Let Go of that Shou Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Yuheng Mountain, Dingjun Peak.

Last night, the Sword Pavilion was attacked by a thief. The Demonic Sect had been established for hundreds of years, but it was the first time that a thief dared to go up the mountain to steal something. Chaos was on the Dingjun Peak causing extremely serious consequences.

“Sect leader——!”

“The young master ran away from home!”

“The young master is gone!”

“Lord Sect leader! The young master ran away! ”

“Just let him go.”

You Gutian, the leader of the Demonic Sect, dipped his pen in ink and wrote nonchalantly on the rice paper.

“Sect leader!” The left and right protectors knelt on one knee and said with tears in their eyes: “What should we do about this? We’ve only had one heir for four generations of sect leaders, only one seedling…”

You Gutian turned the brush in his hand, and an ink blot flew out sideways, leaving six dots on the faces of the two loyal protectors.

“Did Yu Wenhong follow him down the mountain?” You Gutian asked.

“He did, wherever the young master goes, that guy will follow suit.” The Right Protector’s old tears flew out.

You Gutian said, “With Yu Wenhong following him, I expected nothing to happen.” 

The Left Protector said, “That shadow guard is loyal, why don’t you let him bring the young master back to the mountain?” 

You Gutian said casually: “That shadow guard is loyal, but also a child that his mother bought. He had never listened to my orders, it doesn’t matter. When the time comes, Mengzhe will return on his own.” ”

Right Protector: “But Sect leader, the young master cultivates the Transmuting Yang Heart Technique. In case he falls into the hands of the martial artists from the orthodox faction…won’t he be…”

The Left Protector echoed, “The consequences will be unimaginable! ”

You Gutian narrowed his eyes and smiled: “The Transmuting Yang Heart Technique is a technique that involves dual cultivation, not a skill that binds one to marriage. It’s inconsequential. Let’s see what fate has in store for Meng Zhe.” 

At the same time, the mountainside of Yuheng Mountain, on a thousand-year-old plank road.


You Mengzhe, dressed in a sky-blue robe and wearing Qilin martial boots, carried a bundle on his back, was running all the way without looking back. When finally, he stopped to breathe for a moment. Finally escaped…escaped! I’m finally safe! Freedom! If I knew it would be like this, I wouldn’t bring many things with me.

You Mengzhe found a place to sit down and inspected the goods he brought from the Demonic Sect—Vermilion-eyed Ice Silkworm, Heaven-Extinguishing Bone-Piercing Needle, Demon Blood Sword, Meridian-Severing Soul-Quenching Whip, Nine Revolutions Rejuvenation Pill, Demon Sect Gift Box Platter with Thirty-Three Compartments, Golden Leaves… I forgot to bring food!

There was also a letter with a painting inside, a self-portrait left by his biological mother, the only memorial to You Mengzhe.

What should I do now that I am hungry? Do I cultivate first? Then I will be full after cultivating? This darn Transmuting Yang Heart Technique is really mysterious. People around the main sect who cultivate other techniques are making progress, so why is it that only I have been practicing this Transmuting Yang Heart Technique for more than a decade without any results?

Left Protector’s son, Xiao Wang, that guy practiced a set of unparalleled techniques called “Heaven and Earth Sole Dominance, Eight Directions Supreme Power, Continuation of the Past, Divine Might Tablet-Splitting Mountain Palm.” Now, that’s what you call impressive! Splitting mountains and striking across hills are just trivial tricks. A casual palm strike from him can demolish walls of a dozen yards or so.

Why is it that when it comes to You Mengzhe, this so-called “Transmuting Yang Heart Technique,” touted as the most mysterious and powerful technique in the entire Demonic Sect… why does it have no effect? Normally, he can’t even carry a shoulder pole or lift his hands; when he encounters a simple earthen wall, he struggles to climb over it for half a day, resorting to crawling in the end. Within the Demonic Sect, any maid could easily send him flying with a palm strike, launching him five zhang* away, and even a wild dog on the mountain runs faster than him. After practicing for over a decade, he still claims to have naturally unlocked the “Ren Du” meridians*, but why is he still so useless?

Note: Zhang: 3.58 meters

Ren Du Meridians: part of the body’s energy pathways or channels through which Qi (vital energy) flows.

He’s really a good for nothing.

You Mengzhe carried the bundle with him, containing the isolated manual of the Transmuting Yang Heart Technique. He carefully moved aside from the pathway and settled under a large tree. It was early summer, the constant sound of cicadas filled the air. The verdant green of the hills extended with lush shade, and not far away flowed a surging, cold river.

