Rebirth of a Star General Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Bridal Makeup

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The room was noisy, but they finally finished drawing the eyebrows.

With a single swift move, He Yan snatched the conch black dye back from his hand, saying, “Alright, alright. You can leave now.”

Xiao Jue raised an eyebrow and asked, “Aren’t you going to check in the mirror?”

“Let’s check it together after I’ve changed,” she replied, eager to get him out of her room. She pushed and shoved him until he was outside, then opened the door to find Cui Jiao and Hong Qiao standing there. It startled her. “Why are you two here?”

Cui Jiao looked a little flustered. “We brought some refreshments for you, but when we saw that the young master was… helping you with your eyebrows, we didn’t dare enter.”

He Yan: “…..”

Xiao Jue seemed completely at ease, saying, “Take your time changing. I’ll go find Steward Lin.” 

The two maids followed He Yan into the room, with Hong Qiao walking behind her, said with envy, “The Young Master is so good to the Young Madam.” 

He Yan: “Huh?” 

“He even personally drew eyebrows for the Young Madam.” Perhaps their fear of He Yan had lessened somewhat, and these two young girls had grown a bit bolder. Cui Jiao added, “I’ve never seen a loving couple do this.” 

Well, the image of the godly couple was now unintentionally being established. He Yan laughed and asked, “Can you both do hair and makeup?” 

This was a bit challenging for her, as she knew how to do simple female hairstyles but nothing too elaborate. She was afraid she wouldn’t live up to the title of “wealthy merchant’s wife.” 

“This servant can do makeup. Hong Qiao is skilled at styling hair, and she does the best job.” Cui Jiao said, “Madam, what kind of hairstyle would you like today? Should the makeup be light or bold?” 

He Yan looked puzzled. “I’m attending a banquet today, so I just need to look presentable at the feast.” She pointed at the box that Xiao Jue had brought, saying, “The outfit I’m wearing today is in there. Just pick for me.” 

Cui Jiao walked to the box and picked up the “Tear Silk” dress, exclaiming, “What a beautiful fabric! Madam, is this something that mermaids wear?” 

He Yan: “…Mermaids don’t wear clothes.” Did the dress actually have “mermaid” written on it? Why could everyone see it, but she couldn’t? 

He Yan continued, “I won’t wear this dress today. Please choose something else for me.” After all, it was a hundred gold coins, and it needed to be reserved for more important occasions. 

She realized that one’s appearance is determined by their parents, and no matter how one dressed, it all depended on their inherent features. She hadn’t acted like a woman for so long, and her usually calm heart was now slightly nervous. 

She hoped she wouldn’t embarrass herself too much.


In the neighboring room, Lin Shuanghe was lounging on the couch, sipping tea.

Xiao Jue sat at the table, polishing the guqin. Lin Shuanghe couldn’t help but remember teaching He Yan how to play the guqin before, and the terrible music she’d made.

Xiao Jue was also a refined person, skilled in various arts and cultured pursuits. However, how could He Yan, a young woman, produce such an unpleasant sound while playing the qin? It would be quite amusing if she went to the Cui family tonight and was asked to demonstrate her musical talent as “Wen Yuyan.” 

Nevertheless… with Xiao Jue by her side, things should turn out for the best. 

“You repeatedly look at me.” Second Young Master Xiao was extremely sensitive, “Is there something on your mind?” 

“No, nothing,” Lin Shuanghe replied, waving his fan. “You’re quite suspicious. I was just thinking about how charming and lovely my Little Sister He would look in women’s clothing.” 

Xiao Jue paused while dusting the qin and responded slowly, “Are your eyes malfunctioning?” 

“Do you not think so?” 

“I do not.” 

Lin Shuanghe wasn’t pleased. “You can question my medical skills, but you cannot question my ability to judge a woman’s beauty. I saw it the moment I laid eyes on He Yan. She is undoubtedly a beauty. In Liangzhou Garrison, she naturally disguised herself as plain and unnoticeable. But those features of hers, in women’s attire, are incredible! Besides, even if you have a sharp tongue, you quite like her, don’t you?” 

Xiao Jue gave a slight smirk. “With which eye did you see that I like her?” 

