Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Extra 9

Qingdeng Muyu Extra 9

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Chu Muyu rushed towards the silver-white sedan that had been deformed like a madman, but just after taking two steps, someone grabbed his waist and hugged him tightly.

“Little Yu! Calm down!”

It was Chu Suiyun. He did not know when he arrived at the scene, desperately trying to stop Chu Muyu from passing.

With tears all over his face, Chu Muyu leaned against his brother’s arms helplessly: “Brother… Shen Qingdeng was in the car, he is still in the car, he, he seems to have fainted.”

Chu Suiyun was shocked. As soon as he stopped his car, he ran to his younger brother, but he didn’t expect Shen Qingdeng to be there. He comforted in a deep voice: “Don’t worry, I’ll go take a look, you stay waiting for me here.”

Chu Suiyun helped Chu Muyu aside, leaning against the pillar, then stood up, and quickly ran to the silver car.

After experiencing a huge change in his emotions, Chu Muyu’s body was now weak. He wanted to walk over to see if Shen Qingdeng was okay, but he couldn’t even move his feet.

From this angle, Chu Muyu could clearly see the driver of the black car, so he looked up.

The man who was lying in the driver’s seat was very unfamiliar. Chu Muyu stared at it for a long time before suddenly connecting the man with a person in his memory.

That was Li Cen, who used to stalk him and even wanted to violate him.

Li Cen was much older, Chu Muyu remembered that he was actually only in his thirties, but at this time he looked like he was fifty years old. Compared with before, he had become swollen and fat, like an inflated balloon stuffed into the driver’s seat.

This person who once wanted to harm him, after five years, already hated himself to the core and wanted to kill himself during his parole.

Chu Muyu gritted his teeth, he couldn’t understand why this person wanted to ruin his life again and again.

Suddenly, there was a movement from Shen Qingdeng. At this time, Chu Muyu had already slowly calmed down. He quickly turned his head to look and saw that Chu Suiyun had already opened the door of the silver car and was leaning in, ready to move Shen Qingdeng out.

Chu Muyu walked quickly to Chu Suiyun’s side, trying to help his brother carry Shen Qingdeng out. But when he saw the blood oozing from Shen Qingdeng’s forehead, he stiffened uncontrollably.

“I checked and there is no serious trauma on his body.” Chu Suiyun reassured him, “Help me load him into the car, we will go to the hospital.”

Chu Muyu quickly calmed down, raised Shen Qingdeng’s arm, and moved him out of the driver’s seat with his brother.

When his memory stayed on the major impact of the final collision, Shen Qingdeng could no longer perceive what happened after that.

Did something happen to Chu Muyu? Did he manage to stop the car?

Thinking of this, Shen Qingdeng endured a headache and opened his eyes.

The first thing that caught the eye was the pure white ceiling. Immediately, pain hit his whole body, and Shen Qingdeng felt that his body was crushed and disassembled and then assembled again.

Then Shen Qingdeng noticed a warm touch on his wrist, he moved his head with some difficulty and looked to his side.

He saw Chu Muyu lying on the bed, beside it and sleeping soundly.

Chu Muyu was fine. This was the first thought in Shen Qingdeng’s heart.

Immediately, a cold male voice broke the rare warmth in his heart: “Shen Qingdeng, don’t think it’s useful to pretend to be pitiful.”

This voice was very familiar. Shen Qingdeng followed it and saw that Alpha who was always overprotective of Chu Muyu but occasionally neglected his duty.

Chu Suiyun stood with his arms folded against the wall, his eyes full of alertness. His aura belonging to Alpha was not restrained, and he was wantonly expressing his dissatisfaction with Shen Qingdeng.

Shen Qingdeng didn’t care about Chu Suiyun’s disgust, he was more concerned about the Omega who was sleeping beside him.

Chu Muyu’s hair was fluffy and soft, and the dull hair on top of his head was swaying with his breathing.

So Shen Qingdeng raised a finger and made a silent gesture to Chu Suiyun, completely ignoring Chu Suiyun’s words.

Chu Suiyun’s face sank, not wanting to see how he had that “matter of fact” attitude of taking care of Chu Muyu, left the ward angrily.

Without the interruption of others, Shen Qingdeng finally raised his hand boldly and gently placed his palm on Chu Muyu’s head.

The Alpha just watched Chu Muyu sleep quietly until after half an hour, Chu Muyu gradually woke up.

Chu Muyu didn’t expect to sleep so deeply. More than ten hours have passed since what happened last night. He had been anxiously waiting for Shen Qingdeng to wake up. It was not until a few hours ago that the doctor told them that Shen Qingdeng was in good health, and he was relieved and fell asleep.

Now that he woke up and suddenly met Shen Qingdeng’s eyes, Chu Muyu was a little flustered for no reason.

This night was too rushed and chaotic, Chu Muyu didn’t have time to sort out his mood. Now that Shen Qingdeng woke up, he still didn’t know how to face the Alpha.

Shen Qingdeng didn’t have such complicated feelings as him, so he breathed a sigh of relief and said, “You’re fine.”

Chu Muyu suddenly had a sour nose and nodded.

“Well.” Shen Qingdeng didn’t have much to say, he lowered his eyes and asked what he had always wanted to ask, “You went to see Guan Yuze, he confessed to you, right?”

Chu Muyu was stunned: “Why did you…”

He wanted to ask why Shen Qingdeng knew that he was going to see Guan Yuze, and how he knew Guan Yuze’s name.

“Yes, Little Yu, I’m still following you.”

Without allowing Chu Muyu to think wildly, Shen Qingdeng admitted it frankly: “I’ve been following you since returning to Yun Country, so I knew exactly where you went and who you’ve met.”

