Rebirth of a Star General Chapter 135

Chapter 135: The Lover’s Bridge

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When He Yan returned, Xiao Jue hadn’t come back yet. She said to Cui Jiao and Hong Qiao, “Today, I was quite willful, and I’m afraid my husband will blame me for running around without bringing attendants, so let’s keep today’s outing a secret from my husband.”

Cui Jiao and Hong Qiao nodded.

“You can go now,” she said as she laid down on the couch, “I need to rest for a while.”

The two maids left the room, and He Yan laid on the couch, deep in thought. It seemed that Liu Buwang was in the city of Jiyang, but how could she find him? If she had known, when they parted, they should have agreed on a specific location. It was a bit reckless to search for someone in a tea shop without even knowing his real name.

Even if she found Liu Buwang, what should she say? He Yan had changed so much since her past life. Reincarnation seemed so absurd that she could hardly believe it herself.

However, she still really wanted to see Liu Buwang. After all, in her previous life, Liu Buwang was one of the few people who had given her genuine warmth. He was both a mentor and a friend, and the reason Flying Phoenix General became Flying Phoenix General was also because Liu Buwang passed on his skills. 

Thinking of Flying Phoenix General inevitably led her to He Rufei. She wondered how He Rufei was doing now, and if her former subordinates had noticed anything amiss. Xu Zhiheng… he should have already married He Xinying, becoming the legitimate Miss of the He family, a true lady. 

In He Yan’s heart, a sense of unease inexplicably arose. She rolled over to the wall, hugging her blanket, and faced the wall in a sullen mood. 

A voice came from behind her, “Are you sulking against the wall here?” 

He Yan turned around, “Young Master?” 

She sat up in a hurry, “You’re back!” 

Xiao Jue glanced at her, took off his coat, and said, “Are you bored until you turned crazy?” 

“It’s really boring here.” She sat on the bed, looked up at Xiao Jue, and asked, “So, did you find out the whereabouts of Chai Anxi today?” 


“Why couldn’t you find him?” He Yan asked, puzzled. “Was the intelligence wrong?” 

“He’s dead.” 

He Yan was stunned. 

“He was burned to death, not even a trace of his remains left.” 

He Yan frowned, “That doesn’t make sense. Why did he die at this moment, and to be burned to death with no traces left behind? Is it a lie?” 

Xiao Jue’s lips curved slightly, “The liar is quite experienced.” 

“I’m just being observant.” He Yan crossed her legs and analyzed, “Could this person have received some inside information in advance? But, Young Master, you’ve always been discreet in your actions. No one should know that we came to Jiyang. Besides, Jiyang is not easy to enter. If he truly wanted to hide from someone, Jiyang would be the best choice, and he should be reluctant to leave.” 

Xiao Jue picked up a cup of tea from the table and took a sip, lazily saying, “Go on.” 

“Then he must be in hiding, waiting for an opportunity to do something big,” He Yan continued. “The best time to fish in troubled waters is when the waters are the most turbulent. When is Jiyang at its most chaotic? It’s during the Water God Festival. Everyone’s been talking about it these past few days; it’s the biggest festival in Jiyang. With such a lively atmosphere, it’s the perfect time for causing chaos.” 

Xiao Jue chuckled, not exactly appreciative but not overly critical either. “Miss He, you really have a knack for strategy.” 

“I can hardly compare to Young Master,” He Yan modestly waved her hand. “You’re far better at it.” 

Xiao Jue glanced at her. For some reason, his earlier gloomy mood seemed to have lightened, shaking his head and sneering, “Flattery.” 

“It’s only natural for a wife to flatter her husband.” He Yan deliberately teased him.

The more she teased, the more accustomed he became to it. Xiao Jue looked at her with a smirk and said, “Before you talk about being a wife, please check your sitting posture first. Your posture is even worse than a husband’s.” 

He Yan lowered her head, gathered her crossed legs, and cleared her throat. “I forgot, I forgot.”

“I see that you’re quite confused yourself,” he chuckled, “Are you a man or a woman, after all?” 

“I don’t mind being a woman,” He Yan mumbled, “but someone has to see me as a woman first.” 