“I saw it with my own eyes. Xiao Huanjin, if you really dislike her, why play the hero in Embroidered Brocade Lane today? Can’t stand seeing others bully Little Sister He, right?” Lin Shuanghe sighed again and said, “But I can’t blame you. I think Little Sister He is a bit lacking in social skills when it comes to interacting with other women. She can’t even see such obvious jealousy. Tonight, when we visit the Cui family, you know how it is in those wealthy households, with many people and a lot of gossip, if someone makes trouble because of this, you must protect Little Sister He well.”

“What does that have to do with me?” 

“She is your wife now, Young Master Qiao. And besides, if the Cui family picks on He Yan, most of the time, it’s because of you. Your face can accompany beauty or violence. If anyone tries to harm He Yan because of it, she’ll be in trouble. You know this girl isn’t well-versed in the complexities of social interactions. You’re different. Take good care of her, ah, really take care of her.” 

He continued to chatter on and on.

It was unclear how long they had been talking, but it was getting dark outside. Lin Shuanghe had finished a pot of tea, stretched lazily, and sat up from the couch. He looked out the window and asked, “It’s been this long? Has Little Sister He finished getting ready?”

Xiao Jue had already finished tuning the qin and was half-dozing at the table. He opened his eyes upon hearing Lin Shuanghe and said, “Just go and call her.” 

It wasn’t early, and Cui Yuezhi’s people would be arriving soon. 

“Alright.” Lin Shuanghe stood up, and outside the door, Chiwu and Fei Nu were on guard. Several of them looked toward He Yan’s room. Lin Shuanghe cleared his throat and knocked on the door from outside. “Madam, are you ready, Madam?” 

Inside, there was a flurry of activity, and Hong Qiao said anxiously, ‘Wait! Madam, you forgot to put on hairpins!”

Then, Cui Jiao reminded her, “Earrings! You haven’t put on your earrings either!” 

There was a clattering sound from inside, leaving those outside in silence. 

Xiao Jue raised an eyebrow slightly, and Chiwu whispered to Fei Nu, “Have you ever seen a man putting on makeup? Just thinking about it is terrifying.” 

Fei Nu replied, “…Be cautious.” 

Amidst the commotion, the door “creaked” open. Cui Jiao and Hong Qiao wiped the sweat from their foreheads and said, “It’s done.” 

The person behind the door walked out. 

With the same face, from a young man to a young woman, they looked completely different. 

This was a girl of around sixteen or seventeen, slender and delicate. She wore a pale blue crescent-shaped phoenix tail skirt that cinched her waist tightly, with a matching cloud silk top. Her hair was arranged in a deer-shaped bun, adorned with a delicate green jade hairpin. Two stray hairs dangled in front of her ears, accentuating their delicacy. She wore two white jade earrings that swayed gently. 

Her skin was very fair, with a thin layer of powder that made it even more tender. Her eyes were unusually bright, always carrying a hint of a smile. Her eyebrows were like crescent moons, her bright eyes sparkled, and her lips were a touch of vermilion, enchantingly beautiful. 

The girl had a petite and charming figure, but there was a subtle touch of elegance in her eyes and brows that tempered her charm. She was graceful and captivating, with a hint of sophistication that made everyone unable to resist stealing a few more glances at her. 

The people outside the door were all stunned, speechless for a long time. 

He Yan felt a bit uneasy and cleared her throat with a hand on her lips. “Um… does this look not quite suit me? I don’t usually wear this…”

“It looks great!” Lin Shuanghe clapped his hands, quick to praise. “Madam, with your subtle application of makeup, you are like a celestial beauty. When you first opened the door, I thought a heavenly maiden had descended from the heavens. It was only when you spoke that I realized it’s you!”

He Yan: “….”

Lin Shuanghe was quite skilled at flattery, on par with the attendant from the clothing store in Embroidered Brocade Lane. He could just keep talking, regardless of whether the listener could accept it or not.

She looked at Xiao Jue, who seemed to be the more level-headed of the two. He Yan asked him, “How do I look?”

Xiao Jue calmly let his gaze sweep over her. “You look fine.”

Relieved, He Yan said, “Cui… uncle’s family is waiting for us, right? If they’ve arrived, let’s go!”

“They’re already waiting downstairs,” Chiwu responded. “Our luggage is loaded onto the carriage. During our stay in Jiyang, Young Master and Madam will stay at the Cui residence.”

Qiao Huanqing and his wife, Wen Yuyan, had come to establish relations with their family and were now in Jiyang, so it was only fitting they stayed at the Cui residence and not at an inn.

