Let Go of that Shou Chapter 23

Chapter 23

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What was Sun Bin doing in this place? You Mengzhe recalled their parting in Ting County. Had the bandit king’s wounds healed? The injuries were not only on the body but also in the heart. Now he seemed to have regained his spirit, no longer wearing a mourning expression. This was a good thing. Could it be that he had been following You Mengzhe all along? He hadn’t noticed…

Zhang Yuanshan’s fingers tightened, bringing You Mengzhe back to reality. He looked around and smiled. He leaned in to watch a troupe of actors performing in the open space near Wandeng Bridge. A raised platform had been set up, and the actors were dressed in colorful costumes, portraying the courtiers of Dayu, providing entertainment.

One actor said to another, “I have something on my mind that I can’t keep to myself. What should I do?”

The other actor replied, “Find a quiet place and spill it out, like pouring water from a gourd.”

Earlier, the actor held a copper coin, peering through the hole in the middle, and said, “How many people can still keep their thoughts to themselves these days? Last time, Lord Kang and Lord Wei heard a few words from me, and they couldn’t resist gossiping about it when they got home. Lord Kang even got slapped by his concubine…”

“Hey!” Another actor, with a half-red and half-white mask, came out, sneaking around with his sleeves hidden. The audience burst into laughter.

“Try talking to Seventh Prince.” Another actor in official attire poked the guy who was speaking on the stage in the butt. “Seventh Prince can keep a secret.”

The actor responded, “Where would I find Seventh Prince?”

You Mengzhe: “…”

Zhang Yuanshan: “…”

The actor went around pointing at everyone, and after reaching the sixth person, he fell silent. He then said, “Look, we didn’t originally have Seventh Prince.”

The civil official actor added, “Exactly, see?” and pulled out a white-faced character dressed in a black theatrical costume.

The actor commented, “So, he’s a mute. No wonder he didn’t respond.”

The audience burst into laughter again. The civil official actor continued, “Seventh Prince isn’t keeping quiet; he simply can’t speak at all. This time, feel free to speak up!”

The spectators laughed heartily, and You Mengzhe quickly understood that this was a veiled reference to the relationship between Zhang Yuanshan and the Emperor. Glancing at him, Zhang Yuanshan seemed unperturbed and found it rather amusing.

“Let’s go.” You Mengzhe felt uneasy in his heart. He saw a group of jesters making fun of a portrait of Zhang Yuanshan, but he didn’t know that this was the usual style of the people of Dayu. The common people make fun of the emperor, and the ministers find joy in it—it’s just a common occurrence.

Zhang Yuanshan seemed to know what You Mengzhe was thinking. He smiled, patted his head, and gestured that it was okay, affectionately holding his hand as they walked down the street.

You Mengzhe asked, “Is what they said true?”

Zhang Yuanshan thought for a moment, hesitated slightly, and did not answer.

You Mengzhe asked again, “You don’t know either, do you?”

Zhang Yuanshan nodded. You Mengzhe gently intertwined his fingers with Zhang Yuanshan’s, offering comfort, “It’s okay, we…”

“Master!” Zhang Bo pushed through the crowd, hurrying over.

“They summoned the master in the palace, saying the emperor wants someone to talk to,” Zhang Bo whispered.

You Mengzhe burst into laughter, recalling the scenes on the stage.

Zhang Yuanshan waved his hand, indicating that he wasn’t going. He held You Mengzhe’s hand, ready to leave. Zhang Bo hesitated for a moment, looking very conflicted.

“Master,” Zhang Bo whispered, “Lin Gonggong* came personally. He said there’s a banquet in the palace today, and when the Empress Dowager mentioned the matter of marrying the princess, the emperor spent the whole night thinking about it. He didn’t even go to enjoy the lanterns. Master, you should…”

Note: Gonggong: form of address for a eunuch.

You Mengzhe said, “You go.”

Zhang Yuanshan hesitated a bit, and You Mengzhe said, “I’ll take a stroll by myself, it won’t be a problem. I’ll be back soon.”

Zhang Bo turned around to summon the carriage, and after looking at You Mengzhe for a while, Zhang Yuanshan bought a sugar figure for him, gesturing for him to go back early. He then turned and boarded the carriage.

