Rebirth of a Star General Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The Tenth Day Arrives

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Ten days passed in the blink of an eye.

The entire Liangzhou Garrison was eagerly awaiting this lively gambling event. The majority of people were betting on Wang Ba to win, while a small group stood with He Yan. Occasionally, as they walked by, you could hear supporters of He Yan engaged in debates with those on the other side: “What’s He Yan up to? To knowingly do the impossible is the mark of a great man!”

Unintentionally overhearing this, He Yan thought, “…”

However, no matter what they say, the bets reveal people’s true intentions. The total bet on He Yan’s victory consists of only three pieces of dry bread, Xiao Mai, Shitou, and Hong Shan each contributing one piece. 

Apart from them, what surprised He Yan was an unknown person who placed a bet of ten pieces of beef jerky on him.

“Who’s the big spender?” Xiao Mai pondered. “To bet so much on Brother Ah He, they must be really wealthy.”

“Not only wealthy, but also insightful,” He Yan thought. Finally, someone clever had emerged in the camp.

Hong Shan glanced at He Yan. “It’s a shame their brain is messed up.”

“Big Brother Shan, you can’t say that. This person must really admire Brother Ah He and is secretly supporting him. If I had that much beef jerky, I would also place a bet on Brother Ah He.”

“Okay, a little gambling can lift spirits, but don’t take it too seriously.” He Yan took a sip of water from a canteen and stood up. “I’m heading to the training ground now to stretch my muscles.”

Shitou asked her, “Are you really going to do this?” His eyes were filled with doubt.

“I’ve said it before, I’ve always had good luck,” He Yan smiled.

When she arrived at the training ground, she noticed that quite a few people had already gathered around Instructor Liang. Upon seeing He Yan, someone shouted excitedly, “He Yan is here!” In an instant, a large crowd rushed over.

“Where is the person? Where is the person?”

“He actually didn’t run away, he really came!”

“Quick, have you all prepared the dry bread?”

He Yan: “…”

This star-studded treatment was somewhat unusual for her. Instructor Liang looked on coldly. While private gambling was strictly prohibited in the camp, they were using dry bread, and given the circumstances, the Head Instructor didn’t seem inclined to intervene. As for Liang Ping, he didn’t say much either. Moreover, he was also caught up in the excitement and wanted to see the outcome.

After all, people inherently had a gambling streak to some extent.

Just as He Yan was about to walk over, she noticed a youth in licorice yellow attire standing beside Liang Ping. The youth had rosy lips, pearly white teeth, and a radiant appearance, looking quite familiar. He Yan felt like she had seen him somewhere before and looked at him.

When the youth saw her gaze, he flashed a big smile and approached her enthusiastically. “So, you’re He Yan!”

Was this person here to see her as well? However, judging by the youth’s attire, he didn’t seem like a new recruit in the camp, nor did he appear to be an instructor. He was different from the distinguished young men of noble families in the capital.

“I’ve heard about you for a while. I really admire you! I want to be sworn brothers with you. From now on, we’ll be brothers, how about it?” he said.

He Yan was bewildered. This person was already suggesting a sworn brotherhood from the get-go, and she didn’t even know his name or surname.

At that moment, Instructor Liang stepped forward and smiled at the youth. “Young Master Cheng, the Commander requests that you stay a bit farther from the crossbows.”

Xiao Jue? Suddenly, He Yan remembered where she had seen this youth before. She had been in the training ground with He Yunsheng, secretly intervening to teach Young Master Zhao a lesson, causing him to take out his anger on his own horse. Xiao Jue had stopped him from killing the horse in public. Accompanying Xiao Jue at the time was this refined young master.

Oh, he actually followed Xiao Jue to the Liangzhou Garrison?

“Uncle is overly cautious. What does it matter? The arrows won’t hit me,” the youth muttered a few sentences before obediently moving a bit farther away.

Uncle? He Yan was even more surprised. This youth was Xiao Jue’s nephew? But the Xiao family only had two young masters, and there were no siblings. What kind of convoluted relationship was this?

Before He Yan could fully comprehend the situation, she heard a familiar voice, “You’re here!”

It was Wang Ba.

Today, he had fully prepared himself. He had removed his crimson battle attire and was now wearing only a red undershirt. His bare chest was adorned with a long red ribbon, giving him the appearance of a challenger stepping onto a fighting stage.

His voice was also resounding, and news had spread that his comrades in the tent had given him all their food last night, urging him to perform at his best today.

Wang Ba walked over to the crossbows and stood beside He Yan, provokingly looking at her. “The tenth day has arrived, and now it’s time for you to fulfill your promise.”

“I remember, you don’t have to shout so loudly,” He Yan said, reaching up to her ear. “Go ahead.”

Wang Ba snorted, leaned closer to He Yan, and whispered, “Do you want to beg for mercy now while you still can?”

“That’s exactly what I wanted to say to you,” He Yan replied calmly.

“I see you’re looking for death!” Wang Ba sneered and took a big step forward. “Since He Yan is too scared to go first, then I will!”

A murmur of discussion arose from the crowd. He Yan shrugged and stepped aside. Hong Shan whispered to her, “Ah He, are you nervous?”

“I’m not nervous,” He Yan replied with a hint of helplessness, patting Hong Shan’s anxious face. “So you don’t need to be either.”

“I’m just worried he might perform exceptionally well…”

In fact, Wang Ba had been performing exceptionally well every day. There was no such thing as “too well.” He took a step forward, set up the crossbow, and placed his fingers on the arrow. Because of his wager with He Yan, Wang Ba had been practicing his archery even more diligently each day. He Yan could feel that his strength had improved since ten days ago, and his shooting had become even more composed.

He aimed the arrow at the direction of the target. At that moment, the sun was momentarily concealed by clouds, casting a brief coolness. Wang Ba took a deep breath and released the arrow with a sudden motion.

Everyone turned to look, and the arrow hit the bullseye, knocking down the target.

Steady, just like the results of Wang Ba’s daily archery practice over the past few days. Maintaining such accuracy was no easy feat.

A hint of satisfaction flashed in Liang Ping’s eyes. Regardless of today’s outcome, Wang Ba was an excellent prospect. Such individuals would be valued even by other instructors.

Wang Ba clapped his hands and put the crossbow back. He walked over to He Yan, a smug smile on his face. “How about that? Now it’s your turn?”

He Yan smiled and didn’t reply, turning around to step forward.

“Here he comes!” Cheng Lisu excitedly craned his neck and muttered to himself, “Brother He Yan, I bet ten pieces of beef jerky on you. Although it’s not much, it’s a heartfelt offering from this young master. Don’t let me down!”

He Yan had no idea that she was carrying Cheng Lisu’s hopes with those ten pieces of beef jerky. As she walked toward the crossbows, the murmurs around her stopped, and all eyes were fixed on her.

Was this guy just bragging? Or did he truly possess some extraordinary skill?

However, in the world, instances that could genuinely be considered miraculous were quite rare. Except for a small portion of people who hoped for miracles, most were simply there to enjoy the spectacle.

He Yan picked up the bow and arrow.

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