The two of them tidied up the room and followed the others to exit.

Two carriages were waiting downstairs—one for Xiao Jue and He Yan, and the other for the steward and the servants. Cui Yuezhi had taken good care of his nephew, with everything well-prepared.

He Yan and Xiao Jue took their seats in the carriage, facing each other. Xiao Jue seemed unbothered, but He Yan felt somewhat uneasy. She fidgeted with her clothes, occasionally fixing her hair. Xiao Jue couldn’t stand it and fixed his gaze on her, saying, “Can you stop moving?”

“Oh.” He Yan agreed and stopped fidgeting, although her thoughts were in disarray.

“Are you nervous?” he asked.

“Co… Young Master,” He Yan leaned in closer and asked seriously, “I have a question for you.”

“Go ahead.”

“Do I look like a girl now? Won’t it be too obvious when we’re at the Cui residence?”

He Yan leaned very close, and, having bathed and groomed herself, emitted a faint fragrance of a young lady. Her bright, clear eyes stared directly at her surroundings. Her face was petite, seemingly only the size of a palm. This look of curiosity, if on a boy, might seem somewhat rough, but in her current attire, it only accentuated her charm. 

Xiao Jue raised his eyes and calmly said, “You’ve spent so much time dressed as a man; has it affected your brain? You were originally a girl.” 

“I know I was originally a girl,” He Yan explained. “But I got used to acting like a man in Liangzhou Garrison, and now it comes naturally. If there’s anything wrong, you have to remind me, Commander.” 

“Rest assured,” he smirked. “No one will mistake this face for a man.” 

He Yan asked, “Didn’t you not realize I was a woman when we were in Liangzhou?”

Xiao Jue ignored her. 

After a while, He Yan realized and looked at him, “Are you saying I don’t look like a man at all, that I look particularly feminine and pretty?” 

Xiao Jue coldly said, “Women don’t ask such shameless questions.”

“So, am I a woman or not?” 



After about the time it takes to burn three incense sticks, the carriage stopped, and the coachman outside the Cui residence said, “Young Master Qiao, Lady Qiao, we’ve arrived.”

Cui Jiao and Hong Qiao got off the carriage and helped He Yan down. As the lady of the house, they naturally had to attend to her. 

He Yan stood in front of the Cui residence’s gate, taking it all in. 

The mansion in Jiyang was different from the grandeur of the Shuojing residence in the North. Shuojing’s courtyards mostly had vermilion-painted gates, giving it a stately appearance. In Jiyang, because of its proximity to water, the courtyards were mostly black and white, with a simple and elegant design. The gates were adorned with water deity sculptures, offering a touch of exotic charm. 

The servants here wore light, cool, gauzy clothing. An elderly steward with graying hair, dressed in a pale blue robe, came forward with a smile and said, “Is this Young Master Qiao? This must be Lady Qiao. I am Zhong Fu, the steward of the Cui residence. Today, the master has gone to the royal palace, the princess has invited him for a banquet. They may not return until late at night. On the master’s orders, I will first settle you in. Lady Qiao and Young Master, you should rest well tonight, and we will properly welcome you tomorrow when the master hosts a feast.’” 

Not here? He Yan was somewhat surprised but she also felt relieved. It was better that he wasn’t present, as it would give her time to familiarize herself with the Cui residence. Additionally, she was still getting used to interacting with Xiao Jue as a ‘husband,’ so having an extra night to adapt was a good thing.”

He Yan immediately smiled and said, “Of course.” 

The old steward let out a sigh of relief. He had previously inquired about the habits and preferences of Qiao Huanqing and Wen Yuyan when Cui Yuezhi had decided to bring his nephew back. After all, they hadn’t seen each other in many years. He remembered Qiao Huanqing as a hedonistic young man, and the newlywed lady was known for her arrogance and willfulness. However, upon seeing them today, he found the rumors to be untrue. 

“I will take Young Master and Lady Qiao to their rooms first,” Zhong Fu’s gaze fell on Lin Shuanghe, “this young master…” He thought he might be a friend or brother of Qiao Huanqing. He contemplated where to arrange a room for him. 

Lin Shuanghe smiled faintly, “It’s a coincidence; you and I are colleagues. My surname is Lin, and I am the steward of Young Master Qiao.” 

