Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 46 Part 2

Chapter 46.2 Two extremes

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“Wuwuwu.” Lu Xiaotian began to cry. “In my next life, I’ll be a better person and never seek revenge on society again…”

The little girl agreed, “It would indeed be better for you to draw less of those things that harm readers. Nobody anticipated that everything from their imagination would become reality. She made a mistake unintentionally, and of course, I understand you. It’s understandable that you wanted to kill her.”

Ji Zuoyi narrowed his eyes, waiting for the little girl to continue speaking.

As expected, the little girl continued, “But she is the one who created me. I can’t stand by and watch you kill her. If you insist on doing so, I can only become your enemy.”

The little girl had an adorable and earnest expression, with a beautiful face. The white dragon, with its snowy wings, resembled an angel descending from the heavens to judge earthly sins, causing Ji Zuoyi to feel a twinge of inferiority.

“Next time, I won’t hold back,” the little girl said. “Let us fight for our respective beliefs.”

The white dragon let out a low roar, its imposing presence causing the decorations in the room to tremble.

Ji Zuoyi intercepted various creatures attempting to rush towards Lu Xiaotian. “You’re right.” They were no match for the little girl and the dragon.

This healing manhua had extremely high popularity. In terms of combat power, a single breath of the dragon would be enough to destroy them. The little girl didn’t make a move, indicating that she held good intentions.

Ji Zuoyi glanced at Lu Xiaotian and then at the white dragon cradling her. He laughed self-deprecatingly, “What can I compare myself to you with?”

His smile filled Lu Xiaotian with guilt and pain. They were all characters from her own writing, and if possible, she naturally hoped that they could find happiness in the real world.

However, it seemed that this longing had become unattainable because of her actions.

Ji Zuoyi was a decisive person. Knowing that he couldn’t harm Lu Xiaotian, he no longer tangled with the little girl and turned to leave with his subordinates.

The little girl also breathed a sigh of relief. She actually sympathized with Ji Zuoyi. It was best if she could avoid hurting him. She turned her head towards Lu Xiaotian and smiled, “Hello, Lu Xiaotian, I’m Xiao Tang.”

Lu Xiaotian grasped the little girl’s tiny hand and sniffled, “I’m Lu Xiaotian, your… mom.”

Xiao Tang: “…” You really have no manners.

Lin Zhaohe could never have imagined that just by sitting there and cracking some sunflower seeds, he almost had his first insurance accident.

However, in the blink of an eye, Lu Xiaotian disappeared. Lin Zhaohe searched all around but couldn’t find her. Qi Ming was already eager to use his spirit lamp to summon her soul and see if Lu Xiaotian was alive or dead.

Lin Zhaohe cautiously advised Qi Ming not to join in the commotion—mainly because he didn’t want to contribute more of his own blood from his fingers.

Qi Ming expressed deep regret about it, saying Lin Zhaohe missed out on the greatest project in human history. Lin Zhaohe thought he was talking nonsense. If the greatest project required the involvement of virgns, humanity might as well go extinct.

Zhuang Lao, on the other hand, seemed quite relaxed after the initial moment of panic.

After taking a stroll and returning empty-handed, Lin Zhaohe saw Zhuang Lao inside the room, reading the newspaper and sipping tea. He had a pair of glasses on his face, whose origin was unknown, and he looked completely like someone on vacation.

“Boss, aren’t you worried?” Lin Zhaohe felt thirsty and gulped down the tea, making a loud sound. “Seeing Ji Zuoyi’s appearance, I thought he would catch Lu Xiaotian and kill her on the spot.”

Zhuang Lao: “Indeed.”

Lin Zhaohe: “Then, Boss, aren’t you worried at all?”

Zhuang Lao: “Everyone has their own destiny…”

Lin Zhaohe’s eyes widened and thought, “Boss, running an insurance company like this, you’ll go bankrupt sooner or later.”

“Just kidding,” Zhuang Lao took off his glasses and rubbed the corners of his eyes. “Someone saved her.”

Lin Zhaohe: “Who?”

Zhuang Lao: “It’s Xiao Tang. Have you read ‘The Dragon’s Journey’?”

Lin Zhaohe had indeed read it. His heart, injured by “Ghost Man,” was saved by “The Dragon’s Journey.” He naturally remembered the protagonist named Xiao Tang. “Huh? Xiao Tang is here too? And she’s an employee of our company?”

“No,” Zhuang Lao blinked. “Don’t you know that Lu Xiaotian is also the author who drew Xiao Tang?”

Lin Zhaohe: “??? How many faces do you have, woman, that I don’t know about?

As expected, Lu Xiaotian was rescued by Xiao Tang and was specifically brought to her room, where Xiao Tang considerately knocked on the door for her.

Lin Zhaohe opened the door and saw a dejected Lu Xiaotian and Xiao Tang behind her.

“Wow!!” Lin Zhaohe’s gaze was instantly captivated by the white dragon beside Xiao Tang.

