My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Living Corpse An Bu

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On An Bu’s twentieth birthday, she used the money she earned from work to buy a new car. Before she could even get it registered, she encountered a bridge collapse during a test drive, falling into a river along with the car. Despite her efforts to save herself, she ultimately couldn’t escape fate, suffocating next to the car window that was about to shatter.

For ordinary people, death is the end, but she “lived” again in her own corpse, missing the vital signs of a living person—heartbeat, breath, pulse, body temperature, and more.

An Bu’s “resurrection” wasn’t surprising to her because she is the inheritor of the Book of Life and Death, one of the three legendary books recording the birth, death, and life of all beings. However, the version she possesses is defective; it only shows the vitality and death energy of each person. Its most useful function is to randomly generate a complete set of identity documents based on her personal attributes and the era background—flawless, authentic, and the epitome of a high-end “fake ID” system.

While alive, An Bu rarely used the Book of Life and Death. Apart from witnessing various supernatural phenomena and creating “fake IDs,” the book was practically useless. It wasn’t until her death, a reversal of yin and yang, that the vitality in the Book of Life dropped from 100,000 points to 101, while the death energy in the Book of Death skyrocketed to over six million. The entire world seemed heavy with death in her eyes.

This over six million includes not only An Bu’s death energy but also the death energy of everyone nearby and all the resentful spirits who died in this river over the years. If she hadn’t accidentally died here, An Bu wouldn’t have known that this river harbored so many drowned souls.

As a living corpse with only 101 points of vitality, An Bu possesses the ability to move slowly, with severely weakened senses. It took tremendous effort to break the car window and crawl out. Drifting downstream along the river, she embarked on a long period of wandering.

Yes, what she is doing now is working as a RunRun designated driver, picking up and dropping off customers who order taxis. This is one of her part-time jobs.

After becoming a living corpse, she can only sleep for 2 hours a day. If she exceeds 2 and a half hours, her brain and body start to stiffen. So, every day, it’s either studying, working, or exercising—anything to keep herself from being idle.

Arriving at the designated location, she flashed her car lights a few times and saw two men supporting a heavily intoxicated man towards her car. They helped him into the back seat, fastened his seatbelt, and then said to An Bu, “Driver, please take him to Huai Xiu Garden.”

“Okay.” An Bu glanced at them, her eyebrows slightly furrowed.

Only then did the two men notice that the driver was actually a woman, her face obscured by a hat. However, she sounded quite young. Female drivers working night shifts were indeed uncommon.

While the two were still in a daze, An Bu had already driven away with the drunken man.

Huai Xiu Garden was only three or four kilometers away, with few traffic lights in between, so they would arrive quickly. Speaking of traffic lights, it’s worth praising modern cars for their intelligent connection to the traffic system, recognizing traffic lights. Otherwise, with An Bu’s abnormal vision, she wouldn’t be able to drive.

As the car approached a crossroad, Huai Xiu Garden was on the right, but An Bu didn’t turn. Instead, she drove straight ahead.

“You, where are you taking me?” The intoxicated man obviously hadn’t reached a point of complete incapacity. He pointed outside the car window and questioned with a slurred tongue.

“They’re repairing the road over there,” An Bu replied.

“Oh.” With that, the intoxicated man believed her, slumping in his seat without further movement.

Before long, An Bu drove the car into the city hospital, then got out of the car, carried the drunken man out, and asked two nurses to take him for a medical check-up. She also helped cover the medical expenses. After that, she left the hospital.

The death energy on the intoxicated man, like a dark cloud over his head, indicated to An Bu, even without opening the Book of Life and Death, that he was close to death. Judging by his appearance, he didn’t seem like a terminal patient; there was a higher chance of accidental death. However, being this intoxicated, he likely wouldn’t engage in any other activities once he got home. Therefore, if there were any accidents, they would most likely occur during this timeframe.

Whether he died from falling down the stairs, sudden death while sleeping, or went crazy and got into an accident, taking him to the hospital would minimize the chances of these scenarios.

As for the medical expenses she covered, An Bu didn’t care at all. If that person could survive the ordeal, she would gain corresponding vitality.

After getting in the car, An Bu no longer paid attention to the incident and continued with her pick-up and drop-off business.

The peak hours for taxi rides were from 8 PM to 11 PM. After 11 PM, the number of passengers decreased. An Bu usually worked until around 2 AM, rested for 2 hours after returning home, and then woke up around 5 AM to study.

