Let Go of that Shou Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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Zhao Feihong’s residence was filled with fallen leaves in the early winter, and it had a chilly and desolate atmosphere. He lived alone, so his house was quite modest, consisting of two small rooms on the east side and a utility room and kitchen on the west side. There were no servants around, reflecting his frugality.

In the front yard, there was a stone table, and You Mengzhe sat on a stone chair, observing Zhao Feihong.

Zhao Feihong was a tall and imposing figure, standing at eight feet. He had a commanding presence, with eyebrows like sharp blades and lips like a folded sword. His deep and profound eyes revealed a lifetime of profound cultivation, and he exuded a sense of authority. In theory, he should have been an excellent partner for dual cultivation, but for some reason, just looking at him made You Mengzhe nervous. He couldn’t muster the courage to undress him or entertain any other amorous thoughts.

Zhao Feihong wore a sky-blue martial robe and carried no visible weapons. Under the thin robe, his strong and majestic physique appeared trustworthy and safe. The slightly faded color of the robe gave it a casual and inviting look. However, You Mengzhe just couldn’t find the courage to make a move.

This guy had exceptionally high martial skills – extremely high. You Mengzhe didn’t dare to be reckless. Among all the people he had encountered in his life, perhaps only his father, You Gutian, could rival him in terms of martial prowess.

“I… have some matters to attend to, so I’ll be leaving,” You Mengzhe said as he turned around. However, with a flick of Zhao Feihong’s fingers, three bursts of inner energy flew towards him, precisely targeting the Taoyuan, Zhangmen, and Feiyu acupoints. You Mengzhe couldn’t move, let alone speak. He stood there, immobile.

Remote acupoint manipulation! Finger-flicking divine technique! Six Meridians Divine Sword! You Mengzhe raged within himself, realizing he had severely underestimated Zhao Feihong.

Zhao Feihong said, “You must eat this meal today, whether you want to or not.” With that, he turned and walked away to prepare the meal.

You could hear the sound of water as Zhao Feihong drew water from the well. Soon, the aroma of cooked rice wafted towards You Mengzhe, making his stomach growl. He wondered where Yu Wenhong had gone. Why hadn’t he come to find him yet? What if Yu Wenhong came and could defeat this guy and rescue him?

Zhao Feihong didn’t seem to harbor any obvious hostility towards him. Was it out of respect for his father that he didn’t dare to kill him, or was he simply too lazy to bother with him? Why did he invite him for a meal? Was there a reason for this hospitality? The saying goes, “Don’t enter the tiger’s den unless you have to.” Considering the situation, You Mengzhe decided to wait and assess the circumstances.

He had heard from You Gutian that the principle of acupoint control involved using one’s own inner energy to block the opponent’s inner energy, rendering them immobile and unable to move. After some time, the acupoints could be released, and a person with strong martial skills could even unblock them on their own.

Inside You Mengzhe’s body, he already had Yu Wenhong’s gentle inner energy and Sun Bin’s Heavenly Cloud True Qi. Although it was not as powerful as Zhao Feihong’s robust martial skills, it provided him with a foundation. He immediately focused his mind and began to circulate his inner energy, slowly turning the qi sphere in his dantian. A hot surge of energy rose to his waist and ribs, starting to break the acupoint seal.

I’m breaking through!

I’m pushing harder!

Zhao Feihong took a broom and began sweeping the fallen leaves in the courtyard.

You Mengzhe strained with his inner energy, repeatedly attempting to break through the acupoint seal. His body moved slightly, and his heart filled with joy when he noticed some progress. With sweat pouring down his face, he looked like he was holding in his urine, working vigorously to unblock the acupoints.

However, Zhao Feihong’s acupoint manipulation technique was incredibly dominant. Despite his efforts, the acupoints were loosening but not fully released.

Suddenly, a stone flew through the air and struck You Mengzhe’s shoulder, causing his body’s acupoints to release automatically.

“It’s time for dinner,” Zhao Feihong put down the broom, wiped his hands with a towel, and brought out the meal. You Mengzhe staggered forward, nearly stumbling to the ground.

In the dimly lit hall, an oil lamp was lit, and there were two dishes and a soup on the table. The dishes included stir-fried salted pork with winter bamboo shoots, two pan-fried fish, and a soup with meatballs and napa cabbage. You Mengzhe held a damaged bowl and a pair of chopsticks, wondering how to find a way to escape.

You Mengzhe: “What do you want to do with me?”