Zhang Bo prepared another carriage outside Wandeng Bridge, waiting for You Mengzhe to finish strolling and return. He personally drove Zhang Yuanshan to the entrance of the imperial palace. You Mengzhe, with his sleeves tucked, watched a bit more of the play and said, “Now you can come out.”

No one responded, and the people around just glanced at You Mengzhe, thinking he was talking to himself. You Mengzhe looked around, didn’t see Sun Bin, figured he had left, and felt a bit regretful.

You Mengzhe still felt a bit tired as he lazily strolled down the long street, where couples were everywhere. While absentmindedly tucking his sleeves, he stood on tiptoes to watch people play with hoops. Suddenly, everything went black in front of his eyes, and his throat was struck at a mute acupoint.

You Mengzhe: “…”

A coarse sack was pulled over his head, and someone lifted You Mengzhe onto their shoulder, then dashed away.

You Mengzhe gathered his energy and struck the acupoint. Once, twice, and he broke free.

“Hey,” You Mengzhe, flying through the darkness, called out unexpectedly, “What are you doing?”

Sun Bin, almost slipping, said angrily, “Shut up! Didn’t I mute you?” With that, he delivered another blow to You Mengzhe’s throat.

Before long, You Mengzhe managed to release himself again and started singing, “La la la…”

Sun Bin: “…”

Sun Bin kept moving, traversing through a pitch-black alley. Climbing over a wall and then another, You Mengzhe felt like he was floating in the darkness. A few leaps, landing, leaping again, landing, and finally, they came to a stop.

The sack over You Mengzhe’s head was removed, revealing a garden. Curious, he started to look around, but Sun Bin immediately covered his mouth when he was about to speak.

A group of guards passed by in the distance, and Sun Bin signaled for You Mengzhe to stay quiet. Taking him with a quick dash, they moved into a shadowy area. A large lantern inside the garden emitted a red glow, and the two held hands, hiding behind an artificial rock garden.

“Why are we here?” You Mengzhe asked.

Sun Bin whispered in his ear, “To kill someone.”

You Mengzhe said, “My martial arts are sealed by Uncle; I can’t help you. Goodbye.” He turned to leave, but Sun Bin dragged him back behind the rockery, whispering, “Wait!”

“Is this yours?” Sun Bin took out a bundle and handed it to You Mengzhe, saying, “Check it.”

You Mengzhe: “!!!”

In the bundle were the belongings You Mengzhe had taken when he escaped from the mountain—Demonic Blood Sword, Transmuting Yang Heart Technique Manual, Heavenly Jedi Bone Piercing Needle, and more. You Mengzhe asked, “Where did you get these?”

Sun Bin replied, “Zhao Feihong sent someone to return them to your father on Yuheng Mountain. I intercepted them on the way.”

You Mengzhe took the bundle, and Sun Bin added, “I came here to handle something. Once it’s done, I’ll take you away.”

You Mengzhe asked, “Go where? Why should I go with you?”

Sun Bin slapped You Mengzhe on the head angrily and said, “You playboy! One flirtation after another. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it!”

You Mengzhe replied, “Hey, I never said I was going to follow you…”

Sun Bin interrupted, “Say it again.”

You Mengzhe hesitated and then remained silent.

You Mengzhe asked, “Where do you want to take me?”

Sun Bin said, “I haven’t decided yet. After I settle the score, I’ll take you away.”

You Mengzhe thought to himself, “I never said I would go with you. Why should I go with you?” Just as he was about to ask, Sun Bin, without explanation, pulled him up over the courtyard wall behind the rockery. They landed in another courtyard, and Sun Bin scouted around. Then, taking You Mengzhe with him, they maneuvered through the twists and turns. The place was so large that You Mengzhe completely lost his sense of direction.

You Mengzhe muttered, “Why should I go with you? I’m living quite well right now…”

Sun Bin whispered, “Damn it, did you sleep with Zhao Feihong’s brother?”

You Mengzhe replied, “No!”

Sun Bin looked at You Mengzhe with suspicion. After a moment, his expression softened, and he nodded, saying, “You’re just someone who likes the rich and dislikes the poor.”

You Mengzhe had no choice but to drop the subject. He then asked, “Who are you going to kill?”

Sun Bin said, “The emperor. Come with me.”

Sun Bin pulled You Mengzhe into a well-lit hall. As they landed, two copper coin darts flew out. The duty eunuch, who was standing guard, fell without a sound. Sun Bin navigated through the palace effortlessly, and they arrived at a brightly lit room. Behind a folding screen, Sun Bin knelt on one knee.

