Matryoshka Off-Limits Chapter 41 Part 2

Chapter 41.2 Big Factory

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Liu Yuan cared more about the team battle task. She looked at Wen Shi. “How many points did you get?”

“Not out yet.”

This unexpected answer was puzzling. The game not playing a prompt sound likely meant no scoring was involved. But even a short trip outside could earn a few points, considering it could count as going for a walk.

Wen Shi smiled innocently. “Can’t come back empty-handed. I tried to do a bit more, so the results might take a while.”

He then asked, “What about you guys?”

Liu Yuan pointed at Zhang Suihe. “He’s racking up sleep counts, concluding that a higher score for deep sleep comes from snoring and talking in one’s dreams.”

Wen Shi’s features twisted. Quite something.

Liu Yuan looked in Ji Yuanzhi’s direction next. “He converted the smart panel responsible for notifications into a gaming device and played a couple of games on it, earning thirty points in one go.”

Wen Shi was surprised. “Hai Sheng didn’t notice?”

The smart panel wasn’t far from the rest area.

Liu Yuan shook his head, indicating that even they found it strange.

Ji Yuanzhi just calmly replied, “Probably his high myopia.”

Hai Sheng was currently feeling time dragging on, eager to finish work. He had planned to tease the new employees during lunch, find an excuse to make them stay and continue cleaning. But as soon as the clock struck twelve, he was the first to rush out, heading to the bank to withdraw money.

With Wen Shi around, there was no need to worry about food and clothing. Team members could also share meals.

Soft-spoken requests had an impact. Although no one had said it yet, they almost tacitly agreed to vote for Wen Shi as the team leader before the end of the day.

Zhou Xiaochun: “Let’s head to the cafeteria quickly and explore the food rules.”

Before he could ponder the reason, Zhou Xiaochun’s gaze met with Wen Shi’s speechless look.

Before Zhou Xiaochun could think it through, the senior employees had already gathered around Wen Shi.

“I’ll save seats for the team.”

“I’ll go to the counter and use the card to buy food.”

“I’ll get some water for the team from the drinks area.”


“Did you see? Is there any need for research?” Wen Shi had a serious expression. “I can’t lead a team, I can only work myself to death.”

Naturally, the group couldn’t help but think about going to the cafeteria together with Tu Bianxi. Setting aside the role of the dormitory supervisor, just based on the interview conditions, Pei Wenwei had a unique advantage.

Being pulled into the A+ instance as newbie was abnormal in itself. This instance was likely a precursor to the special 3S instance.

Not everyone was interested in 3S instances. Without absolute strength, it was a death sentence. Apart from Zhou Xiaochun, who had the support of a large guild, and Ji Yuanzhi, who had spent money for this instance, the other players, after a brief astonishment, first considered a pressing matter: hurry to the cafeteria to grab a meal, they were starving.

The cafeteria had four counters, selling meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, main courses, and soup.

During lunch, with many people around, long queues formed at each counter, giving a sense of bustling activity not felt for a long time.

Wen Shi went to the spot reserved by the 4th-floor residents and sat down. Nearby, Tu Bianxi was sitting. Before long, the members of their team gathered, clearly all taking advantage of Tu Bianxi’s meal card.

Ji Yuanzhi saw Tu Bianxi and used a privacy item to ensure their conversation wouldn’t be overheard.

“Tu Bianxi being here presents an opportunity for us.”

Thinking that Ji Yuanzhi was planning something against Tu Bianxi, Lv Tang was startled. “He’s not easy to deal with.”

“Solving Tu Bianxi won’t be that simple,” Ji Yuanzhi looked at Wen Shi, “Yesterday afternoon, I explored the shallow areas of various workshops. Unlike Workshop One, Workshop Two has regular locks and no separate protective doors. The fire safety measures are well-implemented. With enough smoke, the place triggers automatic water sprinklers. If we can introduce some contaminants into the water, their morning’s work will be in vain. They might not even be able to work properly in the afternoon.”

It was useless to get a high score if the normal workload couldn’t be completed.

After some thought, Liu Yun said, “Tu Bianxi’s puppet isn’t on him, so he must have considered this.”

“If we go, it’ll definitely raise suspicion.” Ji Yuanzhi glanced at the senior employees who were obediently getting their meals, “Let them do it.”

Wen Shi didn’t immediately nod in agreement.

Ji Yuanzhi pushed his glasses up. “If we don’t act now, Tu Bianxi will likely try to interfere with our workload in the afternoon.”

Wen Shi finally spoke, “The risk is too high. If it’s discovered afterwards, the senior employees will face severe punishment. As a dorm supervisor, it goes against my professional ethics.”

Ensuring the safety of NPCs’ lives sounds ridiculous to anyone.

However, Ji Yuanzhi calmly accepted his refusal and even provided a way out, “I overlooked that. Abusing our authority might trigger the death rule.”

In reality, they all knew the likelihood of triggering the death rule was less than one percent.

Liu Yuan winked at Wen Shi. “Though I can’t fully understand, I quite like your occasional kind-heartedness.”

Even if the instinctive response might seem foolish, human nature still leaned towards chasing things that were bright and warm.

“Kind-hearted?” Wen Shi’s smile held a hint of puzzlement.

He wasn’t kind, he was confident. The fact that the game hadn’t yet tallied the points for his slacking off indicated that Jian Qingrong understood his hint and was ready to put it into practice.

Dormitory building, sixth floor.

