My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The Dramatic Reversal of Enemy Annihilation

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In the evening, An Bu sat on the carpet, holding her notebook to check the latest film and television information. She found out that the popularity of “Jiangshan Beauty” was indeed very high. Topics related to it can be seen everywhere on public platforms such as Facebook, Weibo, online media, and major forums. Due to Bei Mengla’s participation, “Jiangshan Beauty” has established an excellent positive image in the minds of the public. Regardless of how well the show will ultimately be produced, the viewership is unlikely to be low.

Especially since Bei Mengla’s entertainment company represented her and won a deliberate injury lawsuit against a man named “Huang Kaiping,” compensating 250,000 yuan and an additional one-year prison sentence. People cheered, expressing strong support for the goddess Bei Mengla.

In comparison, “Unrivaled Everywhere” had no discussion at all. Apart from Yu Hao, most of the cast members selected by Zhang Tingnan this time were newcomers, lacking any explosive elements. Zhang Tingnan himself was also low-key. If not for Yu Hao occasionally updating the shooting progress on his official account, people would almost forget that such a show exists.

An Bu didn’t expect that her indifference would actually elevate Bei Mengla to the altar, pushing her investment in “Unrivaled Everywhere” to the bottom. If the show’s viewership is too low, her investment will be meaningless.

An Bu originally didn’t want to pay attention, but now she should consider exposing the deception.

Meanwhile, Jian Ningxuan had already taken action.

He had gathered enough evidence earlier but didn’t rush to act, seeing An Bu’s nonchalant attitude. It wasn’t until he met Bei Mengla in person at the banquet, surrounded by numerous admirers, that he decided to reveal the truth to everyone.

Jian Ningxuan has a team specifically dedicated to collecting intelligence. To accurately grasp market trends, stock market conditions, international dynamics, domestic situations, expert analyses, fluctuations in commodity prices, and the latest decisions and personnel changes of major companies and enterprises, these are all their key areas of focus. This team, acting arrogantly, for their boss had specifically investigated a person unrelated to their business. Everyone being curious was guaranteed, however, with Jian Ningxuan’s personality, no one would be able to get an answer from him.

Jian Ningxuan sent the well-organized information to a young man named “Qiao Nuo.” He was the person who was saved by An Bu during the bus incident, later joined An Bu in rescuing others, and witnessed Huang Kaiping’s assault. When Bei Mengla falsely claimed the title of a national hero, only he vehemently clarified and criticized, but being a lone voice in the midst of widespread acclaim, no one believed what he said.

Jian Ningxuan followed the information Qiao Nuo left online, traced his identity, and thought that entrusting the evidence to a survivor of the bus incident was the most suitable.

In an apartment dozens of kilometers away, Qiao Nuo stared at the computer screen, his eyes full of anger.

“This is too shameless! What qualifications does this woman have to usurp someone else’s credit?!” Watching Bei Mengla’s pretentious pose in the video, Qiao Nuo was absolutely furious. He vividly remembered the decisive actions of that girl when she saved people and the miserable state she was in when injured. However, she had no intention of claiming credit and quietly left afterward. Now, she was used as a pawn by this hypocritical woman for her own gain.

Unfortunately, he had no evidence, and other survivors couldn’t remember the appearance of that girl. They could only harbor anger silently, unable to do anything. Even if they were angry, imagine how difficult it must be for that girl.

While he was feeling indignant, a new email notification suddenly came from his computer.

Qiao Nuo casually opened the email, but after scanning it, he was immediately stunned, as if he had been hit by a pie in the face, and his whole person was dumbfounded.

Lately, Zhang Tingnan had been facing some difficulties because of the dominance of “Jiangshan Beauty.” Many shooting locations have been prioritized for their crew, forcing Zhang Tingnan to disrupt the shooting schedule, choose alternative locations, and increase costs while delaying the timeline.

However, as a director, Zhang Tingnan was not as influential in public relations and promotion as Mr. Shen’s investment in “Jiangshan Beauty.” Moreover, they had the joining of the popular artist Bei Mengla, making their momentum unstoppable.

Zhang Tingnan bore immense pressure; if the performance of “Unrivaled Everywhere” was unsatisfactory, not only would he be unable to explain to the investors, but he might also find it difficult to continue in this industry in the future. Despite the bitterness in his heart, he did not show it and continued to shoot systematically.

However, other actors in the crew lacked his composure. With scattered minds and a gloomy atmosphere, the filming resembled a funeral scene, distressingly pitiful.

“Ah ah ah!!! Big news!!!” A thunderous shout suddenly echoed on the set.

Everyone turned towards the source of the noise with indifferent expressions, faces resigned to impending doom.