Xiao Jue was taken aback and looked at her. After the young girl spoke these words, she rolled back to the corner with her blanket, carefree and seemingly unaware of the faint hint of disappointment in her previous words. 

But someone had noticed. 


Four days before the Spring Equinox, nature’s beauty was at its peak. The green fields meandered under the moon, and the clear sky was intermittently covered by clouds. 

On the day of the spring equinox, the city of Jiyang was celebrating the Water God Festival with great enthusiasm. 

Early in the morning, He Yan laid on her pallet. As soon as she woke up, she felt some discomfort in her abdomen. She reached down and, with a start, she got up without even greeting Xiao Jue. Quietly, she took out her menstrual pad from her bag and headed towards the private chamber. 

With all the recent events in Jiyang City, she had almost forgotten the timing, but based on her calculations, her period was due. 

In her past and present lives, the most troublesome issue for He Yan in the military camp was her menstrual cycle. There were always those few inconvenient days when she had to be careful to avoid the prying eyes of others. In her previous life, she managed it well, probably because of her robust constitution. However, the current Miss He, who was pampered and delicate by nature, experienced some pain during her periods. In the military camp, she had to endure it silently, but with her extended leave from military training, her body had grown somewhat sluggish, and she immediately felt discomfort. 

He Yan changed her menstrual pad and came out of the private chamber, sighing quietly. It had to come today of all days – during the Water God Festival. It couldn’t have been more inconvenient. 

She returned to her room, feeling a bit weak. Cui Jiao brought her a bowl of ice cream and fresh yogurt. The Cui family’s food was truly delicious, and He Yan loved these snacks. However, today she touched her stomach, shook her head, and said, “I won’t eat.” 

Xiao Jue unexpectedly glanced at her. 

He Yan sighed and went to the inner room to pour herself some tea to drink. Xiao Jue watched her back, inexplicably concerned, and asked Hong Qiao, “What’s wrong with her?” 

Hong Qiao shook her head, “I don’t know. Madam has been like this since she returned from the private chamber.” 

“You don’t know this,” Lin Shuanghe, who had just walked in from outside, said as he approached Xiao Jue. He whispered, “It’s her period. During this time, you need to take care of her. Don’t let her overexert herself, avoid lifting heavy objects, and stay away from cold things. Her mood may also be affected, and she might get angry with you.” 

As he finished speaking, they heard He Yan from inside the room, shouting, “Cui Jiao, forget it. Bring that bowl of yogurt over here. I thought about it, and I want to eat it.”

Xiao Jue: “…”

He said to Cui Jiao, “Take it away. Don’t give it to her.”

Cui Jiao was somewhat hesitant, but between her amiable mistress and her indifferent young master, she chose to follow the young master’s instructions. She carried the bowl of yogurt out.

He Yan sat on the bed for a while and, seeing no movement, walked out. She noticed that Xiao Jue and Lin Shuanghe were there, but there were no snacks on the table. She asked, “Where did Cui Jiao go?”

“We’ll be going out shortly, so get ready quickly,” Xiao Jue said. “Don’t keep us waiting for too long.”

He Yan asked, “Now?”

“Yes,” Lin Shuanghe answered with a grin. “Lord Cui and his entourage are already in the hall.”

He Yan dared not delay any further.

The Water God Festival was a traditional festival in Jiyang. Every year on the spring equinox, various performances took place on the central canal of the city. Men had it easy, but women needed to style their hair in the Jiyang fashion. 

Hong Qiao lived near Jiyang and was skilled at hairstyling. In no time, she gave He Yan the hairstyle of a Jiyang girl. Fine braids circled her forehead, woven into her long hair at the back, and a delicate rosewood hairpin adorned her right temple. She wore a bright red long dress that cinched at the waist, embroidered with small flowers, and black boots with floral patterns, giving her a lively and lovely look with bright eyes and white teeth. She truly resembled a girl from Jiyang. 

When He Yan walked out of her room, Lin Shuanghe’s eyes lit up, exclaiming, “Our Madam is truly stunning, she looks good in anything.” 

