Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 65 Part 2

Chapter 65.2 The archived memories

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“When I first came to this world?” Qi Mola said. “I can’t remember it clearly…”

Mr. Li shook his head and said, “It wasn’t what we were looking for.”

“Then let me try one,” Lin Yan reached out and also picked up a pearl. His eyes widened, and soon he caught a whiff of the scent of fire, the smell of something burnt. At first, he thought it was something nearby, but after a moment’s reflection, he realized that what had been burnt was the owner of the memory.

“Burn her to death! She’s the ominous witch!” The voices of people arguing came from all directions. Through the intense heat of the flames, their faces twisted like demons. They held torches high, their shouts resembling cursed incantations. The burning pain seared through his body, relentless and agonizing.

The witch seemed to be crying. Lin Yan could feel something continuously brushing against his cheeks, causing a subtle itch. She kept her head low in distress, unwilling to let anyone see her tears.

At the forefront of the crowd stood a man with a pale complexion. The witch’s gaze fell upon him multiple times, filled with longing and pleading, only to transform into silent despair. Her body was consumed by the flames, just like countless companions she had witnessed before. She no longer lifted her head, refusing to meet his eyes.

“Mola,” the man gently called out her name.

The witch didn’t respond.

“Mola!” The man’s voice grew louder. Amidst the commotion in the crowd, the witch, whose body was on the verge of being burnt to ashes, miraculously sensed a surge of strength, a power transmitted through an embrace. She raised her head once again, seeing the man’s tear-streaked face. He was hysterical, resembling a madman, desperately trying to extinguish the flames engulfing her body, disregarding the danger of being burnt himself.

“Mola!!” he cried out with anguish.

Miraculously, the witch’s heart no longer ached. She opened her mouth, intending to say something in her final moments, wanting to urge the man to leave, as staying would mean being seen as an accomplice and facing the same fate. However, her burnt body could no longer speak a single word. Her gaze shifted, as if her neck could no longer bear the weight of her head, and it fell with a thud.

The memories came to an end. Lin Yan finally understood the source of the witch’s pain during that time. Sitting in his place, tears welled up in his eyes. It was not until Mr. Li gently patted his shoulder and asked if he was okay that he snapped out of his daze. Tears rolled down his cheeks and splashed onto the tabletop.

“What did you see?” The witch noticed his tears and curiously asked.

“Some images…” Lin Yan replied vaguely. “Someone called you Mola.”

Resting her chin on her hand, the witch said, “Many people have called me Mola. I need to think about which one it was. Was it that wretched man who deceived me with a love potion meant for someone else? Or was it that pitiful child who grew old with me throughout my lifetime? Or maybe…”

“It was the one who came to save you when you were burned alive,” Lin Yan said.

The witch paused for a moment, tears dropping onto the tabletop. However, she appeared rather bewildered as she said, “Him? I had almost forgotten. Why am I shedding tears again? Strange…”

The atmosphere grew incredibly quiet, with only the witch slowly drinking her wine. Lin Zhaohe hesitated to speak up, silently refilling the witch’s glass. The witch felt slightly better after having some wine and waved her hand. “You really have terrible luck, seeing even that. Well, there’s only this remaining memory that you want. Hurry up and take a look. She’s still busy drinking.”

Zhuang Lao reached out his hand, intending to pick up the pearl, but Lin Zhaohe stopped him.

“Let me do it,” Lin Zhaohe suddenly felt reluctant for Zhuang Lao to witness such a sorrowful memory. He spoke softly while his hand rested on the pearl placed on the table.

Zhuang Lao said, “No need, I’ll do it.” The two of them began to argue about this matter.

“Please, boss, let me do it,” Lin Zhaohe was a stubborn person, and now, his stubbornness was perfectly displayed. No matter how Zhuang Lao tried to persuade him, Lin Zhaohe refused to release his grip. He held onto the pearl, gazing at Zhuang Lao with moist eyes, like a devoted dog standing up to protect its owner. Even if the owner assured him that there was nothing wrong, he refused to relax his grip for a moment.

Faced with Lin Zhaohe’s sudden determination, Zhuang Lao sighed softly and chose to let go. “Fine, go ahead then.”

Lin Zhaohe nodded happily, feeling like he had some usefulness now.

The purpose of this journey was all for himself. Otherwise, Zhuang Lao wouldn’t have come to such a dangerous place. Now that Lin Zhaohe had finally regained his physical form, he naturally wanted to do something within his capabilities.

He licked his lips and held the pearl in his palm…

The next moment, Lin Yan’s face appeared in his sight.

