Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Is he really cheating?

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Since the fusion of worlds, going out at night had become perilous. Some fictional creatures thrived in the darkness, making it a risky venture for ordinary humans who lacked any special abilities.

Lin Zhaohe was a cautious person who typically left work early and stayed home before dusk. Today was an exception due to work, but fortunately, his boss accompanied him. Honestly, Zhuang Lao didn’t appear physically capable of fighting, despite his tall and well-proportioned frame that surpassed Lin Zhaohe’s height by half a head. Yet, he lacked visible muscle. Lin Zhaohe calmly reassured himself that it shouldn’t be an issue since he had proficient fighting skills. Most people wouldn’t stand a chance against him, and perhaps he would even play the role of a hero and… receive a raise?

Zhuang Lao sat beside Lin Zhaohe, sensing the occasional peculiar glances from his subordinate. He had no clue about his subordinate’s thoughts, which were likely unrelated to work. “What are you thinking?”

Lin Zhaohe blurted out, “Thinking about you…”

Zhuang Lao: “?”

Lin Zhaohe felt a surge of cold sweat and had a sudden idea. He sang out, “Yearning for you in the night~ I beg you, let me love you once more~”

Zhuang Lao: “…”

The atmosphere froze in an instant. Lin Zhaohe awkwardly dug a small villa with his toe.

Zhuang Lao quietly rubbed his arms. “It’s a bit chilly.”

Lin Zhaohe: “Yeah, it is. Haha.”

Silence engulfed them, while Lin Zhaohe wore a strained smile on his face. Inside, he wanted to bury his head and cry. He thought, “Oh, Lin Zhaohe, just keep your mouth shut. Even your toes can get exhausted.”

Just as Lin Zhaohe contemplated whether to seek a different life on another planet, the person they were surveilling suddenly appeared within their line of sight, like a true savior, dispelling the awkwardness. Lin Zhaohe promptly said, “Boss, the person has arrived.”

“Hmm,” Zhuang Lao said, “Follow along.”

It was already midnight, but the entire world remained awake. Occasionally, strange sounds from a distance evoked a sense of unease. Fu Li, an ordinary person merged from a danmei novel into reality, discreetly stepped into a black sedan under the shroud of darkness.

Zhuang Lao and Lin Zhaohe quickly entered the car as well. They couldn’t trail too closely and had to maintain a distance from behind.

The black sedan ventured beyond the relatively secure streets with lower levels of fusion. It drove further, and the surrounding structures gradually displayed severe distortions. Eventually, even a tilting tower emerged in the sky, jutting out conspicuously in the dark night. The tower exhibited an enchanting style, adorned with diverse and mesmerizing light sources swirling around its snow-white facade. Despite the deep darkness of the night, Lin Zhaohe managed to discern the presence of peculiar sculptures adorning the tower. These sculptures possessed a profoundly sinister form, contrasting starkly with the tower’s pristine appearance. Drawing from his past experiences, it was evident that this tower was a creation derived from some work of fiction, and it appeared dangerous from every angle.

“Looks familiar,” Lin Zhaohe scratched his head, momentarily unable to recall. “Which work is this from?”

Zhuang Lao drove cautiously, avoiding the use of headlights to avoid detection by Fu Li. They relied on the faint glow of streetlights to guide them. Shaking his head, he remarked, “I don’t indulge much in fictional works.”

Lin Zhaohe: “Do you not read novels either?”

Zhuang Lao: “I occasionally read, but not extensively.”

Lin Zhaohe: “Then, boss, how do you typically spend your free time?”

Zhuang Lao smiled and said, “Working overtime. Would you care to join me?”

Lin Zhaohe: “…” For a moment, he was unsure which posed a greater threat—2D world or capitalists.

However, why would Fu Li come to a place like this? Lin Zhaohe felt a bit uneasy. These districts, with a high fusion of fictional elements, rarely housed real-world residents. The majority of those who settled here and flourished possessed some extraordinary abilities from the 2D world. Hence, both the architecture and the inhabitants held considerable danger. As powerless beings from the real world, they instinctively maintained a safe distance.

While pondering that Fu Li, being a resident of the fictional world, would unlikely engage in infidelity, Lin Zhaohe noticed Fu Li’s car stopping in the distance.

After stepping out of the car, Fu Li followed a girl in a lovely dress, heading directly into the neighboring independent residential building.

Witnessing this scene, Lin Zhaohe and Zhuang Lao also alighted from their vehicle. Both of them moved cautiously, lightening their footsteps as they prepared to approach the residential building.

