Ninth Imperial Glorious Phoenix Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Ban Jian

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“Hehe…” Mingzhu’s thoughts were exposed, and she couldn’t help but chuckle awkwardly. As the saying goes, “The leopard cannot change its spots.” In fact, today’s events were enough to show that it’s really difficult for her to restrain her temperament. Moreover, breaking off the engagement was strange enough for her family, and if she changed her entire demeanor, they would probably find it even more peculiar. Since it’s like this, she might as well continue to be arrogant when necessary, especially towards those who later harmed her, she should be even more arrogant! At other times, she should still pretend to be gentle.

“The fire is out, it looks like there’s no major damage.” Su Lan stretched her neck to look down, seeing people from the Ying Mansion laughing loudly as they walked up. Thinking about their disrespectful attitude earlier, she felt a chill down her spine and whispered, “I haven’t heard of any rift between the Ying Mansion and our mansion, why do they look like they have a grudge against us?”

Mingzhu stared at the ever-changing clouds below, thinking to herself. What’s so strange about this? Yuwen You had already told her that because the Fu family controlled the court, the entire Yuwen family hated the Fu family. Now it’s just a matter of the situation being stronger than the individual, and they had to bow their heads. In fact, she really wanted to know what Yuwen Chu would do if she continued to be arrogant, but she shouldn’t try it. She didn’t want to cause trouble for the old man. The old man was already worried enough.

“Hey, what are you guys doing here?” A young man walked up the stone steps and saw Mingzhu and Su Lan sitting in the sheltered area, unable to help but laugh, “Your family is looking for you everywhere, causing chaos, and you’re here enjoying the peace?”

The young man had clean features and a row of neat white teeth, which made people not dislike him. Mingzhu couldn’t help but smile, looking at the small wine gourd in the young man’s hand and raised an eyebrow, “Ban Jian, are you sneaking a drink again? Be careful, I’ll tell the temple head!”

Ban Jian hid the wine gourd in his sleeve, retreated two steps vigilantly, “Fu Mingzhu, don’t think about taking away my wine gourd again.”

Mingzhu pouted, “Stingy! It’s just a worthless rotten gourd. I’ve already sent someone to deliver the message yesterday. It will be delivered this afternoon. The best old gourd. When you see it, you will know that the one in your hand is really shameful!”

Ban Jian couldn’t help but yearn, blinked his eyes, “Really?”

Mingzhu disdainfully said, “Would I deceive someone like you who knows nothing? That old gourd is a genuine large gourd. After grafting, it’s nourished by the roots of ten gourds to grow into a seedling. After it bears gourds, only the largest, best, and most regular ones are left, and the rest are all picked off. Only then can you get the best gourds. After being processed by skilled craftsmen, the color is purple-red like lacquer. The wine inside will turn into a light yellow color. Drinking it can relieve heat, improve eyesight, and aid digestion. Have you ever seen it?” The more she showed off, the more pleased she was. Seeing Ban Jian listening intently and suddenly stopping talking, she stretched out a hand, white, soft, and still with baby fat, “Where’s the picture I lent you? When will you return it?”

Ban Jian startled, suddenly awakened from the illusion of the purple-red gourd, shook his head like a rattle, “You said you will lend it to me for three days, but it’s only been two days and two nights. Why are you asking for it? Although you’re a girl, you still have to keep your word.”

Mingzhu didn’t pursue further, squinted her eyes, “I’m just reminding you. If you can’t produce that thing, return it to me early, so you won’t lose it.”

“Who said I can’t do it? You underestimate me too much.” Ban Jian puffed up his chest and raised his head, “Just wait and see, I already have a plan in mind, I will definitely be able to produce it! But you, don’t forget your promise when the time comes!”

“Huh! Little brat, speaking so forcefully! If you can do it, I can do it too! I don’t believe we can’t seal the deal with a handshake!” Mingzhu laughed heartily, ignoring Su Lan’s frequent hints, she raised her hand.

Ban Jian pursed his lips, spat in his hand very seriously, and then quickly struck Mingzhu’s hand, loudly saying, “Just wait and see!”

Disgusting! Mingzhu’s face immediately wrinkled into a ball. She grabbed the boy’s sleeve and rubbed her hand vigorously, scolding, “You are really disgusting! Just shake hands, why do you have to spit in your palm? It’s so dirty.”

“That’s how it looks serious and credible.” Ban Jian wasn’t angry, laughing happily, “Disgusting you? That’s right, I did it on purpose.”

Mingzhu was stunned for a moment, then she raised her fist and punched Ban Jian’ shoulder, scolding, “You wicked little thief!”

Ban Jian laughed loudly and ran away. Mingzhu chased him for a few steps, and her shoe fell off. She had to stand still, gritting her teeth, “You wait and see! I won’t give you the wine gourd! I’ll tell your master and let him confiscate all the wine you’ve hidden!”

“If you have the guts, come and chase after me! Evil woman! You’re so fierce, yet you’re not afraid of not being able to marry.” Ban Jian stood in the distance, making faces at her. “Dare to tell my master, and I won’t return your drawing!” With a hearty laugh, he went away. 

“You dare! Do you think you have a long life!” Mingzhu shouted loudly, hands on her hips, her expression fierce, but her eyes betrayed amusement. After shouting, she couldn’t help but sniff the hand that had been spat on by Ban Jian. Immediately, her face twisted in disgust. She took a handkerchief and wiped her hand repeatedly, then sniffed again. It still smelled bad, so she held her hand up high, trying to let the mountain breeze and morning mist dissipate the strange odor. Seeing the people from Ying Wang’s mansion looking at her strangely, she cast a sharp glance their way, then turned her back and looked at the distant sea of clouds, feeling embarrassed. 

It was unclear what the girl was thinking, being so polite and attentive to a young man who grew up in the mountains. Su Lan sighed, seeing the momo from the mansion approaching, and called out loudly, “We’re over here.”

Momo saw Mingzhu and rushed over. Mingzhu’s wet nurse, Geng Momo, complained, “Miss, you’re too willful. You disappeared without a sound. If something happens, how can we live?”

Mingzhu was impatient, “Why so much nonsense? Isn’t Su Lan with me? Quickly, have someone bring me my shoes.”

Geng Momo wanted to inquire about the whereabouts of the shoes, “Where did the shoes go?”

Su Lan was about to reveal the truth when Mingzhu shot her a glance and said, “One accidentally fell off the cliff, the other should still be on the elevated winding walkway. Just retrieve that one.”

Momo and the rest clamored, with one going to search for the shoe, another to fetch it, and a few others surrounding Mingzhu, bombarding her with questions. Geng Momo, taking advantage of her position as Mingzhu’s wet nurse, shed a few tears, mostly blaming Mingzhu for disappearing without a trace. Mingzhu, feeling annoyed, looked around with a stern face. They all said she was pampered and spoiled, but they didn’t know that she was also restricted in her actions. Wherever she went, there was always a crowd watching her, making her feel uneasy about doing anything.

Mingzhu thought to herself and glanced up at the towering Jade Emperor Pavilion. Suddenly, she saw someone standing in front of the window on the second floor, looking down at her with a cold and aloof expression, tinged with a hint of amusement, as if watching a monkey show—it was Yuwen Chu, the cunning Ying Wang.

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