Matryoshka Off-Limits Chapter 32

Chapter 32.1 Big Factory

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The interviewer pulled Wen Shi and was about to leave. Overseer Zhao snapped back to reality and quickly called from behind, “The rest of the interviews…”

The interviewer suddenly turned around, his eyes that were slightly sunken glanced at Overseer Zhao. “You take over for me.”

As he turned his head to look at Wen Shi, a rare hint of approval showed on his face. “Young people these days are quite humble. Despite everything, they still wondered if they were good people.”

“……” Wen Shi realized for the first time that being a good person was defined by the number of good deeds.

The players were shocked as they watched Wen Shi leave. Someone unintentionally said, “What does he have to do with Beautiful Soul?”

Could Beautiful Soul really turn corpses into something else?

The similarity between Beautiful Soul and an assassin was rather striking!

Ears perking up, Overseer Zhao sternly said, “Jealousy makes people look bad, one point off your attitude!”

The player who accidentally revealed his true thoughts: “……” 

He felt an urge to seek justice for the first time. If Pei Wenwei was considered kind, then he must be a saint. Reason prevailed as the player chose not to confront the NPC, leaving behind an indescribable expression.

Wen Shi’s devout expression, shimmering like a layer of gold, gradually faded as he walked away.

He walked alongside the interviewer out of Workshop Three, passing by a simplified layout diagram. Wen Shi slowed his pace to glance at it. The three workshops, along with the cafeteria, aligned almost in a straight line. The dormitory building stood out, constructed separately in the southwest area. Judging from the distances on the map, walking from the dormitory to the workshop would take at least fifteen minutes. Its size and specifications even surpassed those of the workshops.

Strangely, Wen Shi clearly saw a faint white building at the end of this path, though it wasn’t marked on the floor plan.

At this moment, the interviewer was leading him in the direction of that building.

“There are three ironclad rules in the factory,” the interviewer explained, “First, obey your superiors unconditionally. Second, do not venture beyond the work area without permission. Third, and most important, adhere to all rules within the dormitory building.”

All these rules, didn’t that mean there were many death rules?

With a seemingly relaxed nod, Wen Shi replied, “I know, it’s similar to dormitory regulations at university.”

“But this is not your university dormitory!” The interviewer abruptly halted. “Remember, if you break the factory rules, criticism and education might suffice. However, once you violate dormitory rules, you bear the consequences.”

As he spoke those last words, a hint of profound fear flickered in the interviewer’s eyes.

He didn’t want to touch upon this topic again. Constantly licking his dry lips, he urged Wen Shi to walk faster.

Finally, they arrived in front of the pure white building.

There were few windows in the hallway. The indigenous inhabitants who always emphasized the world of pure souls didn’t seem to be fond of sunlight.

Despite the scorching summer day, the corridor felt refreshingly cool even without air conditioning. Wen Shi quietly followed behind the interviewer. The door to the office ahead was partially ajar. A tearing sound echoed, and a torn-up piece of something flew into the air.

“The factory takes care of you so well, yet you still want to move out? Has your conscience been eaten by a dog?”

Through the partially open door, a man stood silently by the desk. His temperament seemed mild as he didn’t resist the scolding. “My father is old and has difficulty moving around. It’s inconvenient for him to stay with me in the dormitory…”

Even his speech rate was slightly slower than an average person’s.

The man sitting in the swivel chair let out a cold snort. “Xiao Jian, remember when you had trouble? Hai Sheng, who contributed to your donation, isn’t in good health these days. It’s not a good time for you to buy a house.”

“I paid back the fifty yuan that Hai Sheng donated a long time ago… And I give him most of my salary every month…”

“What do you mean by that?! Are you saying Hai Sheng didn’t donate enough to you?”

The door wasn’t closed, and the stern reprimand of the factory manager was clearly heard.

Unexpectedly, he walked right into a moral blackmail scene. Wen Shi stood at the doorway, raising an eyebrow.

The man by the office desk lowered his head. He was tall and wore faded work clothes. Due to extended labor without breaks, his long and slender hands had several blisters on the fingertips.

As for his face… messy hair and overlong bangs covered most of it, revealing only a hint of his good facial structure, or more precisely, a near-perfect one. Smooth jawline, high nose… even in his disheveled state, his straight posture was evident. In any normal world, this physique and demeanor would attract talent scouts for stardom.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a normal world.

The interviewer politely knocked on the door, entered with a pleasing smile, and ignored the silent man by the side. He whispered a few words into the factory manager’s ear.

The interviewer blocked most of the factory manager’s view, causing Wen Shi’s attention to naturally shift to the other person. The eyes behind the obstructive bangs remained unclear, yet somehow familiar to him.

For a moment, the man lifted his head slightly. The office curtains were partly drawn, and their gaze met through the blurred line of sight. A sudden chill ran down Wen Shi’s spine.

He avoided the gaze, remaining near the edge of the door.