The scenery outside is really nice. It’s a good thing I managed to escape. Staying on Dingjun Peak all the time would have turned me into a bird from being so stifled.

You Mengzhe buried his head in flipping through the martial arts manual. As he flipped to the later pages, he encountered illustrations of two naked men, accompanied by the text below: “Upon succeeding in the Transmuting Yang Heart Technique, one’s true energy shall be as boundless as the vast ocean, gathered in the dantian. It is necessary to find a person with strong martial skills to practice dual cultivation using this method, like water merging with water, they will mutually benefiting each other. True energy flows through the Du meridian, traverses the mud pill, and enters the dantian’s Qi Sea…”

No wonder! You Mengzhe slapped his thigh in realization. So, it’s about dual cultivation! His father never allowed him to read the second part. After every lesson, he was instructed to practice on his own. You Mengzhe flipped through the pages again and discovered that practicing the Transmuting Yang Heart Technique for many years would generate a pure Yang true Qi within his body. When cultivating with another person, it could greatly enhance the other person’s martial arts, leading to rapid progress and advancement.

In return, he would also gain a portion of the other person’s true Qi. As long as he found skilled individuals for dual cultivation, martial arts progress would come naturally. It’s a mutual benefit, so he needs to find several people to practice with. How to dual cultivate? The “bedroom techniques,” ah, got it – riding, pushing a cart, all of these. But won’t it be a bit uncomfortable? Oh well, for the sake of martial arts, he could grit his teeth and endure it. Ice freezes three feet thick not in a single day, the challenges faced by the disciples of the Demonic Sect, braving blades and shattering boulders, were far more perilous than this.

A gray shadow passed behind him.

You Mengzhe: “? ”

You Mengzhe immediately looked back, there was no one. 

Could it be that people from the main sect have followed me here? You Mengzhe put the book away, his stomach growling loudly from hunger. It’s not safe; he should keep moving to avoid being captured and taken back.

You Mengzhe packed his things and continued along the plank path. Yuheng Mountain has been known as the number one peak in the world since ancient times, stretching across the Central Plains, dividing the north and south regions. To the west lies the abundant resources of Sichuan, while to the east lies the cold river at the foot of the mountain. Crossing the river leads to the largest city in the southern territory, Jiangzhou.  

I heard that Jiangzhou is very prosperous—a bustling world of glamour and a splendid city. You Mengzhe planned to go there and take a look for himself.

With a whoosh, another gray shadow swept behind him.

You Mengzhe: “? ”

You Mengzhe turned around, the plank road was empty and desolate. He looked down from the plank road, and below the cliff stretched the ceaseless roaring cold river. There was no one in sight. Who could possibly fly back and forth on the plank road?

You Mengzhe looked down from the plank road. Beneath the wooden supports of the pathway, there was gray-clothed shadow guard crouched there. Very attentively, he pressed his ears against the underside of the bridge, diligently trying to identify the sound of You Mengzhe’s footsteps.

Note: You Mengzhe did not notice the guard.

After a moment, You Mengzhe, feeling both suspicious and uneasy, continued forward.

At the end of the plank road was a fork in the path. The left path led to Sichuan, while the right path led to Jiangzhou.

A world of splendor! Here I come! You Mengzhe took a deep breath and walked towards the right path of the plank road. Once he left this place, he would be outside the territory of Yuheng Mountain. The Demonic Sect… the Divine Sect would never be able to find him again!

You Mengzhe had heard that people outside referred to them as the Demonic Sect, but his father always insisted on calling it the Divine Sect. It was essentially the same thing. Nevertheless, he understood that he couldn’t go around telling everyone he was from the Demonic Sect once he was out; he understood that much.

Birds were chirping and warblers were singing. The valley was filled with a refreshing scent of greenery. The plank road came to an end, leaving only a narrow winding path. You Mengzhe carefully leaped over a creek, but unexpectedly, his foot slipped on a stone, and with a splash, he fell in.

“Ahhhhhh!” You Mengzhe was swept downstream by the water, and with a splash, he fell into a water pool. Tumbling and rolling, he bumped into a body.

“Watch out!” The man’s voice said.

Coughing up some water, You Mengzhe quickly reached out for help and instinctively grabbed onto a person’s waist, his heart racing. Then, in a flurry of motions, he groped and felt around. The man said, “Don’t panic! The water isn’t deep!”