Zhao Feihong: “I don’t want to do anything, just keep you here for a year or so.”

You Mengzhe felt alarmed, “Do you want to use me as a hostage?”

Zhao Feihong casually said, “I have no intention of doing that.”

Suspicion filled You Mengzhe’s eyes as he continued, “If you want to dual cultivate, just say it outright. But…”

You Mengzhe thought to himself, should he dual cultivate with him? It was a tricky situation. Suppose Zhao Feihong was on par with his father’s martial skills, and if he gained his power, and You Gutian lost, he might end up seriously injured or worse.

Zhao Feihong said, “I told your mother back then that she should have destroyed the Transmuting Yang Heart Technique manual, but she didn’t listen. Now, it has caused all these problems…”

You Mengzhe: “!!!

You Mengzhe: “You know my mother!”

Zhao Feihong replied, “Let’s eat.”

Zhao Feihong looked at You Mengzhe, seemingly indifferent. You Mengzhe asked, “How do you know her?”

Zhao Feihong didn’t answer immediately, and there was a hint of sympathy in his gaze as he looked at You Mengzhe. You Mengzhe quickly noticed this and squinted slightly, suspecting that there might be something more to this situation.

Zhao Feihong said, “I have your Transmuting Yang Heart Technique manual. I’ll keep it for you, and from now on, you mustn’t practice this unorthodox martial art.”

You Mengzhe thought, “Damn it.” He replied, “Alright.”

Zhao Feihong seemed somewhat surprised by You Mengzhe’s willingness to cooperate. After a while, he said, “After you’ve finished eating, go rest. There are books in the room. If you feel stuffy, you can go and read.”

You Mengzhe thought that escaping from this drafty little courtyard wouldn’t be too difficult. He had decided to eat this meal and then make his escape during the dark and windy night.

“How long are you going to keep me here?” You Mengzhe asked.

Zhao Feihong replied, “Until your father no longer cares about you.”

You Mengzhe: “Why are you doing this?”

Zhao Feihong explained, “Because you are Qing’er’s child. Back then, Qing’er said that if she had a son, she would want him to be my disciple.”

You Mengzhe: “………”

Zhao Feihong explained, “Your father, You Gutian, failed in his duty as a parent. He didn’t properly guide and educate you. This goes against Qing’er’s original intentions, and I can’t stand by and watch you continue down this path.”

You Mengzhe asked, “How do you know my father is You Gutian…”

Zhao Feihong raised an eyebrow and said, “Your features, your eyes, they are just like Qing’er.”

It finally clicked for You Mengzhe. He said, “How about this, let’s make a deal. You don’t need to spend decades teaching me. We can finish it in half an hour. You just grit your teeth and give it a try…”

Zhao Feihong angrily retorted, “You must not practice the Transmuting Yang Heart Technique!”

You Mengzhe was startled by his outburst, and Zhao Feihong continued, “You’ve practiced such vile martial arts. We haven’t found a way to reverse it yet; otherwise, I would have helped you dissipate your entire internal energy. You Gutian is going against the natural order by teaching you this dark art. What do you think his real intentions are?”

You Mengzhe, puzzled, asked, “Huh? What are his intentions?”

Zhao Feihong: “………”

Zhao Feihong continued, “In any case, you must not practice it again. Right now, the entire Central Plains martial world is searching for you. From Jiangzhou to the capital, bounties have been posted in all eighteen provinces. Rumor has it that anyone who practices dual cultivation with you will gain unimaginable martial progress in a single day…”

You Mengzhe exclaimed, “Really?!”

You Mengzhe was genuinely thrilled. With everyone eager to join him, he could just sit at home and wait for people to come to him for dual cultivation. He might even get to choose the best partners… This was an opportunity he couldn’t afford to miss!

Seeing You Mengzhe’s reaction, Zhao Feihong furrowed his brows. You Mengzhe had to suppress his inner joy. His heart was pounding, and he couldn’t let Zhao Feihong catch on to his true intentions.

You Mengzhe, feeling hungry, realized that compared to the luxurious feasts of the Qinghua Palace in the Demonic Cult, the exquisite cuisine of the Jinlin Restaurant in Jiangzhou City, and the sumptuous meals at the Hua Jin Lou, Zhao Feihong’s simple fare had a unique flavor. He wolfed down two big bowls of rice and was ready for more. However, a single tap of the chopsticks by Zhao Feihong left his hand tingling and unable to pick up another bite. You Mengzhe thought Zhao Feihong was quite stingy, not even letting him enjoy a full meal.

