My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 48

Chapter 48: I Have a Date with a Corpse (Part Six)

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An Bu brought a bucket of hot water to the bath area and said to Jian Ningxuan, “The conditions are basic; you’ll have to make do for now.”

“Okay.” Jian Ningxuan took off his wet clothes and shoes, leaving only a pair of long pants. His robust physique, like someone who just finished a sauna, emitted a faint mist, making this narrow and cold bath area unusually warm.

An Bu took clean clothes and toiletries from Jian Ningxuan’s backpack and placed them on a nearby shelf. Then, she gestured for him to come closer.

Leaning slightly forward, Jian Ningxuan allowed An Bu to stand on tiptoes and give him a kiss on the lips. His eyes sparkled as he embraced her waist, deepening the kiss.

A few minutes later, An Bu, with an unchanged expression, walked out of the bath area. Her makeup seemed even more enchanting than before. She sat at the kitchen door, picked up Jian Ningxuan’s tablet, and began to examine the information he had gathered.

In the past thirty years in Kangquan Town, aside from two accidental deaths, most people died of natural causes or illnesses, not the disappearances or sudden deaths An Bu had expected. However, Jian Ningxuan conducted an additional investigation. Due to the town’s remote location, many residents’ information was not officially registered. It wasn’t until a few years ago, with rumors of haunting spreading, attracting paranormal enthusiasts, that the town gradually opened up. The government then conducted a comprehensive census, registering and updating the information of its residents.

Due to this, Jian Ningxuan found the latest population data for the local residents. He discovered a strange anomaly: in the entire town of 215 people, excluding the elderly, there were 68 middle-aged and young men over twenty, 11 middle-aged and young women, and a total of 45 children aged three to nineteen, from over twenty different families. Now, the problem arose: even if those 11 women were all married, how could they have children for over twenty families?

Kangquan Town had few new families formed over the years, yet the lineage never stopped. So, where did these children come from? In the last two or three years, after the town opened up, there hadn’t been a single newborn.

While many people in remote areas tended to follow customary marriages without local registration, the existence of children suggested the presence of women who had given birth. However, because the numbers were relatively low, the local government had ignored the issue.

After reviewing this information, An Bu pondered for a moment and finally made a decision.

She placed the tablet back in Jian Ningxuan’s backpack, stood up, and returned to the lobby. Everyone chatting noticed the movement and turned to look at her.

Sitting in the midst of the group, An Bu spoke, “Let’s discuss the upcoming plot, shall we?”

Everyone: ???

Ignoring their astonished expressions, An Bu continued, “I am the twin sister of the innkeeper.”

Everyone: !!!

“A few years ago, my sister suddenly disappeared. Following the clues, I found this town. However, I arrived one step too late. On the night I found her, she was humiliated and died. I only managed to see the back of the assailant fleeing,” An Bu narrated emotionlessly. “To find this murderer, avenge my sister, and seek justice, I secretly buried her under that locust tree, assuming her identity to investigate covertly.”

Everyone: You summarized the plot in just a few sentences!

“My sister has turned into a vengeful ghost, and everyone entering this inn will be cursed by her. If you want to lift the curse, help me find the murderer,” An Bu explained. According to the original plot, after the guests left the inn, they would start investigating the town’s secrets. Although there were some changes in the middle, An Bu successfully brought the plot back on track. The only adjustment was changing the investigation of the town’s secrets to finding the murderer. The subsequent arrangements by the production team wouldn’t be wasted, and she could also help them resolve the issue of Yin spirits.

“What do you want us to do?” Yi Zheyan asked.

“The man you just met, he is an exorcist. Bring him with you tomorrow, and you won’t have to worry about being harmed by curses,” An Bu assigned Jian Ningxuan a role as well.

Everyone: Is what you’re saying true?!

An Bu continued, “I suspect there’s something strange about the ancestral hall. Please help me investigate. With my current identity, it’s not convenient for me to appear there.”

The ancestral hall was one of the three key points in this supernatural story.

“Additionally,” An Bu’s sharp gaze scanned everyone, “tomorrow night, I need someone to help me with something.”

“What is it?” Cheng Ziming asked.

“Not dangerous, just a bit tedious,” An Bu didn’t elaborate.

The group exchanged glances, and Yi Zheyan volunteered, “I’ll do it.”

“Thank you.”

With the plot and guests settled, An Bu went to the bath area. Jian Ningxuan had finished cleaning up and changed into dry clothes.

An Bu served him a bowl of noodles and then led him to her room, asking him to eat and get a good night’s sleep.

Jian Ningxuan looked around, a hint of disdain in his eyes, but he didn’t say much. He picked up the chopsticks and focused on eating the noodles.

“Mr. Jian, can you help with a cameo as an exorcist tomorrow?” An Bu said, “No lines, just follow the guests and go through the motions.”

“An exorcist? Specifically to deal with you?” 

“No,” An Bu smiled, “I’m not a vengeful ghost now; I’m the twin sister of a vengeful ghost. To find the murderer who turned my sister into a vengeful ghost, I assumed her identity and infiltrated the inn.”

Jian Ningxuan: “…” The plot got overturned after just one night?

“You and I, one in the light and one in the dark, a perfect duo, what do you think?”

A perfect duo was naturally good, but he asked, “Are you sure it won’t be dangerous?”

“No, don’t worry,” An Bu assured.

“Okay,” Jian Ningxuan nodded without asking more questions, finishing the last bite of noodles. He then said, “It’s almost dawn. Can we sleep together for a while?”

An Bu, teasingly, while arranging the bed for him, said, “Are you afraid to sleep alone?”

