Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 45 Part 2

Chapter 45.2 The Great Clash of Science and Mysticism

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After having their fill and enjoying a performance, everyone dispersed. Lin Zhaohe returned to his room and lay down on the king-size bed.

To ensure Lu Xiaotian’s safety, their rooms were all surrounding Lu Xiaotian’s, making it convenient for them to arrive at the scene first if anything happened at night.

Lin Zhaohe closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. He had a dreamless night and slept until the next day.

It was time for breakfast again. Instead of going to the dining hall, they decided to have breakfast together in the guest room of Lu Xiaotian’s suite.

The breakfast spread was still abundant, with both Chinese and Western dishes. Lin Zhaohe lifted the steamer lid and saw several plump and round steamed buns. “These buns look really cute.”

“They are indeed cute,” Lu Xiaotian said. “Let me try one…” She picked up a bun with her chopsticks, intending to put it into her mouth. However, the bun seemed alive. It jumped off her chopsticks and landed on Lu Xiaotian’s shoulder. From somewhere, it extended a tiny fist and pulled out a toothpick, stabbing it toward Lu Xiaotian. “I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!”

“Aaahhhh!!!” Although Lu Xiaotian was not injured by the toothpick, she was startled by it. In her panic, she accidentally knocked over the hot soy milk beside her, burning her hand. She jumped up in alarm and exclaimed, “I’m burning! I’m burning!”

Lin Zhaohe was left dumbfounded.

The mischievous little bun wouldn’t let Lu Xiaotian off the hook. It continued to jab at her with its toothpick, and even when Zhuang Lao lifted it up, it kept struggling and shouting as if it held a deep grudge against Lu Xiaotian.

“What on earth is this?” Qi Ming and Lin Zhaohe asked in unison, equally bewildered.

“I remember now.” Lu Xiaotian wiped the hot soy milk off with a tissue, her eyes welling up with tears. “I know where it came from…”

Everyone looked at her, waiting for an explanation of this new misfortune.

Lu Xiaotian: “I once drew a food-themed manhua…”

After Lin Zhaohe confirmed that the remaining buns were indeed buns and not some other strange creatures, he took a bite. The taste was quite good. “How did you seek revenge on society this time?”

Lu Xiaotian awkwardly replied, “It’s a story about a chef cooking…”

Qi Ming: “Why would someone seek revenge on you for being a chef? Cooking is perfectly normal.”

Lu Xiaotian: “It’s because the ingredients inside gain consciousness once they are successfully cooked…”

Everyone: “…” You really have a deep hatred for this world, don’t you?”

The pitiful sight of the little bun being held by Zhuang Lao tugged at their hearts. It wiped away its tears while attempting to continue poking Lu Xiaotian with the toothpick, crying, “My dad, my mom, they were all eaten!”

Lu Xiaotian remained cold-hearted, “In theory, I am your mother.”

The little bun protested, “Aaahhhh! I don’t have such a cruel mother like you!!”

Lu Xiaotian: “I don’t want a son like you either.”

Zhuang Lao placed the little bun on the table, handed it a tissue, and listened to its accusations against Lu Xiaotian while continuing to eat breakfast.

“How did you find Lu Xiaotian?” This was the question that concerned Zhuang Lao the most.

Lu Xiaotian had sought refuge on the cruise ship, thinking that these 2D creatures would not be able to reach her there. But to her surprise, they kept coming and even infiltrated the breakfast. Without knowing the source of their information, Lu Xiaotian felt her life was truly in danger.

The bun refused to reveal anything, so Lu Xiaotian resorted to threatening to turn the little lamb into a lamb skewer. Tearfully, it finally confessed, “We have a list, and it includes some detestable authors.”

Lin Zhaohe: “…” For some reason, I sense a resilient spirit of victim’s rights in this little bun.

Upon hearing this, Lu Xiaotian lost her appetite. She wondered why these people harbored such resentment towards her. After all, she was just an innocent 22-year-old girl who had celebrated her birthday last month.

So, Zhuang Lao and the little bun found its communication device. Through the device, they discovered the Assassination List mentioned by the bun, as well as a VIP assassination group specifically created for Lu Xiaotian.

Zhuang Lao scrolled through the names of the group members, and Lu Xiaotian trembled as she read, “How many of my works have come to life? Is there any point in me continuing to live?”

The densely packed names on the list were all victims created by her writing. It was easy to imagine that if they all came knocking on her door, there would hardly be anything left of her body.

Astonishingly, the group members in the chat shared precise details about Lu Xiaotian’s whereabouts, including her cruise ship itinerary and room number, not to mention her appearance and attire.

The content was all posted by a single account, and Lin Zhaohe found the profile picture somewhat familiar. “Why does this profile picture look so familiar?”

Lu Xiaotian remained silent, her gaze drifting.

Lin Zhaohe didn’t let her off the hook and pressed, “You know them, don’t you?”