Chu Muyu squeezed the corner of his clothes tightly. No wonder, no wonder Shen Qingdeng appeared so timely last night. That was not a coincidence at all, Shen Qingdeng had been following him.

“Since you’ve been following me, why are you asking me?” Chu Muyu asked back.

Shen Qingdeng was a little flustered for the first time, and explained: “I… I didn’t monitor your mobile phone this time. I just located your mobile phone and knew where you went, but I have no way of knowing what you said to the others. You are still afraid of me? But I’d go crazy if I didn’t know where you were.”

“Oh.” Chu Muyu responded with a vague answer.

“Did he confess to you?” Shen Qingdeng asked stubbornly, and then he saw Chu Muyu nod.

Shen Qingdeng squeezed the hand hidden behind the quilt and continued to ask: “Did you… agree?”

Chu Muyu raised his eyes to look at Shen Qingdeng. This was the first time he had seen the Alpha look so bewildered, and for some reason, he felt a little wicked.

Therefore, the Omega deliberately said: “Guan Yuze is a very good person. He is very gentle and respects my wishes. When I stay with him, I can think about nothing and relax completely, because he will consider everything carefully.”

Chu Muyu glanced at Shen Qingdeng and continued: “And he will never be so paranoid that he wants to control me, he said that he wants to have a serious relationship with me. Therefore, as long as they are a smart person, one would know how to respond to Guan Yuze. “

The more he spoke, the more hope in Shen Qingdeng’s eyes were lost, and by the end of the last sentence, Shen Qingdeng’s face was bloodless.

It was only then that the Alpha felt an unprecedented fear. He once thought that it was enough for him to look at Chu Muyu from a distance, but in fact, he was already greedy and could no longer accept Chu Muyu becoming someone else’s Omega.

Seeing that his face was getting worse and worse, Chu Muyu realized that he had gone too far, and was about to explain, but at this time another person entered the ward, interrupting the conversation between the two.

“Awake?” Qin Miao had a coat hanging in his arms and came straight in without knocking on the door.

Qin Miao was an Alpha who had been in the top position for a long time, and his aura was unmatched by others. He glanced at the hands that Chu Muyu and Shen Qingdeng were holding together, and joked, “Little brother, pay attention, your brother doesn’t like that you have anything to do with this guy.”

Chu Muyu was startled, and subconsciously wanted to withdraw his hand, but he looked at Shen Qingdeng’s pitiful appearance and remembered what he said just now, so in the end, he didn’t move, and let Shen Qingdeng grab his hand.

Qin Miao just mentioned it casually. Seeing that Chu Muyu was indifferent, he stopped talking and started talking about business.

“The person who attacked you this time was Li Cen five years ago.” Qin Miao said, “He was seriously injured and is still being rescued.”

Chu Muyu unconsciously clenched Shen Qingdeng’s hand and asked, “Will there be any trouble?”

Qin Miao glanced at Shen Qingdeng and said helplessly: “You also know that there might be trouble. It’s too impulsive. Although Li Cen attacked him first, Shen Qingdeng hit him so hard, the follow up might be difficult.”

Shen Qingdeng disapproved of Qin Miao’s blame. He didn’t think he did anything wrong. He just felt that he didn’t hit him hard enough to kill the guy directly.

Chu Muyu on the side was depressed and lowered his eyes: “But if this was not the case, it would be me who would have died.”

Qin Miao didn’t know how to comfort an Omega, so after a moment of silence, he still gave them reassurance: “Because of this, even if the quarrel in the future will be stinky and long, it will be very unlikely that Shen Qingdeng will have any responsibility, don’t worry.”

Having said that, Qin Miao raised his eyebrows and said inadvertently: “However, if you are Shen Qingdeng’s Omega, this matter will be resolved better. An Alpha has the right and obligation to take protective measures for its own Omega. Taking this into account, Shen Qingdeng will definitely not be convicted.”

Chu Muyu’s face flushed red. He won’t bother to pay attention to Qin Miao’s teasing.

Qin Miao came in to talk about this. After the matter was finished, he turned around and left, and went to Chu Suiyun to deal with the follow-up matters. Suddenly, only Chu Muyu and Shen Qingdeng were left in the ward.

The early morning sun shone in from the window of the ward, warmly melting the cold of late winter.

Chu Muyu lowered his head and Shen Qingdeng carefully looked at the outline of his face with the backlight, soft and gentle.

“So you agreed to Guan Yuze’s confession?”

Hearing this, Chu Muyu raised his head and looked helplessly at Shen Qingdeng, this guy was still struggling with this matter.

Why did he ask still? His hand was still firmly grasped by him, isn’t that enough to explain anything?

Chu Muyu squeezed back Shen Qingdeng’s hand and replied calmly and forcefully, “Guan Yuze is indeed very good, and he is the ideal partner for most Omegas, but no matter how good he is, I know that he is not the person I want. “

“Shen Qingdeng.” Chu Muyu sat up straight and looked into Shen Qingdeng’s eyes, “I’m not a smart person, I can’t be completely rational when it comes to this kind of emotional decision.”

Shen Qingdeng felt his throat tighten and asked, “Who do you want?”

A chubby bird flew to the windowsill, chirped and flew away with a thud. Chu Muyu looked away, but did not let go of the hand that was tightly clasped with Shen Qingdeng, but instead said:

“I don’t know, let’s see that person’s performance.”

Shen Qingdeng understood the meaning of his words and smiled sincerely after a long time of it’s absence.

The morning sun was slowly rising, and this day had just begun.


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