Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 69

Chapter 69.1 Savage expansion (2)

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Zhuang Lao saw a little red packet on the furry little ears and gently scratched it. He felt Lin Zhaohe’s body tremble with the light touch and couldn’t help but smile. While smiling, he carefully applied some medicine to relieve the itching for Lin Zhaohe and gave a few pats.

Lin Zhaohe sat with a sad expression, saying he wasn’t a resilient warrior anymore. He had a vulnerable spot on top of his head that caused trouble wherever he went.

Yun Yuzi looked at Lin Zhaohe’s drooping ears and felt tempted. She moved closer and asked if she could touch them.

Before Lin Zhaohe could refuse, Zhuang Lao spoke: “No.”

Yun Yuzi: “Ah?”

Zhuang Lao: “Touching it leads to a deduction in salary.”

Yun Yuzi didn’t dare to argue with Zhuang Lao, so she could only give Lin Zhaohe a fierce look, as if saying they were a strange couple.

Lin Zhaohe had an innocent expression, using his eyes to show that he followed the boss’s instructions. This made Yun Yuzi so angry that she stomped on a mosquito on the ground.

After tending to his injured body, Lin Zhaohe glanced outside the window. It was completely dark, with small mosquitoes stuck to the glass, covering the outside view. Some were even piled up in the door crack, giving a creepy sight that made people’s skin crawl.

Yun Yuzi cleaned her small flamethrower and planned to set fire at the door, burning all the mosquitoes before they went outside.

Lin Zhaohe looked for something flammable nearby and kicked a chair into pieces, intending to use it as a makeshift torch.

The room they were in resembled an office but was very spacious, as if the whole floor had been opened up. While Lin Zhaohe was dismantling another table, they suddenly heard a voice from somewhere. “What are you doing?”

Lin Zhaohe followed the sound and saw a young man’s face in the corner leading to another room. The man’s expression showed some surprise when he noticed the ears on Lin Zhaohe’s head and stared. “Are those ears real or part of a cosplay?”

Lin Zhaohe: “…Don’t worry, I’m just playing cosplay.” As he said that, the furry ears became unbearably itchy, and he couldn’t resist scratching them.

“Wow!” Yun Yuzi raised her hand and split a wooden table in half, her fair skin showing no signs of flushing. She heard their conversation and smiled with what she believed to be a friendly expression. “Hello, are you a survivor here? We’ve come to rescue you.”

The man’s face turned pale. He stared at the three of them without saying a word for a while.

None of the three dared to say anything provocative, so the atmosphere remained tense. Meanwhile, a sweet and gentle voice came from behind the man. “Nangong Chengfeng, who are you talking to?”

“Xiao Die, someone has come to rescue us. Let’s go out.” The man referred to as Nangong Chengfeng turned his head.

Nangong Chengfeng, why did that name sound so familiar? Lin Zhaohe pondered for a moment but couldn’t recall.

Xiao Die stepped out from behind Nangong Chengfeng, looking very beautiful but dressed in a long gown that seemed out of place in the surroundings. “Let’s go quickly with them.”

Nangong Chengfeng said, “Yes, I am the chairman of Chengfeng Group. If you help the two of us escape, we will reward you generously.” As he spoke, his previously weak demeanor suddenly gained strength, and his tone exuded confidence.

Lin Zhaohe looked bewildered and said, “Chengfeng Group? I’ve never heard of it.”

“How have you never heard of Chengfeng Group?” Xiao Die became animated too and looked at Lin Zhaohe with a disdainful gaze, scoffing, “It’s the biggest conglomerate in the market!”

Lin Zhaohe finally grasped the situation and felt that these two individuals must have originated from some fictional work. He explained that this place wasn’t their original world and that there was no Chengfeng Group.

“Of course, I know it’s not the original world,” Nangong Chengfeng sneered, “The world has definitely undergone mutations. But it doesn’t matter. Once you get us out of here, I’ll contact my father, and you won’t be left empty-handed.”

Xiao Die nodded with a smile, saying that Nangong Chengfeng always kept his word, and whatever he said, he would definitely do.

The two of them sang in unison but realized that the three people in front of them showed no reaction at all. Lin Zhaohe resumed dismantling his chair legs, while Yun Yuzi lit a torch soaked in gasoline and threw it into the swarm of mosquitoes, driving away a portion of them.

“Hey, are you even listening to us?” Xiao Die grew anxious.

“Over here, we’ll give you both a sincere piece of advice,” Yun Yuzi, with her short temper, spoke sarcastically, “In this world, there is no Chengfeng Group, and there is no ‘your father.’ If you want to stay alive, stay away from the door and wait for us to drive away the mosquitoes. Of course, if you think your skin is so thick that not even the mosquitoes outside can bite through it, you can simply walk out the door. We won’t stop you.” She disliked impolite people, and it was even more frustrating that they were from the 2D world, constantly talking about conglomerates, unaware that they didn’t have a leg to stand on now.

Nangong Chengfeng couldn’t bear this treatment and immediately wanted to argue with Yun Yuzi. However, Xiao Die sensed that something was amiss and intervened, suggesting they let it go for now and settle the matter after they escaped.