“Haha,” Lu Xiaotian replied, “We’re not that well acquainted.”

Lin Zhaohe: “I advise you to stop struggling and speak up quickly.”

Lu Xiaotian: “Well… Juzi’s sister, you know.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Zhaohe couldn’t believe it and exclaimed, “But isn’t Juzi’s sister dead?”

Lu Xiaotian chuckled awkwardly and said, “She… came back to life later.” She didn’t dare mention that she had killed her off again in the later chapters.

The others fell silent.

Lin Zhaohe indeed hadn’t read the later plot, so he had no idea what happened after Ju Zi’s girlfriend lost her head. He felt that his capacity for endurance had reached its limit. However, it was evident that Lu Xiaotian had no intention of sparing the unfortunate readers and continued to stir up trouble.

“She’s quite formidable,” Lu Xiaotian said sorrowfully. “I think my luck is running out.”

Zhuang Lao tapped his fingers on the screen, seemingly contemplating something, but he didn’t say a word.

In the end, the little bun suffered the same fate as the little lamb skewer and was locked up, with its toothpick confiscated.

Lu Xiaotian lay on a sun lounger in her swimsuit, basking in the sun, wearing an expression of surrender and indifference.

Lin Zhaohe sat beside her, nibbling on a rum-flavored ice cream. “You used to have a strong desire to create, huh?”

“Yes,” Lu Xiaotian sighed. “I only regret being too young. Juzi is probably getting closer. I hope I can apologize to him before he kills me. I quite like him, you know.”

“You like him?”

“If you like someone, you’ll mess with them. That’s how it goes in the world of romance novels.” She winked and added, “What are those people over there doing?”

Lin Zhaohe followed Lu Xiaotian’s gaze and noticed a crowd gathered around the swimming pool. After inquiring, he learned that another person had died.

Lin Zhaohe exclaimed, “Nooo!”

As expected, in the next moment, Qi Ming appeared out of nowhere with his spiritual lamp and grabbed Lin Zhaohe’s hand, intending to poke him. Lin Zhaohe cried and struggled, claiming that there was something wrong with the spiritual lamp and that there would be dire consequences if he continued to prick him. However, Qi Ming’s heart remained as unyielding as iron.

Consequently, Lin Zhaohe once again offered his precious virgn blood—emphasizing the fact that he was still a virgn.

Lu Xiaotian cast a sympathetic glance at Lin Zhaohe and said, “You’re already in your mid-twenties. Don’t you have any plans to have a girlfriend? If you can’t find a girlfriend, you can always have a boyfriend.”

Lin Zhaohe angrily retorted, “I’ve told you that I’ve had a girlfriend before. There’s something wrong with Qi Ming!”

Lu Xiaotian reassured him, “I know you’re anxious, but try not to worry for now.”

Lin Zhaohe nearly burst into tears out of frustration.

Qi Ming and the little detective embarked on an endless competition aboard the cruise ship. Whenever something happened, they would rush to the forefront. One began collecting clues, while the other engaged in spiritual communication. Of course, in terms of efficiency, Qi Ming clearly had the upper hand. However, Lu Xiaotian’s assessment of the situation was, “Qi Ming will ultimately fail.”

“Why?” Lin Zhaohe asked.

“Haven’t you realized why people are dying?” Lu Xiaotian replied. “It’s all because of the BUF… “

Lin Zhaohe was speechless, finding Lu Xiaotian’s words quite reasonable.

Aside from occasional assassins, the cruise trip was relatively relaxing, offering new experiences in terms of food and entertainment that Lin Zhaohe had never encountered before.

He also changed into his swimming trunks and took a few laps in the pool. His overly fair skin, thanks to the pills given by Gu Xuyu, glistened under the sun.

Lu Xiaotian removed her sunglasses and, while admiring his skin, teasingly asked, “Lin Zhaohe, how do you take care of yourself?”

Lin Zhaohe: “Firstly, you have to work overtime every day at the company…”

Lu Xiaotian: “Never mind then.” She put her sunglasses back on and decided to just lie down and relax.

After basking in the sun all afternoon, Lin Zhaohe didn’t get any tan. What went down stayed the same when he came back up.

Zhuang Lao sat next to Lu Xiaotian, making sure no one came near her the entire time. Oh, and not just people, even food was better off staying away. Who knows if the fruits on the plate would suddenly jump up and attack Lu Xiaotian.

Meanwhile, Qi Ming had finished his busy tasks and returned. He had emerged victorious in the competition with the young detective, thanks to his spirit-summoning lamp. With a sense of pride, he dismissed the detective as insignificant.

Lin Zhaohe advised him to stop, as his fingers were about to turn into a honeycomb.

Qi Ming: “Thank you, my good brother. Your purity has given me confidence.”

Lin Zhaohe: You’re driving me crazy.”

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