“Yes,” he admitted without changing his expression.

An Bu glanced at him: A guy who can repel Yin spirits solely with his aura, and he dares to say he’s afraid? Ghosts won’t believe that.

“Alright, rest quickly. We have a mission tomorrow,” An Bu pushed him onto the bed, and only after a goodnight kiss did he obediently lie down.

After just a moment, he fell asleep. Walking for hours on the mountain road in heavy rain had indeed exhausted him.

The next day, when the rain stopped, the guests couldn’t wait to leave the inn and each found a bed and breakfast to catch up on sleep. After sleeping until noon and having lunch, several people found Jian Ningxuan, the exorcist, to continue the plot based on the clues.

An Bu wandered alone in the town, inspecting each house based on the information Jian Ningxuan had gathered about the residents.

By evening, An Bu called Yi Zheyan and the cameraman, Old Zhao, and went to the first house. Although she had confessed her “identity” to the guests in the story, the townspeople were unaware. To maintain the plot, she still had to pretend to be mute and couldn’t directly communicate with the townspeople.

After briefing Yi Zheyan, An Bu hid in a corner, letting him and Old Zhao knock on the door.

At the same time, the new episode of the live broadcast began.

The previous plot had the guests stuck in the inn due to heavy rain, about to encounter the vengeful ghost innkeeper. Viewers anxiously awaited the continuation.

As expected, most of the guests chose to stay and wait for the rain to stop.

[You’re finished; do you know that?]

[For the sake of avoiding rain, you’re willing to sacrifice your lives? Hurry up and run.]

[So nervous, I wonder what the ghost innkeeper looks like when she turns into a vengeful ghost?]

[Surely it will scare everyone.]

At this moment, Xiao Qing suggested telling ghost stories.

[Very good, very powerful; making a supernatural film requires the courage to risk death.]

[I’m starting to like this girl.]

[Come on, let the horror intensify!]

Then, Xiao Qing talked about the scariest hypnotic ghost she had seen in a horror film and asked if anyone knew how those people died. Then, a shocking scene unfolded for the viewers.

[What the heck is going on?!]

[Oh my God, did Gao Liqian swallow the banknotes?! Isn’t acting in a program dangerous enough without overacting like this?]

[I counted; that roll of banknotes is worth at least seven hundred.]

[Ah ah ah ah, can someone tell me what happened? Is this really a ghost hypnotizing them?]

In the video, Gao Liqian’s face twisted as she fiercely bit the finger her boyfriend extended into her mouth, blood streaming. It was terrifying, watching her almost choke herself to death. Suddenly, a figure appeared behind her, raised a hand, and with a chop, helped her spit out the banknote stuck in her throat.

[Huh??? Am I seeing things right? The one who just helped is the innkeeper?]

[Isn’t she the vengeful ghost who’s supposed to be a professional killer?!]

Before the audience could digest this plot twist, something happened to Wan Feng. He used Gao Liqian’s scarf to loop it around his neck, attempting to strangle himself.

[Oh God, why do I feel like this isn’t acting?]

[I feel the same; the expression is too real. This is a live broadcast, without any special effects. Look at the strangulation mark on Wan Feng’s neck; he’s literally trying to kill himself.]

[I’m a scaredy-cat; don’t lie to me…]

After two consecutive accidents, the innkeeper spoke, “Morning do not talk about dreams, evening do not discuss ghosts. Haven’t you heard this saying?”

[Isn’t the innkeeper supposed to be mute?!]

[I swear, the plot is running wild like an unbridled horse!]

“Who are you?” Yi Zheyan asked.

The camera cut to the scene where An Bu revealed her identity: “I am the twin sister of the innkeeper.”

The netizens were instantly as baffled as the guests were at the time.

Then, hearing An Bu explain the situation in detail finally made them accept this divine twist.

The camera switched to the scene where Gao Liqian wanted to go to the bathroom. After the guests were scared, none dared to go alone, so they decided to go in a group.

This plot amused many netizens, but they were soon frightened again by the numerous ghosts appearing around the guests.

A ghost baby on the shoulder, a long-haired female ghost on the back, a hanged ghost above… Although the images were blurry, the atmosphere was extremely eerie.

[I just want to know, what does it feel like to be surrounded by ghosts while going to the bathroom!]

[It must be thrilling…]

When the guests returned to the lobby after bravely using the bathroom, ready to calm their nerves, knocking on the door suddenly came from outside.

[Oh no, what now? Waves of challenges one after another; even a heart made of steel can’t handle it!]

After a short while, a tall figure wearing a raincoat appeared on the video.

The scene of An Bu rushing over was cut off, switching to Jian Ningxuan entering the lobby, taking off the raincoat, and saying to An Bu, “I brought the information you wanted.”

The introduction of a new character immediately captured the hearts of many fans, and the screen was filled with the resonating “Ah ah ah ah…” of fans.

However, the story progressed to this point, and directly shifted to a change of scene. On the second day, there was no opportunity for the new characters to show up, much to the frustration of the female fans. 

During the daytime plot, following the prearranged plan, clues were systematically sought, with occasional minor scares, completing the subplot without any notable achievements. The only difference was the addition of a guest who resembled a mobile sculpture, remaining silent and inactive throughout. Nevertheless, their aura was so powerful that even with just a small portion of the frame dedicated to them, all attention converged on them endlessly. 

However, what the fans were most eagerly anticipating was the evening plot. They were curious about how the innkeeper’s sister planned to uncover the murderer of her sister. She sought help from Yi Zheyan, but what exactly did she want him to assist with?

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