Zhong Fu: “….” 

“Don’t be disheartened,” Lin Shuanghe comforted him. “Although the Central Plains may be a land of talent and beauty, I belong to the category of those who are exceptionally good-looking. Not all household stewards can boast the same handsome appearance as me.”

Zhong Fu awkwardly smiled. 

There were two rooms in total, not far from each other. One room was for Lin Shuanghe, Chiwu, and Fei Nu, while the other was for He Yan, Xiao Jue, and two maids. Both rooms were located in the same courtyard, and each was quite spacious, with inner and outer chambers. The maids slept on side couches in the outer chamber, while the inner chamber had a study, a tea room, and a bedroom. 

He Yan had lived in the Liangzhou Garrison for a long time, but even Xiao Jue’s residence in Liangzhou Garrison couldn’t compare to this place. After all, it was the Cui family’s home, and the grandeur was truly impressive. 

Zhong Fu had the servants take Lin Shuanghe and his group to the adjacent room and personally brought Xiao Jue to the main room. He politely asked, “Young Master, is the room to your satisfaction?” 

Xiao Jue raised his eyes and said, “It’s acceptable.” 

This is Acceptable? He Yan thought. Xiao Jue’s mannerisms as a wealthy young man were impeccable, but perhaps it wasn’t an act. After all, Second Young Master Xiao had been particular even in his youth, having seen many fine things. Looking at these surroundings, he naturally found them to be quite ordinary. 

Zhong Fu was also secretly surprised. Cui Yuezhi had hoped that his nephew would return and stay in Jiyang in the future, but he was aware of the wealth in Qiao Huanqing’s family. He was afraid that Qiao Huanqing might not be interested in Jiyang. So, he had the room prepared and renovated a month in advance, bringing in many treasures and antiques to make sure Qiao Huanqing would be impressed and see that the Cui family was no less impressive than the Qiao family.

But from the looks of it now, did the young master really not care about these things?

Zhong Fu continued, “There is aloeswood in the incense burner. If Young Master likes…”

“Please leave for now,” Xiao Jue interrupted him calmly. “Prepare some food to be sent here. My wife might be hungry. She needs to freshen up and have her meal. If there’s anything else, I’ll call you.”

He Yan was startled by the use of “wife,” but when she heard him, she suddenly realized how hungry she was. After all, she hadn’t eaten much today.

Upon seeing this, Zhong Fu promptly retreated, silently noting that Young Master Qiao was proud and hard to please, but he was very considerate of his wife. If they wanted to keep them here, they could approach it through his wife. 

With Zhong Fu gone, He Yan had Cui Jiao and Hong Qiao prepare water. She had already bathed earlier when changing her clothes at the inn today, but Xiao Jue had not. 

“Young Master, please go and bathe first. We can have our meal together once it’s ready,” He Yan said as she laid on the couch, rubbing her shoulders. “Sitting in the carriage all day has exhausted me.” 

Seeing her like this, Xiao Jue’s mouth twitched, “Madam Qiao, you really know how to make yourself comfortable.” 

He Yan immediately sat up straight. 

He went behind the screen in the inner chamber to bathe. 

Cui Jiao and Hong Qiao were shooed out, and the two young girls stared uncertainly at He Yan. “Young Master doesn’t want us to attend to him.” 

Xiao Jue, like He Yan, genuinely preferred privacy when bathing and changing. He Yan waved her hand and said, “It’s alright. He’s just a bit shy. I’ll take care of it. You two must be hungry. Fei Nu and the others are in the adjacent room. Go have your meal, and when you’re done, rest on the couch in the outer chamber for a while.” 

“But…” Hong Qiao hesitated and spoke up, “Madam, don’t you need us to attend to you?” 

He Yan waved her hand again, “No need. Between us as a couple, we like to do things for each other. You two can go and enjoy yourselves.” 

After all, they were two young girls, and hearing He Yan’s words, they both brightened up, thanked her with flushed faces, and happily went to find Fei Nu and the others. The room was now left with only two people. 

He Yan stood up from the couch and moved around the inner chamber, looking closely. She had only glanced briefly at the inner chamber earlier, and now, on closer inspection, she noticed the meticulous decorations. 