“You flatter me,” He Yan replied modestly as she walked with Xiao Jue and the others to the main hall. As they entered the hall, as Lin Shuanghe had mentioned, Cui Yuezhi and his concubines were already waiting. 

“Huanqing has arrived,” Cui Yuezhi stood up, smiling, “With this attire today, if one didn’t know, they might really think Yuyan is a girl who grew up in Jiyang. Don’t you think so?” 

The concubines all obediently nodded. 

“It’s getting late. Let’s set out,” Cui Yuezhi called out. 

In Jiyang today, they couldn’t ride in carriages because the streets were filled with people, and it would have been inconvenient. So, the group decided to walk to the canal. 

The canal was located in the city center, passing through the city and encircling Jiyang on the outside. He Yan thought that Jiyang’s Water God Festival was somewhat similar to the Midautumn Festival in the Central Plains. All the rivers and waterways in the city were beautifully decorated, and every waterway had ornate boats. There were boatmen in red clothing and black headscarves singing and rowing, likely singing local Jiyang folk songs, creating a lively atmosphere. Along the riverbanks, young girls joined in, making it a festive occasion. 

“Our Water God Festival in Jiyang is a festival for young lovers. Apart from worshipping the Water God, there are many other festivities prepared for lovers. I’ve heard that Miss Yuyan and our young master are newlyweds, so you should join in the fun,” said Wei Yiniang, explaining to He Yan. 

He Yan replied, “…no need.” 

Their conversation was overheard by Cui Yuezhi, who laughed heartily and said, “Right, right. I remember Jiyang’s famous Lover’s Bridge. You should go there. In Jiyang’s legends, lovers who cross Lover’s Bridge during the Water God Festival will never be separated for their whole lives.” 

He Yan whispered to Xiao Jue, “Did you hear that? ‘Never be separated for their whole lives.'” 

Xiao Jue looked at her with a faint smirk and said, “Quite terrifying.” 

He Yan: “….”

Realizing that they weren’t a real couple, she felt that the phrase “never be separated for their whole lives” sounded more like a curse than a blessing. Unfortunately, Cui Yuezhi seemed to have boundless concern for his nephew’s marital matters and, as they walked not far from the canal, said, “Look, that’s Lover’s Bridge.” 

He Yan followed his pointing direction and saw, above the canal, about seven or eight zhang high, a bridge with both ends embedded in two very high stone walls.

This bridge is a suspension bridge. It sways and is extremely narrow, just wide enough for one and a half persons to pass. If two people walk side by side, they have to be very close. The bridge is made of wooden planks, but there are large gaps between the planks, and one wrong step could lead to a fall. 

Just looking at this suspension bridge gives people a chilling feeling, and walking on it, with the river rushing below and its elevated position, would be terrifying for someone who is afraid of heights. 

“This is our Jiyang’s ‘Lover’s Bridge,'” Cui Yuezhi said with a smug tone. “Only those with enough courage and deep love for each other dare to cross this bridge. If you cross it, the Water God will bless the lovers, and they will never be separated for their whole lives.” He then patted his chest and said, “I’ve crossed it four times!” 

He Yan looked at the four concubines behind him but didn’t say anything. She couldn’t help but feel puzzled. Would the Water God truly bless those who crossed this bridge multiple times? Wouldn’t it feel disrespectful to have a lifelong bond with multiple people? If she were to walk it, she would do it only once and with only one person. 

Thinking of this, she realized she was overthinking it. It didn’t concern her, and in this lifetime, she wouldn’t have the opportunity. 

“This opportunity is rare, Huanqing, Yuyan, why don’t you both walk on it?” 

He Yan: “?” 

“Is Yuyan afraid of heights?” Cui Yuezhi laughed. “Don’t worry, even if you really fall, there are people around to catch you. You should know that every year, there are thousands of lovers walking on Lover’s Bridge, but very few who actually cross it. If it were dangerous, they wouldn’t let anyone cross. Crossing the bridge tests your courage and love.” 

He Yan thought to herself, but there’s no love between me and Xiao Jue, so where would the courage come from? 

Wei Yiniang smiled and added, “Right, Miss Yuyan, isn’t it true that Lord Huanqing dotes on you and treats you with utmost tenderness? He’ll surely protect you and safely cross the bridge together.” 