As You Mengzhe’s hands brushed against the man’s chest, he looked up with a soaking wet and embarrassed expression. The man lifted him up, holding him by the waist. The stones at the bottom of the water pool were slippery, and You Mengzhe slipped again. He grabbed onto the man’s arm, finally finding his footing and stabilizing himself.

The man guided him across the water and gestured for him to climb ashore. You Mengzhe said, “Thank… thank you.”

You Mengzhe sat on the ground, catching his breath, and noticed the man’s muscular bare torso.

His physique was well-proportioned, with clearly defined muscle contours and no excess fat. Standing at eight feet tall, You Meng Zhe couldn’t help but hold his breath.

Note: 8 Chinese feet refer to 266.4 cm

The man turned and went back into the water. You Mengzhe understood; this person was taking a bath.

Really handsome, You Mengzhe licked his lips. Dingjun Peak’s main sect mostly consisted of maidservants, while men were only the Left and Right Protectors, both of them were old men. The various sect leaders were assigned to different branches, and guards weren’t allowed into the main hall. Throughout the year, he hardly saw any men.

Ever since he started practicing the Transmuting Yang Heart Technique at a young age, You Mengzhe didn’t quite understand why he wasn’t very interested in women. Seeing this man, who seemed to have a background in martial arts, with his well-defined abdominal muscles, he couldn’t help but stare without looking away.

The man didn’t mind You Mengzhe’s gaze at all and asked, “Young brother, where are you coming from?”

You Mengzhe said, “From the mountain, Yuheng Mountain. How about you?”

The man nodded and asked, “Did you see a young man around your age dressed as a merchant on the way?”

You Mengzhe shook his head and replied, “No, are you looking for someone?”

The man chuckled as he used a stone to scrape his arm, then submerged himself in the water, ruffling his long hair.

Note: He used the stone as soap to wipe himself clean of dirt, as matter of fact my grandma told me to do this when we went on to mountain or waterwall where there are small stones and waterfall so to use the stone to clean our bodies lol.

You Mengzhe was soaked, so he took off his boots and placed them on a rock to dry. He unpacked his bundle and took out the martial arts manual, laying it open. He noticed a set of clothes neatly folded on a stone: a pair of trousers and a red martial robe, topped with a martial crown. Beside them was a large saber.

You Mengzhe picked up the saber that felt heavy in his hands and pulled it out to examine it.

“Are you someone who roams the Jianghu?” You Mengzhe asked, noticing the man’s apparent proficiency in martial arts. Actually, he seemed quite skilled! Collaborating for dual cultivation would be great, but how could he grab him without any strength… or deceive him into dual cultivating with him?

Note: Jianghu: refer to the world of martial arts and the realm of wandering martial artists, adventurers, and people involved in the martial arts community. 

The man said, “My surname is Yu, and I’m an officer under the Emperor’s command in the capital city. I’m chasing after a thief in Sichuan. That fellow is adept at disguise and fast in his movements. I’ve been pursuing him for over a thousand miles. He managed to escape on Yuheng Mountain.”

You Mengzhe weren’t well-versed in Jianghu etiquette but replied, “Brother Yu, pleased to meet you.” He thought that dual cultivation would be beneficial for both parties, so why be secretive about it? After they were well-fed and satisfied, he could just bring it up directly.

The officer laughed, appraising You Mengzhe, and said, “You don’t seem like someone from the Jianghu. Where are you headed?”

You Mengzhe said, “I’m going to Jiangzhou. And you?”

The officer emerged from the water in his bare form, and You Mengzhe quickly handed him the clothes. The officer dressed in front of him and said, “I’m called Yu Changqing. What should I call you, young brother?”

You Mengzhe introduced himself, and without further questions, Yu Changqing put on his official uniform, hat, and belt. He emanated a dignified aura while observing You Mengzhe drying his belongings on the rock.

You Mengzhe spread out the Gold Leaves and the stones glittered brightly. Yu Changqing frowned slightly but didn’t say much. 

You Meng Zhe said, “Brother Yu, are you catching a thief? Could I have something to eat?”

“Sure,” Yu Changqing unpacked his provisions and handed You Mengzhe a piece of bread. “How old are you? Have you reached adulthood?”

You Mengzhe began eating and shook his head. He looked at Yu Changqing’s face. His features were stern and righteous, and his fair skin contrasted with his well-defined brows. There was a faint scar on his neck.