You Mengzhe was thoroughly bewildered. He squatted down with Sun Bin and whispered, “You’re really planning to kill the emperor? That’s too audacious!”

Sun Bin gestured for silence and pulled out a finely crafted small iron rod from his pocket, presenting it to You Mengzhe. The rod had distinct edges and thorns, each gleaming with a blue light. Sun Bin whispered, “This is the Treasure of the Door Guardian I stole from the Tang Sect, the Wolf Fang Rod that Supports the Sky!”

You Mengzhe was greatly astonished.

Sun Bin explained, “The Wolf Fang Rod that Supports the Sky and the Great Chrysanthemum Fan are the two treasures guarding the Tang Sect. The Chrysanthemum Fan contains antidotes for sixty-four different kinds of poisons, while the Wolf Fang Rod has eighty-one unique poisons from all over the world…”

You Mengzhe interrupted, “It’s too small to be called a Wolf Fang Rod. Plus, the count doesn’t match. And there are seventeen poisons for which there’s no antidote?”

Sun Bin replied, “Then let’s call it the Little Wolf Fang Rod. Whatever, you see, each thorn on it has a different poison. Just a slight prick, and immediately…”

As Sun Bin spoke, he carefully touched the tip of the Little Wolf Fang Rod with his fingers. Immediately, his face turned green, and his whole body stiffened, collapsing to the ground.

“You… hey!” You Mengzhe was frightened. Sun Bin’s body went cold, his facial features convulsed and contorted, his lips turned purple. You Mengzhe hastily asked, “Where’s the antidote? Where’s the antidote?”

Sun Bin, trembling, pointed to his pocket. You Mengzhe quickly searched through it, found a porcelain bottle, and fed a pill to Sun Bin. After a while, Sun Bin began to show signs of improvement, and the dark hue on his face receded.

“It’s better now,” Sun Bin gasped. “There’s only one dose of antidote left. We have to be extremely careful.”

You Mengzhe suggested, “Let’s put it in a box. It’s too risky like this.”

Sun Bin said, “I’ve already accidentally been poisoned six times on the way here. Just now, the mute guy hit me in the chest, and it immediately flipped me over with the poison…”

You Mengzhe was terrified, and Sun Bin carefully wrapped the handle of the Little Wolf Fang Rod with cloth. He said, “Later, we’ll go find the emperor. I’ll distract him, and you can hit him with this thing. Just a touch is enough. Once he’s hit, I’ll take you and run. We don’t need this anymore.”

You Mengzhe hesitated, “It doesn’t sound like a good idea.”

Sun Bin glared at him, saying coldly, “Say it again.”

In his mind, You Mengzhe said “Fuck you,” but he said, “Okay.”

Sun Bin regulated his breath, his body trembling slightly, showing signs of nervousness. He then pulled You Mengzhe up, leaped out of the window, and entered another dark room.

“Where are we?” You Mengzhe asked.

“Hush,” Sun Bin said. “It’s the imperial study. Today is the Lantern Festival, and many Imperial Guards are out patrolling the city. They’re afraid of places catching fires.”

The room was pitch dark. You Mengzhe moved around and felt a shelf. Following it, he discovered it was filled with books.

Before long, the room lit up, and a ray of light streamed in from outside. A man’s voice echoed.

“Let the Grand Tutor in.”

A eunuch responded, and Sun Bin held onto You Mengzhe’s fingers, his palm sweaty. Peeking out from under the shelf, You Mengzhe saw golden dragon boots and the corner of a dragon robe, confirming it was undoubtedly the emperor. Just as Sun Bin was about to charge out, footsteps approached again. He quickly crouched down, his expression changing.

“You may all leave,” said the emperor’s voice. “Yuanshan.”

You Mengzhe pressed against the cold floor, looking outside. He saw Zhang Yuanshan’s cloud-patterned robe and military boots. Inside the imperial study, Zhang Yuanshan stood opposite Emperor Li Yi, unmoving.

Sun Bin glanced at You Mengzhe, who subtly gestured for him not to act recklessly. Sun Bin nodded, realizing that challenging Zhang Yuanshan head-on would likely end in defeat, given Zhang Yuanshan’s exceptional martial skills.

Li Yi asked, “Ninth Sister is getting married. What are your thoughts?”

