Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 64 Part 2

Chapter 64.2 Love for Sale

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The market was located in a bay area. Although the sea was not yet visible, Lin Zhaohe could already smell the salty and humid sea breeze in the air. After passing through a dense cluster of coconut trees, Lin Zhaohe caught sight of the moonlit bay.

The sea surface was unaffected by tides, with only gentle ripples created by the breeze, breaking the reflected moonlight into fragments. On the fine white sandy beach, a purple mist emerged, which should lead to the gathering place mentioned by Alfarr.

“Let’s go,” Lin Yan took the lead.

The three followed closely behind him. As they approached the mist, the purple haze made contact with Lin Yan’s body and dispersed to the sides, forming a tall archway. After passing through the archway, the scene before them changed abruptly, revealing a long street bustling with noise. Looking up, all they could see were witches.

It was the first time Lin Zhaohe had witnessed such a spectacle. He stood in place with wide eyes.

The witches took on various forms—some were adorned with flames, others had a half-bright, half-dark appearance. There were those dressed in flowing water-made garments and even some wearing enormous yellow pumpkin skirts. However, their common feature was their remarkable beauty that captivated onlookers.

The witches’ allure was renowned throughout the world, and every glance felt like a visual feast. Accompanying the witches were a variety of servants and pets, with black cats being the most common. Lin Zhaohe also noticed many witches with colorful snakes or lizards coiled around their necks.

Consequently, Lin Yan, who initially seemed unremarkable, now appeared as an anomaly.

“They’re all so beautiful,” Lin Zhaohe couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Indeed,” Zhuang Lao agreed. “Let’s go, and explore first.”

The four of them ventured further into the street, where various stalls lined the sides, offering a range of items that Lin Zhaohe couldn’t comprehend. Ingredients for magical potions like eyeballs, tails, and scales had become commonplace.

At one stall, Lin Zhaohe noticed several cages containing a few visibly unwell kittens.

“They’re selling cats here too?” Lin Yan hadn’t expected to find such ordinary things in the market. He bent down, intending to play with one of the kittens using his finger. However, the kittens showed no interest in his playful gestures and appeared lethargic. Lin Yan wondered aloud, “Why are they so lifeless?”

The witch selling cats wore a pure blue robe adorned with glistening water droplets. Her pale blue hair was styled in a seashell-adorned bun, lending an air of mystery and grandeur. Her voice was gentle, carrying an enchanting allure as she said, “Well, little one, interested in buying this?” She smiled mischievously. “Tired of your current servant, perhaps?”

“Yes, I am,” Lin Yan glanced at Mr. Li, who was drooling over the food stall.

“If you’re tired, why not get a new one?” The witch clapped her hands, and the cage opened. The previous cat’s meow turned into a human voice, crying out for help.

Lin Zhaohe, standing nearby, was shocked. “This is a person?!”

“Indeed, the latest trend—a heartbreaker,” the witch smiled. “If you don’t fancy a human, I have other creatures…” She leaned closer to Lin Zhaohe, whispering almost in his ear, “Would you like to trade with your love? I can sense the scent of love so abundantly…”

Before Lin Zhaohe could speak, Zhuang Lao pulled him aside, stating firmly, “He won’t trade anything.”

The witch showed no signs of anger. “Well, then you may have a look at other things.”

The four of them had no intention to buy anything and turned to leave.

The market was vast and bustling, just as Alfarr had described. Every witch from this layer had gathered here.

The day of the midnight sun began as the moon descended, replaced by a bright sun. However, this sun was different from before, emitting a faint crimson glow, as if casting a red veil over the earth.

The market was filled with intriguing items. Lin Zhaohe watched with great interest. Suddenly, Lin Yan came to a halt in front of a stall and said, “Wait.”

“What’s wrong?” Lin Zhaohe asked.

It seemed that Lin Yan had spotted something. He crouched down and pointed at a small doll. “Shopkeeper, where did you get this?”

The shopkeeper was also a witch, entirely clad in pure white, from her hair to her eyelashes. She lazily reclined on a lounge chair and only half-raised her eyes upon hearing Lin Yan’s voice. “What? Oh, this? It was sold by a girl…” The shopkeeper’s words trailed off. “Wasn’t it you who sold it to me?”

Everyone was stunned.

“I sold it to you?” Lin Yan raised his head, allowing the shopkeeper to clearly see his face. “I personally sold it to you?”

“Indeed,” the shopkeeper lazily replied. “I really like this little thing, so I remember it quite well. What’s the matter? Are you thinking of redeeming it? But this item isn’t cheap. You’ll have to offer a price that satisfies me.” She yawned, appearing as if she was about to fall asleep again.

“When did I sell it to you?” Lin Yan asked.

“Over a year ago…” The shopkeeper seemed on the verge of drifting off again, her voice growing faint. “Don’t even think about evading your debts.”

“Shopkeeper!” Lin Yan suddenly raised his voice, startling the pure white witch. “Don’t fall asleep just yet.”