“Brother, do you want to dual cultivate?” You Mengzhe proactively invited.

Yu Changqing raised an eyebrow in confusion, so You Mengzhe opened the book to the last page and said, “I’ve been practicing this technique at home. Look… here. Let’s dual cultivate.”

Yu Changqing turned his head to the side and examined the damp pages of the book, recognizing them as having been wet by water. After understanding their content, he almost dropped them into the water.

“Young brother is quite bold,” Yu Changqing blushed slightly. “Well, let’s forget about it.”

You Mengzhe: “? ”

Yu Changqing didn’t say anything. He held the large saber, sat on a stone by the water’s edge, and rested one foot on a nearby stone.

You Mengzhe said, “Brother, I can’t just eat your rations for free. Let’s cultivate together to show my gratitude.”

Yu Changqing waved his hand, saying, “Young brother, I practice an external style of martial arts. I’m afraid it might not be useful for you.”

You Mengzhe replied, “Let’s give it a try. Who knows, it might be useful.”

Yu Changqing responded, “You come from a renowned martial arts family? Why did you learn this technique?”

You Mengzhe explained his family background, and Yu Changqing understood. He casually asked, “I heard that there is a sect on Yuheng Mountain, known as the Demonic… Uh, Yuheng Divine Sect. Are you a member of that sect?”

You Mengzhe replied, “Oh, what Divine Sect, just call it the Demonic Sect, Brother.”

Note: the raw is like this so its inconsistent when he thought to himself earlier that he wouldn’t just tell anybody he sees on the road about his sect but now he did.

Yu Changqing smiled, and You Mengzhe continued to recount his journey down the mountain. When he mentioned encountering the mountain path, Yu Changqing squinted slightly and asked, “Did anyone follow you?”

You Mengzhe said, “It felt like it. It was like a gust of wind passing by me from behind.”

Yu Changqing said, “Where did you encounter him? Show me.”

You Mengzhe packed his things quickly, and he led Yu Changqing back along the path they had taken. After a while, he hesitated a bit and said, “I’m afraid of being captured and taken back.”

“No worries,” Yu Changqing reassured, “Hide behind me. I’ll protect you.”

You Mengzhe pointed the way, and the two stood on the horizontal riverbank path. Yu Changqing deftly grabbed the railing with one hand, flipped over and inspected the marks on the wooden stakes below, then flipped back up with skillful agility.

Let’s dual cultivate, let’s dual cultivate, his Qigong skill is excellent! You Mengzhe observed Yu Changqing’s graceful posture and muscular waist. Wrapped in his martial robe, his chest was like silk enveloping steel, exuding an air of dignity.

Although You Mengzhe hadn’t learned esoteric martial arts, he had a fair understanding of various martial skills. He assumed that Yu Changqing followed a path of robust martial techniques.

Yu Changqing kneeled down and examined the footprints around, then stood up and said, “Most likely, he took this route. He’s probably headed to Jiangzhou. Young Brother You, if there’s no inconvenience, how about we travel together?”

You Mengzhe thought it was perfect and said, “Sounds good. It’s my first time leaving the mountain, I want to experience traveling around the world.”

Yu Changqing chuckled: “Travelling around the world, let us go.”

You Mengzhe asked, “Are you accompanying me because you’re afraid that thief will steal from me?”

Yu Changqing linked arms with him, and they walked shoulder to shoulder down the mountain. He said earnestly, “Wherever there are people, there’s Jianghu. Mengzhe, the first thing I wanted to tell you is just this.”

You Mengzhe nodded, but the advice only went in one ear and out the other.

Yu Changqing continued, “Also, wealth should not be displayed openly. The Gold Leaves on your body, the way you took them out and spread them before me just now, along with the bottles and jars, the jade boxes with golden seals – these things can easily arouse people’s greed.”

You Mengzhe said, “I understand.”

Yu Changqing nodded and added, “The thief I’m pursuing has no known name. He comes and goes like the wind. It might have been a coincidence that he crossed paths with you, which could lead to him harboring thoughts of robbing you.”

You Mengzhe asked, “Is his martial arts superior to yours?”

After a moment of silence, Yu Changqing spoke again, saying, “Everyone has their own strengths. This person’s Qigong skill is exceptional; otherwise, I wouldn’t have lost track of him hereafter pursuing over a thousand li.”

In his mind, You Mengzhe thought that this thief was not bad. If he could catch him… or deceive him into dual cultivation, then he wouldn’t need to worry about his martial arts anymore.

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