My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Background Actor

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“Ken, do you really think this is a good idea? What if that girl shows up?” In the apartment, Bei Mengla, with her face wrapped in gauze, looked at the notebook on the coffee table, her expression uncertain.

“This is the only way. Who would have known that your plastic surgery would go wrong? If we don’t do this, your career might be over.” Ken sat on the sofa, nonchalant, “The bus rescue incident serves as a breakthrough. As long as we handle it well, when your face heals, you’ll soar to new heights. As for that girl…” He paused and continued, “No one at the scene saw her face clearly. Even if she comes back, she can’t prove anything. Besides, we can settle it privately with money if needed.”

“But what about the plastic surgery clinic…” Bei Mengla still had some concerns.

Ken sneered, “They messed up the operation. Not suing them would already be lenient. Do they want to publicize this and ruin their reputation?”

Bei Mengla fell silent, looking at the online discussions about herself trending and countless netizens becoming her fans. Unaccustomed to such attention, she felt a mix of guilt and an indescribable satisfaction.

When Bei Mengla’s plastic surgery failed, she was almost in despair. However, Ken’s replacement plan instantly turned the disadvantage into an advantage, allowing her to escape from the predicament. It was a gamble—if she lost, she would exit the entertainment industry and live an ordinary life; if she won, she would achieve a splendid reversal effortlessly, gaining the dazzling future she had dreamt of.

Thinking about this, Bei Mengla’s gaze gradually shifted from hesitation to determination, and then burst with an unstoppable radiance of certainty.

An Bu was unaware of the identity switch, and even if she knew, she wouldn’t care. She just wanted to quietly accumulate vitality, and if others liked fame, they could have it as long as they didn’t overdo it.

After spending two days with Xin Yan in the neighboring province, An Bu received another part-time job offer upon her return—being a background actor.

A TV series called “Unrivaled Everywhere” was currently in production, and the shooting location was at the local film and television city. It required a large number of background actors. Although An Bu couldn’t become a star, participating in any capacity would earn her corresponding vitality.

An Bu parked her car and, just as she opened the door, she saw a stylishly dressed short-haired girl stepping down from the nanny car next to hers.

The girl glanced at An Bu’s car, a hint of disdain in her eyes. “Why are there so many people nowadays who like to follow trends?”

With a cold snort, she walked past An Bu with a light and graceful step, followed by an assistant carrying large and small bags.

An Bu was completely baffled, not understanding what she was talking about.

Entering the film and television city with them, An Bu leisurely looked around. The crew members were busy, modern equipment mixed with ancient architecture, creating a sense of temporal dislocation.

An Bu didn’t laze around for too long. As a background actor, she needed to be ready at any moment. Her first role was that of a woman strolling through the street, collectively known as “Passerby A,” with the sole purpose of adding liveliness to the bustling market.

Changing into ancient-style clothing, skillfully arranging her hair and makeup, in just thirty minutes, An Bu transformed herself into an ordinary ancient woman, plain in appearance, dressed modestly, and dedicated to household chores. If it came to elaborate makeup or heavy styling, An Bu, being color-blind, would undoubtedly lose control of her creativity. However, for just applying foundation and light makeup, there was hardly any difficulty.

While the makeup artist was still busy with others, An Bu, already in costume, strolled through the streets with a small bamboo basket slung over her arm.

The director was arranging shooting details, other actors were either getting makeup done, rehearsing, or reviewing the script, all preparing for the official shooting.

“Ah! It’s Yu Hao!” Several exclamations suddenly rang out in the crowd, causing a commotion.

Following the sound, An Bu saw a man at least 183 cm tall walking into the set, dressed in white robes, a jade hairpin securing his hair, and a golden belt with hanging pearls. He exuded an extraordinary temperament, capturing the attention of all the women present.

An Bu had a vague impression of him because his figure often appeared in advertisements, gossip news, and blog forums. He was a highly popular and handsome actor, known for his outstanding performances. For someone who frequently dominated the headlines, An Bu couldn’t easily ignore his existence.

Yu Hao played the main antagonist in this TV series, portraying a scheming and ambitious Wangye named Xue Ciyi, who sought to seize the throne.

“Expert Yu Hao.” A beautiful woman dressed in men’s clothing walked up to him, softly saying, “I’m Liu Waner. The first time working with Expert, please take care of me.”

Yu Hao smiled faintly, “Just call me by my name, no need to be polite.”

“Then I’ll call you ‘Brother Yu’ from now on.” Liu Waner smiled, exceptionally radiant and charming under her delicate makeup.

An Bu glanced at her and recognized her as the beauty she had encountered in the parking lot not long ago. It seemed she was playing the supporting female role, engaged to Xue Ciyi as the prime minister’s daughter, Wang Luoxue.

“Alright, everyone in their positions. Prepare for the first scene.” The director shouted through a megaphone.

The first scene depicted the second female lead, Wang Luoxue, disguised as a man, passing through the night market. Accompanied by her maid, she rushed into a brothel, confronted Xue Ciyi who was reveling, and accused him of his dissolute behavior as her fiancée.

After the director shouted “Action,” Liu Waner, playing Wang Luoxue, appeared angrily in the night market.