Zhao Feihong said, “You grew up in the Demonic Cult, learning no virtue or elegance. It was a congregation of people with wicked intentions and dirty thoughts. Now that I’ve found you, you must dedicate yourself to martial arts and scholarly pursuits. It’s time for you to become a true man…..”

You Mengzhe quipped, “How can there be gentlemen in the world who gauge others with the hearts of villains?”

Zhao Feihong: “………”

You Mengzhe then pointed to the dishes on the table with his chopsticks and said, “A gentleman stays far from the kitchen…”

After a long pause, Zhao Feihong finally responded, “Glib tongue.”

While You Mengzhe was still eating leisurely, meticulously dismantling the fish head, Zhao Feihong had already collected the remaining dishes. Left with nothing to do, You Mengzhe got up and wandered around the house.

Escaping now would likely lead to capture as Zhao Feihong was vigilant. You Mengzhe decided to wait for him to relax his guard before making his escape. In the meantime, he took Zhao Feihong’s advice and decided to read a book.

Zhao Feihong’s family was not well-off, but the study was filled with several large bookshelves. There were various books, including “Yangzhou Chronicles,” “Biography of Yu Taizu,” “Central Plains Martial World Chronicles,” “Tactics of Emperor Cheng,” Martial Arts Strategies of Western Sichuan, staff techniques, inner energy cultivation methods, history, stories, poems from the Eastern Barbarian tribes, centuries-old flute scores, “Conversations in the Bamboo Grove,” “Jianxia of Jiangzhou,” and traditional Chinese bookbinding.

You Mengzhe placed an oil lamp on the study desk and looked up at a painting on the wall. It depicted a woman.

The woman appeared elegant and radiant, wearing martial attire with a vermilion mark at her brow. Her eyes were disproportionately large. It was a portrait of a female scholar. You Mengzhe had seen a similar painting in his father’s study at Yuheng Mountain, most likely the same person: his mother, Yu Qing.

It seemed that his mother was quite familiar with this Alliance Master in her lifetime.

You Mengzhe casually flipped through the book, while Zhao Feihong was still busy outside the courtyard. As night fell, the surroundings became quiet, with only the faint whispers of the early winter breeze. The bamboo grove rustled with a delicate and subtle sound.

You Mengzhe scratched his neck. He had been through several days of hardships, enduring drenching rain and running. He felt itchy from the sweat-soaked body and the dirt accumulated on his neck. He longed to find a place to take a bath.

Zhao Feihong called from outside, “I’ve prepared bathwater for you.”

You Mengzhe thought, “This guy is really meticulous.” He went to the corner room where a large tub of hot bathwater awaited. He immersed himself in the water, and the soothing warmth relaxed both his body and mind.

Zhao Feihong entered the room, taking You Mengzhe’s clothes out with him. You Mengzhe asked, “What should I wear then?”

Zhao Feihong remained silent. After a moment, he returned with a set of his own underclothes and said, “Wear mine for now. They’re a bit big on you. Your clothes will be dry tomorrow.”

The fact that the Alliance Master was waiting on him to take a bath, washing his clothes, and providing him with clothing left You Mengzhe in disbelief. This man, who was treated as an equal by You Gutian and had competed on an equal footing for over a decade, was now in charge of the martial world.

At night, You Mengzhe heard the sound of water, and Zhao Feihong had heated water for his own bath. After he was done, he put on wooden clogs and entered You Mengzhe’s room, setting up a brazier to keep the room warm. Then he returned to his own room to sleep.

You Mengzhe hadn’t slept so soundly in many days. Previously, he had been sleeping in guesthouses or on a janky boat, so it was the first time in a while that he had dreamless sleep until morning. When he woke up, it was already mid-morning.

His clothes were dry and neatly folded in the room. However, he couldn’t find his belongings and assumed that Zhao Feihong had taken them. He had no choice but to leave the room.

Zhao Feihong, shirtless and displaying a well-proportioned and lean physique, was practicing staff techniques in the front courtyard. He swept, jabbed, cleaved, and thrust, creating a gust of wind that scattered the dried leaves all around. They fluttered like butterflies in the air. While You Mengzhe didn’t understand the specific moves, he couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty of the staff techniques.

Zhao Feihong put away the staff and said, “Did your father teach you any techniques? Demonic Sect Leader’s son, why don’t you demonstrate a few moves?”

You Mengzhe replied, “I don’t know how to.”