Their discussion was quite enthusiastic, and people nearby overheard. He Yan and Xiao Jue were both quite eye-catching, and the crowd encouraged them with good-natured teasing. “Sir, just walk on the bridge with the lady.” 

“Cross Lover’s Bridge and enjoy a loving and lasting relationship.” 

“Go for it! With your looks and charm, the Water God will surely bless you!” 

He Yan found herself surrounded by people, listening to the cheers and felt quite helpless. Lin Shuanghe, who enjoyed watching the spectacle, joined in and said, “That’s right, you’ve come this far, so just walk the bridge and show everyone that our young master from Huzhou is courageous!” 

Cui Yuezhi patted Xiao Jue’s shoulder and said, “Moreover, the Princess is most fond of true and enduring love. If you two can cross Lover’s Bridge, when I take you to the royal palace to meet the Princess, you’ll receive many benefits.” 

Mengji Wang’s Princess, Mu Hongjin? He Yan was taken aback, and she saw Xiao Jue slightly furrow his brows and say, “Fine.” 

He Yan: “….young master?” 

They weren’t really going to walk this Lover’s Bridge, were they? 

She wasn’t afraid of heights, nor was she afraid of the Water God, and she didn’t mind crossing the bridge. But combining all these elements, along with Xiao Jue, made it all sound spine-chilling. 

Highly absurd. 

Xiao Jue glanced at her and calmly said, “Afraid?” 

“It’s not that I’m afraid of anything else,” He Yan whispered, “I’m afraid of tarnishing your reputation.” 

His gaze was calm, and his tone was even, “It’s already been tarnished so many times, one more time won’t make a difference.” 

He Yan said, “….?” 

Through a series of coincidences, she found herself pushed by others to the edge of Lover’s Bridge with Xiao Jue.

Upon reaching the bridge’s entrance, He Yan realized that the bridge was even narrower than it appeared from below. The gaps between the wooden planks were particularly wide, making it necessary to hop to traverse them fully. It was manageable for a single person, but with two people, they would need to stick very closely together. Light martial arts skills couldn’t be used on this bridge, so they had to focus on maintaining their balance, relying on unspoken understanding with their partner, and a bit of luck to make it through. 

He Yan couldn’t help but mutter in her heart, thinking that if someone had martial arts skills, it would be alright. But if a scholarly man brought a delicate young lady to walk this bridge, they would definitely struggle to avoid falling. Even though there were people below to catch them, it would still be a frightening experience, and it didn’t bode well for their future together. The Water God’s conditions seemed quite demanding. 

Cui Yuezhi and his companions remained below the bridge, watching them from a distance. Lin Shuanghe shouted loudly, “Young Master, Madam, the Water God will surely bless you!” 

Chiwu, speechless, whispered to Fei Nu, “The young master’s sacrifice is too great this time.” 

If it were a fake gesture, it would be fine, but if the Water God was real, it would be terrifying. Two men never parting ways in life? Their young master wasn’t a saint; his father would probably be furious. Thinking about it, Chiwu felt more and more that this was inappropriate and could only pray silently in his heart: Let it be a temporary measure, Water God, you are gracious, please don’t take it seriously. 

He Yan faced the narrow bridge and asked Xiao Jue, “How are we going to walk? One by one?” 

“Do you think we can go one by one?” Xiao Jue asked in return. 

He Yan lowered her head and looked at the onlookers on the shore, reluctantly saying, “It’s probably not possible.” 

Xiao Jue extended his hand and said, “Hold onto me.” 

The hand that emerged from his sleeve was particularly slender and refined. He Yan hesitated for a moment and didn’t grasp his hand but held onto his wrist. Seeing that Xiao Jue didn’t react, she felt slightly relieved and repeatedly encouraged herself in her heart: It’s just a local custom for a festival, nothing more. There’s no need to overthink it, as long as we quickly cross the bridge. 

“Let’s go,” Xiao Jue stepped forward. 

The two stepped onto the bridge. 