Zhang Yuanshan remained silent. You Mengzhe noticed his military boots shifting on the ground, as if he was walking a few steps within the imperial study, contemplating. Eventually, he turned his back to the dragon throne, facing the bookshelves, and the two figures hiding behind them.

Zhang Yuanshan lightly tapped a shelf with his fingers, then turned around with his hands behind his back, as if making a statement.

Li Yi continued, “Marriage is a significant matter. How can we let her decide freely?”

Zhang Yuanshan didn’t respond.

Li Yi leaned against the dragon throne, sighed heavily, and said, “In matters of marriage, if I don’t speak, no one else can. If we let her have her way, I’m afraid she won’t live a happy life in the future.”

After a moment, Li Yi spoke again, “I heard you’ve gained a nephew?”

Zhang Yuanshan presumably nodded. Li Yi continued, “Yuanshan, you’re not young anymore. It’s not right to keep delaying. When do you plan to get married and continue the Zhang family’s lineage…”

“What?!” Li Yi’s voice was extremely surprised, and it sounded like something was knocked over on the golden table.

You Mengzhe: “?”

Sun Bin and You Mengzhe exchanged puzzled glances. Without any apparent reason, Zhang Yuanshan’s military boots took a few steps forward, reaching the table. There was the sound of rustling paper and the opening of an inkstone, as if someone was writing with a brush on paper.

Li Yi’s voice was filled with astonishment as he exclaimed, “Is this true?!”

Zhang Yuanshan stepped back a few paces. Behind the bookshelves, You Mengzhe’s heart raced, curiosity growing. What exactly did the mute say?!

After a long silence, Li Yi spoke, “Yi’er… let him be Yi’er. How would you address your sworn brothers? Do you know about this matter?”

Zhang Yuanshan didn’t respond, presumably gesturing with his hands. Li Yi continued, “I’ll appoint him as a Cloud Rider Captain and let him stay in the capital. During the martial examination on the first day of the third month, you can let him…”

Zhang Yuanshan made a gesture, and Li Yi fell silent.

Sun Bin wrote in the palm of You Mengzhe’s hand, indicating that the mute was audacious to repeatedly interrupt the emperor. However, Li Yi seemed unfazed, and after a moment of contemplation, he asked, “How do you know he doesn’t want to serve in the court?”

Zhang Yuanshan remained silent, and Li Yi seemed slightly displeased. Afterward, he said, “Forget it, you may withdraw. Let me think about it.”

Zhang Yuanshan turned and left, his footsteps fading away. You Mengzhe vaguely understood some of it – Zhang Yuanshan wanted to acknowledge him as his godson? He also wanted to give him an official title… It’s better not to cause trouble later by indiscriminate killing.

Zhang Yuanshan took his leave, leaving only the emperor in the imperial study. Sun Bin wrote a line in You Mengzhe’s palm: “Prepare to take action.”

You Mengzhe wrote: “I suddenly remembered I have something to attend to. You go ahead and take care of it. See you.”

Sun Bin: “…”

Sun Bin became angry and wrote on You Mengzhe’s hand: “What do you mean?”

You Mengzhe wrote: “Nothing special. I really have something to do. Hurry up, and good luck.”

Sun Bin quickly wrote: “Are you looking for trouble? You were fine just a moment ago.”

You Mengzhe wrote: “I don’t have any grudges with him…”

You Mengzhe’s fingers moved slowly, and Sun Bin, impatient, gave him a swift kick, shouting, “You unreliable guy, your words mean nothing! Once the matter is settled, I’ll take you far away. What more do you want?!”

Sun Bin roared from behind the bookshelves, startling Li Yi in the front. Seated on the dragon throne, Li Yi looked around and said in a stern voice, “Who goes there! Show yourself!”

You Mengzhe, still ignoring the emperor, continued, “You hit me again! I’m warning you! He didn’t provoke me. Why should I kill him just because you tell me to…”

Sun Bin interjected, “That dog emperor’s ancestors killed my entire family! You’re my damn daughter-in-law! Marry a chicken, follow the chicken; marry a dog, follow the dog. Do you understand?!”

You Mengzhe exclaimed, “You’ve lost your mind! Who said I’m your wife…”

Li Yi shouted, “Guards! Assassins!”

