was bound to be a very long one.

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