Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me

Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me (放开我弟,冲我来)
Author: Kuai Di Xiao Gu (作者:快递小咕)
Translator: Lazy Girl T
Editor: ???
Schedule: TBD
Status: Ongoing

Author’s Summary:

Chu Suiyun, who had been rated as the “No. 1 Ideal Alpha of the Academy” for three consecutive years, is a little bro-con. His younger brother is obedient and well-behaved, a cute little Omega.

But recently, he found out with a heartache that his younger brother was in love, and what broke him even more was that his younger brother was in love with a scumbag named Qin Miao.

In order to save his younger brother, Chu Suiyun decided to interfere and break up the two of them.

The quickest way was to let his younger brother realize Qin Miao’s true face.

Good brother Chu Suiyun decided to sacrifice himself, seduce him by pretending to be an Omega, and uncover the deceit and trash under Qin Miao’s golden outer appearance.

His younger brother was on a date with Qin Miao at a restaurant. Chu Suiyun sprayed Omega-scented perfume, pretended to be dizzy while his younger brother was not there, and fell into Qin Miao’s arms.

Chu Suiyun: Ah, sorry, I feel dizzy.

Qin Miao smiled: I will take you to a room to rest.

Qin Miao was hooked, but he still hadn’t separated from his younger brother. Chu Suiyun was angry and confronted him——

Chu Suiyun: Why don’t you break up, do you think my skills are not good? Scumbag!

Qin Miao smiled with great interest: I have never seen an Omega like you.

Chu Suiyun unleashed his trump card.

He acted delicate and wept: QAQ, you have to break up, be responsible to me, you bit my neck.

Qin Miao: Then let’s get married.

Chu Suiyun: …?

Not giving birth to a baby, not changing into an Omega, it’s a strong fierce Alpha!

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