Zhang Tingnan furrowed his brow, about to reprimand when the person who shouted jumped up and rushed to him, excitedly exclaiming, “Director, look, you have to see this!”

Zhang Tingnan nonchalantly glanced at his phone at the person’s insistence – “Deceptive Fame Thief Bei Mengla, Who Knew the Bus Hero Was Crying?” His heart skipped a beat, quickly taking the phone and carefully reading the post. The more he read, the more expressive his face became. After finishing it all, he waved his hand and shouted, “Everyone, take a day off! Everyone, go online and post!”

【I am one of the survivors of the bus incident. The person who saved me left without a word, quietly departing. So, I came to this city, wanting to find her, repay her. But after a few days, I discovered a small star suddenly turned into “her,” shamelessly claiming her heroic deeds, enjoying the praises of the public, becoming a popular goddess. Before this, I never imagined someone could be shameless to such an extent. “She” bravely saved people, got injured and disfigured, yet this person shamelessly stole her story, enjoying the success. Although I haven’t found my hero yet, I must speak up for her.】

【Below are the evidences I and another kind-hearted person have compiled for everyone to judge.】

【Evidence One: The car driven by the heroic girl is an Oma 5C, a relatively common mid-range model, in deep blue. Bei Mengla has never driven such a car; she has always been chauffeured in a nanny car since her debut, with only an outdated Jiyu registered in her name, valued at 70,000 (see attached picture). However, after the bus incident, Bei Mengla magically acquired a blue Oma 5C. This car was purchased by an employee of her entertainment company three days after the incident (see: purchase date and video).】

【Evidence Two: At the time of the accident, Bei Mengla was in Hengdong City, two hundred kilometers away. How did she “teleport” to the scene to save people? Did she take a rocket or use magic? (See: screenshot of a local beauty institution’s video)】

【Evidence Three: From the above screenshots, it can be seen that Bei Mengla’s face was indeed injured, but not because of saving people; it was due to a plastic surgery accident (See: medical records and surgery date from the beauty institution)】

【Evidence Four: The heroic girl held her breath underwater for over two minutes during the rescue, displaying proficient first aid skills. Obviously, she had undergone relevant professional training. However, a month before the incident, Bei Mengla admitted on a variety show that she couldn’t swim (See: program video)】

【After seeing all this, tell me, do you still think Bei Mengla is the heroic girl?】

In front of such powerful evidence, everyone fell silent.

【I feel heartbroken for that girl. Brave in saving people, yet the person she saved bears hatred towards her; seeking neither fame nor fortune, she is replaced by a shameless imposter. They, with their pitiful human nature, obliterate all the sacrifices the girl made and tarnish her pure heart. When you praise another person as a hero, the real hero can only lick their wounds alone, ignored. The irony is that they put the one who harmed the girl in prison, but after this revelation, that person might escape, and the original judgment becomes a joke.】

【I just want to say to my hero, please come forward, punish all those who harmed you, continue to uphold your sense of justice. 42 lives on the bus were saved because of you; we are willing to fight for you to the end and seek justice for you.】

After the post, there were 41 signatures, simple and profound strokes, creating a lasting impression.

This was perhaps the most dramatic turnaround in history, and the entire internet was buzzing!

The universally recognized hero had overnight turned into a deceitful person, enjoying a flood of praises one moment and then receiving a barrage of curses the next. The previous sincere support from everyone turned into a terrifying backlash.

Netizen 1: [D*mn, I almost vomited out my overnight dinner.]

Netizen 2: [Yesterday, I even considered Bei Mengla as a role model for my daughter. Turns out she’s this kind of person?!]

Netizen 3: [Ah ah ah, I thought she was a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry, but reality once again slapped me in the face. There’s no such thing as a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry!]

Netizen 4: [I just want to know where the real hero is. Is she healed?]

Netizen 5: [I want to apologize to the hero. I am also a survivor of the bus accident, but I don’t remember what my savior looked like. When Bei Mengla appeared, I genuinely thought she was my lifesaver. I supported her online every day. Now thinking about it, it really hurts.]

Netizen 6: [This time, the evidence includes road surveillance, store surveillance, purchase records, medical records. It’s evident that the person collecting information is incredibly powerful. For any ordinary person, there probably wouldn’t be a chance for redemption.]

Netizen 7: [The actions of Huang XX and Bei XX stabbed brutally at the already precarious moral bottom line. How many people will be willing to sacrifice themselves for others in the future? Who knows if they will receive the respect and fair evaluation they deserve after saving someone?]

Netizen 8: [Bei Mengla, get the h*ll out!]

Author’s note: This reversal is decisive enough, the evidence is too overwhelming, the enemy has absolutely no counterattack.

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