However, before they could draw near, Lin Zhaohe noticed something unusual. He quickly tugged Zhuang Lao and whispered, “Wait… What is that thing??”

Zhuang Lao followed Lin Zhaohe’s gesture and glanced towards the darkened sky. Numerous pitch-black shadows hovered above, resembling enormous birds. However, their bodies consisted of swirling black mist, emitting piercing screeches. The mist swiftly expanded, as if searching for something in the surroundings.

In that moment, Lin Zhaohe cursed himself for not being an avid fan of anime. He struggled to recall where these birds originated from.

Although unfamiliar, his instincts told him that these creatures were definitely not harmless.

While considering where they could seek relative safety, Lin Zhaohe noticed Fu Li emerging from the previously entered building. This time, he was accompanied by several individuals, all elegantly dressed girls in beautiful skirts. Adorned with vibrant, colorful hairstyles, they appeared as if attending a grand celebration, a striking contrast to Fu Li’s simple T-shirt and jeans.

Lin Zhaohe involuntarily gasped, “Isn’t five a bit excessive at once?”

Zhuang Lao managed to maintain his composure. “Let’s observe first. What if it’s not…”

Just as he spoke, a girl beside Fu Li suddenly rose on her tiptoes and gently held his face, planting a kiss on his cheek. Their intimate gesture indicated something was definitely wrong.

Lin Zhaohe’s professional instincts kicked in, and he swiftly pulled out his camera, capturing a few quick shots of the people across from them. Satisfied, he felt he had fulfilled his duty.

Zhuang Lao, still unsure, asked with confusion, “What are they doing?”

Lin Zhaohe thought to himself, “My boss truly lacks knowledge of the world. They’re clearly having an affair. What else could they be doing in the late hours? Participating in a magical girls’ tea party, perhaps?”

However, in the next moment, a sudden transformation occurred. The dark birds formed by the swirling shadows in the sky, as if receiving some attack signal, swiftly changed their course and dove toward the group of girls. Their speed was astonishing, creating a crackling sound as they tore through the air. It seemed they were about to strike. Surprisingly, Fu Li showed no signs of reacting or evading.

Lin Zhaohe felt a tightness in his chest, realizing that risking one’s life for an affair seemed too extreme. Then he heard Fu Li shout out loudly, “Magical girl transformation!”

Lin Zhaohe: “?”

Zhuang Lao: “!”

A burst of vibrant, colorful light illuminated the dark sky, revealing Lin Zhaohe’s bewildered expression. Fu Li’s appearance underwent a dazzling change. His previous black attire turned into a large skirt that matched the ones worn by the other girls—wait, it was more like a voluminous skirt. The skirt had a soft pink hue and was adorned with countless adorable strawberries. Meanwhile, a gigantic bow appeared on Fu Li’s head—how was it possible to fasten such a bow on his short hair? Additionally, he seemed to be wearing transparent pink high-heeled shoes that made it appear as though he was stepping not on the ground but on Lin Zhaohe and Zhuang Lao’s eyeballs.

Lin Zhaohe, Zhuang Lao: “… ” Their eyes were experiencing intense discomfort.

“For the sake of world peace, face your demise, wretched shadow monsters!” Fu Li held a radiant magic wand, forming a flawless formation with the five lovely girls. Then, in perfect harmony, they uttered lines that were embarrassingly cheesy and made one cringe.

In the next moment, a colossal hexagram formation, radiating a brilliant glow, appeared before them. The bird-like creatures formed by the shadows crashed into the hexagram formation, shattering into fragments of mist.

Lin Zhaohe watched with a sense of detachment, thinking, “So, this is what a magical girl is? Just a change of clothes?” Wait, it actually seems like a change of clothes was all it took. But seriously, is it appropriate for a tall guy like you to wear a skirt that barely reaches your thighs? Moreover, aren’t you considering wearing some protective shorts? This short attire is revealing things it shouldn’t!

Zhuang Lao reacted slightly better than Lin Zhaohe and calmly analyzed the situation. “So, he isn’t cheating, after all.”

Lin Zhaohe: “?! “

Zhuang Lao: “It’s nighttime, and they’re here to become magical girls and save the world.”

Cricket noises enveloped Lin Zhaohe.

Zhuang Lao: “That’s wonderful.”

Deep inside, Lin Zhaohe couldn’t help but feel that even cheating would be preferable.

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