Sun Bin, paying no attention to the argument, kicked over the bookshelf. Li Yi abruptly turned around, and Sun Bin, like a soaring kite, leaped onto the dragon desk with one foot, then chased after, scattering copper coin darts. He knocked down a eunuch, kicked an inkstone, sending it flying, and collided with a guard rushing in, causing the guard to spit blood and fly backward.            

“Help!—” A eunuch, terrified and trembling, was so scared by Sun Bin that he immediately urinated and stumbled as he tried to escape.

Li Yi broke through the door of the study and fled. Sun Bin swiftly caught up. Although Li Yi, as the emperor, had practiced martial arts, how could he match the skills of a master thief? After a few steps, he was caught up, and with a few loud shouts, the guards were alerted. Guards poured in from all directions, but Sun Bin had exerted all his strength. He skillfully evaded the swords and blades that swiped over his head, then performed a magic-like move!

The move, “Heaven and Earth Sun and Moon,” truly captured the essence of the thief’s art. Nearly a thousand copper coin darts were scattered in a torrent, knocking down guards all over the floor.

You Mengzhe, covering his face, rushed out and couldn’t help but cheer inwardly. In the brief pause, Li Yi had escaped into a long corridor. Sun Bin chased him closely, and You Mengzhe leaped over the corridor to follow Sun Bin. Sun Bin continued to pursue Li Yi, who had drawn the imperial sword at his waist, shouting, “Guards, save the emperor!”

Sun Bin shouted, “Dog emperor! You’re finished today!” With a swift motion, he swung the Little Wolf Fang Rod, emitting a black glow, spinning toward the back of Li Yi’s head!

In the blink of an eye, a dark figure swept horizontally, and with a swift sound of the wind, the person’s left hand, holding the Executioner’s Pen, went straight for Sun Bin’s face. In a circular motion around Sun Bin’s face, the right hand made a reverse move, snatching the Little Wolf Fang Rod and swiftly closing in.

Everything happened in a brief moment. You Mengzhe, reaching the edge of the corridor, was about to shout a warning when he saw Zhang Yuanshan release the Little Wolf Fang Rod, throwing it aside. With a slight frown, Zhang Yuanshan seemed to have detected the poison on the weapon.

Sun Bin cursed silently, gathering his energy and leaping backward into the air.

Four copper coin darts flew toward Zhang Yuanshan. In pursuit, Zhang Yuanshan also leaped into the air, raising his hand.

Four golden feather darts turned into golden light, shooting towards Sun Bin.

Under the moonlight, with the agility of eagles hunting rabbits, the two of them moved gracefully, as if frozen in that moment.

Ding, ding, ding, ding—four sounds echoed as the dart feathers collided in mid-air!

Sun Bin was once again defeated, withdrawing and leaping onto the top of the corridor, shouting, “Remember this!”

Zhang Yuanshan staggered, and Li Yi had already fled. You Mengzhe was about to shout when Zhang Yuanshan covered his mouth tightly with his left hand, dragging him away with his injured right arm.

Understanding the situation, You Mengzhe knew that if he were captured, it would be closely related to Sun Bin, so he had no choice but to follow Zhang Yuanshan.

“I haven’t done anything,” You Mengzhe said, “Uncle, are you okay? Oh no, that thing is highly toxic!”

Zhang Yuanshan, with You Mengzhe in tow, stumbled through the Imperial Garden. Using his inner energy, he barely managed to jump up, but then he fell down in a very sorry state. You Mengzhe panicked instantly, saying, “Let’s find a place to rest. What should we do?”

Zhang Yuanshan waved his hand, indicating that You Mengzhe should go on. The poison was extremely potent, and Zhang Yuanshan had to rely on his inner energy to suppress it. When he clenched his hand just now, it punctured several wounds, and the black blood had spread to his entire right arm, from the wrist to the elbow, turning it completely black.

In a turn of events, Zhang Yuanshan, who was previously half-carrying You Mengzhe, was now being carried by You Mengzhe. The situation was extremely complicated – they couldn’t afford to be caught by the Imperial Guards. At the same time, they needed to find a place to examine Zhang Yuanshan’s injuries. It was indeed a desperate situation.

Having run to a relatively safe spot, far from where the incident occurred, Zhang Yuanshan couldn’t hold on any longer. He collapsed, curling up and gasping for breath. Suddenly, he went into violent convulsions, limbs stiffening, and his eyes reflecting the bright moon in the sky.