The suspension bridge swayed and trembled, almost as if it would throw them off. The wooden planks couldn’t support the weight of two people walking side by side. The only way was to walk facing each other, but Xiao Jue and He Yan couldn’t do that. So, He Yan had to move forward slightly, and Xiao Jue followed behind, using his hand to protect her. They maintained some distance, but this created a situation where it seemed like Xiao Jue was holding her in his arms as they advanced together. 

This close proximity made He Yan a little uncomfortable. Just lifting her head slightly, her forehead almost touched Xiao Jue’s chin. She could only stare ahead and pretend like everything was normal. “Commander, this bridge sways so much; it’s hard to take a step. Can’t we use qing gong or just pretend we can’t walk and fall directly? After all, someone will catch us.” 

After a moment of silence, Xiao Jue said, “Step on my boot and hold on tight.” 

He Yan hesitated, “Isn’t that, well… not appropriate?” 

“Hurry up.” 

Since he had said it, He Yan didn’t want to keep refusing. Besides, it was a much simpler method for two people to cross this Lover’s Bridge. 

But… she wasn’t sure how to step on his boot while maintaining her balance. Placing her hand around his waist seemed ambiguous, but holding onto his wrist, like before, was unstable. After thinking for a moment, He Yan extended her hand and grasped his shoulder, managing to maintain her balance with some difficulty.

“Hold on tight,” Xiao Jue said as he slowly walked forward, speaking while holding onto the two ropes of the suspension bridge. 

In the past, there had been other ideas for crossing the bridge, such as a man carrying his beloved girl and walking directly across the bridge, however, stepping on the other person’s boots to walk as if two people were one, it was clever and looked romantic, but it also appeared somewhat restrained in terms of intimacy. 

The onlookers under the bridge were somewhat puzzled but didn’t dwell on it too deeply. They assumed that the young gentlemen and ladies from Huzhou were not as open as those from Jiyang and didn’t like overly intimate gestures in public. 

However, for the companions on the same journey, their perspective was quite different. 

Chiwu immediately gasped, feeling as if He Yan’s gaze had defiled their master. He couldn’t help but mutter, “This is outrageous! This kid is taking all the advantage!”

The real question was, who was taking advantage of whom? On the unstable suspension bridge, Xiao Jue’s every step caused it to sway. His footing was secure, and his expression remained calm without any ripples. However, He Yan’s heart was pounding rapidly. When they reached the middle of the bridge, the wooden plank beneath Xiao Jue’s foot seemed a bit unstable. He stepped down, swayed, and nearly fell. 

He Yan was so scared that she instinctively reached out and held onto Xiao Jue’s neck. When they both regained their composure, they were momentarily stunned. 

They were very close. Another inch, and their lips would have touched. He Yan’s gaze lifted and met Xiao Jue’s deep, mesmerizing eyes, like an unfathomable pool of water with ripples upon ripples. The handsome young man’s lips were tightly pressed, and his throat moved slightly as if he wanted to say something. After a moment, he turned his head gently to the side. 

He Yan felt extremely embarrassed. 

She whispered, “I’m sorry.” 

Xiao Jue didn’t respond. 

He Yan didn’t dare to look at his face, feeling that the atmosphere had become awkward. She only wished they would cross the bridge quickly. On the other side of the bridge, a crowd of spectators eagerly awaited. Xiao Jue steadied his steps and continued forward. He Yan watched as they approached the end of the bridge, and her heart filled with relief. She thought to herself that this was more agonizing than the training sessions in the martial arts arena. 

When Xiao Jue reached the end of the bridge, He Yan couldn’t wait and said, “We’re here!” She intended to step back and create some distance between them. However, the old and unstable suspension bridge couldn’t bear her sudden movement. As she stepped back, the wooden plank behind her flipped over, and she found herself stepping into thin air. 

Xiao Jue quickly scolded, “Be careful!” 

He reached out and grabbed her, pulling her towards himself. He Yan followed the force and leaned forward. She only felt like she had pounced into a warm embrace. She instinctively stabilized her body, wanting to look up. When she didn’t move, everything was fine, but as soon as she moved, it seemed like the other person was also lowering their head to look at her. Then, something soft and light as a feather brushed across her forehead, lingering briefly before departing.

She stood frozen in place. 

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