Zhao Feihong asked, “So, you mean you don’t know any martial arts?”

You Mengzhe nodded and added, “I really don’t.” He recalled the simple punches and kicks he had played around with as a child with his friend Wang Daniu. He clumsily demonstrated a few of those moves, which left Zhao Feihong saw a trategic sight.

Zhao Feihong said, “Let’s eat. Your father treated you merely as a tool for martial arts training, a pitiful situation…”

This comment instantly infuriated You Mengzhe. He shouted, “Hey! Don’t talk about my father behind his back. If you’re bold, say it to his face!”

Zhao Feihong, not wanting to argue, replied, “Alright.”

After finishing breakfast, Zhao Feihong instructed, “Now, go chop some firewood.”

You Mengzhe thought, finally, he’s making me do some work. Despite Zhao Feihong’s formidable martial arts skills, he picked up an axe and went to the front yard to chop firewood.

One hour later.

You Mengzhe asked, “How much more? I’m getting tired.”

Zhao Feihong said, “You can’t stop now. Your chopping technique is wrong. You need to use your waist strength.”

You Mengzhe was drenched in sweat, holding the axe, and he gasped for breath. Zhao Feihong then said, “I’ll teach you a four-line mnemonic, listen carefully.”

“Aim above the shoulder, strike below the elbow. Three levels of hand moves, footwork helps to flow.”

You Mengzhe roughly understood that these instructions pertained to the proper posture for martial techniques. He adjusted his movements as per Zhao Feihong’s guidance, which indeed made the task much easier.

Zhao Feihong continued, “There are nine types of power. It’s essential to strike steadily, applying different types of force against different opponents to maximize effectiveness.”

You Mengzhe contemplated this advice and kept chopping firewood.

After another hour and a half, You Mengzhe said, “I’ve finished chopping.”

“Feihong, dear,” an elderly neighbor from next door called out with a smile, leaning on her cane as she approached.

Zhao Feihong hurried to his feet, saying, “The old lady rose already? I’ll be right there.”

The old woman smiled as she glanced at You Mengzhe, who was drenched in sweat, standing in the winter sunlight. It was a somewhat puzzling sight. She asked, “Is this your son?”

Zhao Feihong replied, “Oh, you’re joking. He’s my young disciple. He used to live at his house, and he’s been practicing martial arts here for the past few days.”

The old woman nodded and said, “That’s good, very good.”

Zhao Feihong put on his robe and said, “Come with me.”

Zhao Feihong balanced the long staff on his shoulder and signaled for You Mengzhe to stack the chopped firewood neatly, bind it with a rope, and carry it to the neighbor’s house. He then returned with a load of firewood from the elderly neighbor’s house.

“Continue chopping,” Zhao Feihong instructed as he sat back in his chair on the porch, holding a book. “Once you finish this, we’ll have lunch.”

You Mengzhe: “………”

You Mengzhe felt like he was about to explode. He didn’t dare to curse Zhao Feihong but muttered to himself while holding the axe. He was both hungry and exhausted.

Another half an hour passed, and a voice from the neighboring yard said, “Feihong.”

Zhao Feihong put down his book and said, “Yes!”

The old man from the neighboring yard replied, “I made some glutinous rice treats for your young disciple. Come and get them.”

Zhao Feihong got up and went over to take the treats. You Mengzhe watched him closely. The moment Zhao Feihong stepped outside, You Mengzhe decisively threw the axe aside and turned to run. There was no time to wait!

At that moment, his martial skills were on a completely different level. As soon as he gathered his energy, he leaped toward the wall, feeling as light as a swallow. His escape went smoothly!

But then, a stone flew from the neighboring yard, crossing the entire courtyard and hitting You Mengzhe’s ankle. He let out a loud cry and fell, half his body numb. He dropped outside the courtyard.

In no time, Zhao Feihong came over, carrying a bowl filled with glutinous rice treats. He circled around and grabbed You Mengzhe by the collar, pulling him back into the courtyard. With a swift move, he released the pressure on his acupoints.

You Mengzhe, who had fallen with a dirtied face, resumed chopping firewood, while Zhao Feihong placed the treats aside and sat on the porch, reading as if nothing had happened.

After finishing all the firewood, You Mengzhe was exhausted and felt like collapsing. Zhao Feihong prepared lunch, consisting of a plate of scrambled eggs and a steamed meat patty with preserved vegetables from the day before. You Mengzhe devoured his meal, along with two large bowls of rice.