On the cabinet were elegant songbirds, fragrant flowers, and writing materials on the table. There was even a chessboard on a small table, a stack of travel journals and books on a shelf, and beneath the window with a small tree was a tranquil pond with colorful fish leisurely swimming inside. The sun was setting, and when she looked out the window, it truly felt serene. The people and the décor in Jiyang were passionate and exuberant, and this level of refinement must have been specifically done for Qiao Huanqing.

He Yan couldn’t help but sigh. Cui Yuezhi was genuinely trying to welcome back his nephew with open arms, and it was unfortunate that the real Qiao Huanqing was quite a timid person and didn’t seem particularly eager to meet his uncle.

She closed the window and lit the oil lamp. The lamp base was shaped like mandarin ducks playing in the water, and there was a beautiful lantern on a small table, casting a soft and romantic light throughout the room.

She heard that Qiao Huanqing and Wenyuyan got married less than three months ago, which is considered a newlywed period. Cui Yuezhi has put a lot of thought into the arrangement of their bedroom. The red canopy is warm, and on the silk bedding, there was an embroidered picture of a hundred offspring. Even the candles were red, and there was a plate of dried longan in one corner.

He Yan looked around and couldn’t help but feel that the bedroom was arranged as if it were a newly wed room. If she were to go and find a red veil to cover her head, and invite a few people to make some noise, it would be just like the day of her wedding. 

She and Xiao Jue would sleep in a place like this tonight? She hadn’t thought about it before, but now that she did, she felt uneasy all over. 

As the lamp’s light slowly climbed up the wall, He Yan saw that there seemed to be some patterns on the wall above the bed. Since this place was close to the water, the murals often depicted the people of Jiyang worshipping the water god, which was quite lively and interesting. He Yan thought the mural might be of the same theme, so she kicked off her shoes, picked up the lantern, and climbed to the head of the bed to take a closer look. 

Xiao Jue, after taking a bath, put on his inner garments and outer robe. When he walked out, the first thing he saw was He Yan holding a lantern, carefully looking at the… mural? It looked like she was studying a treasure map with a serious expression. 

He paused for a moment, stared at her for a while, and when he noticed that He Yan was completely absorbed and didn’t realize his presence, he remained silent for a moment and then walked over to her. He bent down to follow her gaze. 

He Yan was engrossed in what she was looking at, and suddenly heard a calm voice behind her, “What are you looking at?” 

“Cough cough cough —” She was startled and almost choked on her own saliva. At the same time, Xiao Jue also realized what was on the wall. 

People in…. various strange and awkward positions. 

His face turned cold all of a sudden, and he said angrily, “He… Yuyan!” 

“I, I, I…” He Yan was scared and shivered. 

“What are you looking at?” 

It was meant as an interrogation, but He Yan took it as a query, thinking that Xiao Jue didn’t know what it was. She answered timidly, “It’s a spring, spring painting. Haven’t you seen it before?” 

Xiao Jue’s face turned even darker, and he said sarcastically, “I wasn’t asking you!” 

Since her rebirth, He Yan had been with Xiao Jue for a long time, and she had seen him angry before. However, when he got angry, it was usually cold and distant. But today, he was openly angry, and it was the first time. 

But why was he so angry? Was it because she didn’t call him to see it when she did? 

“Well… when you were bathing inside, I just happened to see it. If you want to see it, go ahead… Don’t be angry… It’s not even that good of a painting… The strokes are too heavy, and the characters are ugly. If you like it, there are many with finer lines than this…” He Yan stammered, “I’ll find it for you.” 

Xiao Jue was so angry that he felt like he was about to spit blood. He sneered, “Is that so? Have you seen many of them?” 

“Not, not too many,” He Yan said, “Maybe… more than you?” 

In her past life as ‘He Rufei,’ many of her comrades had secretly hidden these kinds of treasures. When they were bored at night, they would take them out to enjoy with everyone. He Yan had been forced to watch many of them. From the initial embarrassment to numbness, and finally to calmly commenting on them, it had only been a few years. 

Was she proud of discussing such inappropriate things? Clearly, she didn’t know her place. Xiao Jue sneered inwardly and suddenly pushed her against the wall, one hand on her side, and his body pressed against her, carrying the familiar scent of moon orchids. 

His gaze was sharp as lightning, and there was a hint of playfulness at the corners of his eyes and eyebrows. His voice was hoarse and deep, and his dark pupils stared straight at her as he said in a low voice, “So, do you want to give it a try?”

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