“What’s the matter?” The witch’s eyes widened. “Don’t think just because you’re beautiful, you can pick a fight with me.”

“Can you help me determine which witch this person’s aura belongs to?” Lin Yan pointed at Lin Zhaohe. “I want to take him as my servant, but there’s a witch’s aura on him that I don’t recognize. I came here to ask.”

The pure white witch grumbled, “But I want to sleep…”

Lin Yan: “If you help me take a look, I won’t bother you anymore, and you can go to sleep.”

Lin Zhaohe: Indeed, changing gender has a significant impact on how Lin Yan interacts with people. If it were his original gender, he would probably blush even when telling a lie.

The pure white witch rubbed her eyes and said, “Fine, since you’re my type…” She sniffed at the air. “It’s… it’s her!”

Lin Yan: “Who?”

“It’s Qi Mola,” the pure white witch said. “Don’t you know her?”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yan immediately exclaimed, “I know her?”

“You’re so strange,” the pure white witch made an effort to sniff again. “It’s definitely her, even the scent matches. Didn’t you come to me and sell this item after leaving her? It’s only been a year, and you don’t remember anything?”

Lin Zhaohe thought, This statement holds a lot of information.

One year ago, the current Lin Yan would never have appeared here, which meant that the one present here was a different Lin Yan. He had made transactions with the witches in the witch market, selling the belongings he carried with him.

Lin Zhaohe looked at the item on the stall that Lin Yan pointed to. It was a small and delicate rabbit doll, and even without picking it up, he knew that there was a character “Lin” embroidered underneath it.

Anyone who had read Lin Yan’s book would have a clear impression of this item. It was a gift from Lin Yan’s deceased friend in the original story, the greatest motivation for Lin Yan to climb out of the quagmire. Even in the most difficult moments, Lin Yan would carry it with him. If someone told Lin Zhaohe that Lin Yan would sell it off like any other item, he would never believe it.

However, the unbelievable happened just like that.

Lin Yan stared at the rabbit doll, reluctant to divert his gaze from it for even a moment. He stared at it as if seeing something else through it.

“Excuse me, can I buy this item?” Lin Yan spoke in a calm voice.

The witch: “What do you want to use to buy it?”

Lin Yan: “What do you need?”

The witch curled her lips and said, “I need lots and lots of love.” She took a deep breath. “You have plenty of it.”

Lin Yan: “I don’t want to exchange my love.”

The witch: “Then what do you want to exchange?”

“Can I offer my lifespan?” Lin Yan asked, “Ten years of my life.”

The witch narrowed her eyes. “Lifespan is not important to us.”

Lin Yan thought she would reject him and felt a sense of disappointment in his heart.

Little did he know, the witch said, “But it is precious to humans. Are you sure you want to trade ten years of your lifespan for this non-magical doll?”


“Very well,” the witch said, “Consider it returning to its rightful owner.” She propped up her chin and scrutinized Lin Yan with half-opened eyes, conveying a deep meaning. “You look somewhat different from when you last saw me…” Then she appeared puzzled, “But indeed, it is the same person.”

Lin Yan: “Perhaps I have grown.”

The witch cackled. “You have a sense of humor.”

Lin Yan shrugged and said, “I think I’m just average.”

Afterwards, the witch presented a contract, exchanging Lin Yan’s ten-year lifespan for the small rabbit doll. During the exchange, Lin Yan asked the witch about the whereabouts of the mentioned Qi Mola.

“Mmm, it’s over there, near that tent,” the pure white witch said. “But Qi Mola has a bad memory. I don’t know if she remembers you or not.”

Lin Yan thanked her.

With the deal done, Lin Yan carefully placed the rabbit doll into his pocket. In a low voice, he said, “I can’t forgive him.”

Lin Zhaohe wanted to comfort Lin Yan but didn’t know what to say.

From the pure white witch, they learned that the other Lin Yan had been here a year ago, and he had also transformed into a woman. Otherwise, the pure white witch wouldn’t have recognized the current Lin Yan.

It seemed that he had made deals with many witches, and he had even easily sold the doll that he cherished as his own life.

Flames flickered in Lin Yan’s eyes. Clearly, he couldn’t comprehend or forgive the actions of his other self. To prevent his companions from worrying about him, he pretended to be at ease. “Forget it, we’ll study his actions later. Let’s go find Qi Mola first.”

Mr. Li said, “If you want to cry, go ahead and cry.” Since Lin Yan transformed into a girl, although his temper became more volatile, he always felt that the person in front of him looked extremely fragile, small and soft, like a cloth doll that could easily be torn apart. When facing Lin Yan, he seemed a bit awkward.

There was a shimmer in Lin Yan’s eyes, but upon closer inspection, it seemed like an illusion. He smiled and said, “Just kidding, I’m not that easy to cry.”

Mr. Li wanted to say something but was lightly kicked by Lin Yan, who said, “Alright, alright, stop fussing over me. Qi Mola is over there. Let’s go quickly.”

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