It was truly a beautiful white dragon, hovering in mid-air, stepping on soft clouds beneath its feet. Its snow-white scales emitted a captivating radiance under the light, making it impossible to look away.

“I’m back,” Lu Xiaotian said, lacking spirit.

“Welcome back. Are you okay?” Lin Zhaohe reluctantly averted his gaze.

“I’m fine,” Lu Xiaotian said sadly. “I’m a bad person. What have I done? I’ve hurt so many people.”

Lin Zhaohe: “That’s true. I was also a victim back then, but I’ve decided to forgive you.” Xiao Tang and Xiao Bai are so cute.

Lu Xiaotian didn’t say anything. She walked to the edge of the bed and took out a notebook, silently tearing its pages.

Lin Zhaohe: “What is that?”

Lu Xiaotian: “As you know, the world has changed, and I can no longer create content for others to enjoy. I can only write casually about my own adorable pairings to entertain myself. But now I realize that I’m a bad author. I can’t manipulate others’ lives based on my own preferences.”

Seeing her so dejected, Lin Zhaohe wanted to persuade her not to be so extreme. After all, the things she wrote for fun wouldn’t blend with the real world if no one read them. Everyone is under so much pressure, and it’s not appropriate to push oneself too hard. But then, his eyes caught sight of his own name on a piece of paper…

“What is this?” Lin Zhaohe picked up the torn paper, utterly perplexed, and read aloud, “Lin Zhaohe was pinned down on the bed by Zhuang Lao and couldn’t move, but his body had already reacted…” He saw the contents on the back, and his pupils dilated. Before he could react, Lu Xiaotian snatched the paper from his hand.

“Oh no! Don’t read it randomly!!” Lu Xiaotian blushed. “I just write casually, only for my own amusement!”

Lin Zhaohe stared at her. “What are you writing?”

Lu Xiaotian: “Writing some forbidden love stories that can’t be accepted by the world.”

Lin Zhaohe: “……”

Zhuang Lao sighed and took off his glasses.

This Lu Xiaotian, it seemed her fate was bound to encounter such a calamity.

Lin Zhaohe’s focus wasn’t on that. He angrily retorted, “Even if it’s a love story between Zhuang Lao and me, I should be on top!”

Zhuang Lao raised an eyebrow. “?”

Lu Xiaotian: “It’s getting late. You should go to bed early and get some rest.”

Xiao Tang and Xiao Bai, who witnessed everything at the door, exchanged a glance and quietly left. Perhaps they both thought that the human world was truly chaotic, and it was better not to get involved.

Ignoring Lin Zhaohe’s complaining, Zhuang Lao reached out and gently stroked Lin Zhaohe’s head, as if soothing a mischievous puppy.

Even as he lay in bed, Lin Zhaohe’s heart was filled with indignation. He questioned why he was the one being pinned down. A ton-weight gorilla couldn’t hold him down, but Zhuang Lao’s small frame could? He completely disregarded the cruel fact that he was a head shorter than Zhuang Lao.

Lin Zhaohe closed his eyes and fell into a deep slumber. He slept soundly until he was awoken by the sound of his phone ringing.

“Who could it be…” It was already early morning. With half-opened eyes, Lin Zhaohe picked up his phone and saw that it was Zhuang Lao calling.

He pressed the answer button and heard Zhuang Lao’s voice coming through the phone. “Are you asleep?”

If it were someone else, Lin Zhaohe would have immediately claimed to be asleep and hung up the phone. But in the face of Zhuang Lao, he rubbed his eyes and became fully awake. “Not yet!”

“The moon looks beautiful tonight,” Zhuang Lao remarked.

Lin Zhaohe was taken aback. “Huh?”

“Would you like to come out and admire the moon?” Zhuang Lao’s voice, now slightly lower, sounded delightful, almost like a feather gently tickling Lin Zhaohe’s heart. Instantly, all traces of sleepiness vanished as he responded, “Now?”

“Yes, now,” Zhuang Lao answered with certainty.

“Alright, where are you, Boss?” Lin Zhaohe, now completely awake, got up energetically and started getting dressed while glancing out the window.

Outside the window, a bright round moon hung in the night sky. The moonlight, as if soft and delicate gossamer, poured down, covering the cabin. The sea waves, caressed by the ocean breeze, created layers of foaming crests. The sound of the waves was like a tide—beautiful and tranquil.

It truly was beautiful, Lin Zhaohe thought. Captivated by the scenery, he walked to the window and gazed outside.

Just at that moment, someone knocked on his door.

Could it be Zhuang Lao? Lin Zhaohe wondered and called out, “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” To Lin Zhaohe’s surprise, it wasn’t Zhuang Lao outside the door, but instead, it was Qi Ming’s voice.


Lin Zhaohe: It’s so late, and Boss is calling me… Could it be that he wants to…

Zhuang Lao: Wants to what?

Lin Zhaohe: Give me a secret pay raise?

Zhuang Lao: You better continue getting your fingers pricked by Qi Ming.

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