Nangong Chengfeng sneered and said, “A group of ignorant frogs at the bottom of a well. When we’re out of here, I’ll buy this entire city and show them what real power is.”

As Lin Zhaohe listened, a sudden realization struck him, and he clapped his hands. “Damn, isn’t he that, that overbearing CEO from that outrageous romantic drama?”

Yun Yuzi asked, “Which one?”

“That one,” Lin Zhaohe gestured and explained, “The one who couldn’t get along with the female lead and insisted on monopolizing the entire sea, even pushing the female lead into the water.”

Yun Yuzi furrowed her brow tightly and then clapped her hands abruptly. “I remember now!”

This drama had an original novel. Back then, she was young and found everything intriguing. She had even been moved by the dominant CEO and Cinderella-like interaction between the characters. Later, the novel was adapted into a TV drama, which turned out to be a disaster. A greasy middle-aged man in his forties took on the role of the male lead, and his interaction with the female lead was like a sexual harassment. Eventually, it became synonymous with a disastrous drama.

She didn’t recognize the person in front of her, probably because what merged into this world was the novel version, not the TV drama. So, his appearance still looked handsome, but his demeanor…

Xiao Die wasn’t the female protagonist from the original work but rather the male lead’s unattainable love interest and a malicious second female lead. Now, thinking back, the schemes of these malicious female character seemed so childish, like playing house. But who hadn’t watched a few exaggerated romantic dramas when they were young? Yun Yuzi thought. However, she never expected that the protagonist of such a romantic drama would suddenly appear in such a dangerous world. Moreover, judging by the looks of it, he had just merged in, completely unfamiliar with the perils of this world.

“Forget about arguing with them,” Yun Yuzi decided to give up on confronting them and just get the two of them out.

However, Nangong Chengfeng seemed to be oblivious to their goodwill. He sat nearby, urging the others to work. He would complain about the fire being too small one moment, and the smoke being too thick the next. He didn’t resemble a domineering CEO but rather a trouble-stirring supporting character who liked to pick fights when bored. Even Yun Yuzi began to reflect on why she had liked him so much when she was young. She thought his sharp tongue was a form of personality.

“It’s okay. Who hasn’t liked a few scumbags when they were young?” Lin Zhaohe understood Yun Yuzi’s girlish feelings very well.

Fire was the natural enemy of insects, and soon, the swarm of mosquitoes surrounding them was burned to death by the combination of gasoline and flames. The only fortunate thing was that their numbers weren’t particularly large, at least not to the extent of a disaster.

The dense swarm of mosquitoes turned into layers of black ashes as they were burned and fell to the ground. The air was filled with the smell of protein being scorched. The surrounding fog grew denser, almost making it difficult to see any nearby objects. However, within the silent mist, there continued to be clear bird calls. If one listened carefully, they would realize that these bird calls were significantly different from the usual ones. The sound repeated a single tone incessantly, and the location from which it came remained unchanged. It didn’t sound like bird chirping but rather something else entirely.

“The mosquitoes are gone. Why are you standing there staring?” Nangong Chengfeng’s voice was filled with an unpleasant sense of superiority. “If you wait any longer, it’ll be dark, and it’ll be even harder to get out! I see, you all lack vision and can’t seize opportunities!”

Xiao Die sighed with relief when she saw the crisis was over and smiled. “Chengfeng is right.”

“Then why don’t you help us go out and explore first?” Lin Zhaohe grew annoyed and pointed outside.

He was also puzzled. When they had just entered, the sun had just risen. He didn’t know if the fog was too dense or if the time inside and outside was different. The sky was gloomy, as if it was about to turn dark.

Although Nangong Chengfeng had a hot temper, he wasn’t foolish. When he heard Lin Zhaohe’s words, he responded, “Weren’t you here to search for survivors? If that’s the case, you should definitely go out and see what the situation is like. What if we encounter some monsters when we go outside?”

“Enough, enough,” Yun Yuzi was fed up. “Quickly send these two people out. They’re driving me crazy.” After checking her clothes to make sure no exposed skin was left outside, she pushed the door open and walked out directly.

There were still a few lingering mosquitoes outside, but Yun Yuzi eliminated them all with a flamethrower. After confirming it was safe, she called the two people standing still inside the house to come out.

“Thank you,” Nangong Chengfeng said. “Once we get out, we’ll definitely give you a significant sum of money.”

Lin Zhaohe thought to himself that the currencies of the two worlds were not compatible. This promise clearly held no appeal. But a good person stays true to their word. Since they weren’t far from the outside, he decided to send the two people out. The smell in the air was getting worse, carrying the stench of decaying flesh.

Yun Yuzi also caught a whiff of it and covered her nose. “Where is that stench coming from?”

Zhuang Lao gently pulled Lin Zhaohe, signaling him to keep a distance from Nangong Chengfeng. Lin Zhaohe thought he didn’t like the person and didn’t think much of it.

The group walked towards the outside. Nangong Chengfeng sighed, saying how much everything had changed. He could hardly recognize it anymore… Once he got outside and contacted his father’s people, he would be safe…

Xiao Die, standing beside him, suddenly stopped in her tracks. Her expression filled with extreme fear, and from her petite body, a terrifying scream of terror burst out, “Aaaaah!!!”

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