After lunch, Zhao Feihong brought out the glutinous rice treats given by the neighbor for You Mengzhe to enjoy. The aroma of the bamboo leaf-wrapped rice cakes, dipped in white sugar, was simply heavenly.

During the afternoon, You Mengzhe didn’t dare to attempt another escape. Zhao Feihong made him practice calligraphy.

“I’m already quite good at this,” You Mengzhe said. “My father once said my handwriting was better than my mother’s.”

Zhao Feihong said, “Anyone’s handwriting is better than your mother’s, but it’s still important to practice.”

You Mengzhe: “………”

Zhao Feihong continued, “Let me teach you another set of techniques. When you write, channel your energy and imitate this calligraphy.”

You Mengzhe was surprised that calligraphy could be a form of martial arts. Zhao Feihong provided him with a set of instructions that focused on the use of inner energy while holding the brush, and he emphasized the importance of precision in each stroke.

You Mengzhe wondered, “Is this a form of martial art?” His thoughts turned to the mute Zhang Yuanshan.

Indeed, Zhao Feihong responded, “This is a martial art passed down in my friend’s family.”

As they practiced calligraphy until dusk, You Mengzhe faintly glimpsed a certain realm of martial arts, but it remained elusive. Zhao Feihong had been reading and basking in the sun on the front porch all day. In the evening, he came inside to collect the writing materials and took You Mengzhe out to buy groceries.

The two of them walked through the bustling streets and markets. Zhao Feihong purchased various items like pickled olives, salted eggs, vegetables, meat, and river prawns, bargaining along the way. When You Mengzhe pointed at a cage of chickens and expressed his desire to buy one with his own money, he added, “I want to eat one of these. I’ll pay for it, and you can cook it for me.”

Zhao Feihong replied, “Not now, you can try it in a few days.”

This response left You Mengzhe feeling bitter and resentful. Every day, he had to endure plain food, even a simple chicken meal was denied, making him feel quite dissatisfied.

From that day on, You Mengzhe followed Zhao Feihong, practicing martial arts during the day, and enduring three simple meals. It marked the beginning of his tough and boring life.

You Mengzhe had contemplated escaping, but this life was even more boring than his time on Yuheng Mountain. At least there, he could wander around in the mountains. Here, except for the courtyard, there was nowhere else to go.

You Mengzhe had made three attempts to escape. The first time, it was in the middle of the night when he sneaked into the hall to find his bag. However, he stumbled on the stone floor and made a loud noise, which he believed had already alerted Zhao Feihong. He decided to abandon the escape plan and sneak back to his room.

The second attempt also happened at night. This time, You Mengzhe didn’t take his bag but tried to sneak out quietly. He ran as fast as he could, but when he reached the city gate, a staff suddenly appeared and tripped him, causing him to fall flat on the ground. Zhao Feihong then picked him up and took him back home.

The last attempt took place during the day. You Mengzhe was chopping firewood in the courtyard when someone came to inform Zhao Feihong that he was needed at the government office for a discussion. While You Mengzhe was out buying groceries, he spread the word among his fellow disciples, suspecting that the county magistrate might be trying to cause trouble for Zhao Feihong.

You Mengzhe patiently waited until Zhao Feihong had been gone for nearly half an hour before he began his escape plan. He went to one of the properties owned by their sect and obtained some silver coins, instructing his fellow disciples to provide cover for him. He then boarded a black-covered boat by the river and proceeded to Yangzhou, where he changed to a fast horse and headed for the official road.

At the boundary marker between the two cities, he was met by Zhao Feihong, who appeared nonchalant. Once again, You Mengzhe was apprehended and brought back.

He couldn’t fathom when this ordeal would end. Feeling close to tears, he sent his disciples to inform the central headquarters of the Demonic Sect at Yuheng Mountain to request help from his father, You Gutian, and reluctantly returned home with Zhao Feihong.

He even suspected that Zhao Feihong could see through his intention to inform the Demonic Sect, but he gave up on that idea. After all, he had no idea where Yu Wenhong had gone, so he decided to wait for You Gutian to come to his rescue.

Several days later, in the middle of the night:

“Young Master,” Yu Wenhong said.

You Mengzhe, with swollen eyes, looked around and asked, “You’re finally back. What about Sun Bin?”

Yu Wenhong replied, “I made him take all the medicine but didn’t let him do anything drastic. He went back to the mountain. Who hurt you?”

You Mengzhe said, “I fell on my own.”

Yu Wenhong glanced around and asked, “How did you end up at Zhao Feihong’s house?”