As expected, just as he had speculated before, Lin Yan, like the current Lin Yan in front of him, had also consumed the potion that could transform one into a woman. He had become a petite girl, dressed in a cloak, sitting expressionlessly in front of Qi Mola. His voice was cold as he said, “I want to make a deal with you.”

Qi Mola: “What do you want?”

Lin Yan: “I want some special potions.”

Qi Mola: “Some?”

Lin Yan: “That’s right, some.”

Qi Mola: “What do you have that can be exchanged for some potions?”

“Don’t you need love?” Lin Yan calmly said, “I’m willing to sell all of my love.”

Qi Mola was extremely surprised. The person before her emitted an aura that didn’t belong to humans. She had thought he was a witch, but now it seemed that he wasn’t. The most precious thing for a witch was love, and it couldn’t be easily exchanged for some potions.

“Fine, what potions do you need?” .

“Anything will do. Potions that revive the dead, transform humans into animals, or anything else,” Lin Yan said nonchalantly. “I’m not picky.”

Listening to his indifferent words, Qi Mola couldn’t help but smile. “You truly are an oddity.” She extended her slender fingers adorned with black nail polish and lightly caressed Lin Yan’s cheek. Then, her expression shifted from amusement to bewilderment.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Yan asked, noticing her change in expression.

“Are you really willing to trade with your own love?” Qi Mola stared at him. “Your love is so unique.”

Lin Yan: “What’s so unique about it?”

Qi Mola furrowed her brows. “I can’t quite explain it.”

For a normal human or witch, love usually developed for specific things, such as loved ones, romantic partners, pets at home, or even close companions. The deeper the emotions, the stronger the love. However, what Qi Mola discovered in Lin Yan was an unprecedented type of affection. It seemed that he loved everyone but had no specific object of affection. It was as if the love within him had transformed into a broad concept rather than being directed towards individuals…

Hearing the witch’s description, Lin Yan didn’t care at all. There was no light or emotion in his eyes. Sitting before her, it seemed that he wasn’t there to obtain potions, but rather to discard certain emotions that he didn’t need much. He pointed his finger at the table and said, “Why do you care so much?”

Qi Mola shrugged. “I don’t. Since you insist, then use your love to create the potions you desire.” Qi Mola smiled.

Lin Yan lowered his gaze and made a nonchalant sound of agreement. But as Qi Mola got up, he suddenly spoke, “Wait.”

“What’s wrong? Having second thoughts?” 

“No,” Lin Yan replied. “Can you help someone erase unwanted memories?”

“Of course.” 

“Then help me erase a certain memory.” 

Qi Mola nodded in agreement and tossed a pearl, informing Lin Yan that by holding the pearl in his palm and combining it with a special potion, he could seal away a specific memory. She had relied on this method for years. Lin Yan gazed at the pearl for a while before reaching out to hold it in his palm. The subsequent process of making the trade with Qi Mola was unremarkable, except that Lin Zhaohe keenly felt that after trading away all his love, Lin Yan became even more lifeless, with not a trace of liveliness left in his eyes.

Following Qi Mola’s instructions, he sealed a certain memory and looked at the pearl in his hand. Without much thought, he placed it inside the stuffed rabbit doll. Then, he turned around and walked away.

Qi Mola shook her head while watching his departing figure, perhaps contemplating how young people often fail to realize the value of what they have lost…

Lin Zhaohe snapped out of the reminiscence and faced the concerned gazes of the others. He looked at Lin Yan and asked, “What about your rabbit doll?”

Lin Yan handed it to him and asked what was wrong.

Lin Zhaohe picked up the rabbit doll and unzipped its back. As expected, inside the doll’s body, he discovered a black pearl. He held his breath and carefully took the pearl out.

“Whose pearl is this?” Lin Yan, upon seeing the object inside the doll, was also astonished. Instantly, he realized something and a look of disbelief appeared in his eyes. “Is it from that Lin Yan?”

“Yes,” Lin Zhaohe replied. “Qi Mola helped him seal a memory inside it.”

Lin Yan said, “Let me see—”

“Wait, let me go first,” Lin Zhaohe interjected.

Before Lin Yan could say anything else, Mr. Li gently patted his shoulder, soothing him, “Don’t worry, let Lin Zhaohe have a look first.”

Lin Yan had no choice but to reluctantly suppress his impatience.

Despite just intending to take a glimpse of the memory, Lin Zhaohe inexplicably felt nervous. He had the sensation of unraveling a secret belonging to that other Lin Yan.

Lin Zhaohe took a deep breath and held the pearl in his hand.


Lin Zhaohe: If possible, can you help me clear away my embarrassing memories too?

Zhuang Lao: In that case, I’m afraid your life might become empty and hollow.

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