My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Naturally Unique

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The online video only showed the police arriving; the subsequent content was sensitive, so the crew cut it off. These police officers were local, coming not to investigate the town’s trafficking of women but to ensure that there would be no conflicts between the townspeople and outsiders, preventing any bloodshed.

After a discussion with the town mayor, one of the police officers managed to convince the pregnant woman’s husband to agree to send her to the hospital. At most, he would face charges of domestic violence. As for further investigation, there was almost none. Instead, the crew and An Bu were questioned extensively, and a copy of the video was taken by the police, warning them that if any inappropriate content were broadcasted, they would be held responsible.

An Bu was certain that the local townspeople and police hadn’t seen the latest uploaded video, unaware that some things could no longer be concealed. Initially, she had planned to expose the town’s crimes, find the victims’ remains, and let the spirits rest. However, now she felt it was unnecessary. For issues that the law couldn’t perfectly resolve, she would leave them to the spirits. They had learned how to instill fear, and as long as those townspeople lived here, their fear would attract these spirits, tormenting their minds repeatedly. When the Yin energy was strong, the spirits could even suggest death to them when they were afraid of dying.

These townspeople diverted the attention of the spirits, making the guests who had received death suggestions before safe.

The turmoil continued until morning, with the exhausted crew members packing their belongings, boarding the bus, and leaving Kangquan Town with heavy hearts.

Jian Ningxuan’s driver had arrived; An Bu would leave with him. Before departing, the director shot a close-up scene for her, adding special effects to conclude this episode. The female ghost landlady wasn’t a real ghost; instead, it was her twin sister disguised as her, investigating the murderer who killed her sister undercover. After the truth was revealed, the ending reversed again, and the sister was actually killed too.

This supernatural show caused a huge sensation and garnered widespread attention in society. Not only because of the seemingly authentic supernatural occurrences but also because it involved numerous missing persons who were suspected to be victims of human trafficking. The public strongly demanded that the police thoroughly investigate the town’s activities. However, the police couldn’t file a case based on a supernatural video alone. Still, the victims’ families were different; among them were influential individuals, and even if it was just a speculative guess, they were unwilling to give up.

The online community was also indignant, accusing the police of inaction. Especially upon learning that the man who abused the pregnant woman got away without consequences, everyone was furious.

[Such an obvious crime, and the police just let him go like that?]

[Poor pregnant woman, she’s mentally unstable and doesn’t even know how to defend herself.]

[I’m so angry! Why don’t these scumbags just die?]

[By the way, did the police bother investigating the names of those missing persons that appeared in the video?]

[Exactly! Would it hurt them to investigate a bit?]

[To tell you the truth, it really would. Some people can be brutal when angered, not afraid to kill.]

[So, is it just going to end like this?]

[What else can be done? Force the police to arrest the entire town?]

【Ah ah ah ah ah, so angry!!!】

At the height of online public outrage, Tie Chu, from Kangquan Town, was also watching the video. When it played the part where he was talking to Yi Zheyan, terrifying ghostly shadows and names appeared behind him. He turned pale and his hairs stood on end. At the same time, above his head, a bundle of long hair slowly descended, and a woman covered in blood hung upside down from the ceiling, her white eyes staring at him intently.

Tie Chu sensed something and stiffly lifted his neck, only to be confronted by a grotesque face.

“Ah—” Tie Chu let out a miserable scream, staggered to his feet, slipped, and fell backward, landing directly on an old chair’s iron nail…

On the other side, a man named “Hong Cai” was squatting in the toilet, browsing his phone. He happened to come across reports about Kangquan Town and saw eerie video screenshots. A chill ran down his spine, and even his buttocks felt cold. He instinctively looked down and was horrified to see a pair of blood-red eyes on the floor… With a snap, his phone fell to the ground, his eyes gradually clouded, and then he began pulling out toilet paper one by one, stuffing them into his mouth until he choked himself to death.

Death silently spread across Kangquan Town.

Simultaneously, due to the concerted efforts of the victims’ families, the heat surrounding the incident persisted. Eventually, the police decided to form a special task force to conduct a comprehensive investigation of Kangquan Town. The main reason wasn’t just the pressure from families and public opinion but because, in the following two months, six townspeople in Kangquan Town died one after another, each death bizarre. Involving significant criminal cases, the police couldn’t turn a blind eye.

Although they tried to block information, many netizens still learned about the deaths of those townspeople.

[D*mn, it’s really satisfying! They deserve it!]

[The law can’t handle it, so the vengeful spirits take matters into their own hands. Well done.]