“Uncle!” You Mengzhe exclaimed in panic. “What’s happening to you?”

Without an antidote, and with Sun Bin saying there was no cure for this poison, what could he do? You Mengzhe’s mind was in chaos. Was Zhang Yuanshan going to die like this? Was he going to die here? It couldn’t be!

“Uncle,” You Mengzhe said desperately, “Wake up! Would bleeding help? I can suck the blood out for you. Uncle? Don’t die, dumb guy! Please, don’t die!”

Zhang Yuanshan shook his head. You Mengzhe’s heart sank. He peeled off Zhang Yuanshan’s black robe and ripped off his shirt. The dark energy had spread to his shoulders. If it continued like this, the poisonous gas would reach his heart, and he would die.

The black energy continued to spread inch by inch, leaving You Mengzhe at a loss for what to do.

Zhang Yuanshan reached into his pocket and took out an object, calmly watching You Mengzhe. He placed it in You Mengzhe’s hand – it was a white jade pendant.

“What is this?” You Mengzhe asked.

He thought it might be an antidote. Turning the pendant to the moonlight, he carefully examined it. Four characters were engraved on it: “Beautiful rivers and mountains.”

“What is this for?” You Mengzhe inquired.

Zhang Yuanshan held You Mengzhe’s hand, instructing him to keep the pendant. His eyes carried a complex and affectionate emotion. You Mengzhe exclaimed, “You are about to die!”

You Mengzhe casually tossed the jade pendant aside, fell silent for a moment, then bent down to listen to Zhang Yuanshan’s heartbeat. When his ears touched Zhang Yuanshan’s chest, a wave of coldness enveloped him, causing You Mengzhe to shiver uncontrollably.

It was a cold poison, reminding You Mengzhe of what he had learned with You Gutian on Mount Yuheng. Poisons were categorized into yin and yang, and while the methods of reconciliation varied, the nature of the poison remained. Scorpion and centipede toxins were considered hot poisons, while clam and snake toxins were cold. Plants thriving in sunlight carried yang poison, while those favoring shade exhibited yin poison.

This yin poison was exceptionally vicious. In less than an hour, Zhang Yuanshan’s lips turned blue from the cold, and his entire body felt icy. You Mengzhe rubbed his hands, suddenly thinking of his Transmuting Yang Heart Technique. Though it couldn’t neutralize the poison, could it drive the poison away? If he connected his internal qi with Zhang Yuanshan’s, it might follow his meridians and expel the poisoned blood from his body.

Regardless of the situation, desperate times call for desperate measures. You Mengzhe carried Zhang Yuanshan behind a rockery, making sure to avoid easily discoverable places. After all, being interrupted during dual cultivation was no joke.

“Uncle,” You Mengzhe said, “I’m going to detoxify you now. You must hold on.”

With closed eyes and shallow breaths, Zhang Yuanshan allowed You Mengzhe to undo his belt and open his outer robe. In the moonlight, Zhang Yuanshan’s well-built figure, clad in a pristine white shirt, appeared clean and handsome.

As You Mengzhe began to untie his trousers, there was a rustling sound behind him. The voice of Yu Changqing rang out, asking, “What’s going on?!”

Startled, You Mengzhe quickly turned around and, upon seeing Yu Changqing, gestured urgently, “Go after them! Don’t stay here!”

Yu Changqing, with one hand on his sword, knelt beside Zhang Yuanshan and inspected him. His expression changed as he asked, “Is the Grand Tutor poisoned?”

You Mengzhe replied, “Brother Yu, I’m going to detoxify him now. I’ll explain everything later. Please go quickly and don’t let anyone come over!”

Yu Changqing questioned, “How do you detoxify him? Do you need my help?”

A pleading look appeared in You Mengzhe’s eyes. Yu Changqing hesitated for a moment, then decided not to ask further. He leaped onto the wall, saying, “Not here! The assassin went that way!”

With torches illuminating the surroundings and the Imperial Guards far away, Yu Changqing climbed out of the Imperial Garden and chased after the assassin in another direction.

You Mengzhe continued his task, pulling down Zhang Yuanshan’s inner trousers. He removed his own trousers, leaving himself draped in his outer robe. Opening the package Sun Bin had given him, he took out the fish ointment and applied it to Zhang Yuanshan’s groin. Suddenly, he froze.

— Zhang Yuanshan was not getting an erection.

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