“A completely pure soul?” The factory manager raised his head incredulously, confirming with the interviewer, “You’re not kidding me, are you?”

“You don’t know. He spoke about good deeds alone for forty minutes, and only stopped when the effects of the truth serum wore off. Plus, he’s very humble. When asked if he’s a good person, he didn’t admit it directly.”

The interviewer conveyed Wen Shi’s character traits: introspective, humble, and easily influenced.

“Absolutely pure kindness?”

On the side, a weird smile flickered across the man’s face. When he glanced at Wen Shi again, his gaze slightly narrowed.

While the factory manager was speaking, Wen Shi lifted his gaze to the ceiling, or more precisely, in the direction of various surveillance cameras. After scanning the hallway, his attention turned to the office. His eyes darted around like radar.

Indeed, the cameras weren’t densely distributed, especially not in the office. Wen Shi wasn’t necessarily planning to infiltrate in the future, but familiarizing himself with the terrain and environment in the scenario was a standard procedure.

After listening to the interviewer’s words, the factory manager nodded repeatedly.

“Exactly, kind-hearted people are becoming rarer these days. It’s just the right time for the factory to select a new Beautiful Soul ambassador. I think you’re a good fit.”

【You have gained +3 favorability with the factory manager.】

With evident disdain, he cast a glance at the silent man. “Hope you won’t be ungrateful like some people.”

Wen Shi pondered for a moment. “Is he also a Beautiful Soul ambassador?”

The factory manager sneered. “Once you’re here, he won’t be for long.”

Jian Qingrong hung his head, letting the mocking words fall upon him.

A slight ache throbbed in Wen Shi’s temples. This was quite different from his imagined ambassador. He thought an ambassador would be glamorous, immersed in shooting grand advertisement campaigns. Why did reality steer towards a frugal and simple path, one that seemed to be exploited?

Shouldn’t have aimed for the spotlight among players.

The factory manager handed Wen Shi a form, asking him to fill out the spokesperson application.

Noticing a faint stain on the spot where the factory manager’s thumb pressed, showing a bluish tint, Wen Shi cautiously avoided touching it.

The factory manager’s fingers had a slight sheen, as if some kind of substance, perhaps a fluid, had yet to dry completely. Wen Shi’s gaze swept the desk, finding nothing placed on it, no signs of spills. Eventually, his eyes landed on a torn piece of paper on the floor, crumpled and uncertain if it was the source of contamination.

Wen Shi picked up the broom from the corner, planning to clean and investigate under the pretense of taking out the trash later.

Suddenly, a pair of knobby hands grasped his wrist.

“I’ll handle it.” Perhaps due to his deep voice, the mild demeanor from earlier was entirely absent.

“No, no, no. You’re a senior employee. I’ll take care of this.”

Oblivious, the factory manager, seeing this, gained a bit more trust in the interviewer’s words and added another point to Wen Shi’s diligence.

In the end, Wen Shi didn’t argue with Jian Qingrong. One reason was that this seemingly lean man was surprisingly strong, and another was that the factory manager unexpectedly started giving him a series of pointers.

“As an ambassador, always remember not to be extravagant. Be friendly to colleagues, and give your all to the factory’s work.”

Wen Shi obediently responded with a simple “okay.”

“However, whether you can assume this honorable task remains subject to evaluation. I hope you won’t disappoint the high expectations of the factory.”

Wen Shi continued nodding.

【Solo Side Quest: Beautiful Soul Ambassador

Quest Description: As a newcomer, you have earned the appreciation of the factory manager through your past efforts and have obtained Application Form*1. Please quickly accomplish a compelling act of kindness or good deed to impress the factory manager with your application and become a true ambassador!

Quest Reward: Soul Purity +10】

At this point, the factory manager instructed the interviewer, “Since you’re here, take Xiao Jian to withdraw the money.”

“Xiao Jian,” the factory manager turned to the silent man, speaking earnestly, “You’re the Beautiful Soul ambassador of our factory. Don’t tarnish your reputation for personal gain. Later, bring your passbook and withdraw the money to help Hai Sheng. He hasn’t been feeling well these past days. I’ll arrange for a commendation, highlighting your action!”

After finishing, he settled back into his chair, leisurely enjoying the coolness of the office on a summer day.

The factory manager’s maintenance was impeccable. His face, despite being in his fifties, showed no significant wrinkles. Only the gray-white hair silently testified that he was no longer young.

He retrieved a bottle of Beautiful Soul Elixir from the drawer, about to use it, and upon seeing Wen Shi still standing there, he waved his hand. “You don’t have much to do today. Follow along to the dormitory, fill out the paperwork, and start work officially tomorrow.”

The factory manager used an enhanced version of Beautiful Soul Elixir, which was edible. However, he cared deeply about his personal appearance. Taking out a small mirror, he surprisingly applied the elixir to areas prone to wrinkles, like the corners of his eyes.

Throughout the process, the factory manager remained oblivious to the contaminants on his fingers, which spread along with the liquid and smudged around his skin.

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