[Do you think that landlady might actually be a ghost? She orchestrated all of this. The identities of the guests in this episode were all revealed except for her personal information, which adds a lot of flavor to it. The crew accidentally found a real ghost for the supernatural show, exposing the town’s dark secrets and seeking revenge for the victims.]

[Hearing you say that, it really seems that way! Suddenly, I’m a bit horrified…]

[I’ve decided to be a good person from now on and accumulate some positive karma for myself.]

[Same here.]

The investigation into this case lasted for three to four months. The cause of death for most townspeople was almost accidental, but the police dug up over a hundred female skeletons in the back hills, dating back to seventy years ago. Except for the recent deaths that could be identified through living relatives’ DNA, the rest couldn’t be verified.

Kangquan Town had a long-standing tradition of buying women. Their backward thinking treated women like livestock, entirely viewing them as reproductive tools. Under long-term abuse, few girls could survive. Those who managed to survive were either mentally disturbed or brainwashed, forced to accept reality and lose themselves. What was more terrifying was that these people didn’t think their actions were abhorrent.

After investigating every townspeople thoroughly, except for minors, none were innocent. Their continuity was built on those hundreds of skeletons. However, most people couldn’t be prosecuted due to insufficient evidence. Even if they could escape legal punishment, they couldn’t escape the inner fear. The spirits would make them pay a painful price. In the following years, Kangquan Town’s population dwindled from over two hundred to just over a hundred. The remaining people fled in panic, and some even voluntarily surrendered.

Later, Kangquan Town was referred to by everyone as the “Town of Death,” abandoned and deserted, never to be stepped foot on again.

This is the afterword; before filming, no one expected the final outcome of Kangquan Town. However, this episode indeed became extremely popular, and all the guests who participated became famous without exception. An Bu also reaped substantial rewards, saving five guests, a pregnant woman, and an unborn baby, gaining 575 Life vitality points, along with the daily vitality points from the show. In her role as the landlady in the show, she gained a large number of fans, but she had no intention of revealing her identity.

After this show’s recording, Ge Tingting admired An Bu to the point of being an enthusiastic fan without any reservations.

“Cousin, cousin, our crew wants to invite Sister-in-law as a special guest and consultant for our show.” Ge Tingting looked at Jian Ningxuan with a flattering expression.

“No need to think about it.” Jian Ningxuan gave her a stern look. “Don’t go to such dangerous places in the future. Investigate thoroughly before shooting a show.”

Ge Tingting discreetly stuck out her tongue and then looked at An Bu with pleading eyes.

An Bu smiled and said, “If there’s anything you need help with, feel free to find me, but filming shows is out of the question.”

The broadcast of this episode not only earned An Bu vitality points but also brought her a bit of trouble. It drew the attention of the police and certain superstitious individuals. Although she hadn’t publicly disclosed her identity, with a bit of effort, it wasn’t hard to find out. In the future, if there were any supernatural events, they might come looking for her.

After dismissing Ge Tingting, Jian Ningxuan looked at An Bu with a serious expression and asked, “Are there really ghosts in this world?”

An Bu shook her head, explaining, “Those filmed in the show aren’t ghosts; they are a special life form, um… you can understand them as a kind of mental virus. They can only live in specific environments and are unlikely to appear in urban areas.”

Jian Ningxuan looked at her curiously. “How do you know all this?”

An Bu took his hand, interlocking their fingers, and said with a smile, “Because I, like you, am naturally unique.”

Jian Ningxuan gazed deeply at her, his eyes sparkling and charming.

Seeing him shining, An Bu couldn’t help but want to tease him.

“Mr. Jian~~”


“Have I ever told you that you’re handsome?”

“…No.” Only mentioned that he looked radiant.

“Do you want to hear it?”


“As long as you promise me one thing, I’ll say it.”


An Bu opened her arms, looking like a princess. “Carry me to the bathroom and give me a nice bath.”

Jian Ningxuan: His woman always likes to tease him. Well, he really can’t do anything about her…

Thinking like this, the radiance on him was dazzling.

The harmonious life with the cat master didn’t last long. As An Bu expected, the aftermath of filming the show soon appeared. A policeman found her, hoping she would act as a temporary consultant to help investigate a strange case.

An Bu knew this policeman; he was Officer Sun Kaiwen, the middle-aged officer she encountered when delivering takeout and discovered a crime scene.

Although An Bu wasn’t sure if she could be of help, she agreed because, among the professions she paid special attention to, police officers were on the list. Saving a police officer might bring her a sustainable amount of Life vitality points. Even if they weren’t in life-threatening situations, it was always good to have more interactions.

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