“Get out of the way!” She rudely pushed aside the pedestrians blocking her way, charging towards the brothel like a fierce woman.

“Cut!” The director loudly called to a halt, pointing at Wang Luoxue, “What kind of expression is that? Although you’re going to ‘catch them in the act,’ don’t forget your identity. You’re the prime minister’s daughter; don’t behave like a vulgar rural woman.”

Liu Waner blushed, a hint of embarrassment flashing in her eyes.

The shooting continued, and “Wang Luoxue” appeared in front of the camera again. This time, her expression was more restrained, but unfortunately, it seemed too reserved, lacking any trace of anger.

The director had to call for another stop and reshoot for the third time. Liu Waner struggled with her initial performance, frustration building up, and her acting became even more lackluster.

Seated on the side, Yu Hao, although expressionless, had a hint of coldness in his eyes.

Under everyone’s gaze, Liu Waner felt embarrassed. Filled with anger and shame, she forcefully pushed a young man blocking her path. The unprepared young man stumbled and fell to the ground.

Amidst the gasps, a hand suddenly reached out from the side, grabbing the back of the young man’s collar and pulling his tilted body back into place.

“Are you okay?” An Bu, disguised as a “married woman,” asked lightly while choosing a folding fan from a vendor.

The young man patted his chest: “It really scared baby, If it weren’t for you pulling me, I would have definitely fallen and become incapable of taking care of myself.”

An Bu: Can you be any more exaggerated?

“What are you doing?!” The director exploded, “Liu Waner, can’t you act? A simple entrance cut three times! And you, miss, you’re just an ordinary woman who hasn’t seen the world; can’t you act like one? Don’t behave like a hidden expert among the common people, attacking so swiftly. The audience might think you’re a spy planted by the villains!”

Pupupu….Laughter echoed on the set, even a slight smile appeared on Yu Hao’s lips.

The director’s last remark was clearly shifting blame; Liu Waner’s performance was supposed to be cut from the beginning, and An Bu saving or not saving the person wouldn’t have made a difference.

An Bu naturally wouldn’t retort insensitively. She just opened the fan, covering half of her face, indicating that she acknowledged her mistake.

After four attempts, the opening scene finally passed smoothly. An Bu felt that, given the director’s pickiness, this show might take a decade to complete.

The second shooting location was the brothel.

An Bu and a dozen other girls changed quickly, transforming from plain women into charming and coquettish courtesans.

This time, the makeup artist helped with the makeup, heavy and alluring. Their eyes carried a hint of frivolity, draped in translucent veils, revealing seductive curves with a touch of decadence and extravagance.

Yu Hao, playing Xue Ciyi, sat disheveled on a soft couch, holding a cup, leaning on a beauty, with a lazy gaze that held a barely noticeable calmness. With every glance, he exuded a captivating charm, bewitching to the bone. Clearly portraying a villain immersed in wine and lust, he unexpectedly portrayed the image of an unparalleled handsome god.

“Wang Luoxue” barged into the room, breath caught at the sight before her. Almost giving in to temptation, she almost kneeled to worship. Fortunately, she hadn’t forgotten her identity, adjusting her expression in time, pointing at “Xue Ciyi” with embarrassment, tremblingly saying, “You, how could you…”

An Bu, blended in among the beautiful women, quietly observed their performance. Unexpectedly, “Xue Ciyi” suddenly put down his wine cup, reached out to embrace An Bu’s slender waist, pulling her into his embrace. Leaning against her neck, he lazily spoke, “Why did you intrude into my room? To disturb my pleasure?”

In male attire, “Wang Luoxue” was immediately recognized by “Xue Ciyi,” but he pretended not to know.

An Bu felt frustrated; she had clearly hidden behind, so how did she end up being “pulled” out by Yu Hao?

Yu Hao discreetly glanced at An Bu, feeling an icy chill in his hands, as if there was no warmth.

“Wang Luoxue,” shocked by the unexpected intimacy, angrily exclaimed, “As a Wangye, why do you willingly degrade yourself, lingering in such a place of revelry?”

“Oh?” “Xue Ciyi” raised an eyebrow, “Do you know me?”

“I, I am…” “Wang Luoxue” bit her lip, looking embarrassed and unsure how to explain.

“Xue Ciyi” took An Bu’s hand, gently placing it near his lips, but coldly uttered, “Get out.”

“Wang Luoxue” trembled, disbelief written on her face. Internally, she was shouting: Too handsome! How could he be so handsome? I want to kneel! Let me kneel!

“Cut!” The director roared, interrupting Liu Waner’s daydream.

Even if she tried to make the required expressions, the infatuation in her eyes betrayed her.

Taking advantage of the situation, An Bu pulled back her hand and, at the same time, uprighted the leaning Yu Hao.

Feeling An Bu’s disdain, Yu Hao couldn’t help but glance at her, saying, “You seemed to be enjoying it just now.”

“The plot required it,” An Bu said seriously, “As a lady with principles, even if I wanted to brutally stab the man in front of me, I would still show a charming smile without any flaws, polished by thousands of trials.”

Yu Hao: “…” You’ve probably made many men fall for you, haven’t you?

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