You Mengzhe replied, “He brought me here.”

Yu Wenhong nodded, and the two fell into silence. You Mengzhe curled up under the blanket and asked, “Can you take me away?”

Yu Wenhong pondered for a moment, his expression somewhat conflicted, and said, “Zhao Feihong isn’t a bad person. Can’t you stay here a bit longer?”

You Mengzhe responded, “Did my mother ever say I should apprentice myself to him?”

Yu Wenhong nodded, leaving You Mengzhe at a loss for words.

You Mengzhe said, “This isn’t right. You can’t force it. Take me with you.”

Yu Wenhong nodded and said, “Alright, if you insist, let’s go.”

Yu Wenhong and You Mengzhe were about to leave when they noticed Zhao Feihong standing in the courtyard, tall and imposing. He said, “Yu Wenhong, long time no see.”

You Mengzhe’s heart sank. They hadn’t even left, and Zhao Feihong already knew they were planning to go. Well, since they were bound to be caught sooner or later if they tried to run far, they might as well settle things here. Uncle Yu Wenhong, Dad Yu Wenhong, you mustn’t lose…

Note: he call Dad here not literally dad but like a form of address only by putting him in a high position this sort of thing.

“Long time no see, Brother Zhao,” Yu Wenhong stood under the moonlight, a full moon hanging in the sky, illuminating his handsome face.

Yu Wenhong had very clean features, clear eyes, and a hint of youthfulness on his face, making it hard to believe he was in his thirties. He shared a brotherly aura with You Mengzhe.

Zhao Feihong said, “You haven’t taken good care of your young master.”

Yu Wenhong replied, “When Sister Qing passed away, she entrusted me to protect him, so I followed her wishes.”

Zhao Feihong responded, “So you’ve been on Yuheng Mountain for sixteen years, letting him run wild? ‘Raise not the child, and it’s the father’s fault; teach not the student, and it’s the teacher’s negligence.'”

You Mengzhe, cautious, took a step back, saying, “I… don’t want to apprentice to you. We’re not meant to be.”

Ignoring You Mengzhe, Zhao Feihong turned to Yu Wenhong and said, “We can’t let him go back to the mountain with You Gutian. Are you willing to stay here and take care of him?My house has a vacant room for you. Where you stay isn’t an issue.”

You Mengzhe thought things were going south and urged, “Uncle, let’s go!”

Yu Wenhong considered for a moment and said, “I’ll only listen to Mengzhe. If he wants to go somewhere, he goes there. I won’t force him.”

Zhao Feihong sneered and said, “You were this loyal and foolish back then, and you remain just as foolish now. Then, let’s settle this.” With that, he swung his staff and pointed it towards Yu Wenhong, saying, “If you can defeat me, take him with you. I won’t stop you anymore.”

Yu Wenhong whispered to You Mengzhe, “I’ll do my best. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll go back and ask your father to come.”

You Mengzhe nodded and stepped aside, thinking that when the two of them started fighting, he might be able to join in and help Zhao Feihong win. If he was lucky, he could pressure Zhao Feihong into surrendering and even capture him. Then, they could continue their journey together.

As he contemplated this, Yu Wenhong still didn’t make a move. He stood there quietly in the moonlight. After a brief moment, he reached into his clothes and pulled out a pair of silver gloves, putting them on one after the other.

Were those gloves some kind of weapon? You Mengzhe had never seen Yu Wenhong wear gloves like these before, and he suspected they might be some kind of weapon.

The gloves emitted a cold, silvery light, like a colorful radiance swirling in his palms under the moonlight.

The gloves were one of the seven extraordinary treasures of the Canghai Pavilion, known as “Plucking Stars.” They were woven by a silk-producing mother-of-silkworm from the Canghai Pavilion. This mother-of-silkworm had a lifespan equal to that of heaven and earth. Every hundred years, she would produce a tiny strand of silk. It took three thousand years of accumulated silk to create this pair of gloves.

Yu Wenhong’s hands were immune to the venom of thunder and fire insects and unafraid of the sharp edges of treasured swords. Among the eighteen martial arts, one of them was “grabbing,” and the final technique was “bare-handed combat.” In terms of martial prowess and subtlety, he was no less skilled than Zhao Feihong.

However, Zhao Feihong had some extraordinary experiences during his youth and had cultivated his skills deeply over the years. Yu Wenhong had spent the last sixteen years on the mountain with You Mengzhe. It was challenging to determine who would win this duel.

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