The walls here were painted in an uncertain color, where cracks and dark red intertwined, giving the appearance of a fleshy membrane. In the eerie corridor, everything was bathed in a red light. One of the interviewers lived in one of the rooms. Despite practically at the bottom of the sixth floor food chain, no one dared to offend him.

The interviewer had taken a leave today.

At this moment, he was trembling on the ground, reporting the situation on the sixth floor, “The sixth floor operates on a shift system, with fifty people working and fifty people resting each day.”

So, there were still quite a few people on this floor.

Last night, when the interviewer had gone upstairs, the teenager had been standing by the trash can, smiling at him. Afterward, the interviewer had inexplicably taken the teenager to his room, only to suffer a series of inhumane tortures. His skin had been torn, and his blood almost drained. What was even stranger was that during this process, the bruise on the interviewer’s neck, which had been itching incessantly, had actually stopped spreading.

The teenager didn’t directly take the interviewer’s life for two main reasons.

First, he needed this useless person to guide him through the factory’s situation. Secondly, he could sense that the interviewer was host to something parasitic. This made him a convenient test subject. In case Big Brother was also parasitized, he could save him in the process. The teenager had tried many methods last night, ultimately temporarily suppressing the parasite’s spread by peeling off the skin and drawing blood.

The interviewer continued, “New employees are usually assigned to the night shift. Even if they don’t volunteer, the factory will arrange it later.”

The teenager’s tone was filled with allure, and his eyes, a stunning white blaze, were burning. “Look at me.”

The interviewer instinctively lifted his head, as if he was entranced.

The white blaze in the teenager’s eyes instantly surged to its peak, a spark landing in the interviewer’s eye. It firmly suppressed the man’s emotions, becoming the master of all his desires.

The bloodthirsty, cruel yet enchanting succubus lineage, once a nightmare to countless people, had returned to the human world under the call of its power.

“Take me to find the residents currently on the sixth floor in the dormitory.”

The interviewer nodded in a dazed manner.

The excessively youthful demon revealed its long-concealed horns. The little goat-like horns on its silver hair exuded a tempting and innocent purity. Just like its master’s smile, it was innocent yet fierce.

“Be obedient,” the teenager prodded the kneeling interviewer’s chin with the tip of his shoe, his lips slowly curling up. “Remember, this factory will be mine sooner or later, and all of you—”

“…once you step into my factory, you’ll be my dogs.”

He could sense that Big Brother was too kind-hearted. That resident on the fourth floor was dangerous, but he was willing to flirt with him just to provide a place to stay.

The teenager decided to send over dozens of tamed fierce dogs first to ensure Big Brother’s safety.

Jian Qingrong stood in front of a white building.

Walking inside, the first floor led to the office of the factory manager. He looked at the application form in his hand, feeling such a strong interest in a person for the first time.

“Indeed, you noticed…” Jian Qingrong muttered to himself, the sexy Adam’s apple moving up and down.

At their first meeting, the other had eagerly cleaned up, as if trying to gather those torn pieces of paper with unusual liquids on them.

With a spectator’s mindset, Jian Qingrong had been waiting for Wen Shi’s subsequent actions.

Reporting to please the factory manager? Blackmailing himself? Or using other strategies to maximize benefits?

Unexpectedly, the other chose to follow the same method.

Translating Wen Shi’s final gesture before entering the freight elevator, it was something like: 

“Don’t forget to help me submit the application form.”

Right now, immediately, he went to do it—

“The paper seems a bit dirty.”

He could apply something on it again.

“Shake hands.”

Let’s take down the factory manager together.

Not only did Wen Shi not report Jian Qingrong, he even gave him a second opportunity to poison. Thinking about this, Jian Qingrong couldn’t help but chuckle softly, almost trembling with suppressed laughter. He had initially planned to let the factory manager live a little longer, but now he had encountered something even more interesting.

After laughing enough, Jian Qingrong put on gloves and smeared something on the application form. He walked into the building, head lowered, and stiffly knocked three times on the door of the factory manager’s office. No response. He patiently waited for a moment before knocking three more times.

A voice inside finally sounded impatient, “Come in.”

The factory manager’s daily staple was an enhanced version of the Beautiful Soul Elixir. Seeing Jian Qingrong, he inexplicably felt irritated. The employee who used to obediently follow orders seemed to have developed a sense of rebellion lately, even considering moving out of the dormitory building.

“The new employee asked me to deliver this to you. He’s busy working overtime to meet performance targets.” Jian Qingrong still had that look of not daring to make direct eye contact. “There was an incident in the dormitory building last night, and the application form got dirty. He’s very sorry.”

Aware of the dormitory building’s monster invasion, the factory manager accepted the application form and sneered, “If we had such obedient and well-behaved new employees, we wouldn’t have needed to replace you in the factory.”

Obedient and well-behaved?

Hearing this description, Jian Qingrong’s lips curled up slightly.


【Warning, Jian Qingrong’s favorability towards you has increased by 10.】

【Warning, Jian Qingrong’s favorability towards you has increased by 5.】

During mealtime, amidst the system’s cold prompt, Wen Shi, who was praised as kind-hearted, opened his hands and asked, “What do you think?”

Thinking Wen Shi was asking about his hands, Liu Yuan honestly replied, “They’re very attractive. Anyone with a hand fetish would lose control around you.”

Fingertips like bamboo shoots, fair and clearly defined knuckles, an artwork free from impurities.

“No, you’re mistaken,” Wen Shi said with a laugh, “You didn’t notice its greatest advantage.”

Liu Yuan was puzzled.

Wen Shi: “It’s very clean.”

By using someone else’s hand to commit a crime, he indulged in slacking off without a trace.

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