Around 1 AM, An Bu took her last order—a pair of young men in their twenties, trendy in appearance, and seemingly well-groomed, though their eyes lacked a friendly demeanor.

They occasionally cast glances at An Bu with a malicious intent.

“We’ve arrived,” An Bu parked the car on the side of the street, indicating for them to get out.

The young man with blonde hair exited the car, but the one with red hair did not. Instead, he leaned over, hands on the driver’s seat, and grinned at An Bu, “Miss, aren’t you afraid to drive alone at night?”

On the other side, the blonde-haired man, who got out first, opened the front door, leaned in to look at An Bu, and whistled, “Hey, it’s a pretty girl.”

Seeing their demeanor, An Bu knew she had encountered troublemakers.

“What do you guys want?” She timely adjusted her facial muscles, showing a fearful expression.

“Hehe, don’t be scared. Older Brother just wants to chat with you.” While saying this, one hand had already removed An Bu’s hat.

A few strands of greenish hair fell, revealing infinite charm.

The blonde young man’s eyes widened at the sight. Originally, he just wanted to tease a bit for fun, but now, seeing this beauty, an irresistible itch arose within him.

Glancing around and finding this secluded spot, especially in the late night, presented a perfect opportunity for indulging their desires.

The two young men exchanged a lecherous look, silently reaching a consensus.

Blonde hair quickly unfastened An Bu’s seatbelt, pulled her out of the car, while Red hair immediately covered her mouth. Together, they dragged her into the adjacent small garden, completely oblivious to the fact that they were dragging a “corpse.”

In just a moment, sounds of tearing fabric emanated from the small garden, followed by the sounds of bodies colliding, and finally, the suppressed yet rapturing cries.

Ten minutes later, An Bu leisurely walked out of the garden, brushed off some grass debris from herself, put on her hat again, got back into the car, pulled up the in-car monitor, uploaded the recording to RunRun’s headquarters, clearly documenting the process of the two men dragging her out of the car. They hadn’t had a chance to delete it yet, and if not for this, she wouldn’t have waited until the small garden to take action.

After doing all this, An Bu swiftly made a U-turn and drove away.

The next day, residents preparing for morning exercises passed by the garden and were suddenly greeted by the sight of two young men entwined in a disheveled state. Their skin was covered in green and purple marks, the poses extremely provocative, creating a rather awkward scene.

“What the heck, are these two guys having outdoor fun in the garden?”

“This is way too indecent!”

“D*mn, my eyes that have preserved 30 years of chastity have been contaminated!”

The two young men awoke amidst the chilly wind and the lively discussion, only to realize that they were being forcefully surrounded by a group of onlookers. They covered their faces and quickly fled…

Back home, An Bu threw her hat onto the sofa, then walked into the bathroom to freshen up.

Standing in front of the mirror, gazing at her naked self, the fair skin, ample curves, and slender waist could be described as stunning. However, there was no warmth, no trace of blood color—it was a pale, eerie beauty. This was already her best condition. When she first died, her skin was dry and pale, resembling a person in the last stages of illness. It took four or five years to establish a routine for maintaining her health.

An Bu stepped into the bathtub filled with warm water, immersing her entire body. The steam rose, the temperature was comfortable, but she couldn’t feel the comfort of bathing. It was merely routine cleaning and massage to ensure cleanliness and muscle activity.

“In the dream, it seemed as if there were a destination… He was left, upon awakening, with the feeling that he wanted…” A voice reciting foreign text slowly echoed in the bathroom.

To ensure normal brain function, whenever she had free time, An Bu would contemplate, memorize, do calculations, plan for the future—anything to keep her brain active.

This habit, An Bu persisted for eighty years. From initially struggling to remember a few words to rapid memorization now, she had put in tremendous effort and hardship.

Although it was exhausting, she never gave up.

Because she wanted to live.

And she wanted to live recklessly.

The author has something to say: Seeing some confusion about color blindness affecting the ability to drive, I mentioned it in Chapter 1, but let me explain it in more detail.

In this era, people with color blindness can still get a driver’s license because all transportation vehicles are equipped with a smart traffic light sensing system. This system is also present in electronic devices like phones and watches. It’s similar to being highly nearsighted; without glasses, you can’t drive, but once you put them on, there’s no problem.

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