Rebirth of a Star General Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Affair

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In the following days, everything was calm and peaceful.

The roof of the house has been repaired, and the bedding has been changed. He Yan also found a young servant for He Yunseng, who helps him with errands and chores around the house, giving Qing Mei a companion to talk to.

He Yunsheng had already begun attending school, and He Yan was left alone in the house when He Sui was away. With only Qingmei as her company, He Yan could openly practice her sword skills in the courtyard… well, practice with branches she picked up.

She had mastered the techniques in her mind, but her current body was quite delicate. Even a slight bump or stumble would leave visible bruises. Moreover, she didn’t have much strength, although she had improved a lot through He Yan’s deliberate training, she was still far from how she used to be.

Fighting on the battlefield with such a body would not be practical. He Yan sighed and put down the tree branch.

“Miss, Miss,” Qingmei ran in, “someone has sent more things from outside.”

He Yan frowned, “Why are they here again?”

“This maid doesn’t know. They just left the things and went away,” Qingmei said with difficulty, “Miss, what should we do now? Young Master will definitely be angry if he sees it.”

The people sending things were from the Fan family. Since the day they saw He Yan at the tailor’s shop, the Fan family had been sending gifts frequently. It was either rouge and powder or silk and jewelry, or sometimes medicinal soups and tonics.

He Yan had always sent the gifts back, but He Yunsheng had caught sight of it a few times and got angry, repeatedly nagging her in her room until her ears almost turned into calluses. Because of this, He Yan hadn’t gone out in these days. If she happened to run into Fan Cheng again and he started bothering her, He Yunsheng might end up tearing down the Fan family’s house.

Today, they went even further, leaving the items and walking away. What did it mean? Were they sure that she would accept them?

He Yan said, “Throw the items outside.”

“But…” Qingmei hesitated, “These are all valuable silk and jewelry. It’s not good to just throw them away… right?”

He Yan suddenly felt a headache.

In her previous life, she lived like a man and had never encountered such a persistent pursuer. Even after returning to the He family as a daughter and getting engaged to Xu Zhiheng, Xu Zhiheng never crossed the line with her. He was even a bit distant, not to mention such a passionate pursuit. How was a girl like her supposed to deal with such a situation? She had no idea.

If she threw away such valuable items, what if the Fan family denied sending them?

He Yan sighed and said, “Then I’ll personally return them.”

Qingmei widened her eyes, “Miss, you’re going to the Fan family’s door?”

“Is there any other better way?” He Yan said, “Get yourself ready too, we’ll go together.”

“Am I going too?” Qingmei shrank back in fear.

“Of course.” He Yan looked at her strangely, “I can’t remember the way to the Fan family.”

As she wasn’t the real Miss He, she didn’t even know which direction the Fan family’s door faced, so she naturally needed someone to show her the way. Judging by Qingmei’s fearful expression, it seemed that the last time they went to the Fan family, things didn’t go well.

Indeed, Qingmei was worried. She still remembered the last time they went to the Fan family, He Yan’s eyes were red, and she almost bumped her head to death at the entrance. The maid from the Fan family was watching them with a mocking look, saying things like, “People should know their identity, don’t always try to climb higher, and don’t keep staring at impossible things, to avoid falling and becoming a laughingstock.”

Her words were full of sarcasm, and He Yan got so angry that she fainted on the spot. He Sui called the doctor, who said it was a case of heart troubles due to sudden anger. At that time, everyone thought that He Yan would be crushed by this blow and wouldn’t be able to live on. But to everyone’s surprise, when she woke up, she was like a different person, not mentioning Fan Cheng at all.

Even if Fan Cheng came to pester her now, she remained calm and clear-cut.

Qingmei felt both relieved and worried. He Yan patted her shoulder and reassured her, “Don’t worry, no one will bully you.”

Qingmei felt inexplicably relieved.

The two of them went out together. The Fan family’s residence was far from the He family’s, and they walked for quite a while before arriving. Qingmei pointed to a house with a big red gate, “This is the Fan family’s house.”

He Yan thought for a moment, “I won’t go in. You can take these things and hand them to the gatekeeper, saying they were sent by Young Master Fan Cheng and must be delivered to him personally.”

Qingmei nodded, “I understand.”

He Yan then hid behind a pillar facing the street, watching Qingmei walk up to the guard at the gate, exchange a few words, and hand the basket of gifts over. Only then did she return to He Yan’s side, smiling brightly, “I did as you said!”

“Good job,” He Yan said, “Let’s go back.”

In the main house of the Fan family, the decorations were still festive and red due to the recent wedding. Madam Fan, Tang Ying, the eldest daughter of the Cheng Wulang, was spoiled and arrogant since childhood, and because of the Tang family’s connections, everyone in the Fan family pampered and indulged her. She had only been married into the Fan family for a few months, and she was already in charge of the household, with everyone under her control.

A servant knocked on the door from outside.

“Come in,” Tang Ying sat on a soft couch, admiring the freshly embroidered fabric.

The servant came in and bowed to Tang Ying before saying, “Madam, a maid came from outside and delivered a basket, saying it’s for Young Master.”

Tang Ying’s movement paused upon hearing this, and she looked at the servant, “A maid? What kind of basket is it? Bring it over for me to see.”

The servant brought the basket over.

Tang Ying picked it up and rummaged through it. Seeing that it was filled with fabrics, cosmetics, and perfumes for women, she couldn’t contain her anger, “What is this?”

The servant was at a loss for words.

A close maidservant beside her said, “These are all women’s items. Madam, Young Master doesn’t use these things. It must be…”

“It must be him trying to court favour, but the other person rejecting him!” Tang Ying suddenly stood up, sweeping the porcelain cups on the table, causing them to shatter on the floor. Her expression turned fierce, “F*cking Fan Cheng!”

“Madam, the most urgent thing now is not to pursue Young Master. Don’t startle the snake,” the close maidservant reminded.

Tang Ying calmed down a bit and said, “You’re right. There’s no reason to guard against thieves for a thousand days. If they were a respectable person, how could they associate with Fan Cheng? I believe that scoundrel is just toying with us, despicable!”

She instructed the servant who had been bowing without a word, “For the next few days, you follow Fan Cheng and see where he goes and who he meets. I want to know who has charmed him. Find that wretched woman… I’ll make that pair of dog man and woman pay the price!”

The servant nodded and retreated.

The maid skillfully encouraged her, “Madam, you mustn’t show any signs in the next few days, so as not to arouse Young Master’s suspicion and make him hide that woman.”

“I know.” Tang Ying clenched her fists tightly, “In the past, I merely dismissed those concubines and maids he favored. But now, seeing him act so confidently and arrogantly, it seems like he doesn’t even care about me, his lawful wife.”

“In that case, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

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